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Silver Cross Surf 2 Review

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Silver Cross Surf 2 Review
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Reviewed On: 29 Jul 2014
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Another amazing pushchair innovation from the British brand Silver Cross.  Silver Cross have many years of experience in the industry - more than forty, in fact. Following on from the success of the Surf, Silver Cross have preserved all of its best features - and added to them - with the creation of the Surf 2.  

Review Summary


What's not to like about the Silver Cross Surf 2? It's a sleek, stylish pushchair that offers you a carrycot for those early days. The entire package oozes quality and the detailing really adds to the feeling of buying something luxurious and definitely not any old pushchair.

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What’s good
  • Very stylish
  • Great quality
  • Nice flat fold
What’s not so good
  • You have to remove the seat to fold
  • The recline isn't the easiest

Review Content

Silver Cross Surf 2 Review

A Yorkshire brand dating back to 1877, Silver Cross is a name everyone recognises instantly and it has a great reputation to boot. Known by most mothers and grandmothers for creating strong, well-built prams and pushchairs, great design and style have kept Silver Cross as one of the front runners in the industry. And the Surf 2 is no exception. Come and see how it got on in our Silver Cross Surf 2 review...

Colour options

Chilli, Sky Blue, Lime, Black, Raspberry, Sand, Aubergine

The RRP for the Silver Cross Surf 2 is £700. That includes the chassis, carrycot, seat, your choice of coloured fabrics, car seat adaptors, a cup holder and raincover.


Looking slightly daunting when it arrives, the Silver Cross Surf 2 comes in two boxes. One rather large box contains all the pushchair bits while the second contains the fabrics in whatever funky colour you have chosen.

When I emptied the box, I did get a cold shiver when I saw the sheer number of bits and pieces. But, I grabbed the instructions and found the pushchair was ready to go fairly quickly, without the need for any tools. You simply pop the wheels on to the frame.

Made from a lightweight magnesium alloy, the frame feels strong and sturdy, but, light enough to lift in and out of a car. Finished in a brushed metal style, it's gorgeous to look at, sleek, well crafted and quality just oozes from its pores.


With four air-filled rubber wheels you don't have to worry about getting a puncture, either. The rear wheels are rugged and are an impressive 30cm in diameter. Along with the air suspension you can be sure of a smooth, gliding ride.

Braking is easy-peasy. The mechanism is all very cleverly hidden within the frame, and - yippee for me - its flip-flop friendly. To brake you simply stand on the pedal next to the right back wheel, which is coloured red. To remove the brake, simply stand on the small green button above it. I even managed it without shoes on.


A large, luxurious leatherette handle feels great to hold and can be adjusted to four different positions, by simply pressing the button on the handle. The centre of the handle is made from mirror-finish chrome, which I found myself constantly removing finger prints from, but I love it. The bumper bar also has the same lovely leatherette finish.

If shopping is on your mind you'll find the basket a good size at 35cm x 45cm x 20cm, and it's easily accessible regardless of the seat position as the front and back are curved down for ease. The basket is rigid and strong, and you could easily fit a shopping bag or changing bag in there without a problem. You can fold the frame with or without the basket attached too, as it's very clever and folds with the frame.


When your little one is six months old and is able to sit up by themselves, they can start to use the pushchair seat unit. It can face both world and parent, very easily.

Attaching the seat unit to the chassis is easy as it simply clicks onto the connector points on the chassis. Thanks to a clever design, you can hold on to the seat in just the right position (above the connectors), which makes the whole 'is it secure yet?' problem much simpler. When you want to remove the seat, push the red button (or safety lock) on the side of the seat, in, until it clicks, then hold in the black release button on the opposite side and lift.

Your funky fabric pack is used on the seat unit as well as the carrycot. It's easy to fit, as it has rubber clips on the side of the apron, which clips nicely onto the seat. Fab magnetic holders help keep the apron in the correct position on the seat too.

Using the same hood for the seat unit and carrycot, it simply clips onto the frame. Once on, just zip the hood on to the frame and attach it to the press-studs behind the seat. The hood is a great size and has four positions, with an additional sun visor that pops out from under the front of the hood. You also have a nice viewing window. The material is UPF 50+ protected, so again you have extra peace of mind. The seat frame has clever rubber points on either side to stop scratches or rubbing when you're putting the seat on or taking it off. I hate scratched frames!  It's a real pet hate for me, so I'm pleased that Silver Cross are trying to keep these to a minimum. It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Sporting a five-point harness, the straps have lovely Silver Cross detailing on them. This really adds to the overall feeling of quality, as it isn't the bog standard boring straps you would expect. The shoulder straps are attached to the leg ones with a clip, so you only have to worry about getting two connectors into the centre buckle. There are two set heights for the shoulder straps, but, unfortunately, if you want to change it, it is a thread adjustment - which is a bit tedious. On the upside, it does have easy feed holes, so it definitely isn't the worst I have seen.  When you want to get your little one out, simply release the harness by pressing the big button in the centre of the buckle. Unfortunately, my two year old was able to undo it - which is a pain for me, but he is a little Houdini when it comes to pushchairs.

The world and parent facing seat has three different recline positions, including a true lie flat position which is just perfect for a sleeping tot. The recline is fairly simple, on either side of the seat there are two circular buttons just above the connecters, where it attaches to the chassis. Push these in and the seat will move on its axis, you can now move it to the position you want, it will click in, and then let go. It's not my preferred method of recline, especially if you have a grumpy toddler inside that you are trying to recline to get to sleep. As I'm quite small I struggle when the seat is forward facing, as I find it hard reaching around the seat.

You can use the bumper bar on the seat as well as the carrycot, and it is easy to connect and remove. You simply click it into the connector points on the seat. To remove it, depress the small buttons just under the sides of the bumper bar and pull it upwards. You can do one side at a time by pressing the button on one side, which is useful. Especially as it can be done one-handed, making it much easier to get a wiggling tot in and out.

As I said earlier, you can use the seat parent facing and world facing and its nice and easy to change if you want to at any point.


The Carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping. It has a really lovely thick mattress. The well-sized, snug carrycot would keep any little one safe and secure. It's a lovely size and will easily last those early months. Kitted out with lovely snuggly bamboo material all around to keep your bundle comfortable.

When the carrycot arrives it is squashed down so you need to erect it by placing the two metal bars into the locators on the base. Then place the mattress on top.

It's easy to remove the mattress, as it just lifts out. The cover for it comes off by opening the flap on the back.

The liner inside the carrycot can also be removed by undoing the zips and velcro fastenings. Both can then be washed at 30ºC should you need to. Personally I would do it before I put my little one in, like with all the newborn clothes, but that's down to personal preference.


The bumper bar from the seat is also used with the carrycot. It attaches into the connector points on the sides of the carrycot. To remove it, depress the small buttons just under the sides of the bumper bar and pull it upwards. You can do one side at a time, if you have your hands full, as the bar is gate-opening.

Using the same hood and fabric pack for the carrycot and the seat means there is much less to worry about storing when your little one has outgrown the carrycot. The hood clips on the side of the carrycot, just behind the connectors. It then neatly zips to the top of the frame, and press-studs attach it to the back.

When using the apron on the carrycot you need to detach the lower section. You do this is done  using the zip on the front. You then place the flaps onto the points inside the carrycot, and fold the apron flap over the bumper bar. Again that magnetic flap really helps here, and holds the apron perfectly in place over the bar. It's a little thing that makes a big difference.

There are some clever little rubber points on either side of the carrycot frame too. Again to stop scratches or rubbing when you are putting the carrycot on or off the frame - very handy. 

There are four hood positions. The hood mechanism is nice and quiet, and the hood has a nice viewing window, and sun visor to protect your tot from the sun.

When you want to remove the carrycot from the chassis, press the red button (or safety lock) on the side until it clicks. Then press the black button on the opposite side, now you lift the carrycot using the bumper bar.

The seating arrangements:

You get a lie-flat carrycot and a seat in the package. They use the same easy connectors to attach to the frame. You use the same hood and fabrics, which come in a variety of bright colours to suit your taste. You also get adapters in the package, which let you attach a simplicity car seat to make it a travel system.

The raincover is great as it works on both the carrycot, and the seat unit, and has a nice zip to give easy access to your little one too, great when you need to replace dummies or offer them a drink.


One of the flattest folds for a pushchair of its size, the Surf 2 does ‘compact fold' very well.
You can fold the pushchair with the basket attached. It's very clever, and it folds around the frame.

When you want to fold the pushchair, you need to remove whichever seating unit you are using first. Ensure the front swivel wheels are locked by pushing on the black clip behind them and then press the brake.

Now press in the button in the centre of the handle and push the handle down to its lowest position. Keeping the button depressed, push downwards again. You will feel the pushchair auto-locking mechanism release. Now rotate the handle forwards so that it is pointing straight upwards, and let go of the button. Hold on to the handle and stand on the red fold button: this is in the centre of the frame (just behind the basket). Now push the handle forwards as the chassis begins to fold. It all lies practically flat. The chassis is now locked into the folded position.

When you want to unfold the pushchair simply lift the handle upwards and flick it forwards, it all clicks into place and locks. Apply the brake to make it easier (if it isn't already applied) and adjust the handle height to your ideal position.


What's not to like about the Silver Cross Surf 2? It's a sleek, stylish pushchair that offers you a carrycot for those early days. The entire package oozes quality and the detailing really adds to the feeling of buying something luxurious and definitely not any old pushchair.

There are a few little annoyances: the fold isn't the simplest as there are a few steps to it, but the final folded pushchair is a small, flat result that would easily fit in most cars. The shoulder strap adjustments are a bit fiddly, but not the worst I've seen and you don't use this function much. The most annoying part for me would be that the pushchair cannot be folded without removing the seat. Again, more of a personal problem, unless you have to carry it around a lot while folded.

I think the recline could be improved and made simpler. I personally would prefer to see a one handed push button recline instead of having to mess around with two side buttons, which if you are petite like me, isn't the easiest thing to do.

I like the fact that you get so much in the package as you really can use it from birth to toddler. The raincover and a cup holder are included, and the overall quality of everything is outstanding.

The hood is a great size, the design is fantastic and I feel like this pushchair would be just as happy out on a bumpy country park trail as in a busy shopping centre. It's a real luxury to use this pushchair - the leatherette handle is so comfortable. The Silver Cross Surf 2 really stands out from the crowd and offers a lot for the money. You really should go and take a look at one. 

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