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Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review

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Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review
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Reviewed On: 03 Feb 2014
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:

Do you want a pushchair that's built for speed both on and off road? That's exactly what the Out'n'About Nipper Sport claims to offer. Here at Pushchair Expert we've been taking a look to see just what this set of wheels is all about.

Review Summary


If you're looking for a pushchair that will allow you to explore both on road and off, then the Nipper Sport could be the one for you. There are lots of great features, such as the large pneumatic wheels, the generous hood and the padded seat liner for extra comfort.

Out’n’About Nipper Sport
Our price:
£ 339 . 00
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What’s good
  • Large pneumatic wheels
  • Luxury padded seat liner
  • Huge hood
  • Handbrake
What’s not so good
  • Small basket
  • Strap recline
  • Fiddly fold

Review Content

Review // Out’n’About Nipper Sport

Out'n'About pushchairs were first designed as off-roaders, but the iconic three-wheeler has become a firm favourite for many parents both in the town centre and off the beaten track. You can use the Nipper Sport both as an everyday pushchair, an off road beast or for jogging.

The Nipper Sport has a matte silver chassis, with black plastic finishes. It's a lot more lightweight than you might expect with such a solid-looking pushchair. The handlebar is covered in thick foam, and is adjustable from 83cm right up to 111cm, so I'm pretty sure most people would find a comfortable pushing height. Adjusting is easy – just locate the two buttons on the inside of the handlebar, push both in together and you'll find the bar moves up and down easily.

There is a small mesh shopping basket with the Nipper Sport that can hold the raincover and a couple of nappies and wipes, but not much else. It has a toggle closure which I like because it keeps everything safe. You can buy an additional, larger, shopping basket if you need it for £19.99.


Moving downwards, we come across the wheels – you can't miss these large 16" ones! The two rear wheels are quick release and easy to fit by simply sliding into place. The fixed front wheel needs to be fitted by sliding it on to the front fork and tightening a nut, then securing with a lever.

The fixed wheel at the front allows for much easier pushing over rough ground, and makes this pushchair suitable for jogging, too. If you're used to a swivel wheel, this will take some getting used to, but for pushing off-road it's ideal. The brake is operated by a red lever in the centre of the rear axle – push down to put the brake on, and flip up to take it off. The Nipper Sport also has a handbrake for jogging and off road work – this allows you to control the speed of the pushchair much more effectively, and makes going down steep hills a lot easier – no more feeling as if the pushchair will run away with you!

The Nipper Sport is light and fairly easy to manoeuvre once you get the knack of the fixed front wheel. There is some fantastic suspension on this pushchair, that makes for a really smooth ride no matter what surface you are pushing on.


With a nice wide 32cm seat, the Nipper Sport should be comfortable for most children. The space from seat back to the end of the calf rest is smaller, at just 25cm, but older children will pop their legs over the edge and rest their feet on the large footrest above the front wheel. There is plenty of head room, with the seat back measuring up at 49cm, so even older toddlers should have enough height. The Nipper Sport comes with a gorgeously padded seat liner, which just slots through the harness straps and gives a really lovely and comfortable place to sit.

If you like a large hood, you won't be disappointed here – the Nipper Sport canopy offers a good area of shade and protection. When you move the hood, it makes a rather loud clicking sound which could be a bit of an annoyance, especially if it wakes a sleeping baby! There is a good sized viewing window in the hood, as well as two large zip pockets on the sides – you wouldn't want to put anything too heavy in there, but it could be ideal for carrying small items such as keys or your phone.


The Nipper Sport uses a strap recline, which is fairly common in these off-road pushchairs, but not a favourite of mine. It does allow for a range of seating positions though, and it's simple to use. Just squeeze the toggle lever in and push forwards to sit the seat up. To recline it, squeeze the lever again and allow the seat to drop back. It's definitely easier to lower it back than sit it up if you have a child in the seat, as you will need to lift their weight in order to access a forward seating position. The seat will sit very upright, which is ideal for older children, and it does lie back too, although not very flat, and some children may find it too upright for napping.

You can buy car seat adaptors (£19.85) to use with a Maxi -Cosi or BeSafe infant carrier if you have a tiny baby. You can also purchase a newborn insert to use in the seat unit – this is a lovely padded support for small babies, but I personally don't think the seat reclines flat enough to use for a newborn.


Coming with an adjustable five-point safety harness, you should be able to get a comfortable fit for your little one. There is only one height position for the shoulder straps, but they are very adjustable by just sliding the harness adjuster up and down. If you have the seat liner fitted, there are two height positions for the shoulder straps, and two for the crotch strap, so you can get a bit more adjustability this way.

You most definitely need a good raincover in this country, and the Nipper Sport comes with one as standard. Generous and easy to fit, with velcro and poppers to keep it in place. It also feels less ‘plasticky' than some.

There is also a bumper bar, which I really like. It has a removable, washable cover, and fitting it easy – you just slide it into the holes on the frame. There are red levers just above the holes – if you push one of these up, you can release just one side and swing the bumper bar out of the way to make getting your little one in and out much easier.


Folding is not as straightforward as some, but once you have done it a couple of times you will manage it in seconds. Release the seat latches from the chassis, and ensure the hood is folded back and the seat is in the upright position. Then locate the red release lever above the seat latch - this is close to the bottom of the chassis, just above the footrest. Once you pull this release lever, the frame will start to automatically fold forwards. Push downwards until the frame is almost closed. It's recommended that you remove the front wheel. There is an automatic frame lock which should engage once the pushchair is folded down. It's a fiddly fold, especially removing the front wheel, and is probably not one you would want to be doing on a daily basis. You can remove the rear wheels for a more compact fold, too.

The Nipper Sport is surprisingly lightweight when folded, and I would have no problem lifting this in and out of the car boot.

To unfold, release the frame lock and pull the handlebar back towards you until the chassis locks into place. Clip the seat levers back onto the frame, and re-attach the front wheel.


If you're looking for a pushchair that will allow you to explore both on road and off, then the Nipper Sport could be the one for you. There are lots of great features, such as the large pneumatic wheels, the generous hood and the padded seat liner for extra comfort.

There are some bits that could be improved upon. I'm personally not a fan of the strap recline, but that's not a huge problem really – it's not a difficult one to use, and it's very common to see in these off-road pushchairs. The mesh shopping basket is not really large enough to hold anything more than the raincover – I know you can buy a larger basket to add on, but it would be nice to see this come as standard. Lastly, the fold is a little fiddly, but you should get used to that.

The Nipper Sport is a versatile set of wheels, suitable for daily use around the town, heading out to explore rough terrain and even for jogging. The fixed front wheel means it can handle pretty much anything – if you're used to a swivel front wheel though, this may take a while to get used to. The handbrake is perfect for extra control when off road or tackling a steep slope. I'm also a fan of the gated bumper bar to make access to the seat much easier.

Overall, I like this set of wheels. The suspension and large wheels make for a smooth ride on any terrain, and the seat is large and comfortable. And, at £299.95, it's great value too. If I were planning a lot of off road adventures (or taking up jogging!) then the Nipper Sport would definitely be on my short list.

Tech specs










2 yrs




Running, All-terrain

Seat config:



Quick-release-wheels, One-piece-fold, Car-seat-compatible, Lie-flat-seat





height min:


height max:




Suitable for:

Up to quantity_4.format., Up to 22kg

Our price:
£ 339 . 00
Our price: £ 339 . 00

0% finance from £113.00 p/m

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