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Mountain Buggy Plus One 2015 Review

Review Overview

Mountain Buggy Plus One 2015 Review
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Reviewed On: 22 Feb 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Stadium seating is not something that you normally think of as being associated with pushchairs, but let us introduce the upgraded Mountain Buggy +one.

Review Summary


The Mountain Buggy +one has several noticeable improvements, including the new one hand fold, the ability to fold with both seats, the included mattress instead of the previous cocoon and both seats can now recline. 

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What’s good
  • Easy fold that can be done with both seats
  • Slimline
  • Good space for each child
  • Seats recline even when using both
What’s not so good
  • Tricky recline
  • Hood is difficult to assemble
  • Gate opening bumper bar is stiff to remove
  • Hood material is quite floppy

Review Content

Mountain Buggy Plus One 2015 Review

Rather than designing a brand new pushchair, Mountain Buggy has gone back to the drawing board with some of their popular three wheelers to create something even better. We're taking a closer look in our Mountain Buggy +one Review, a pushchair that is capable of carrying one or two children.

There are plenty of options when it comes to the configuration of the Mountain Buggy +one. As it comes out of the box, there are five configurations to carry one child, one child and your shopping, a newborn and a toddler or two toddlers. You can also purchase the carrycot plus to carry your newborn or use as a parent facing seat, and adaptors to add your infant carrier.


Single lay flat

The main seat of the +one can be laid completely flat for a newborn and has a maximum weight load of 9kg. To recline the seat does take a few stages and the child needs to be removed first.


As a single pushchair for an older child, the main seat has lots of room. To recline, it's either fully flat or you can loosen the buckle straps to give a slight angle.

Toddler and storage

If you run out of the room in the basket of the +one, then you have a backup plan with the material at the back of the seat laid flat. It is capable of taking another 9kg up here, as well as what you can fit in the basket, so you could almost transport your weekly shop!

Toddler and newborn

With the toddler in the front seat with a maximum weight of 20kg, a newborn can travel in the rear on a lay flat mattress up to a maximum of 9kg. A cover helps to keep them protected from the elements.

Toddler and toddler

The maximum load when you are using both seats is an impressive 20kg each. For the front seat, you can unfasten the metal clasps and loosen the buckle strap to create a slight recline for a napping child. The rear seat can also be reclined by loosening the buckle


The Mountain Buggy +one arrives in one large box and needs the wheels attaching, the seat liners adding and the hood clipping on. We found that it was quite easy to do, but it took the most time to attach the hood fabric to the metal hood rods. It's fiddly and difficult to attach, so it would be great if this came fully assembled. The picture instructions are quite clear, but some text to accompany them would make things a lot clearer.

First impressions of the +one is that it is a big pushchair, even though it has shaved off 5cm from the length of the 2015 version. It's quite tall to allow for the second seat to be hidden away at the back, but still pretty slim at 63cm, so it won't hamper you when out and about. The design on the +one is based on the popular Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, with additional space added for a second child.

The handlebar of the +one is covered in a ribbed plastic that is great as it will be hard wearing. As the handlebar height ranges from 80-124 cm, it's a great option for tall people. To adjust, there are two buttons on the outside. The middle of the handlebar curves upwards, so it's a really comfortable shape to hold.


As expected from Mountain Buggy, the +one is an all-terrain pushchair that can handle any kind of ground. The three chunky wheels are perfect for any type of ground, with the front wheel locking with a lever at the front, to take you off the beaten track. With air tyres, the ride will be smooth wherever you travel, though of course remember to take a puncture kit and pump out with you!

New for the 2015 model, the brake on the +one has been moved up to the handle. It couldn't be easier to use, with the lever showing red and green indicators for stop and go.

Attaching to the underside of the chassis, the basket is an almost triangular shape capable of carrying up to 10kg. Even with the second seat in use, there's plenty of clearance to access the basket from the sides or rear. We like the two side mesh pockets and two rear zipped pockets which keep smaller items secure and more organised. If you are using the pushchair with one child and have more shopping than can fit in the basket, then you have the option of the lowering the material at the back of the pushchair for additional storage. This is a fab idea and will allow you to carry odd shaped items too!

You can purchase adaptors so that you can transport your infant carrier on the +one chassis. The car seats that are compatible are Mountain Buggy protect, phil&teds alpha, Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix and Pebble / Pebble Plus and the Cybex Aton.

Mountain Buggy provide a bottle holder that Velcroes to the side of the chassis. It's a handy size to keep either baby's bottle or cup, or even your bottle of water to hand.


The material of the seat is a thick canvas and Mountain Buggy provide soft and thick reversible liners for each seat. These co-ordinate with the hood in one of the three new colours, with the base fabric of the seat being black. Another update for this model is the increased seat back size of 50cm. Plenty tall enough to cater for the high weight limit of 25kg in single mode or 20kg in tandem mode.

There is a five point harness in the seat with each shoulder strap and waist strap clicking in separately to the one touch buckle. The straps are tail free, with plastic sliders to lengthen. The shoulder straps and buckle each have padding to prevent any rubbing and to make a better fit for children of all sizes, the shoulder straps can be threaded through the seat liner to offer three different heights. It's great that the crotch strap can also be lengthened by undoing the metal clasp underneath the seat material, making the child comfortable.

The bumper bar attaches to the side of the chassis and has to be prised off in order to do the gate opening. We did find it quite stiff to remove. With a stretchy material cover over the foam, it should be pretty bite proof.

To fully recline the main seat when in single mode, there are several things that you need to do to achieve a lay flat position. Firstly, there are two straps at the very back of the seat, which need completely loosening. Then turn your attention inside to the main seat - there is a zip, a metal clasp and a buckle at each side to unfasten. The seat will then lay flat against the back material and needs tucking in at the top. As you need good access to the back and sides of the seat, the child needs to removed before you can do it. By removing the metal clasps at the side and loosening the buckles, it is possible to do a part recline for a napping toddler.


The hood is large, with an additional mesh extendable panel that takes it down to the bumper to keep your child completely protected. There's also a peekaboo window which is kept in place with two magnets, so silent to operate for a quick look. Though good for warmer climates with the mesh, we'd prefer to see the extendable panel in the same material as the rest of the hood - it would be much more practical for our British weather. We'd also like to see the back of the hood connected around the back of the seat, as it is possible to pull it right forward, away from the seat. However, this does allow you quick access to the child in the back seat. The thick canvas material is a little floppy and doesn't hold in position well. Stronger hood rods could perhaps work to keep it in a better position.

To keep small legs comfortable, there is a simple bar underneath the footrest which can be extended out, keeping the footrest material at a horizontal level.

The storm cover for the +one is an extra and not included with the pushchair package. Coming with its own little bag, the storm cover can be attached to the +one chassis for easy storage, making sure that it's always with you. It is the same cover whether you are using the pushchair as a single or tandem and attaches over the handles with Velcro and tucks over the front. It's a lovely thick material with a zipped middle panel at the front. This means that you can roll it up out of the way to access your child or if they prefer to be able to see out during intermittent showers.

Second Seat

The +one is very versatile, with a second seat and mattress included with the package to carry a newborn or second toddler.

To use the pushchair with a newborn and a toddler, your toddler can ride in the front main seat, while your newborn lies at the back. With the material at the back of the pushchair lowered with the straps, you can slide in the thick mattress to create a comfortable lay flat base. A cover is provided, which poppers to the back of the hood and tucks under the base, keeping your baby completely protected from the elements. Rather than a solid piece of material, it features a mesh panel in the lower half to help with circulation. Your baby can travel with their head at either end, but the straps need to be adjusted accordingly so that their head is slightly raised.

For two toddlers, a second seat is provided. To attach the second seat, lower the material at the back and push the front seat forward. The seat then Velcroes to the bottom and has a zip and a buckle to fasten it securely to the sides. There's a clever little pocket that can be unzipped on the bottom of the fabric, creating a hole for the child's legs to sit in. Mountain Buggy have really thought about the comfort and positioning of the second child. Both children can still recline in their respective seats by loosening the buckles. The room between the seats is surprisingly good, though the child in the rear seat will have direct access to try and annoy their sibling! Especially as the second seat sits slightly higher than the front in a stadium style.


With the air tyres offering a bit of bounce as you roll, the +one is comfortable to handle and manoeuvers well. Even with two children on board, it's easy to push and the kerb pop is easy to do thanks to the clever weight distribution.


A one hand fold is new to the +one. Done by pushing the hood back and bumper bar up, you then reach under the footrest to the bar, press the button and twist forwards. The seat back will drop down, folding in half. The chassis lock is cleverly hidden and comes on automatically. To transport, you can either carry with the side of the pushchair or the top with the fold handle. Impressively, you can also do the fold with the second seat in place - just tighten the straps on the back of the fabric first.

The fold on the new model is slightly shorter than the legacy model, but it is still quite tall. If you adjust the handlebar to its highest or lowest position, it will freestand, making it easier to store.

To get the pushchair back upright, just press the button on the bar and twist forwards and pull up the handle.


The Mountain Buggy +one has several noticeable improvements, including the new one hand fold, the ability to fold with both seats, the included mattress instead of the previous cocoon and both seats can now recline. Mountain Buggy have also increased the storage in the shopping basket and moved the brake up to the handle bar. Unfortunately, the bumper bar is difficult to attach and remove from the frame, which could end up in you abandoning it completely or having to place your child under it.

Though the new model may have lost some weight and length, it hasn't compromised on the seat size or comfort of the riders. As a single, it's tricky to get a full recline and there a few things to unfasten before it will lay flat. We'd also love if the hood rods were larger or stronger, to help keep the fabric taut and less baggy. It's definitely a better pushchair as a double rather than a single.

We love the fact that you can fold with one hand just as easily with the second seat, without adding any extra size. It's a large pushchair, but if you need a tandem that works slightly different to the rest, with the child in the back being fully protected, whilst offering lots of storage and a smooth ride, check the +one out.

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