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Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Review

Review Overview

Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Review
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Reviewed On: 21 Jul 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Review Summary


This re-design has, I feel, has transformed the Mountain Buggy swift into a true competitor in the compact stroller category. Thing is, if you purchase a carrycot and/or car seat adaptors, it makes great sense from birth. There is so much to like here, the folded size, fabulous manoeuvrability and great looks.

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What’s good
  • Fold
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Style
What’s not so good
  • 5 point harness
  • Low handle
  • Basket size
  • Raincover extra
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Review Content

Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 Review

We take a look at the 2015 Mountain Buggy swift. It is more compact, lighter and smarter, but are these changes enough to make it a star?

Mountain Buggy have updated their 3 wheeled platform for 2015. The swift has not escaped the magic wand. It has been made lighter and is 25% smaller when folded. We take a look at this new version in our Mountain Buggy swift Review.


We have the old version of the Mountain Buggy swift here in the office. When you put the old and the new side by side, the difference is eye opening. The new Mountain Buggy swift looks sleeker and surprisingly more compact. The new chassis is more refined due to the re-design required for the new fold, and the seat and handle are now slightly lower. This creates a really interesting look. The swift is now really compact, the diminutive size being accentuated by the large air filled tyres. I like it, it is kind of Tonka toy-ish and makes a nice change in this sector.


Starting up at the top, the handle is now lower with a top height of 97cm, rotating, once the buttons are pressed, down to 65cm across 12 (yes 12) positions. I am 5 ft 10 and personally feel that the handle is just about  high enough for me at its uppermost positions. For those of you who are taller, I would recommend you have a test drive as some may feel that handle position is now too low even at its highest point (you could always opt for the Urban Jungle which has a higher handle position). The Mountain Buggy swift's brake has now moved up to the handle bar. This is a great change as the previous brake design felt clumsy and a bit rudimentary. The revised brake mechanism is excellent, easy to use and perfectly positioned.


With the chassis shrinking, it has been unavoidable to retain the previous basket size. The revised Mountain Buggy swift basket now measures 34cm x 18cm x 28cm at its widest point. It is no shoppers delight, but it does have enough space for your changing bag.

The Mountain Buggy swift's wheels and tyres are a defining feature of its design. Measuring 25.5cm in diameter, they look oversize, and I think, pretty cool. The tyres are pneumatic and have nice large sidewalls. The swift does not have any suspension, so all the ride comfort is provided by the tyres, hence the tall tyre sidewalls become pretty important. On our test route, the ride is really good with the tyres soaking up the bumps, the added bonus is that the swift is very light to push, especially on hard surfaces (make sure the tyres are pumped up correctly). Finally, the front wheel can be locked by pushing down the lever the sits above its axle.

The seat

At first glance the Mountain Buggy swift's seat looks a little smaller, so we were surprised when measured, that the seat has 50 cm of usable height and is 30 cm wide. Although slightly lower, the seat is actually the same size as the old model which is great when you consider the change in chassis dimensions.


Shoulder strap adjustment across the 3 positions is easy and can be achieved without tricky re-threading. This is helped in part by Mountain Buggy's new harness clip as all the straps are seperate. This new clip, does away with the previous secondary release buttons, but there is a downside, you now have to clip all four shoulder and waist harness straps in separately. I am not sure why this design has been adopted as it makes harnessing in a reluctant toddler a difficult and frustrating job.

Seat comfort is provided by a colour coded padded liner which comes as standard with the pushchair.

The Mountain Buggy seat is usable from birth (we would advise using the carrycot for very small babies). Being a hammock type seat, it will not parent face (you could use the carrycot here if you do want it to parent face). The recline is operated by two straps behind the seat. You must pull the strap buckle ends to drop the seat down and then pull the strap ends outwards to raise the seat. As with all strap reclines, there is a little bit of a knack, but the bonus is a seat that reclines fully flat and excellent protection from the elements in the head area.

A bumperbar is provided and is gate opening, although releasing it is actually quite tough on the fingertips, it is good then that there is plenty of space behind the bar, plus it rotates giving you plenty of options when popping your child in the seat.

Coverage from the elements is provided by a well designed hood with some great features. On top you will find a viewing flap with silent magnetic closures. There is an extending sun visor and even a zip to attach the optional sun cover. Moving the hood back and forth feels slick and is quiet and the hood can be slid up and down the frame to adjust the height for taller / shorter children.

The fold

Perhaps the biggest change to the design of the Mountain Buggy swift is the fold. Mountain Buggy have completely re-designed the fold mechanism and in the process reduced the folded length by an incredible 25%.  Folding the Mountain Buggy swift is now a one handed affair as well. I am impressed, the resultant folded pushchair is so small.

To fold, first, it is best to ensure the seat is up and the handle is in its lowest position, also push the swift backwards a little to turn the front wheel round. You can also put the brake on which may help you with unfolding. Next reach under the front of the seat liner and locate the grey button on the left hand side, press this in and twist the bar you have hold of, up. The chassis will now break, fold and end up free-standing and locked. The end result is genius, easy to put in the car and very compact.


To unfold, with the pushchair free standing upright, twist the bar to unlock the folded pushchair, now allow the wheels to roll out as you gently push down. The pushchair will unfold and lock open.


Pushing the swift is a joy. The pneumatic tyres make for smooth progress around town and in the shops. When you hit the park or the forest path, you won't be disappointed. As always with Mountain Buggy the positioning of the weight in the chassis and handle bar make popping up kerbs easy peasy.


This re-design has, I feel, has transformed the Mountain Buggy swift into a true competitor in the compact stroller category. Thing is, if you purchase a carrycot and/or car seat adaptors, it makes great sense from birth. There is so much to like here, the folded size, fabulous manoeuvrability and great looks.

It is not without its faults, the buckle will be constant frustration, the basket is perhaps not the biggest and the handle is quite low,  and if you ever get a puncture miles from nowhere - that will be the day you wish you had puncture proof tyres.

None of this would put me off though. The Mountain buggy swift is clever, compact, attractive and that fold is brilliant. If you are looking for a great urban pushchair that can handle the rough stuff at the weekend, look no further than the Swift.

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