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Quinny Buzz Xtra Review

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Quinny Buzz Xtra Review
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Reviewed On: 17 Oct 2014
Sophie Bell
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4.5 / 5

Review Summary


Winners of several design and innovation awards Quinny have a strong reputation. Following on from the popularity of the Quinny Buzz, the Quinny Buzz Xtra is packed full of new and improved features. Come and see how it got on in our Quinny Buzz Xtra review… 

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What’s good
  • Stylish
  • Hydraulic unfold
  • Great size canopy
What’s not so good
  • Quite wide
  • Bulky when folded

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Quinny Buzz Xtra Review
Pushchair review

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Quinny Buzz Xtra Review: Chassis

All snuggled into one box, the Quinny Buzz Xtra is very well packaged and fits into its box with no room to spare.

There is a little assembly but it's all very straightforward and easy to do. The two rear wheel pins simply push into the holes on the chassis axle; they make a nice loud click so you know when they are in place. The front twin wheel has an adapter arm and it pushes up into the front of the frame, again it clicks when it's in position.


Now you can open the chassis. First you need to undo the strap buckle that is attached to the underside of the chassis. Next undo the auto lock clip, which is located on the right of the chassis. I found it best to open this using your thumb; the clip is grooved so pushing it with your thumb is easy. The frame will open itself thanks to an amazing gas hydraulic opening mechanism. Give the handle bar a nudge and it will open fully and click into place.


You do need to attach the shopping basket. I had to pop off the front twin wheel to do this as I hadn't realised this before putting the wheels on, but thankfully it's nice and simple. Simply push in the grey button that is just up from the wheel, on the right of the frame.  Now the wheel will release.

The shopping basket is triangular in shape. The front has a metal connector which slides into a predefined hole in the front bar of the frame and the other two sides have fabric which wraps around the chassis with Velcro. Now push the front wheel back up onto the frame.

As we are already down there, we'll start from the bottom at the shopping basket. It's an ok size but due to its triangular shape it won't hold as much as you would like.  It can carry a maximum of 5kg and is 40cm x 40cm x 17cm at its largest point, so is suitable for a few individual items, or a shopping or changing bag. It's easily accessible too in either parent or world facing mode.


Two rear 30cm wheels along with twin front 20cm wheels and all round suspension make for easy pushing. The tyres are air filled all-terrain tyres making the ride easy and smooth for both parent and passenger. The twin front wheel can be locked for uneven terrain and this is done using the clip just above the wheel. To swivel the wheels again simply push the clip back up.

Braking is done using the pedal located next to the right wheel on the axle. Push the pedal down to activate the brake. When you are ready to move again simply push the pedal clip back up. Not the most comfortable brake for flip-flop fanatics but it is possible without losing your toes!

Now up to the top.  The handle bar is made from dense foam, so shouldn't knock, or dent easily like some can. It's a good size and is easily adjustable using the central grey button, push this in and the handle bar will simply move up and down the frame. The height can be adjusted from 98cm – 106cm so we are sure you could find the perfect pushing position.

Taking a step back, the Quinny Buzz Xtra is as stylish as it is functional. The frame is brushed aluminium and all the grey plastic touches really tie it all in together very well and make for a stylish ride. The big pneumatic wheels mean you can hit the forest track as well once you have finished scooting round town.


Quinny Buzz Xtra Review: Seat

Fashionable and strong in design, the Quinny Buzz Xtra comes in three stylish colours. The seat frame is also arched to match the frame curvature perfectly.

Assembled ready for use, the seat comes with an additional seat cushion in place. This offers extra comfort and protection from road bumps for your little traveller.

You can use the seat both parent and world facing easily as the adapter arms push into the chassis openings in the same way. To fit the seat push the seat connector arms into the connectors on the seat until they click.


Once attached to the chassis the seat is adjustable to three different positions in both the parent and world facing modes including a lie flat position. It can be adjusted easily using the grey push buttons that are located on either sides of the seat where the seat connects to the chassis. Push these in and move to the desired location.

To remove the seat you use the same grey push buttons on either side of the seat. Depress these and then lift the seat from the frame.

Usable until 15kg or three and a half years old, the seat is a nice size. It is 34cm wide, 22cm deep and a fantastic 50cm high so my almost four year old fitted in the seat without a problem.

It's nice and lightweight too at 3.7kg, so you won't hurt your arms if you decide to change the position whilst you are out and about.

All of the fabric feels strong and durable and can be wiped clean should there be any spillages. Securing your tot is easy too using the 5 point harness which clips down into the usual central buckle. Both the leg and shoulder straps can be adjusted easily and the shoulder straps can be changed to three different heights. It is easy to adjust the shoulder height as the straps unclip so you don't have to go through the monotonous task of a complete rethread.

Connecting the hood is easy too as it simply clips on to the seat. It can be moved up and down the seat frame, which is useful for taller children. The sun canopy is very large and will offer maximum protection from the elements so you can enjoy sunny days out with your tot. When open, the canopy offers 50cm of coverage. There is a hidden pop out visor and an extra fabric panel to make the canopy even larger.

You get a bumper bar with the package that is, I'm pleased to say - gate opening. That makes getting wiggly tots in and out much easier.  The bumper bar simply clips into the holes on the side of the seat. When you want to remove it you just use the small grey buttons located on either side.  It's an improvement on previous models too as its made from a wipeable plastic that is much easier for cleaning.

You can adjust the footrest position too. This is done using the two grey buttons located on either side of the footrest. Simply push them in and then move the footrest to one of the two positions. The footrest is a good size and has a hard plastic bottom, which is great for hard shoes or wellies.

There is a parasol adapter in the package and adapters for a Maxi-Cosi car seat or the Quinny carrycot. It also includes a rain cover.

Quinny Buzz Xtra Review: Fold

You can fold the Quinny Buzz Xtra with the seat attached, which is great. Folding is really easy but you do need both hands.

To fold the pushchair you need to push the two grey buttons, which are in the middle on either side of the frame and push them backwards. This is easiest if you are at the front of the pushchair. The frame then starts to move. Now push the frame down to the floor until it is flat. You can then attach the strap buckle again to hold the pushchair in place. This makes it easier when moving it around.

When folded down its dimensions are 85cm x 64cm x 31cm. You can create an even smaller package by removing the wheels reducing it to 68cm x 60cm x 17cm so it will easily fit in a small car. As it has a super easy opening technique you don't have to have a large amount of room just so you can shake the pushchair open with one leg on the back bar. You can literally open it anywhere you can store it, even the smallest of hallways.

When you want to use the Quinny Buzz Xtra again, undo the buckle strap. Now standing behind the pushchair undo the safety lock. This is on the right hand side and is grey on top so it stands out. Simply push this off with your thumb. Now stand back and be amazed as the Quinny Buzz Xtra opens itself using gas hydraulics in one smooth motion. You hear a nice click when it's all in position and you are ready to roll again. 

Quinny Buzz Xtra Review: Conclusion

I really liked the Quinny Buzz Xtra, it's hard not to. It's stylish, sturdy and is an improved version of its predecessor.

I am still in awe of the wonderful opening hydraulics, I'm a bit of a geek with things like that but the smoothness of the motion is just great. The canopy is huge and the seat versatility is fantastic.

It does have a few niggles. The shopping basket is a little on the small size, due to the shape it won't hold as much as I would like. It would hold a couple of small shopping bags but if you have a changing bag and rain cover in there it wouldn't carry much else. The pushchair is also rather wide and heavy with the seat attached so I wouldn't want to be lifting it in and out of cars all the time.

Even with the niggles I think the good far out ways the bad. It's a great pushchair which comes with lots as standard including a 2-year warranty to give you that extra piece of mind.

If you are looking for a stylish all-terrain pushchair that can be parent or world facing you really do need to check one out.

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