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Quinny Hubb Review

Review Overview

Quinny Hubb Review
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Reviewed On: 27 Jul 2019
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Flexible and funky, the Quinny Hubb is an exciting pushchair that has the ability to grow with your family and take on many different forms, but just how useful is it really? We've been finding out… 

Review Summary


If you love quirky and unique then you are sure to be drawn to the modern and individual design of the Quinny Hubb. As a mono stroller it really is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its XL sun canopy, luxurious comfortable seat and chunky ‘tackle anything' wheels - not forgetting the optional jaw-dropping XXL 10kg shopping bag adding to the 10kg basket capacity. As a duo, however, it's not quite uncompromised.

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What’s good
  • 10kg huge shopping basket (20kg with additional XXL Shopping Basket)
  • Unique looks
  • Several seating positions
What’s not so good
  • Heavy
  • Large fold size
  • Doesn't accommodate twins
  • Hop-on Board can't be used with carrycot

Review Content

Quinny Hubb Review

The smart multi-purpose nature of the Hubb drew us in from the very start. We were intrigued to unbox it and try out all of the different seating possibilities. It can be used as a simple single pushchair or a pushchair for siblings of different ages (or, in fact, older twins). But take note, it can't be used with two carrycots and, although Quinny has produced the Hubb Cocoon - which is laid in the main seat unit to create a flat space for baby and thus make it suitable in the first 6 months - this is intended as a more budget-friendly option for those who don't want to purchase the Hux carrycot, and the Hubb is not approved for twins from birth in the UK. It is also worth mentioning that for us an inlay of this nature never compares to the cosy surrounds of a deep and sheltered carrycot.

In its simplest form, the Hubb is a single pushchair with space by the bucket load. The seat can sit on the chassis in numerous positions, parent or world-facing. It can be used with a single carrycot for one child from birth too. 

For siblings, there are a few options to choose from. You can use a carrycot with a sibling seat, an infant car seat with a sibling seat, two sibling seats, or a sibling seat and the handy Hop-on Board, which is a jump seat for toddlers or children. So yes, for siblings with a fairly standard age gap of between one and two-and-a-half years, the Quinny Hubb is definitely flexible.


There is also the option to use the Hubb as a single with the additional XXL shopping bag attachment. This gives an extra 10kg of storage space on top of the already fabulous 10kg in the pushchair basket. 20kg of storage space has to be a HUGE advantage for any parent. We are pretty impressed!

If you have a child who mostly walks but still needs a rest every now and again, we found the Hop-on Board really useful. It looks sleek and stylish and positions itself well on the pushchair chassis. It's quite slippy for little bottoms to perch on though, so make sure those toddlers hold on tight!

One thing we did love about the Hubb with any of the configurations that we tested is that each child has plenty of space to travel comfortably without being cramped by the other passenger. This is a real bonus in the world of tandem and convertible pushchairs. 


The chassis of the Hubb is most certainly strong and solid. It's almost spider-like in its appearance, with the long curve of the chassis into the wheels, which are very much one at each corner! With its strength does come weight, but if you take the majority of your journeys on foot and don't plan on lifting the pushchair in and out of a car daily then this won't be so much of an issue for you. You do not feel the weight much at all when pushing, only when cornering or pushing up hills with two fully laden seats on-board.

Working our way through the chassis from the bottom up, everything about the Hubb is quite striking. It is different to any other models out there, which alone is a stand-out feature of this versatile pushchair.

The wheels are chunky and foam-filled, which means they roll like air tyres and can travel over many terrains without the constant worry of being caught short with a puncture.

The storage basket, as we may have mentioned, is colossal. The huge area is rectangular in shape and covers the whole of the pushchair chassis. It can be accessed front and back and has a small elasticated pouch to the rear which was really handy for popping smaller items into - including the small wedge adaptors that come with the pushchair and allow you to click your seat or carrycot into one of the five different positions on the chassis.


As is the case with many tandem pushchairs, when an additional seat or carrycot is added to the chassis you lose some basket space to accommodate for this. With one seat on the frame and even with one seat and the toddler board in place, there was more storage space than we needed for a family trip out with three children. However when a carrycot was in place, or a second forward-facing seat, the storage space reduced to allow space for the toddler's legs or the length of the carrycot.

We were pleased to see that the handle was adjustable although even at its highest height, it still felt reasonably low for our 6'1" male tester.

The simple brake pedal is large - you do have to have a quick look for it if you have the carrycot in the back position on the chassis but this really didn't pose an issue once we got the hang of where the pedal was positioned.

Seats & carrycots

It was pretty much a case of love at first sight as far at the Hubb seat units went. The bucket-style seats mean that baby sits comfortably and can lean against the sheltered sides when napping.

The fabrics covering the seat unit are modern and vibrant yet still very useable. We wiped them down with baby wipes on several occasions and they appeared good as new again. The luxurious seat liner is by far our favourite accessory for the Hubb; its suede materials were wonderfully comfortable for baby and complement the seat unit perfectly.

Even the smallest of details have been thought out on the seat unit including a hardwearing area where it is needed most, right where muddy wellies and shoes will be resting.

The harness reminds us of the easy-to-use buckles on a car seat. We loved it because there were no fiddly clips to piece together before buckling up. The two prongs clicked straight in and out of the buckle quickly and easily. The shoulder pads on the harness are cleverly made of rubber, which has anti-slip properties to ensure the harness stays secure in the correct position on baby and they can't wriggle out of their safety restraint. This gives great peace of mind when out and about in busy areas. Also, if you or your child like to have a bumper bar in place, you will be pleased to hear that this opens with a pivoting action, making it easy to get baby in and out of the seat.

The recline is altered with just one hand using a button on the back of the seat and the hood is very large and almost completely covers baby when fully extended. The modern materials are thin but still have that all important UPF50+ rating so you can rest easy knowing your children have the best protection. The mesh peekaboo window was all-important when checking on baby too.

The chassis of the Quinny Hubb has been specifically designed to allow for plenty of space for its passengers. Even when there are two passengers on board both children have plenty of space, as well as a great view of the world. Both seats are tall and wide, and very comfortable for babies, toddlers and even younger children. All of the combinations were easy to achieve with the correct adapters and finding the right seating option to suit our children's ages and individual personalities and needs was easy too.

There are three ways to use the Quinny Hubb from birth when in its mono form. With an infant car seat on the chassis, with the pushchair seat and a Hubb From-Birth Cocoon and also with the Quinny Hux carrycot. The carrycot has a hard-bodied minimalist design and the first thing we noticed was its great size. The sides are deep and it has a great length, which means baby can stay in that important lie-flat position for as long as possible.

The same great hood as appears on the seat unit shades baby and provides protection from the elements. The bumper bar acts as a carry handle when lifting the carrycot on and off the frame. Removing the carrycot is achieved via the two buttons on each side of the carrycot adapters. The memory buttons can be pressed one at a time, allowing you to remove the carrycot with just one hand. The feather-weight of the carrycot really came into its own when baby fell asleep after a long stroll and we were able to easily lift the carrycot off the chassis without waking baby and carry them inside. 


To fold the Hubb, strictly speaking, you do not need to remove the pushchair seat or even the Hop-on Board or XXL shopping bag attachment, but you will be left with an awkwardly shaped fold package so removing seat units, carrycots and accessories is advised. Any additional adapters can be left in place or removed and we tended to tuck them into the magnetic closing pouch in the rear of the basket. Press the buttons on the handlebar simultaneously and the handlebar drops down to join the wheels of the chassis. Unfolding the pushchair is just as simple with the release of the round auto-lock button on the side of the chassis.

Due to the design and size of the Hubb's footprint, the overall fold size is really quite large. Even with wheels removed, we needed plenty of boot space to accommodate the pushchair.

Our verdict

If you love quirky and unique then you are sure to be drawn to the modern and individual design of the Quinny Hubb. 

As a mono stroller it really is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its XL sun canopy, luxurious comfortable seat and chunky ‘tackle anything' wheels - not forgetting the optional jaw-dropping XXL 10kg shopping bag adding to the 10kg basket capacity. 

As a duo, however, it's not quite uncompromised. While it offers a wide range of easily changed configurations for two pushchair seats, as well as accommodating a pushchair and carrycot, it is not designed to cater to twins from birth. Frustratingly if you have a slightly larger age gap, it is also not possible to attach a carrycot and the clever Hop-on Board at the same time. This handy bench seat - a great idea for toddlers or preschoolers who walk most of the way but just need an occasional lift - can only be used once their younger sibling has progressed to the pushchair seat unit. 

Folding is certainly simple but weight and size must be taken into account if you plan on transporting the pushchair in small cars or on public transport.

The Hop-On Board is a very welcome additional accessory, as is the XXL shopping basket that can be lifted on and off the frame. 

There is no doubt about it that wherever we strolled, the Quinny Hubb turned heads.

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