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Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 Review

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Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 Review
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Reviewed On: 15 May 2021
Helen Taylor
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Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

The Quinny Zapp Xtra has been a popular set of wheels for a while now. We have got our hands on the new and improved Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 to take a look at the re-design, and to see what new tricks Quinny have added to this family favourite.

Review Summary


Quinny have listened to what their customers want, and have made that available to them. The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 offers the forward and rear facing seat, the recline and option to use from birth that the Zapp Xtra already offered – but, the Zapp Xtra 2 steps up where the Zapp Xtra falls down with the one piece fold. The fold itself is super simple and super small – if you are short of space or travel a lot then this is certainly worth a look.

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What’s good
  • Ultra compact one piece fold
  • Forward or rear facing seat
  • Huge hood
What’s not so good
  • Only 2 recline positions in parent facing mode
  • Small basket

Review Content

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 Review

The Quinny Zapp Xtra was a redesign of the classic Zapp – lots of changes were made to make a better and more practical stroller that was suitable from birth as a travel system, and adding in the option to use the seat in a parent or world facing position. This made the Zapp Xtra infinitely more usable, and much more popular – but was there still room for improvement? We take a look at the second generation, the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 to see what else has been added.


The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 has a distinctive ‘Quinny' frame – you know at first glance which brand it is. The matte silver chassis is a U shape, with the curve at the front wheel fork. There are 2 plastic handles, which sit approx. 102cm high – they are not adjustable but both myself (5'3") and my husband (5'9") both found it comfortable to push.

The shopping basket isn't the biggest in the world, and the central chassis bar running through the middle does get in the way a bit – having said that it is deep and seems quite sturdy, so would probably be more than adequate for most daily uses.

Moving on down to the wheels now – there are 2 single wheels at the rear and a double front wheel which both attach really simply with a push and a click. They are actually larger than your average stroller wheel, and made from a tough and durable plastic. They are not the type to handle the toughest terrain, but to be honest you wouldn't expect them too – this is an urban, about town machine. If you do encounter rough and bumpy bits, you can lock the front wheel for more stability by just pushing down a lever above the double wheel.

Above the 2 rear wheels are the brake pedals – a red one on the right to activate the brake, and a grey one on the left to take it off again. It's a simple case of stepping on the pedals with the sole of your foot – a foot friendly option even in flip flops!

Pushing is a breeze. The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 is SO lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with just the touch of a finger. The front swivel wheel makes it easy to turn and pivot on a sixpence, and the wide rear wheelbase stabilises it – although it is light it feels sturdy and balanced.


With a generous amount of room for small bottoms, this stroller should last well into the toddler years. The seat section measures 32cm across, with a 42cm stretch from seat unit to the end of the leg rest, meaning your tot can put their feet up with ease. With the seat in forward facing mode, little toes can rest on the small U shaped footplate section at the front of the frame. The seat back measures up at an excellent 52cm so there is plenty of space in that direction too. Inside the seat, there is a 5 point harness with 3 height positions – to alter these you just swivel the buckle at the rear of the seat and feed it through the material. Adjusting the harness itself is done by a simple sliding method that you will have seen on countless car seats and pushchairs. There are thick, well padded and co-ordinating shoulder and crotch pads for extra comfort too.

The hood is huge and has several positions offering more than enough shade and protection for day to day use. There is a plastic viewing window at the very base of the hood and this extends all down the sides so you can see your little one from most angles.

The recline is easy to access and even easier to use – there is a grey button above the seat back – just push this in and select your recline position. In forward facing mode there are 3 recline positions, and in parent facing mode there are 2. I would personally like to see another recline position available in parent facing mode, as the 2 available are quite ‘flat' positions, and slightly older babies may prefer to sit up a bit more.

A real bonus of the Zapp Xtra 2 is the option to have the seat parent or world facing. To change the seat direction, simply push in the recline button and with your finger flip out the grey lever right next to it. The seat will then release and you can simply lift, swivel it round and click it back on to the frame.

The fabrics on the seat are lovely – they feel thick, tough and durable while still remaining soft enough for small people. They have a coating which I can only describe as ‘wipeable' – I don't think you would need to panic too much if sticky fingers encountered them.


Compact and quick, the one piece fold marks the real difference between the Zapp Xtra and the Xtra 2. To fold, make sure the seat unit is in forward facing mode and pop on the brake. Push the recline button in and flick the attached lever, as you would to remove the seat unit. Then push forward and the seat will fold over on itself. Next, push in the 2 grey buttons on the side of the chassis, and fold the handlebar forwards, Finally, to fold the base of the chassis, find the lever in the centre between the 2 rear wheels – push down and forwards, and the whole frame collapses down, with the seat resting on top. The frame will automatically lock into position, so you can simply pick it up and go. It is so small when folded (34 x 73 x 32cm) – it would be perfect for public transport and small car boots where space is limited. If you need even more space, the quick release wheels can be removed to make a teeny parcel (28 x 68 x 32cm).

To unfold again, you lift the handlebars away from the chassis, then pull the lever between the 2 rear wheels back towards you until it clicks. Unfold the handlebar, then unfold the seat. Everything will click into position.


Having to buy a lot of extra accessories for your pushchair can be an expensive add on. The Zapp Xtra 2 comes with a few as standard, which is great if you just want to unpack and go.

The raincover is reasonably generous, and can be fitted in seconds. There are velcro tabs to loop around the handlebars, and an elasticated section to fit tight around the foot of the seat. It doesn't move and there is plenty of headroom.

Also included in the Zapp Xtra 2 package are a parasol clip – handy for summer – and a set of Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptors to make the pushchair suitable from birth. These just clip into the section where you would clip the seat – just drop your car seat on top and away you go.


Quinny have listened to what their customers want, and have made that available to them. The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 offers the forward and rear facing seat, the recline and option to use from birth that the Zapp Xtra already offered – but, the Zapp Xtra 2 steps up where the Zapp Xtra falls down with the one piece fold. The fold itself is super simple and super small – if you are short of space or travel a lot then this is certainly worth a look.

A real one stop shop option to see you through from birth to toddler, the Zapp Xtra 2 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories as standard so you can unpack and go.

The recline is easy to use and has a range of seating positions – I would love to see one more available in the parent facing mode, as I know a lot of older babies who still like to face mum and dad, but sit up and look around at the same time. It's a minor niggle, but should be mentioned. In addition to this, the basket is very small which some mums will find a real disadvantage.

A real plus point for me is the size of the hood – you really don't expect such a huge hood on a small stroller, but you certainly get it here! It is large enough to ward off the bright sunshine and even a light shower.

Offering you everything you need from the hazy newborn days until the day your tot finds his walking feet, this second generation of the Zapp Xtra has stepped up to the plate, and with a great range of bright and funky colours to choose from, it is a pushchair that is sure to brighten up your day.

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