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Silver Cross Wayfarer Review

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Silver Cross Wayfarer Review
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Reviewed On: 21 Nov 2013
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:

Best Baby and Toddler Gear Gold Winner! Did you know Silver Cross sold over 1 million units of the original Wayfarer? Well a new Wayfarer is here and it looks promising. We give it the full inspection in our Silver Cross Wayfarer Review.

Review Summary


There are lovely details everywhere, from the embossed logos to the stitching and toy clip on the apron. It's a classy number.

The last version of the Wayfarer sold 1 million units in its lifetime. I think the new version might just do the same! If you are buying a pushchair do not ignore this one. Its brilliant!

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What’s good
  • Stylish
  • Excellent functionality
  • Big basket
What’s not so good
  • Chassis style a little iffy?
  • Fold not a small as some

Review Content

Silver Cross Wayfarer Review

The original Wayfarer hit the big time in the 1980's finally selling over 1 million units. The new Silver Cross Wayfarer is the same product in name only. The new Wayfarer has undergone an intense design and development programme lasting over 3 years. The final product looks sleek, stylish and is well priced to boot. How will it fare in our Silver Cross Wayfarer review?


The Hood/Apron pack is available in: Black, Lime, Chilli, Raspberry, Sand, Sky Blue and Purple.


The Wayfarer chassis is simplicity itself. Made of mirror finish lightweight aluminium, the main handle tube extends all the way down to the front wheel. At its centre point this tube is intersected by a lightly curved tube that carries the rear axle. It's a lovely piece of engineering, but to my eye, I am not sure about the way it looks. The front wheel location just does not look right to me. That said, everyone else in the office loves it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess!

One thing is for sure, Silver Cross has not skimped on product manufacture and quality. The chassis and seat location are very rigid giving a great feel of integrity. Everything you touch and move on the Wayfarer feels really well made. If I could pick out anything to fault it's that the handle has some play built into the extending mechanism. It's certainly not much and nothing to be concerned about.  

On the subject of the handle, the Wayfarer now sports the ‘on trend' faux-leather covering we see on many upmarket pushchairs. It's great, lovely and soft. In the centre, you have a highly polished section, housing the button to move the handle. Embossed into the polished metal is the Silver Cross logo. On the back of the polished centre section is a rubber pad, placed specifically so that you don't scratch that beautiful mirror finish when you stand the Wayfarer up on its end. Once again this shows the level of thought that has gone into this product!

The handle can be moved across 3 positions. Pull in the button with your hand and slide the handle in and out to the desired location, there is almost no resistance and releasing the button holds the handle at the desired position.

From the handle of the Silver Cross Wayfarer, we move down to the basket. Measuring a huge 45cm (l) x 38cm (w) x 20cm (d) you could easily fit two shopping bags in there, plus anything else you had on your person. If you love big baskets, you will love the Wayfarer basket!

The Wayfarer's wheels measure 7 inches in diameter at the front and 8 inches at the back. Tyres are made from puncture proof EVA and you can lock the fronts with the flick of a lever.  It's very notable that all 4 wheels have excellent suspension. This pushchair may have been designed to handle the urban landscape, but I think you could even get away with a little (light) off-roading!

There is a footrest built into the front of the chassis for those toddlers that are tall. It's a good little touch and finishes the chassis off nicely at the front.

The brake is a latch type located on the right hand hub. Push the red pedal down for on and hit the green button to release. It's a great brake for those who love open toes in the summer, but I think it's worth remembering to keep it clean and oiled as the brake release mechanism may not be as effective if ever gets full of winter grime!!


The Seat on the Wayfarer has plenty of space. It measures 50cm at the back up to the hood and is 30cm wide at its widest point. The fabrics are wrapped around a steel frame and can be removed easily. There are no washing instructions in the instruction manual, but I presume a low temperature wash and hanging on the line to dry would be fine!

The Wayfarer seat can be forward or rear facing.

Seat removal is achieved by lifting two flaps on either side of the seat next to the bumper bar. Pull the seat up and away and you are done. The Wayfarer seat has an unusual characteristic that I have not really seen on many pushchairs, it is quite top heavy, this is not a problem when in use, but can make removal slightly awkward as it wants to twist backwards when you remove it. The simple solution to this is: hold it at the centre point with both hands, grabbing the main frame just after releasing it, it comes away with no problems then.

Silver Cross have really nailed the perfect recline. It's a one handed job with the button sitting at the top of the back of the seat. Pull the button towards you and then move the seat to any of the 3 positions; upright, semi reclined and fully lay flat.

The Wayfarer's 5 point harness is fully adjustable and has 3 positions for the shoulder straps. The buckle is once again a great piece of detail. Silver cross have looked past the standard black plastic functional buckle design and come up with a buckle with a gloss finish that looks as if it is a stone smoothed over years by the flowing water of a stream. Yet again the devil is in the detail with this product. The harness does not have any shoulder pads. Lastly there are additional D-rings for secondary harnesses or toy ties.

The Bumper bar is again Faux-leather covered and embossed with the Silver Cross logo. It's gate opening and swings right out of the way. Perfect for installing a struggling little one!

The hood on the Wayfarer is included in the ‘colour pack' with the apron. It is used on both the seat and the carrycot and is located using plastic clamps that fit round location points on the frame. On the seat, the hood gives good coverage and is well sealed from the elements where it meets the seat rim. Pulling the hood into place or pushing it back takes a surprising effort. The action is solid with an engineered feel, but I think the springing could be softer making this function easier to use.

The ‘colour pack' contains the hood and apron. The apron fits over the foot area of the pushchair and also moonlights as the cover for the carrycot (at least some of it does). Fitting is easy and there is loads of space for little legs. The top of the apron folds over the bumper bar and is held in place with invisible magnets. Once more, there is a Silver Cross logo present ensuring you and your friends are in no doubt of the Brand. 

When you combine the Hood with the Apron on the Wayfarer, the effect is nothing short of stunning. Our colour combination of purple with the chrome frame and black seat and basket really works.


Folding the Wayfarer is simple and can be done with the seat in place - it must be forward facing and in the upright position.

To fold, make sure the brake is applied and grasp the frame bars just above the trigger eyes on both sides. Next push the initial safety catch on the right hand side with your thumb and pull the two triggers underneath the frame towards you. The frame breaks just above the front wheel and the handle drops to the ground. The auto lock engages and the fold is done.

It has to be said the fold of the Wayfarer is not the smallest we have seen recently. Again, it is long at 95cms but not bad for width at 53cm. Folded height with the bumper bar removed, but the seat in place is 46cm. Of course those dimensions can be shrunk by removing the seat, but the Wayfarer is not small when folded by any stretch.

Unfolding is simply a case of undoing the autolock and lifting the handle up. It helps to give the back of the basket a push to get the final opening ‘click'.

The Wayfarers fold is easy. There is no ‘knack' required and it won't leave you cursing in the rain.


The Wayfarer sports a well sized fully rigid carrycot. The hood and apron are used to complete the functionality and also to ensure you have your perfect colour scheme. Measuring  74cm (l) x 29cm (w) x 16cm (d) internally, the carrycot is lined with a soft white fabric that is well cushioned making it a lovely cosy environment for your little one. It is not suitable for overnight sleeping.

The hood and apron are transferred from the seat ensuring you have your ideal colour on the pushchair at all times. The apron attaches by way of a zip and once again folds round the gate opening bumper bar as it does on the seat. This little bit of design is something I love. It really sets off this element of the pushchair adding to the overall look.

To remove the carrycot release the side catches by lifting the levers in the circular bosses and lift the carrycot away. A tip here is to release one catch at a time while holding the bumper bar and taking the weight of the carry cot before removing it. It makes removal a smoother process.

The carry cot has 4 plastic feet and a wipe clean rubber base material, so you can place it on the ground without fear of getting the fabrics dirty.


The raincover on the Wayfarer deserves a special mention! It's VERY simple to fit taking only seconds and it has a zip!(?) Across the front of the raincover, just at the edge of the hood is a zip that when undone allows full access to your child. In fact the gap is so big when the zip is undone, you could even remove or place your child in the pushchair with the raincover fitted!


When I saw the first images of the new Wayfarer, I have to admit I felt a little disappointed. It looked like just another pushchair. It's not until you get under its skin that you realise the effort that has gone into the detail and functionality. Silver Cross claim they scrapped the design and started again after meeting mums at a focus group at least once. Well that paid off.

Everything you use on this pushchair on a daily basis is perfect, the recline, the handle adjustment, the basket, the harness, the bumper bar, everything . Well done to the Silver Cross design team for actually listening to what your customer wants.

It's not totally perfect, the fold is big and bulky and I am personally not sure about chassis shape (but that is a very personal opinion). The issue I have with the chassis look is quickly cancelled out when you apply the fabrics. Once completely put together the Wayfarer looks great and has a real wow factor.

There are lovely details everywhere, from the embossed logos to the stitching and toy clip on the apron. It's a classy number.

The last version of the Wayfarer sold 1 million units in its lifetime. I think the new version might just do the same! If you are buying a pushchair do not ignore this one. Its brilliant!

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