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Mutsy 4 Rider Review

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Mutsy 4 Rider Review
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Reviewed On: 05 Jan 2012
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:

We have another cross-channel invader – Mutsy, and like their native competition, they are hot on high quality, cutting edge design. We have one of their continental best sellers, the Mutsy 4 Rider in for inspection....

Review Summary


Overall, the Mutsy 4 Rider is well executed and very attractive. With the amount of accessories available at very reasonable prices e.g. £7 for a raincover, you can adapt the Mutsy 4 Rider to meet your requirements...whatever they are!

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What’s good
  • Amazing range of accessories
  • Well engendered
  • Well priced
What’s not so good
  • Busy seat design
  • Large when folded

Review Content

Mutsy 4 Rider Review

The Mutsy 4 Rider is one of Mutsy's continental best sellers and I can see why. First impressions are WOW! The frame is stunningly stylish, consisting of two strong lines; the wheel base and the handle, both constructed in brushed aluminium. We have the '4 Rider single spoke next' which continues the contemporary look on into the wheels, where the single spoke adds a chic clean styling to the 30cm rear wheels and the smaller 24 cm front wheels. The pneumatic tyres make the ride comfortable and stable – it really is a sturdy push.


The rocker pedal for the brake sits centrally on the back axle and in conjunction with the grip of the tyres, ensures your pushchair remains where you parked it. Across the front axle sits the foot rest that's wide enough to give decent support whilst not looking oversized for the frame. Given that the Dutch are not known for being petite, the frame can be expanded using the adjustable telescopic handle from 98cms to a whopping 116cms.

The basket sits under the seat and is 26cms in length by 36cms wide; not huge but its accessibility makes it feel larger. The uncomplicated design of the frame leaves the basket unrestricted whether the seat is in parent or front facing mode. Included in its own little compartment is a tyre pump to help you cope with any mishaps you may have while you are out and about.


The seat unit drops into the sockets on the chassis then needs a little push on both sides to make sure it's located properly, this is visually demonstrated by the release switch clicking into place and covering the red warning strip. On either side of the seat, the attachment bracket has two sets of slots, one to accommodate the canopy and the other, the bumper bar. The fabric used on the seat is a sumptuous, lustrous, heavy-duty nylon, overstitched with the ‘TEAM COLLEGE O1' logo across the back and fully padded from the top to the bottom. The canopy is large and has a huge covered window in the top and a handy zip pocket in the rear.

The calf rest is adjustable and can be angled from horizontal to vertical by squeezing the clips under the hinges. The seat recline mechanism is unique – I have never seen this method used on any other pushchair.... Located on the right side of the seat, a large button and grip control the seat angle. The grip simply stabilises your thumb as you push the button to disengage the ratchet which holds the rear of the seat in place. Use your free hand to push the back of the chair to the required angle. To sit it upright again, simply push the back of the seat up, where it will latch into place.

The seat depth can also be altered using the dials on either side. Undo the fabric velcro at the back and unhook the elastic from around the dials then adjust to suit the size of your child. The seat can be a maximum of 25cms deep by 32cms wide and has a back height of 52cms allowing it to easily accommodate taller or broader children. Altering the height of the five point harness is also a doddle, it's simply a matter of opening the Velcro at the back of the seat and re-threading the toggles through to the alternative location.


The fold is a little unremarkable considering the ultra-functional look. Remove the seat, grab the handle and push it into the frame at the same time as pulling up on a cuff on the left shaft of the handle. The handle will then sit on top of the wheelbase. Although the wheels can be removed in a jiffy, the folded frame could not be described as small.

To unfold, merely release the red catch below the cuff ad pick up the handle. 


The Mutsy 4 Rider is a fantastically versatile pushchair that has an endless amount of accessories and colours to choose from. I would defy anyone not to be able to fit it to their life. The large air tyres ensure that it is capable of coping on any terrain. It has the frills such as the step-up board and the shopping basket for urban living and the ruggedness such as the beachbag funseat or the Eskimo footmuff to cope with alternative climates.

The chassis is well engineered and well finished, especially with the extra touches like the leather handle and the single spoke wheels. Although beautiful, the wheels are heavy and I can see why they released a lightweight version. Even though the seat is beautifully made, it looks as though the chassis and the seat were designed by completely different people because they exhibit different personalities; the chassis: minimalist and designer, the seat: busy and slightly over-engineered.

The very original recline mechanism is certainly better than fiddling around with straps and sliding clips because I am of the opinion that the handle to recline should be easy to use and within easy reach of the parent. The 4 Rider recline idea works and is superbly accessible but is a little stiff and slightly awkward to perform.

Overall, the Mutsy 4 Rider is well executed and very attractive. With the amount of accessories available at very reasonable prices e.g. £7 for a raincover, you can adapt the Mutsy 4 Rider to meet your requirements...whatever they are!

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