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Mountain Buggy terrain 2015 Review

Review Overview

Mountain Buggy terrain 2015 Review
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Reviewed On: 28 Aug 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

The 2015 version on the Mountain Buggy terrain has a whole host of new features. With a more compact, easy fold, a lighter chassis and larger basket, the terrain has never been so impressive.

Review Summary


If you are looking for a jogging pushchair that does the hardcore off roader and can also pop down to the shops, then check out the Mountain Buggy terrain, you will love the fold and I bet that will make you love living with it!

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What’s good
  • Good drivability
  • Great suspension
  • Looks good
  • Great storage
What’s not so good
  • Strap recline
  • Running brake can be squeaky if not adjusted properly

Review Content

Mountain Buggy terrain 2015 Review

In line with the update that has graced Mountain Buggy's 3-wheel models, we have our hands on the terrain. This pushchair is for the more serious all terrain lover. With huge 16 inch rear wheels and a rugged chassis, the Mountain Buggy terrain can tackle almost anything. We let you know our thoughts in our Mountain Buggy Terrain 2015 review.

At first glance you could be mistaken for thinking that Mountain Buggy has not really made that many changes to the terrain as the product has a similar oversize look to previous years model. This is most certainly not the case. The new Mountain Buggy terrain has been comprehensively re-worked and has a new chassis design making it lighter and considerably smaller when folded.

Wider, lightweight tubes and a less fussy design create the sleek look you see here. The new terrain looks purposeful and rugged which will really appeal to parents who love to head off the beaten track.

Anyone who has never pushed a Mountain Buggy will be surprised by the handle height and amazed by the level of variation. At its lowest point the handle height measures 91 cm, however you can swing this round over 11 positions until it sits up at 123cm. At this highest position, it is great to be able to grab the outer uprights of the handle. This gives you excellent directional stability when you are running over bumpy ground. The handle is located to give excellent kerb-pop when the pushchair is fully loaded - essential when you are off the beaten track.


Centrally positioned on the handlebar, the running brake is key to the terrain. This is what marks it out from just being an all-terrain, firmly positioning it in the jogger category. This central brake lever is not designed to be used to hold the pushchair stationary, it is there to help slow the pushchair when you are jogging, say, downhill. Braking is done by a pair of drum brakes located on the rear wheel hubs. Pulling the brake while running slows the pushchair well, however the brakes can be squeaky in some circumstances. In addition, the imbalance of the brakes causes the pushchair to snake a little. This imbalance can be tuned out by adjusting the brake tension, but it is a little bit fiddly to make this change and never quite felt perfect for us. This adjustment is definitely easier to make on pushchairs that use disc brakes.

The Mountain Buggy terrain brake drums do have an upside. You are able to quickly swap between the 12 inch urban and 16 inch off-road wheel sizes without disassembling the braking system. Up at the front, the swivel wheel can be locked in one of two positions giving a shorter or longer chassis depending on where you are heading. Simply screw in the black plastic nut that sits above and behind the front wheel to lock the wheel in the desired position.

Ride comfort is taken care of by two springs hidden away in cups up by the main seat. It delivers a good ride when combined with the pneumatic tyres.

Mountain Buggy have done an excellent job of producing a fair sized basket combined with plenty of storage as standard. There are loads of zipped pockets. From either side of the hood (one with a headphone cable exit) to the back of the basket, you will find a pocket suitable for your bits and bobs. We also like the fact two bottle holders have been provided. These hang down under the handle bar ends up at the top of the chassis.The basket itself is triangular and measures 43cm x 40cm x 24cm at its largest point. It also has a zipped top which is great at stopping things from jumping out as you bump along the forest tracks.


The Mountain Buggy terrain has a huge seat. Measuring 36cm wide and with a back height of 60cm, it will be comfortable for even the tallest of toddlers. The liner is colour coordinated being black on one side and have the bright contrasting colour on the other so you can tone down the glow if you picked a Solus yellow colourway!

Adjusting the shoulder harness across its 3 positions is clever and quick. Pull the liner forward and re-thread the shoulder straps at the back of the seat. It is a nice solution even if you won't use it all the time. The buckle is new for this year's terrain and has a particular problem we feel will be something of a frustration. When doing the buckle up, you have to insert a clip for each waist and shoulder strap - 4 in total. Try doing this with a struggling toddler, I bet you will end up frustrated. To release the straps, press in the centre of the buckle, this is nice and effective.

As the terrain is a hammock style pushchair, your child must be forward facing, unless you use the optional Mountain Buggy Carrycot plus which allows you to parent face your child. Reclining the seat is done by loosening two straps on either side of the seat dropping the seat down. To raise the seat, it is best to use one hand to push the seat  forward and one to pull the straps tight, one at a time.


Shade is provided by a well featured hood. To compliment the two pockets on either side, there is a viewing window on top with magnetic closures and a flip out sun shade tucked away inside. We like the addition of the zip at front of the hood which you can attach an additional sun cover to. The hood is pretty quiet to operate and provides ample protection.

Finally the Mountain Buggy terrain bumperbar moves freely up and down. It can be used gate opening by unclipping one side from the chassis. However, this is rather fiddly as it is clamped onto the chassis quite tightly. However, it does have a fair amount of space behind it to allow you to drop your child in behind before buckling them in. We also like the two pockets that sit either side of the seating area, perfect for toys or a drinks bottle!


The Mountain Buggy terrain feels very comfortable to push. While it might look unwieldy and a bit cumbersome, this is not the case when you hit the track. The big wheels deal well with obstacles and the kerb-pop helps you make smooth progress over ruts and tree roots. If you are running, you will find that the terrain feels stable at speed providing you with great confidence. It is therefore a little disappointing that when you apply the running brake, the balance is a little upset provided it has not been adjusted. It is not a big issue, but it is there all the same. 


Folding the Mountain Buggy terrain is very smart and it will even free stand. Put the handle in its most upright position. Lift the fabric flap just above the footrest and push in the grey button, now twist the bar and allow the terrain to drop back on itself. The autolock will engage and you can then freestand it back on its handle.

To unfold, press the grey button, twist the bar and pull the front wheel out from under the main chassis.


The changes made to the chassis design are a considerable step forward for the Mountain Buggy terrain. Most notably, the changes to the fold bring will make the biggest difference in day to day usage.

I love the fact you now have urban wheels included in the box, this is great if you are committing the terrain being your only pushchair. On the downside, the harness will frustrate and I think the brakes will take a little adjusting to you get them exactly how you want them.

If you are looking for a jogging pushchair that does the hardcore off roader and can also pop down to the shops, then check out the Mountain Buggy terrain, you will love the fold and I bet that will make you love living with it!

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