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Stokke Xplory X Review

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Stokke Xplory X Review
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Reviewed On: 29 Apr 2021
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

The Stokke Xplory broke the pushchair mould when it revolutionised the pushchair industry back in 2003. New for 2021 is the Stokke Xplory X and we couldn't wait to give it a test drive!

Review Summary


If you want to be the most stylish Mama in town then the Stokke Xplory X is the epitome of vogue in the pushchair world. The unique design features will really make you stand out from the crowd like no other.

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What’s good
  • Extra large seat unit
  • Highest quality fabrics and components
  • Included seat liner
  • Easy to use harness
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Huge range of handle heights
  • Striking looks
  • High weight limit
What’s not so good
  • Function buttons and levers can be hard to find
  • Long fold shape
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Review Content

Stokke Xplory X Review
Our verdict

The extra large seat unit can be used to keep babies and toddlers of all ages comfortable and the finer details such as zips and harness clasps are incredible quality and most certainly built to last. The unique adjustable handlebar and fold system are all easy to use once you have got used to them but it is worth  noting that  the function buttons are hard to locate as they are the same colour as the pushchair chassis. The small triggers underneath the seat unit were fiddly and we often had to bend down to look at what we were doing to alter the position of the seat unit. 

The fold is not the smallest, so if you have a car with a tiny boot then you might need to check it will fit but there was never a journey where we didnt turn heads and the aesthetics of this pushchair are truly stunning. Pair this with the effortless functionality of the Stokke really did make our parenting days that touch easier.  


There's always so much to talk about when we review Stokke pushchairs. With so many fabulous design features we are always bowled over by the quality of the build of this Norwegian born beauty. 

The love affair with the Xplory X starts as soon as the box lands on your doorstep! If, like us, caring for our environment is important, then you will love the fact that the Xplory X packaging is virtually plastic free and completely recyclable. There's no unnecessary foam padding or plastic bags to go back into the system but instead the box is so cleverly designed and all padding is made from cardboard. We also noticed that the box is super sturdy and easy to seal and unseal without the need for sellotape so that you can easily store the pushchair when it is no longer needed...all very well thought out from the very start!

The crux of the design for the Xplory X is to nurture family bonding and it is clear from the height and prominence of the chassis when the pushchair is all built that this is really easy as the baby's carrycot or seat is brought closer to the parent as you stroll. 

The stroller frame is lifted out of the box in its folded form. To unfold you need to pull the release small button on the ring pull that is on the handlebar. The back wheels will flip out and the chassis will be in place. 


The moon shaped handlebar is one of the totally unique design features which makes the Xplory X stand out from the crowd. The handle on previous models was plastic however on the new Xplory X the handle is covered in leatherette. We tested the Rich Black colourway, so our handlebar was black however depending upon the colour of fabrics you choose, your handlebar may be brown leather. The height of the handlebar can be altered in two ways. Either in height on the main chassis pillar and also in angle (which can also add to or reduce the height of handlebar). When first getting used to using the Xplory X, it is inevitable that you will muddle some of these function buttons up as they are no longer colour coded and are now all the same colour as the chassis. Being truly honest, this did make the functions hard to find and it could get quite frustrating. 

The button to alter the handle height up and down the main chassis pillar is on top of the handlebar and the button release which alters the angle of the handle is on the underside of the handle. The range in heights is incredible. The Xplory X is quite a proud stroller so the ability to slide the handlebar up and down makes it easy for everyone to push. The handlebar even went small enough for our 6 year old sibling to have a go at pushing and tall enough for our 6ft 2" adult to push without feeling as though they were hunched over. 


As expected from the Stokke brand, the wheel materials are premium and will certainly last the test of time as well as perform well. The Xplory X is effortless to steer on smoother ground and the pushchair passenger was always comfortable and unaware of any bumps in the road. 

You may notice that the Xplory X does not have a traditional shopping basket below the seat due to the pushchair design however stokke have tackled this with an innovative storage solution. The Xplory X comes complete with a storage bag that clips into the base of the chassis with ease and can be sealed with a zip to stop items falling out as well as removed to take into the house. We love how there is no need to remove the items in your basket when you fold the pushchair, you simply fasten the zip and fold the pushchair as usual. Although the storage bag look small it really can hold much more than meets the eye. There are also clips under the seat unit or carrycot to hang your changing back so that it doesn't take up storage space or get in the way of yourself or baby as you are out and about.

Seating options

Stokke seats are well known for being large and comfortable for children. The Xplory X seat scoops baby up and provides the most cosy space. It's hard to put into words just how comfortable this seat unit is without saying it looked so snug that we wanted to jump into it ourselves. The fabrics are really luxurious and the buckle is simple to operate. The details on the fabrics and seat unit show the quality of the pushchair and the hood gives great coverage with its extendable panel and has a great ventilation panel in it too 


The seat can be placed on the chassis in a parent facing position as well as a world facing position. Previously we always assumed that the adjustable leg rest would have to be removed to do this but we have discovered that you can lift the seat with the leg rest still intact over the handlebar! 

The seat can be reclined into two positions when world facing and three when in the parent facing position. Again, the small recline button is underneath the seat unit and is the same colour as the chassis so can be hard to find resulting in you having to look right under the seat so you can see what you are doing.

The seat has a really easy to adjust harness that is padded beautifully for baby. The harness almost holds itself open so that you can put baby into the seat without trapping the harness straps underneath them when they are sleeping and the buckle is easy to secure and release. As well as the harness baby has the reassurance of the bumper bar which is covered in the same leatherette as the handlebar. The bumper bar is hinged at either end so there is no need to remove it completely to get baby in and out of the seat. Again the details on the bumper bar such as the buttons, ips and embossing are an indicator of the exceptional quality of this pushchair. 

As baby grows bigger you can remove the padded seat insert and the seat is big enough for the tallest of toddlers up to the weight of 22kg. 


From birth you can use the Xplory X with a carrycot to ensure baby is lying in the safest possible position and to aid good development of the spine. The carrycot is purchased as an additional extra and does not come in the box with the rest of the pushchair.

The bassinet has the same incredible quality as the seat unit and is covered in the same beautiful fabrics. One of the largest carrycots we have ever seen. The carrycot has seen several design updates which add to the functionality of the Xplory X when using it with a newborn. We know how important air flow is to keep baby safe and were really impressed with the ventilation systems in the carrycot. The base and mattress provide the safest place for baby to travel in their first few months. The carrycot lining is zipped in and can be removed if you ever need to wash it and the funky style apron raises itself from the carrycot increasing ventilation space inside baby's space as well as providing extra protection from the elements - not just good looking.

The standout feature on the carrycot for us has to be the storage pouches at the bottom of the carrycot. The pouches are larger than we thought and can hold so much in terms of useful items. We loved having bottles, dummies, keys, phone, bibs at our finger tips without having to bend down and rummage through the storage basket.

If you think the option of using a car seat on the chassis is for you then this is also one of the many handy features that the Xplory X can perform. The chassis pairs with the Stokke iZi Go Modular X1 by BeSafe® car seat with the help of the adapters that are clipped onto the Xplory X frame. Both of which can be purchased as extras.


Folding the Xplory X is in fact exceptionally easy. You need to ensure that you have removed your seat, carrycot or car seat from the frame before you are able to fold and then you simple use the button on the top of the handlebar to slide the handle down to its lowest position and then use the ring pull lever to fold the wheels of the chassis. Admittedly the fold is easy but the final shape is long yet slim. The length of the handlebar is wonderful  when you are pushing the pushchair but when folded it means you have to be creative with the angles to fit it in most car boots. It was easy enough to fit the Xplory X in our SUV boot and is did fit in the boot of our smaller hatchback with a little bit of creative thinking!

It was absolutely wonderful to be able to fold the pushchair without bending down and putting additional strain on our back.

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