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Stokke Crusi Review

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Stokke Crusi Review
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Reviewed On: 26 Sep 2014
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Full of Norwegian finesse, the Stokke® Crusi™ is a fashion statement packed full of great design features.  

Review Summary


Beautiful is the best way to describe how I feel about the Stokke® Crusi™. I love it. It is a real fashion statement and is so different from a lot of other pushchairs.

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What’s good
  • Stunning
  • Lightweight
  • Beautifully made
What’s not so good
  • Noisy brake
  • Large when folded
  • No adjustable handle

Review Content

Stokke Crusi Review

Scandinavian style icons Stokke, are committed to putting children first. They work hard designing innovative, sustainable and child focused creations. Recognised for their high-end, beautifully engineered inventions that ooze quality. Come and see how it got on when we put it through its paces in our Stokke® Crusi™ Review…


It all arrives in three boxes, the chassis in one, the seat in another and the carrycot in the third. The first thing that struck me when I opened the chassis box is how well designed the packaging is. So many pushchairs appear to have been put in the box in whichever way they would fit. This is not the case with the Stokke® Crusi™. The wheels are in their own cardboard casings and the chassis is held perfectly in place within a cardboard frame.

When you get the chassis and wheels out the quality is obvious. The frame is a lovely lightweight brushed aluminium, and all the joints and connections are a high quality plastic. The engineering involved is magnificent. There is certainly no expense spared with these parts.

You just need to add the wheels onto the chassis and you are good to go. The front wheels push up into the front of the frame and then find the correct position by swiveling until they are in place. The rear wheels come with good quality mud flaps already attached and they simply push into the holes on the back axle, you push the centre pin in and turn the wheel until the mudflap points towards the top and it will find its own place.  

Starting from the top. The handle is good quality dense foam, which feels nice to push. The whole handle is curved which adds to the pushing comfort. There is only one handle position. The other position is for storage and folding. To alter the position of the handle you do this using the white button, which is in the inside centre of the handle. 

When the handle is in position, it's quite high for me. I'm a dinky 5" though so I'm sure it would be better for the average pusher.

All four wheels have solid black EVA tyres with a colour coded white centre to match the rest of the chassis perfectly. The front wheels are 19cm and are lockable using the two buttons just above the wheels that simply push upwards. The rear wheels are 25cm. All the wheels have a slight groove to them and you can feel the good all round suspension, which make it nice and easy to push.  


When it comes to the basket, it is made for shoppers. It comes already attached to the chassis too so you don't have to fiddle around fitting it. It's a great size. 20cm x 31cm x 47cm at its biggest point and it feels well made and sturdy compared to some. There is more than enough room for a couple of bags of shopping and a changing bag.

Braking is really simple. The brake is located on the back axle next to the right wheel and is bright red in colour. To apply you simply press down on the brake. To remove the brake put your foot underneath and lift it up again. It isn't as flip flop friendly as I would have liked. It's a little stiff to take off the brake and it's also very noisy so I would worry about disturbing a sleeping tot. Once applied it holds the pushchair well.


Stylish and sophisticated is the best way to describe the possible seating arrangements. We tested the carrycot and main seat which both look beautiful and feel nice and snug. You have the option to attach a car seat to make it a travel system. You can also make it suitable for two as you can purchase an additional seat to make it a tandem.

A higher seating position is something that is becoming a little more common now so it's nice to see on the Stokke® Crusi™ as not only does it mean your child is further away from traffic fumes, it's also easier to meet their needs and make eye contact.

Our package included the main seat unit and a carrycot.

We'll talk about the main seating unit first. The seat is quite light at 3.8kg, especially when you feel the solid plastic frame. 

You need to attach the footplate to the seat, which is done easily by pushing the connector arms up into the holes in the bottom of the seat.

It's a nice egg shape, which looks very comfortable and is a good size. The seat is 20cm deep at its widest point, 31cm wide and 47cm high so it should be ample space for an average three or four year old. However due to the higher seating position I struggled lifting my three year old into the seat and he wasn't happy that he couldn't get in or out of the pushchair himself.


You can use the seat world or parent facing as it simply pushes onto the connector arms on the frame. When you push the seat onto the frame there are handy indicators on either side of the seat that show green when it is in the correct position and remain red when not. When it is in position there is a loud audible click but I liked the indicators, as they are an extra safety feature that give you that extra piece of mind.

You have three recline options when the seat is parent facing, upright, reclined half way and a lie flat. It can be used parent facing from birth thanks to the newborn insert included in the pack, which has a wedge to give a newborn the optimal position.

If the seat is world facing there are only two positions, upright and semi recline. The semi recline is okay for a toddler nap though as its pretty flat.


When you want to recline the seat you use the white buttons on the bar under the seat and then move the seat into the position you want. It's more a rotation of the seat than a typical recline as the bar below the seat does the work. It's a really smooth action and design wise it is pretty cool. You only need to depress one side though so you have the other hand free to move the seat. Again you will hear a loud click when it is in position.

If you want to remove the seat you use the white buttons on the side of the seat. Push these in and lift. They are in a great position as you use these to lift the seat from the frame. Even though I am quite small I had no problems changing the direction of the seat.

You get a bumper bar in the package, which simply pushes into the holes on the front of the seat. Unfortunately it isn't gate opening but the shape of the seat means getting a child in and out without removing it isn't impossible.

A 5-point harness keeps your little one secure and safe and the shoulder and leg straps can be adjusted. You can change the shoulder height to three different positions. It isn't as easy as some to adjust, as you need to remove the fabric of the seat first. Once the fabric is removed it isn't difficult to do, I just think it could have been made easier.  The harness plastic doesn't feel as well made as the rest of the pushchair and I found opening the harness a little difficult, as it was quite stiff. Although that's not necessarily a problem if you have a little Houdini like me, as it meant they couldn't open it.


One of the best features for me was the hood. It's great and a fantastic size. You attach the hood to the seat by pushing the arms onto the connectors on the side of the seat frame. The hood then zips onto the top of the seat.  It offers great coverage from the elements and pulls out into three positions and has a large pop out visor. There is a hidden mesh panel in the hood too which helps with ventilation. The hood has a couple of poppers on the top too so you can hold the hood in position, a nice little touch that would come in handy.

All of the fabrics feel sturdy, strong and well made. With the exception of the canopy and visor they can all be machine washed at 30°C. Everything else can be wiped clean. It's easy to remove the fabrics too as they are connected to the seat with poppers. 

You get a mosquito net and raincover as part of the package too, these provide additional shelter from the elements for your little one and it's nice to see them included as standard. The raincover is a noisy PVC one which was disappointing as there are some nice fabric alternatives around now. There is a nice sized panel to access your child through though.

You can change the footrest position using the button just underneath the bottom of the footrest. It is made of the high quality plastic so should stand up to wellies and hard shoes without a problem. It can be simply wiped clean.


Now, onto the carrycot. Suitable from birth until approximately 6 months, it's a great size at 89.5cm long and 45cm wide so it should last for those first few months. It's 25cm deep and feels lovely and snug for a baby.

When you get it out of the box you need to pull the top and bottom upwards. There are two bars, which click into place and make the carrycot rigid. Once this is done there are two clips on the left and right of the carrycot, which also need pushing into position. You can now place the mattress into the air-ventilated base.

Using the same connector adapters as the seat the carrycot simply pushes down onto the frame. There are handy indicators again which tell you if it's fitted correctly and again you get a loud click on either side. To remove the seat you use the flaps on either side of the carrycot and push and lift. The carrycot does feel heavy at first at 4.8kg but I think you would get used to it.

You attach the hood in the same way as the seat, into the connectors on the side of the carrycot frame and again it zips onto the back. When attached the hood is a great size and also has a pop out visor to give that extra protection from the elements. Again you have a mesh ventilation panel that along with the ventilated carrycot base helps prevent your newborn overheating. There are high visibility fabric strips in the hood too which I really liked.


If you need to carry the carrycot it has two really handy fabric handles on either side of the cot, which are neatly hidden in pockets just inside the material.

You get an apron with the carrycot which poppers onto the side of the frame. The apron zips all the way round and matches the fabrics and style of the rest of the Stokke® Crusi™ perfectly.

You can use the raincover and mosquito net with the carrycot too as they fit this and the seat.

The Stokke® Crusi™ can be used as a travel system with the addition of Stokke® iZi Go™ X1 by BeSafe and the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ X3 by BeSafe. These both have integrated adapters that mean they attach in the same way as the seats so there is no need for additional adapters. 


When you need to fold the pushchair it's nice and easy. You do need to remove the seat or carrycot from the chassis first. Due to the way the frame collapses it's certainly not small when it's folded.

When you are ready to fold, simply push the handle down to its lowest setting using the white button on the handle. There are two white buttons halfway down the chassis, which have a small button just in front of them. Push this smaller button inwards and then pull both upwards. It sounds more complicated than it is. It's really easy. The chassis will then fold in half.

I was shocked that there wasn't an auto lock when it is folded, which could make things a little infuriating getting it in and out of a car but it's pretty light which is good.

Whilst it isn't marketed as being freestanding I was able to get it to free stand fairly easily when folded so I think it could stand happily in a hallway when it wasn't in use.

When you are ready to use the Stokke® Crusi™ again, as there is no autolock to remove, simply push the front wheels out. Once it is fully opened you will hear two loud clicks and it will lock into an open position.

Now add the carrycot or seat and you are ready to roll.


Beautiful is the best way to describe how I feel about the Stokke® Crusi™. I love it. It is a real fashion statement and is so different from a lot of other pushchairs.

It's easy to push, lightweight, free standing and is magnificently engineered. Every detail seems to have been thought about. It also has some great safety features. The indicators to tell you when the seats are correctly attached, the high visibility stripes on the carrycot hood are helpful when pushing in the dark, and the two-part fold helps prevent trapped fingers.

I think, there are a few improvements that could be made with the Stokke® Crusi™. The harness and buckle didn't feel as well made as the rest of the pushchair, which I felt, was a shame. The bumper bar is not gate opening, and my oldest could reach the recline buttons under the seat.  Also, whilst I understand the need for the audible clicks I think it would disturb a sleeping child.

When it comes to the seat height, I like it. I understand the benefits especially when you have a small baby but I would have preferred the option to change the seat height as I found it difficult at 5" to look over and around the seat.

That said, I feel that the good outweighs the bad, the quality of the product plus you get three years warranty that gives you that extra piece of mind.

So if you want a fashionable luxurious pushchair and you have the budget for it you really should check out the Stokke® Crusi™. What are you waiting for?

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