Review: Out'n'About Nipper Single V4 Review

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Out'n'About Nipper Single V4 Review

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Out'n'About Nipper Single V4 Review
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Reviewed On: 13 Apr 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Here we take a look at the Out‘n'About Nipper Single V4. Available in a host of pretty colours, we look a little closer to see if its beauty is still more than skin deep...

Review Summary


With the new Out‘n'About Nipper Single V4 you get all the great Nipper functionality, with a host of Nipper flavours. Can't say better than that.

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What’s good
  • Great range of colours
  • Same off-roader expert
What’s not so good
  • Fiddly seat fabrics and recline
  • Clunky hood mechanism
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Review Content

Out'n'About Nipper Single V4 Review

First impressions of the Out'n'About Nipper are good, and you can easily see that its values have been kept close to its heart, with no major upgrades from the V3 jumping out at you. It retains that classic Nipper vibe with no great changes to morph it into a high street chromalike; it looks as rugged and fun loving as it ever was. Like the V2 and V3, the V4 is travel system compatible, and can also be used with a parent facing carrycot, giving you great versatility.


The frame is a robust aluminium, it's very lightweight and easy to push for such a hardy off-roader. The air tyres and all round suspension really come together to provide a super smooth and comfortable ride no matter what the size of the occupant, or whatever the terrain. The pushchair is sturdy yet light and you can push it along very easily.

As with the Out‘n'About Nipper V3, the foam covered handle is fully adjustable and a wrist strap is provided.


The shopping basket is, as per the original, a drawstring bag attached to the back of the seat – plenty of capacity built in for cramming bits in but entire bags won't fit in. A shopping under basket is also available separately, but adding this will reduce your ground clearance if you're a hardcore off-roader, so it's nice to be able to stash stuff without it.

The large diameter air filled wheels are chunky and robust, and give a real smooth ride over any lumps and bumps – the front swivel wheel can be locked into a fixed position to give you even more capability off-road. The off-road suitability of the Nipper is further aided by the Out‘n'About Nipper's all round suspension; most obvious in the large heavy duty springs seen on either side of the rear axle.


The Out‘n'About Nipper V4 features the flip flop friendly pedal brake in the centre of the rear axle and is an easy rock forwards and back affair, combining this with the adjustable handle means that you should be able to stride out confidently with little chance of catching your toes, no matter how long your stride length.

Apart from the colour, the frame of this version is essentially the same as the previous version and that's a good thing; it's strong, well thought out and lightweight. Out‘n'About seem to have resisted the temptation to tweak for tweaking sake here, and the pushchair still retains its original feel.


The forward facing seat of the Out‘n'About Nipper is familiar in its design. Although suitable from birth when fully reclined, it is still well proportioned for larger bottoms and taller backs. Coupled with a higher than average maximum weight load of 22kg, the Nipper could easily take you right the way from birth to pre-school if you needed it to.

When the seat is fully reclined the rear is covered with fabric, with a flap with zips used to give cover to a small mesh panel at the top. This gives the potential to create a really snug enclosed environment if you want to, but also giving you the flexibility to allow increased airflow through the back at hotter times.

The Out‘n'About Nipper has a five point fully adjustable harness which comes with padded chest and crotch straps, the crotch padding is especially comfortable and a great addition. The harness clip is easy to use, and each strap can be done up individually if you need to. The straps are all adjustable in terms of length, and also position, allowing you to tightly secure a littley and a biggy. The liner that comes with the pushchair is shaped to fit and gives some extra padding to the seat, it also allows the variety of routing options for the straps to be used comfortably.


The fabric calf rest is non adjustable and slopes gently down to the wipe clean plastic footrest. The nice embroidered stitching on the calf rest looks a little vulnerable to be near the mud loving toddler feet, not helped as the non-removable fabrics are sponge clean only.

The hood has handy zipped pockets on either side of the hood, giving a great place to stash your phone, purse and keys if need be. The hood itself provides great coverage, although you need to force it forward through a series of clunky steps – not a task to be undertaken if you have a light sleeping baby in the seat. There is peek-a-boo window on the top which allows you check on your child.

The squeeze toggle slider recline is fairly standard, and as usual, three hands are required to sit the seat back up from a reclined position, but an easy squeeze allows you to drop the back down to an infinite number of positions down to near horizontal. The addition of a solid fabric cover to the back mesh panel makes for a little more fuss in the recline department – you need to arrange the fabrics neatly as you sit the seat back up, or they bunch up around the top of the seat. The horizontal position on the seat is very good here, nice and flat. By really cinching in the straps through the slider you can also achieve a really upright vertical position, something often lacking on off-roaders – much to the annoyance of nosey toddlers.

The swing away foam covered gate opening bumper bar is easy to use and can be opened from either side with a sliding latch, something it might not take too long for busy toddler fingers to work out too.


Sticking with a good thing, the Out'n'About Nipper V4 folds in a similar way to previous versions. Lift the large plastic latches from either side of the frame to release the tension, then lift the red safety lock hook whilst pushing down towards the ground with the handle. The pushchair splits in half, and if you manage to keep the hood and handle pointing down, the seat back pointing up, and adjust the swivel wheel to the side you end up with a neat and tidy fold for an off-roader. Although it doesn't free stand when folded, there is an auto-lock feature which has been introduced new to this model to ensure that the buggy remains folded. This makes it really easy to collapse and lift in one go, and prevents it from coming apart when transporting. It is quite compact, and can be made even more so by popping the wheels off, which is easy to do.


To get it up just reverse the procedure. With it standing with the prongs pointing upwards, remove the automatic plastic lock, then lift upwards on the handle and it snaps into place, lock the big black latches into place to further secure it and you're done.

The Nipper V4 has your standard plastic see through raincover that fastens up under the handle and around the fully extended hood by means of Velcro. It covers all of the fabric parts, including the sides and rear of the seat when fully reclined, although you cannot access the seat when you are using it as there is no peephole window.


We really like the added auto lock feature and chassis colour change in this version of the Out‘n'About Nipper Single V4. It only enhances what is already a great product.

The structural upgrades aren't major, but that's a good thing, because we loved the Nipper just the way it was... BUT what we also love is choice and pretty things, and we shouldn't have to compromise on that just because we want something to do a dirty off-road job.

With the new Out‘n'About Nipper Single V4 you get all the great Nipper functionality, with a host of Nipper flavours. Can't say better than that.

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