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Stokke Trailz Review

Review Overview

Stokke Trailz Review
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Reviewed On: 07 Aug 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

We review the latest Stokke® to hit the market the Stokke® Trailz™. How does it stack up?

Review Summary


As expected, quality is astounding in every area. The effort that has gone into designing everything from the box to the wheels is clear to see. There is no question where money has been spent.

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What’s good
  • High quality
  • Tonka toy looks
  • Big basket
What’s not so good
  • Heavy
  • No chassis autolock
  • No gate-opening bumper bar
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Review Content

Stokke Trailz Review

Stokke are famous for their ground breaking Xplory. In the last few years we have seen them come out with what could be called more traditional designs. The Stokke Trailz is the latest of this line. Is it any good? Read on and find out in our Stokke Trailz review.

Available Colours

Black, Deep Blue, Black Melange, Purple, Red, Beige Melange, Urban Blue


Packaging may only seem like a small detail, but it is this that best demonstrates how Stokke want to make you feel about the Trailz. The chassis and wheels are packaged beautifully. Enveloped in a cardboard wrap there is not a plastic bag in sight. Sliding out of the box for the first time, you cannot help but smile and think how long the designers took to work on this little element.

Assembly of the chassis takes a few seconds. All you have to do is pop the wheels on and you are good to go. The seat just needs the sun visor zipping on and bumper bar attaching.

First impressions are interesting. The Stokke Trailz is of course beautifully finished as are all Stokke products. What you may not be prepared for is the sheer size of the Trailz. This really is the Range Rover of the pushchair world. Big tyres, big chassis elements, big basket. Smaller people may even feel a little diminutive standing next to it!

Every element of the design is in proportion and the actual end result has a real chunky rugged almost Tonka toy look to it. I really like it. It should appeal to the Range Rover owner types!


Beginning at the top, the handle is covered in a solid foam, it feels smooth, but tough and will certainly last. The handle can be adjusted by pressing the two buttons on the inside of the handlebar and swinging the handle up and down. Adjustment ranges from 88.5cm high across 5 positions to an amazing 113cm high - possibly one of the highest handle positions we have witnessed.

Stokke have fitted the Trailz with some very simply designed large wheels and tyres. 24cm at the front and 30cm at the rear, they are well suited to doing exactly what this pushchair has been designed for - hitting the trail. Both front and rear tyres are pneumatic which can pick up punctures, however this is offset by the benefit they bring to the ride. The Trailz needs this as although there is some rear suspension, there is not much of it. The wheel design is not fussy which means they are easy to clean.


You won't be frustrated by basket size, the Stokke Trailz basket measures 58cm x 46cm x 22cm. It has great accessibility whether you are in forward or rear facing mode.

The brake is very visible being a big orange tab behind the right rear axle. Push down for on and lift the brake off with your toe. This may not be perfect for some flip flop lovers.

The Stokke Trailz is big, but that is the way it is designed, the Tonka toy look and feel will appeal to those people who love big cars I am sure! Thing is you will need a big car to ferry it around.


The main seat that you use with the Trailz actually originates from the Xplory. This is a good thing. There has been years of development lavished on this seat so you can be sure that your child will always be comfortable.

One thing I still don't understand is why Stokke don't have a gate-opening bumper bar... It may be a small thing, but at times it can be the most important thing in your life. When you are trying to get a struggling toddler into the seat in the pouring rain, you will wish you had a gate opening bumper bar trust me.

Fabrics used across Stokke pushchairs always impress. The material used is rip-stop type and water repellant. The big deal here is that the fabrics feel smooth to the touch and have a wrinkle free appearance. Fabric quality is not always something buyers take into account, but it is where the difference in quality between products that is reflected in the price shows.

Hood coverage is impressive, with the additional sun visor attached and the hood fully extended, your child will be well shielded from the elements be they sunny, wet or cold - or even all three! At the back of the hood, you will find a zip. Undo it to reveal a mesh panel that covers one entire segment of the hood. This is excellent for ventilation when the weather is hot.

The seat has three recline positions when parent facing and two when facing away. Reclining the seat is a little unconventional. You need to locate the grey button that is down below the middle of the seat. Push it in and move the seat to the desired position. It is simple to do, perhaps not as convenient as a lever at the back of the seat, but it does mean that when you want to alter the seat recline when the seat is parent facing, you don't have to go round to the front of the pushchair to do it.


Removing the seat, which you will need to do to fold the Trailz, is very intuitive. Place your fingers under the grey buttons located at the centre of the seat and lift. The seat will come away with you holding it in the perfect balanced position.

Harnessing your child in is made easy with a 'one side and then the other' type 5 point harness. There are 3 positions for shoulder straps, but a bit of re-threading is required.

Stokke have a very unique solution to the footrest, it stems from the Xplory and I really like it. The footrest slides in and out of the seat frame. You need to squeeze the button under the footrest and slide it in and out to the desired position. Of course the great side effect of this design is that you can completely remove the footrest before taking off the seat, perfect when it has been occupied by muddy feet.

The footrest also works to help with calf support for older children when the seat is reclined and the child is asleep. This is a good idea in theory, but I cannot help thinking children's legs will ultimately drop through the hole and be left dangling as there is not enough of a lip at the back of the footrest to stop this.

The seat itself is lovely and cosseting. It is deep, well-padded and will feel reassuring and cosy to a young child. You also get a newborn insert which is a nice addition if you prefer to use the seat in place of the carry cot.


The Stokke Trailz carrycot is huge. Internally it measures an incredible 80cm wide, couple this with a width of 32cm and depth of 19cm and you will see this is carrycot you can use for many months.

At the front and and the rear, the plastic shell has vents to allow excellent airflow making the Trailz carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, in fact you could say who needs a moses basket, just use this! The padded mattress sits on a polystyrene base layer that gives just that little bit of extra padding.

The hood is the same design as the seat and provides good coverage. Once you add the cover to the front of the carrycot, the gap between hood the clever flip up element on the cover reduces to a point where it makes it a cosy snug place to be.


Stokke have cleverly hidden fabric carry handles inside zip pockets on either side of the carrycot. This is a nice touch and they work well negating the requirement for a bumper bar or reinforced hood mechanism.

Fitting the carrycot just requires lining up the spigots on the chassis with the receiving points on under the carrycot and dropping it home. To remove it lift the grey tabs and lift off the carrycot. It is simple and intuitive.

Lastly Stokke have added to pockets at the foot end of the carrycot which are perfect for stashing a phone, your keys or even your purse.


To fold the Stokke Trailz you need to remove the seat or carrycot. Once removed you can then go on to fold the chassis.

First you need to slide the handle all the way down into the chassis. Pull on both grey sliders on either side of the handle, and slide the handle down into the chassis. Next press in the grey handle adjustment buttons and fold the handle right down under itself.

Now you can fold the chassis. Locate the grey triggers under the chassis near the centre fold point. press the front of these in and slide them back up the chassis rail. You can then lift and fold the chassis, it helps to shift your grip and hold the centre bar as you lift the chassis up.

Tip: It is good to ensure that the front wheels are pointing forward before folding (pull the chassis back to do this).

Once folded the Trailz chassis can be wheeled around on its back wheels. This is a nice touch, but what it lacks is an auto lock. Being 9.8kg the chassis is quite heavy, add to this the bulky size and you will soon realise that if you have to lift it into the car, an autolock would make this easier as it gives you more options of where to hold it.

Unfolding is easy. Drop the chassis on its back wheels and slide the fronts out to they click into place and drop on the seat or carrycot.


Size is the buzzword here. The Stokke Trailz is big, and it is heavy. Don't let his put you off. It is the Range Rover of the pushchair world and for some this will be a very good thing! It is big, robust and very practical.

As expected, quality is astounding in every area. The effort that has gone into designing everything from the box to the wheels is clear to see. There is no question where money has been spent.

There are a few niggles. Why don't Stokke make their bumper bars gate opening? The lack of autolock will be a frustration at times, and to some, the weight will be a problem.

These elements aside, the Stokke Trailz has been designed with a certain customer in mind. It is like a Tonka toy with oversize wheels and tyres, a big carrycot and huge stance and I like that. If you have a small car, small house or use public transport a lot, the Trailz will probably not work for you. If you own a big car, love walks in the country at the weekend, appreciate quality and don't have a problem with space, the Stokke Trailz might well be for you.


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