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Phil & Teds Voyager Review

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Phil & Teds Voyager Review
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Reviewed On: 05 Feb 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

phil&teds new release may be just what parents have been waiting for - the voyager has not just one, but two very clever seats. 

Review Summary


phil&teds new release may be just what parents have been waiting for - the voyager has not just one, but two very clever seats. 

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What’s good
  • Fold can be done with both seats and even main seat parent facing,
  • Lovely fabrics
  • Generous seat and double kit
  • Large basket
What’s not so good
  • Raincover not included
  • Difficult bumper bar to open
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Review Content

Phil & Teds Voyager Review

phil&teds pushchair style is very much world facing, three wheelers, capable of carrying a second child in the double kit if you need it. But the voyager is here to change all of that. As a single pushchair to use from birth with the lay flat bassinet, to a pushchair capable of carrying two newborns, it can do it all - and with four wheels! Let's take a closer look in our phil&teds voyager review.

The voyager is very versatile and has lots of configurations, whether you have one child, two children of different ages, or newborn twins.

When you have your first child, you can use the seat in the lay flat bassinet position for your newborn. The same unit has four modes so can be used as a bassinet, world and parent facing seat and off of the chassis.

Giving you the option of a travel system, you can purchase car seat adaptors to place your infant carrier onto the chassis.

If you have newborn twins, then you can still use the voyager as a travel system by purchasing two lots of adaptors. You can then place both your infant carriers on to the voyager. The top car seat is parent facing and the lower car seat world facing and you still have good access to the basket.

Once your child is old enough, you can zip and clip the bassinet up to create the seat unit. Parent facing, you can have lots of interaction with your little one.

As your child grows, they'll want to see the world, so you can flip the seat round easily to world facing with the buttons at each side.

For a smaller child and older toddler, you can have the main seat parent facing with the toddler in the double kit. Great for having a good view of both children.

With two children, you can have both seats world facing. There is still space in the front of the basket for your shopping.

If you have a newborn and toddler, then you can have the double kit as a bassinet and the older child in the main seat. You have good vision of your newborn and your toddler is happy with their view.

Even newborn twins can lay flat on the voyager with both seats converted into a bassinet. There's plenty of room between each bassinet and visibility of both newborns is great.



The phil&teds voyager does require some assembly before you can use it. First things first, and the wheels need fitting. Both the rear and front wheels just slot into the chassis, with the rear wheels having mud guards to clip in first. Then you can unfold and add the seat unit and bumper bar!

Unlike most other phil&teds pushchairs, the voyager has four wheels and a slightly elongated chassis to allow for the two seat units. It is relatively slim at 60cm though, so will fit through a standard door.

With a massive height range, the handlebar can be adjusted from 77-120cm! This completely covers the smallest to the tallest. The handlebar can be adjusted by pressing the buttons on the inside, and it's covered in soft foam to make it comfortable to hold.


As a pushchair capable of tackling all terrains, the wheels are important and need to be able to take the pressure. The voyager features two 12" rear tyres and two 8" front tyres. All are puncture proof and designed in their native New Zealand as "Aeromaxx" tyres. They give a smooth ride, comparable to a pushchair with air tyres. That extra bit of cushioning makes all the different to the ride and the flash of white rims look great too. As they can handle the rougher ground, the front wheels can be locked off by pressing the lever on the top.

The new phil&teds handbrake features on the voyager, making it very easy to stop the pushchair in its tracks. Much easier to do than the traditional foot brake and even better that it's up out of the way of the double kit, which would limit the accessibility. Rotate back for on and forwards for off, and there are green and red indicators to make it clear.

The shape of the basket is like a hammock and can take a massive 10kg! Even with the double kit in place as a seat or carrycot, there's still plenty of room at the front of the basket for your changing bag or a couple of shopping bags. It's also easily accessible from all sides.


The thick new material that we first saw on the dash is also on the voyager. It's a good quality fabric and really soft. The Charcoal Marl that we have in the office has a look of urban sophistication, and paired with the inner grey seat liner means there's lots of comfort for your child. All of the zips throughout the pushchair have long red toggles which makes zipping and unzipping so much easier.

The size of the main seat on the voyager is massive! Measuring 62cm from top to bottom, it will easily last until the end of your pushchair days with any child. It's the biggest that we've seen, by over 10cm compared to some other pushchairs! It can also take up to 20kg.

With a five point harness clipping separately into the buckle, it can take longer to get your child secured. The one touch buckle does make it quick to release them though and you can get the fit just right with sliding adjusters on each shoulder and waist strap. There are also three height positions to cater for a growing child.


Though the bumper bar on the voyager is gate opening, it is difficult to detach it from the side of the pushchair. It clips onto the frame itself and needs prising off. There is enough room to slide a baby or small toddler in and out, but an older toddler or child that likes to climb in themselves will struggle without opening the bar first.

A one handed recline can make life much easier, and phil&teds haven't disappointed with both seat units on the voyager. With a lever at the top of each seat, they recline from upright to fully flat. We really like this recline mechanism and wish that it was implemented on to all of their pushchairs! The only thing we did struggle with is that the hood material completely covers the lever, with a small Velcro flap allowing access. It would be much easier to have this open.

The extra large hood on the main seat keeps your child pretty much completely protected from the sun, with a 50+ UPF rating and a further flip out visor coming down to their knees! It's just a shame that the hood rods aren't a little bit stronger to support the thick fabric, as it doesn't hold the material taut. For extra storage of your mobile or some change, there's a zipped pocket on the right side. If you like to listen to music on the go, there's also a headphone jack in this pocket, so that you can keep your phone protected from the elements whilst still having access to your headphones.

The footrest on the main seat is lined at the bottom with a removable, rubberised fabric. Great to help keep everything clean - though it isn't adjustable.

For rainy days out, you will need to purchase the raincover in addition to the pushchair. The storm covers for the main seat and double kit are separate, so using it as a tandem means a double purchase.


Having the seat convertible into a bassinet means that you don't need to store it after six months, and can convert it at the drop of a hat.

To transform the seat into a bassinet only requires a clip and a zip to be undone. The zip unfastens around the head side of the seat, and the clip is under the footrest. Once these are undone, you can push the seat fabric down to create a deep sided bassinet. Bassinets are usually restricted to use only on the pushchair, but the voyager's seats have flip down parts at either end to strengthen the sides and keep it upright. This means that you can take it off the pushchair and use it at home as a lay flat base.

As it's created from the seat unit, the bassinet is very generously sized as 80cm long, 36cm wide and 20cm deep. We're sure that the largest of six months old would still fit. The maximum weight is 9kg. Inside, the harness is still there to keep them secure, and the seat liner offers good comfort. There are different slits within the liner for the harness to better fit a child travelling in the bassinet.

Double Kit

With the double kit for the voyager offering flexibility as a bassinet, it also makes a good second seat. Suitable for use up to 15kg, it features the same five point harness and liner as the main seat. We love that there are no additional adaptors required to attach the double kit to the pushchair - they're built into the side of the chassis. It's even quicker to remove it from the frame as there are two small buttons at either side of the seat to squeeze, which is the same way as the main seat.

The hood has a zipped extendable section making it a great size, and enclosing the seat to keep the child protected from the elements. This is great with the seat being closer to the ground. If you are over exuberant when pulling out the hood, it's not attached to the seat unit, so it's possible to pull it away from the top of the seat.

Using the recline lever at the top of the seat, there are three possible positions, from upright to flat. It's smooth to operate and a perfect angle for naps, which is unusual for a second seat.


In true phil&teds style, the voyager is a joy to push. Even though there's an additional wheel to what we're use to, it's evenly balanced with one or two seats fitted. It is a big, solid pushchair and so the kerb pop is difficult with two children on board. We found that quite a bit of strength was required to tilt it back.

As the tyres are "Aeromaxx" and have visible suspension, the push and ride is comfortable.


The fold on the voyager really is clever, and we love it. Not only can it be achieved with the double kit still in place, but also with the main seat in parent facing mode! We haven't seen anything like it before and think parents will love that they can fold the pushchair without removing anything first.

To fold the pushchair with both seats in place, you first need to position the front wheels forward, and make sure the handlebar is at a level angle with the rest of the frame. Next push back both hoods and push the bottoms parts of each seat up. This is done by pressing the buttons on the inside of the seats and is easily done with one hand as you can press one at a time. The double kit then needs pushing as far forward as you can, into the basket, with the recline lever. Then pull out the sliding button on the centre of the chassis and pull up the thick black bar. This will release the frame lock and fold it in back in half. You will need to squeeze it all together quite firmly for the automatic lock to engage.

It's not a compact fold, but then it is a tandem pushchair, capable of carrying up to 35kgs of children. It also folds with the double kit still in place, so there are no other parts that you need to find a place for. Though not small, it does freestand.


The voyager really offers the best parts from phil&teds. It is cleverly designed, with great features that make it really easy to use, from the quick change, 4-in-1 modular seat, to the all-in-one fold.  

The only thing that we had difficulty with was the bumper bar. It would be great to see a true gate opening bumper bar that was easy to remove.

It's flexibility from single to tandem means that it could really be the only pushchair you need through multiple children, especially as the main seat can carry an impressive 20kg. We love the fact that the main seat can be parent facing, as think that face-to-face interaction is important when you have a small child. There are numerous seating positions to suit any family, whether you have newborns or siblings of different ages and it can fit bassinets, seat units or car seats on the chassis.

Though it is at home on rough terrain, it's still quite slim for a double pushchair at 60cm, so should be able to handle the shops too. If you have a small boot though, you'll need to try it out first, as the fold isn't compact.

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