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Mountain Buggy Swift Review

Review Overview

Mountain Buggy Swift Review
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Reviewed On: 27 May 2014
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Mountain Buggy are well known for their all terrain pushchairs. The Swift is a slightly different addition to the range, claiming to be the perfect balance between an off road machine and an urban dream. We take a closer look to see just what it has to offer.

Review Summary


Offering you the best of both worlds, the Swift removes the need to have 2 pushchairs for everyday pavement pounding and off road adventures. It has everything in one neat package, and the huge benefits far outweigh the small niggles. I defy anyone to push the Swift and not love it.

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What’s good
  • Handling
  • Kerb-pop ability
  • Easy fold
  • Sleek design
  • Suitable up to 25kg.
What’s not so good
  • Large when folded
  • Strap recline.

Review Content

Mountain Buggy Swift Review

The Mountain Buggy Swift is the lighter and more compact version of the traditional Mountain Buggy off road pushchairs. Designed to be just as easy to use cruising the pavements as it is off the beaten track, the Swift could be the perfect partner for parents wanting the best of both worlds. We check it out in our Mountain Buggy Swift review.

Included in the price is a bottle holder which attaches to the handlebar with velcro loops. A nice little extra to have, especially in the early days when you need to carry a bottle everywhere! It could also double as a place for you to stash your water bottle. 


With the distinctive tubular aluminium frame and glossy black wheel hub, this is most definitely a member of the Mountain Buggy family. A triangular shaped frame connects the front wheel to the 2 large rear wheels, before stretching upwards underneath the seat.

The single bar handle is coated in a ridged rubber which makes it easy to grip – perfect if you are heading off road, especially if it happens to be raining (quite likely in this country!). There is a wrist strap on the right side of the handlebar which is recommended when on rough and uneven ground – it just adds that extra bit of security. The handlebar can be adjusted from 78 – 106cm which makes it suitable for pretty much anyone to push. To adjust the handle you simply press in the 2 grey buttons on the sides of the handlebar and fold up or down to suit you.


There is a really useful shopping basket on the Swift. I have often found off road types to lack in the basket department, but not in this case. It is deep and should easily hold all your daily needs. It is very easy to access too from the rear of the pushchair, or the sides.

Moving on to the wheels now, and we find 3 10" pneumatic tyres which really do look capable of handling pretty much any terrain. They are super simple to attach – the front wheel sits up inside the front fork, then just slide a pin all the way through and screw tight. To attach the rear wheels flick up the grey levers on the rear axle, push out the pins for the wheels and slide the wheels onto the pins until the click. To remove the wheels again, push the black quick release button on the outer hub and slide off. The front wheel can be removed by unscrewing the pin and sliding off.

The way this pushchair handles is second to none. The ride is super smooth, and I was ever so surprised to learn that the Swift does not have suspension. You certainly don't notice the lack of suspension during general use – having tried it on tarmac, grass, gravel and mud I can safely say that the wheels absorb any shock, and the ride remains smooth and comfortable. To lock the front wheel for really bumpy ground, just turn the knob on the side of the front wheel fork.


Braking is a breeze with the Swift too. There are 2 large red brake pedals in between the rear wheels. Simply push down firmly on either of these to activate the brake with a satisfying clunk – there is no doubt that the brakes are applied correctly! To set off again, you need to pop your toe underneath the pedal and flick back up – not a flip flop friendly option, but certainly smooth and easy.

My favourite feature of the Swift is the ‘kerb pop' action. The pushchair is so light to push, and when you need to navigate a kerb, the lightest touch on the handlebar will have the front wheel popping up. It's such a nice change from some of the heavier options on the market, and makes around-town pushing a joy.


Featuring a sling style seat, the Swift is suitable to use from birth with the seat fully reclined – and it really does recline right back. The sling style offers a cocooned and snug place for tiny tots. The seat itself is fairly well sized, measuring up at 35cm across and 22 cm deep. This should be plenty big enough for most little ones although bigger toddlers might find it a slightly snug fit. With a 58cm seat back, head height shouldn't be a problem. If your tot likes to rest their feet , the large silver footplate offers the perfect place for tired toes, and seems to sit just at the right position for most little ones. Personally, I would love to see an adjustable footrest, just to make it slightly more comfortable for longer legged children.

The harness is a very clever tail free design. Under the shoulder pads you will find a plastic latch – just flick this open and pull the harness in either direction to adjust. The straps will adjust to your desired height without leaving the long ‘tails' of strap you sometimes end up with. To secure the harness again just flick the latch back down. Adjusting the height levels is easy peasy too – just locate the clip on the harness strap, and unclip to make 2 sections. Feed the top section through the top layer of seat material, and move up or down in height by feeding through the appropriate loop there. Then just feed the harness back through the seat material and clip together again. Job done in seconds.

If you like a good hood, then the Swift doesn't disappoint. It is more than big enough for daily use, and would easily protect against a shower or a spot of bright sun. If extra protection is needed, there is a slip out sun visor section too – ideal for the summer months. I like the addition of the viewing window too, which makes it easy to see what your little one is up to, and the viewing flap can be held back with velcro. 

Onto the recline, and the Swift has a variety of recline heights. Because it is a strap recline, you can pretty much choose the height that suits you and your little one. The downside with the strap recline system is that it can be hard to adjust when your baby is in the seat. Reclining down is easy – simply grasp both straps in your hands and push inwards – the seat will drop smoothly. To sit the seat back up is a tad more tricky, especially with a child in situ as you need to pull the ends of the straps outwards with both hands. If you have a small child this will lift their weight with it, but with an older child you may need to get them to sit forwards first to allow you to pull the recline strap taught.

The Swift fabrics will stand up to almost anything you can throw at them. Made from 600D water resistant polyester they really are tough, meaning you don't need to stress about sticky fingers or spills – just wipe clean. The fabrics can easily be removed from the chassis by just undoing the various poppers and zips if you need a more thorough scrub down.

There is a gated bumper bar included too, which is a nice touch, and makes taking your little one in and out of the seat much easier than a fixed option would.


At first glance the fold mechanism isn't obvious. I think we are all so used to the fold levers or buttons being placed near the handlebar that anything else throws us a bit. But don't panic – the Swift has a super easy fold. Just pop on the brakes and then slide your hands over the sides of the footplate. Here your fingers will naturally find a safety lever. Flick this down and slide the buttons up, and the front wheel will swing in underneath as the rest of the chassis scissor folds. There is an automatic frame lock which should click into place too.

It is not the most compact fold, but to be honest you don't really expect this from a 3 wheel all terrain model. You can remove the wheels to make a smaller footprint, and the pushchair will freestand when folded which makes it a bit easier to store.

To unfold, just release the frame lock and pull the handlebar upwards. Everything will click into place with minimal effort, and you are ready to go again. 


If you want a pushchair that can handle everyday city life as well as weekend strolls in the country, then this could be your perfect partner. The chunky pneumatic wheels make for a smooth ride and push, and the front swivel wheel makes turning easy. The amazing kerb pop action and lightweight push make it ideally placed for whizzing in and out of the shops and city streets.

The seat can accommodate children up to 25kg which is a lot more than your standard stroller weight limit, meaning you can easily use the Swift from birth right through to the day your child wants to walk everywhere. The recline has positions from lie flat to a more upright position for older and more inquisitive youngsters, although the strap recline may not be to everyone's taste.

The fold is so easy and it takes seconds. If you have a very small car boot or lack any storage space then the Swift may not be for you, but the slightly chunky fold is the pay off for the sturdy, strong and manoeuverable pushchair you get.

Offering you the best of both worlds, the Swift removes the need to have 2 pushchairs for everyday pavement pounding and off road adventures. It has everything in one neat package, and the huge benefits far outweigh the small niggles. I defy anyone to push the Swift and not love it.

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