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Out'n'About Nipper Double V4 Review

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Out'n'About Nipper Double V4 Review
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Reviewed On: 05 Sep 2017
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

It's one of the best selling side-by-side doubles on the market, so we've given it the full Pushchair Expert test to see if it really is as good as the hearsay! 

Review Summary


The V4 Nipper Double is a no-fuss pushchair that makes life easy for parents wanting to transport two children of any ages.

Out’n’About Nipper Double V4
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£ 499 . 00
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What’s good
  • Light
  • Great quality
  • Value for money
  • Great storage in hoods
  • Able to use with carrycots
What’s not so good
  • Strap recline can tangle

Review Content

Review // Out’n’About Nipper Double V4
Pushchair review

Out'n'About have been making great quality all terrain pushchairs for sometime now. The Nipper Double is now in its 4th generation and changes to this model promise to listen to what parents want and there are several design tweaks that make life easier for parents and the ride more comfortable for baby. Read on to see how it faired up when we put it through its paces.


The Out‘n'About Nipper V4 double is one of the most popular side by side doubles on the market and right from the word go it is clear to see why. SO many double pushchairs need a degree in order to allow you to set them up - but not the nipper double! It comes almost complete in the box. All that is required is to pop on the wheels and pop your seat liners into place. You will notice how light the pushchair is first off - both light to push feather light!) and light to lift (as double pushchair go) at just 12.8kg.

The frame itself is smart with its matte black appearance and the tubular chassis is super strong too.

The Nipper range is praised for its simplicity and practicality. Everything about the pushchair from the chassis, to the wheels, right the way to the seats is quality but simple - we love this here at PX HQ as it means less is likely to go wrong! Simple is definitely effective in the case of the Nipper double!

The brake is an example of this clever simplicity. The bar brake system is operated by a large and simple flick pedal which is easily located no matter what shoes you are wearing. Press the pedal forward to engage the brake and press to the back of the pedal to flick the brake off.


As an ‘all-terrain' double, the Nipper double V4 has three wheels. These wheels are all air filled and the rear wheels are supported by fab suspension which softens the ride and absorbs the weight of your children. The air filled tyres really can handle anything. We have taken them through mud, over grass, gravel, rocky paths - you name it and the nipper double will go over it!

As with any pushchair with air filled tyres, there is the danger of a puncture if you roll over a sharp object BUT this hasn't happened to us yet and we have been using the Nipper daily for quite a while. Also, there is the option to purchase an additional set of EVA tyres which are foam filled but still offer the same soft ride.

One thing that we did find tricky with the three wheeled chassis of the Nipper Double V4 is tackling steps and kerbs. But once we got used to it we found if we popped the weight onto the back wheels (which is super easy to do as the pushchair is so light even when fully laden) then we could negotiate them with ease.


The storage on the Out‘n'About Nipper Double V4 is also pleasing. There is a mesh pouch on the underside of either seat unit which is secured with a drawstring toggle. These pouches are deceiving and you can fit an awful lot in them! You can buy a separate shopping basket to which can be fastened underneath the pushchair if you need more space, but the addition of this might reduce your ground clearance if you're a hardcore off-roader.

The handlebar can be adjusted in height using the two circular buttons on the hinges. It is covered in hard wearing foam and is easy to steer one-handed also, which is a great bonus if you have a toddlers hand to hold as you push.


The seat design on the Nipper double V4 are a sling seat design. They are roomy and comfortable enough to fit an average sized four year old for certain whilst the whole pushchair remains at just 72cm wide in total.

During our review we have used the Nipper with a newborn, a 2 year old and rather cheekily a 5 year old too! Each seat can carry a very generous 22kg, so you really can use the Nipper right up until your children no longer need a pushchair at all. All of which fitted the seat with room to spare in width and height. Each seat has infinite recline possibilities with the use of the strap recline system. If you are too hasty, these cords can begin to twist, but take your time and the recline system works brilliantly (Again, another example of simple but effective design).

The 5 point harness on each seat is operated with a small central button and covered in touch canvas shoulder and crotch pads.

The seats also come complete with a lovely seat liner which matches the colour of the pushchair hoods. The harness can be threaded through the different heights and widths in this liner to adjust the height according to the size of your child.


One improvement that has been made with the Nipper V4 double from the previous V3 model is the sun hoods. Each seat on the V4 now has its own individual sun canopy which can be adjusted according to the needs of the child in each individual seat. The hood can be pretty noisy but it didn't seem to bother our sleeping occupants, so we weren't put off too much by this.

Hidden in the hoods of the Nipper V4 double is probably one of the Nipper's most treasured features in a parents eyes - the zippable storage compartments. The compartments seemed to rather resemble a tardis and we found we could pile more items into these than you could dream of!


One small con we found when using the Nipper was the fact that our 2 year old tended to dangle his legs over the side of the pushchair so we had to watch for scraping his knees and catching his shoes in doorways. Our newborn seemed content in the forward facing seat lay flat however and there is also the option to use the Nipper V4 with the carrycots if you purchase the correct adapters.


The simple fold on this pushchair will also make it a winner for parents who plan to pop it in and out of the car a lot.There is no need to remove seat units or fiddle around. Just unclip the two large plastic clips on either side of the frame and pull the red fold lever on the right hand side of the frame. The pushchair handle folds down to the floor. You might just have to ease the top of your seat units past the hoods and the whole package will come together.

For a side by side double, it makes a really flat package which can lie on the bottom of your car boot whilst you pile everything else on top of it or equally it can stand to the side. The fold is so slim that we managed to get it in the back of a people carrier with all seven seats up and in occupancy.

An improvement from the previous model is the auto-lock on the chassis. When you unfold the pushchair you need to remember to release this with your finger and thumb or the pushchair won't unfold.


The V4 Nipper Double is a no-fuss pushchair that makes life easy for parents wanting to transport two children of any ages.

The comfortable seats are roomy enough to accommodate a child of 22kg with ease but the frame is still narrow enough to fit through internal doorways so you won't struggle to get anywhere or have to abandon your pushchair mid-shop when you can't fit down an aisle.

The individual sun canopies are a great addition as is the auto-lock on the chassis. We did find that our little boys legs dangled over the side of the footrest rather than to the front and occasionally the strap on the strap recline system would become tangled but the positive attributes of the Nipper V4 double far outweigh these few con's.

Whilst other parents are spending what seems like hours building and deconstructing their complex double pushchairs to go in and out of their car, you can be up and running in an instance with the Nipper V4 double.

Tech specs










2 yrs





Seat config:



Quick-release-wheels, One-piece-fold, Lie-flat-seat





height min:


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Suitable for:

Up to quantity_4.format., Up to 22kg

Our price:
£ 499 . 00
Our price: £ 499 . 00

0% finance from £166.33 p/m

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