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Quinny Longboardstroller Review

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Quinny Longboardstroller Review
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Reviewed On: 12 Feb 2016
Kelly Walker
Expert Reviewer
Kelly's Verdict:

Quinny like to make life fun, and they're definitely pushing the boundaries with the Longboardstroller. 

Review Summary


The Quinny longboardstroller is definitely for the brave of heart. It's tons of fun for both the child and adult rider, making your ordinary journeys exciting

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What’s good
  • Completely unique
  • Fun way to travel
  • Easy to use after practice
What’s not so good
  • Be careful with the sharp brake!

Review Content

Quinny Longboardstroller Review
Quinny longboardstroller Review

The Quinny Longboardstroller comes packaged in one big box with your instructions. The instructions are very comprehensive with text and illustrations and cover everything you could need to know about the stroller. With it not being your average pushchair, it's definitely worth going through all the small details. As it's fully assembled, all that you need to do for that first ride is unfold. Quinny state that children should wear a helmet and protective gear at all times when in the stroller, and it is also advised that adults do too - though I'm not sure that the helmet was a great look for me. It has caused quite a lot of excitement in the office, with everyone wanting to take it for a spin.

There's definitely no other pushchair that looks like the Longboardstroller, and Quinny have captured a niche market. As a limited edition, there have only been 1000 created, so you're not likely to bump into another one on your travels. With custom made graphics on the bottom of the board, it has that skateboard look as well as a rough coating on the top for better grip. Basically, it's a longboard with a stroller attached to the front.


The static handlebar of the stroller is in an optimal position for boarding, with the handbrake situated in the middle. Though a hard plastic, it's comfortable to hold and features a ‘Keep Rolling' slogan. We've tested this with someone 5' nothing and also 6' and everyone has found it a good height to hold. I'm glad that there is something to hold as would be worried about my balance without!

Unlike a traditional pushchair, the longboardstroller has four large skateboard wheels. Though larger wheels can give you more speed, they are also easier for beginners to ride. They are different, but still made me feel secure while standing on the board. The bright green definitely stands out! The board tilts on the wheels just like a traditional longboard.

The handbrake on the handlebar is very similar to the lever that you would have on a bicycle. Just squeeze to bring yourself to a standstill. Warning! The brake is very strong, so you only need to squeeze it lightly to slow yourself down. Here at the office, a couple of testers were too keen on the brakes and they bring you to a very sharp stop! I did find myself just putting my foot on the ground to slow us down, so it'll take a while to get use to using the brake. To keep the longboardstroller stationary, there's a small silver button on the top which you can press while squeezing the brake. As an extra security feature, there's a wrist strap to wear around your wrist at all times. Quinny call it a ‘safety leash', and if you were to take a tumble, the brake would automatically come on when the strap was pulled. This gives great peace of mind when you're riding.


The fabric of the seat is a strong resistant material, similar to how Quinny designed their Yezz stroller. The back of the seat is hammock style, with absolutely no padding, but there is a bit more to the base of the seat. This isn't a negative though, as your little one will still be supported well. It's a great size at 51cm on the seat back, so will last right up to the highest weight limit of 15kg, even with a tall toddler. We're sure that older siblings will be jealous though, so would love to see a higher weight limit so that you can take slightly older children for a ride too.

Though the longboardstroller can be used from one to around three years, the 5 point harness has only one height. As an average sized three year old, it was a perfect fit for Edward. The straps do have plastic sliders though to adjust the length, and it clips into the buckle in two parts. The buckle has a one touch button for quick and easy access to your child.

To protect your child, the bumper bar is larger than your average. The bar features a metal bar, with an extra thick foam cover which is cable tied to the bar. This creates a nice area for the child to hold onto, without any risk of damage to their fingers in the event of an accident. To make it easy to get your child seated, the bumper is gate opening from the right side via a catch on the side of the stroller.      


Designed for speed and agility, there's no frills on the Quinny longboardstroller, so the additional features that you might like to see on a pushchair, such as a seat recline, hood or shopping basket, aren't there. Though the footrest isn't adjustable, it is lined with a rubberised material making it easy to keep clean. The child's feet and legs are also kept in place with two straps - one elasticated and the other buckled, to keep them secure and prevent them from kicking out when travelling at speed.

Although pretty long at 136cm, the longboardstroller only stands at 37cm high, so it's small enough to fit into your average family car boot or store at home. To fold is really a four step process, but it's relatively quick to do. First, take off the plastic lock from the right hand side of the stroller chassis. Then you need to press down with your foot on the lever at the back of the stroller and push up the part that then becomes visible. The stroller is released and will fold back on to the longboard. In place of an automatic lock, there's a Velcro strap that wraps around the back of the longboard to keep it all together. The best way to carry it is sideways with the side of the stroller, and it's not too heavy for quick transportation at only 11kg. If you like, you can also lift with the front of the chassis and pull along trolley style with the back wheels on the floor.


We would definitely recommend some practice before you take the longboardstroller out with a small passenger - especially if you aren't used to the movements of a skateboard. My first journey out on the stroller was definitely a learning curve around the car park and it took a while to get use to the movement. I'm not the sportiest of people and have never been on a longboard before. Just like a skateboard or longboard, the longboardstroller is steered by leaning to the left or right, though you do have the added handlebar to hold on for better balance. It takes a while to get the balance right, but once you do, it's pretty easy to control. You can place your feet on the board wherever feels the most comfortable, which helps. You do need a bit of space though, as the turning circle isn't very tight and I found myself lifting the board part slightly with my foot when I needed to spin it around, when stationary of course. The ride is very smooth and it's easy to get your speed up with a couple of good pushes with your feet. Quinny recommend going no faster than around 11 mph, but I'm pretty sure we got nowhere near that!


The Quinny longboardstroller is definitely for the brave of heart. It's tons of fun for both the child and adult rider, making your ordinary journeys exciting. If you live somewhere with smooth pavements or near parks with paths and would like to take your little one for a speedy ride, then you really need to try out this stroller. My little boy definitely enjoyed it and was screaming in excitement for most of the ride!

We're not suggesting that you could replace your everyday pushchair with the longboardstroller, but it makes a great alternative to your usual mode of transport. We could definitely spend many a Sunday morning in the park with it, and we'd be the envy of every parent there.

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