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RECARO Easylife Review

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RECARO Easylife Review
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Reviewed On: 18 Jul 2014
Helen Taylor
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Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

RECARO have over a hundred years' experience in transport safety. Now, after fifteen years of creating some popular and stylish child car seats, RECARO have branched out and created their very first stroller, the super stylish RECARO Easylife. Read about how it got on when we put it through its paces in our RECARO Easylife review.

Review Summary


What's not to love about the RECARO Easylife? It's lightweight, has an amazing fold which leave you with a nice neat, self standing package that would fit in the smallest of boots and stand neatly in a hallway.

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What’s good
  • Sporty, Stylish
  • Lightweight with a fantastic one-handed fold
What’s not so good
  • Limited seat height
  • Strap recline
  • No raincover included and fiddly to unfold

Review Content

RECARO Easylife Review

The RECARO Easylife is a sporty, stylish eight-wheel stroller with bags of personality. The seat is spacious, the fabrics are good quality and the hood is a nice size. The one handed fold is truly amazing and the compact, neat, self-standing package you are left with will be the envy of all your friends. Find out what we think in our RECARO Easylife Review.

It was a lovely surprise to find that the RECARO Easylife stroller is almost ready to go. Pop on the front wheels, and it's all done. Great news! I've spent far too much of my life reading instruction manuals.


When I lifted the stroller out of the box I was shocked at just how light it is. Weighing a mere 5.9kg it really is a featherweight.

Sporting a matt black chassis, black plastic trimmings and strong bright fabrics, it really looks the part. As a keen motorsports fan, I really love the look of the stroller. It has the look and shape of a sporty car seat and even has sporty go-faster stripes on the footrest.

Yay for flipflop friendly brakes! The RECARO has them. With a push button next to both rear wheels you push down on the right one to apply the brake, and the left one to take the brake off. The brake holds the stroller nicely and it's easy and simple to do. It would be nice to see them coloured red for on and green for off though.

Moving on to the harness, it's a five-point system and has both shoulder and waist adjustable straps. You can't alter the height of the straps, which is a shame, as my eight-month-old daughter would have looked better with a slightly lower strap position. The harness clips together nicely and it's nice and easy to do with a wiggling infant.


If I'm honest, the hood could provide more coverage, especially as this is the type of stroller suited to travelling. It pulls forwards easily, stays in position and provides adequate shade cover when the seat is reclined, but it does feel a little flimsy. It would be nice to have a flip out sunshade as it would be great to extend the hood further still.

It has a foam handle, which is taller than a lot of strollers, but even with my short frame it's at a comfortable height. And as it's an eight wheeler, with good sized 14.5cm strong wheels it's a breeze to push. The front swivel wheels can be locked for rough terrain, and with suspension throughout you can be be sure confident that your little treasure is comfortable.

Now, if shopping is your thing, you won't be disappointed. The basket can hold 5kg and measures 30cm x 33cm x 10cm - not bad for a pushchair of this size. You can get things in and out of it easily, even when your little one is reclined and in the land of nod.

If you want a raincover you'll need to buy one separately, as unfortunately it doesn't come as part of the package.


The Easylife has a forward-facing fabric seat with a good width of 33cm. My three children (8 months, two and three) had lots of bottom space. The fabric feels strong and good quality.  The seat has two clever mesh panels on the sides for air circulation and to stop your little one overheating. There are soft padded panels within the seat to provide extra support for your little one's head and bottom, and it all feels nice and well supported. I wouldn't mind sitting in this stroller myself!

The seat back height of the seat could be an issue if you have taller children - it measures 42cm to the top of the seat. My three year old's head is already over the top of the seat, and when reclined his head pushed into the hood. My two year old isn't far behind either and his head only just fits within the seat.

Using the strap recline is straightforward with two hands, and can be done one handed, albeit a little slower. To recline the seat you pull the plastic toggle (on the back of the seat) down. The seat can be reclined to whatever height you like to suit you and your child. As it's designed for use from six months of age, it isn't a true lie-flat position, but it is more than adequate for a sleeping tot. To sit them back up again, grasp the plastic rings (located on the end of both the straps), and pull the straps apart.

There is a foot bar which Will, my three year old, liked, but don't worry if yours don't quite meet the bar yet, as the seat slopes nicely down to provide extra support and comfort to the back of little legs.


One of the best, if not the best, features of the Easylife is the ease of fold and the compact package you are left with and it can all be done one-handed, did I mention that? It's amazingly simple to fold. I had my little girl in my arms whilst folding and it's easy (the folding, not holding a wiggling eight month old).

To fold the pushchair slide the grey button on the handle to the left and then rotate the centre of the handle (the black plastic bit) anticlockwise. You will feel it start to fold. Push the handle forward towards the front wheels and the stroller will fold together. Press the handle down until it all lies flat on the floor and the stroller will lock into position.

Now if you want to stand the stroller up for storage you'll be pleased to hear that it's self standing (yay!) and is so dinky it will stand in any hallway. The main handle is great for carrying the stroller when folded too as it's in the perfect position.


When it comes to unfolding, it isn't quite as simple as the fold. Again, it's all done by using the handle. Push the grey button to the left and then rotate the centre anticlockwise until it clicks. The auto-lock will come off. Now pull upwards (quickly) on the handle until the stroller is open and locks into place. I personally struggle to get it the final lock position, so I stand behind the stroller, place my hands halfway down the side bars and push up slightly while pushing down with my elbows, this makes it do the final click to lock it open. Once you've done it a couple of times it's much easier - it just needs a bit of practice.


What's not to love about the RECARO Easylife? It's lightweight, has an amazing fold which leave you with a nice neat, self standing package that would fit in the smallest of boots and stand neatly in a hallway.

Personally, I wish it wasn't strap recline as I struggle with them, and I wish the harness height could be adjusted. The unfold is a bit fiddly and takes a bit of practice before you get it right first time. But, these are all little niggles and none of them would be a deal breaker for me.

It is so stylish I really think it will turn heads. I hadn't seen one before but, I'm sure I would recognise it now. It's got a different look to other strollers but that's what I love about it.  Even my husband loves the way it looks, and he isn't a pramaholic like me. It's sporty, it comes in lots of funky colours and all the fabrics can be wiped clean.

For a very reasonable price you get a super lightweight stroller, with a fantastic one handed fold which makes it a very enviable size and you have the added security of the Recaro name. So, if you are in the market for a stroller, you really should take a look at a Recaro Easylife.

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