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Quinny Buzz 4 Review

Review Overview

Quinny Buzz 4 Review
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Reviewed On: 16 Aug 2010
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Quinny have undoubtedly got style. Their design is a tick in the box for parents wanting to retain a sense of identity. With a choice of great colours and use of modern fabrics, this type of pushchair is a fashion accessory and not just a necessity.

Review Summary


The Buzz 4 is an extremely well built pushchair. It is good looking and ticks all the boxes of desirability. There are enough add-ons to adapt it to suit all tastes.

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What’s good
  • Great colours
  • Great design
  • Great mobility
  • Good quality build
What’s not so good
  • No shopping basket included
  • A little heavy and tricky to fold if you are small

Review Content

Quinny Buzz 4 Review

Even without the seat fitted, this frame looks elegantly high tec. The centre stem contains the hydraulics that provide the magic when unfolding. It feels solid and well built, with plenty of suspension so that even on rougher terrain, your child would be able to remain asleep.


The Buzz 4 can fold down with the seat attached, but Quinny advise that it is removed in advance. There is definitely a ‘Knack' needed to depress both buttons on either side of the frame, at the same time as applying some downward pressure on the handle. This would become easier in time but initially we found this to be a little fiddly. We also found the collapsed frame to be quite heavy.

Opening, is one of the best features of this pushchair. Release the catch, nudge the handle upwards and the full expansion happens automatically. Fantastic piece of engineering and a real party piece.


The standard seat that is fitted to the frame in the first instance is a microfiber memory foam seat that cradles the younger child beautifully. Around 18 months, the XL seat can be fitted to accommodate a larger child. This is a lengthy process that requires patience, but thankfully you will probably only do it once.

The chair reclines in three positions when forward facing and in two positions when facing Mum or Dad. Using the two grey buttons either side of the seat, mastering the recline is simple.

Moving the chair from forward to rear facing is equally hassle free. By pressing the same buttons a little further, and lifting up, the seat comes away from the frame. Rotate the chair to the opposing direction, slide the posts into their sockets and wait for a ‘click'. How easy is that?


The telescopic handle is really easy to adjust by simply pressing the small grey button on the underside of the grip. So, regardless of your height, you will find a level that suits you.


The footrest has two positions, horizontal to lay the legs out flat, when sleeping for example or vertical so that the child can sit. 


The five point harness involves interlinking the left and right buckles, then inserting these into the clip. This could be a little problematic with a wriggling child. The straps are cushioned, so that if your passenger falls asleep, they don't chafe the neck or face.

Sun Canopy

The sun canopy folds flat, and will give sufficient shelter in the sun. There is a window in the hood for the adult to be able to look in on the child.

Bumper Bar

A beautiful piece of engineering, the bumper bar can detach from both or either side, acting as a sort of gate. The knuckle hinge makes the release effortless.


With 15 inch pneumatic tyres on the back providing the cushioning and 9 inch,  lockable, moulded wheels on the front allowing 360 degree swivel, the glide on the chair is smooth and will deliver a comfortable ride.

Shopping space

We found the Buzz Box shopping bag to be quite small, even though it claims to have a 5kg capacity. It would be more suited as a changing bag. It contains the hand pump for the tyres, should they go down while you are out.

To make this pushchair practical around town, we found it would be necessary to buy the shopping bag to actually carry any shopping home. 


The rain cover cloaks the whole seat and includes a zip, at the front, for easy access and to allow some extra ventilation. It fits the chair perfectly becoming a smooth window for your passenger to view the world.

The adaptors for the car seat are straightforward, they slot into the frame in the same way as the posts of the chair.


The Buzz 4 is an extremely well built pushchair. It is good looking and ticks all the boxes of desireability. There are enough add-ons to adapt it to suit all tastes.

It is a little overweight and tricky to fold for shorter people, that said it moves very easily and is happy to be pushed one handed. The extendable handle is a fantastic feature, and we love its party piece, the automatic unfold. We love the Buzz 4 and believe that one day it could become a design classic.

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