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Mountain Buggy Nano 2016 Review

5.0 / 5

Many of you may be thinking that version one of the nano ticked every box on the travel stroller checklist. Think again! The nano 2016 brings several improvements on its older sibling to the table. 

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Published 15th July 2016
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The nano 2016 is the perfect travel companion for parents with small children. It's tiny fold, impressively large lie flat seat, and adaptability means that it can be used from birth all the way up until you no longer need to push your child in a pushchair.

Mountain Buggy Nano
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What’s good
  • Lie-flat seat
  • Amazing compact fold
  • Travel system compatible
What’s not so good
  • Small hood


Well known as one of the main players in the all-terrain pushchair game, Mountain Buggy have stepped out of the mountain ranges and into the city with their latest pushchair release. With compact travel strollers all the rage at the moment, Mountain Buggy have stepped in to create the perfect travel companion. The original nano from Mountain Buggy was popular but the improvements on the nano 2016 are set to raise the bar even higher for this latest generation of compact folding, multi tasking travel strollers.

Colour Options

The Mountain Buggy nano 2016 is available in Ruby, Nautical and Black.


Quality is the first word that springs to mind when you stand behind the handlebar of the nano 2016. Even though the chassis is a mere 54cm wide and weighs a tiny 5.9kg, it still feels as strong as an ox. The nano 2016 is a quirky but great looking stroller, framed by the lines of the satin black finish frame.

The handlebar of the nano 2016 is covered in thick, quality, comfortable foam and is static at a height of 98cm. This was plenty high enough for our 5'6" and 6' testers. It's so easy to nip the nano 2016 in and out of tight gaps using the continuous handlebar - a handy feature when juggling small children too!

The wheels on the nano 2016 are small but mighty. The width of the stroller including the wheels is a nippy slim 54cm wide, a handy 2cm narrower than the nano V1!

Even though the nano 2016 is light, it clings to the pavements as you stroll thanks to the clever, low centre of gravity of the wheel base.

The wheels can lock and swivel to allow for use over cobbles and gravel as well as smooth surfaces meaning it isn't just a one trick (tiny!) pony. The rear wheel suspension helps to keep the ride as smooth as possible for your little passenger.

When you are nipping on and off public transport, getting in and out of the car and stop-starting constantly in the shops all day long, it's important that you have an easy to use and reliable brake system. Mountain Buggy have made sure that the nano 2016 brake system couldn't get any simpler to use. The step-on, step-off pedal brake system is clearly colour coded and easy to find with your foot even when you are in a hurry. It's clear Mountain Buggy have recognised that this stroller will be a popular choice with parents going on holiday and the brake pedal is super flip-flop friendly - a big sun-shiny woohoo from us!

The basket of the nano 2016 is just the right size to hold a beach bag or changing bag or even the odd bag of shopping - plenty big enough for parents on the move or for use as a holiday stroller.


There's nothing nano about the seat of the nano 2016! Like the Tardis of the pushchair world the seat is large and can easily accommodate your average 3 year old with its fab, larger than average weight limit of 20kg. Many other strollers in the same category as the nano 2016 have a maximum seat load of 15kg. The seat back has a height of 48cm too meaning taller passengers can jump in and hitch a ride if their legs get tired too.

Many of the improvements on this latest model of the nano have been made in the seat unit. One of which being the seat recline. Using a squeeze-clasp strap recline system, the seat is adjustable to many positions to suit your baby's needs including the ability to lie fully flat allowing for the nano 2016 to be used from birth.


When laid flat, the nano can be used in conjunction with a soft bassinet cocoon, so that your newborn can travel safely and snuggle whilst on their travels too.

The leg rest of the nano is also adjustable. It's a great feature to have if you want to support your little ones legs and pop them up whilst they are snoozing on the move.

The nano 2016 now boasts solid fabric seat sides as well as a seat back flap between the stroller hood and the seat back. This shields your little person from the elements. The back flap has two layers and can be used as a mesh panel on warmer days to allow the air to circulate through the pushchair seat and also as a solid panel to shield baby from those rainy British summer-time days!

The harness is comfortably padded and each strap connects into the buckle separately. To release again you need to hold the button while you pull out the straps.

Though the hood on the nano 2016 has also seen improvements since the previous model, it is still small and doesn't give extreme coverage on the brightest of sunshiny days. There is, however, a built in solid sun visor to give baby a bit of shade.


When we initially set up the nano 2016, we noticed a buckle strap underneath the seat - this is a lap belt connector to attach one of many compatible car seats to the seat so you can use the nano as a full travel system. Simply pop almost any car seat onto the nano seat, strap the lap belt on and secure the side toggles as demonstrated in the easy to follow instruction booklet and away you go!


Mountain Buggy have totally nailed the easy driving element of their nano 2016. The wheels are smooth and the push is so simple and so light that you won't even notice that you are pushing it, even up hills.

We happily weaved in and out of tight spaces and the nano stuck to the floor like a rally car on a racetrack.


The nano 2016 is a winner when it comes to its fantastic fold. Boasting the tiniest of fold dimensions (52x30x56), the nano concertinas into the neatest of packages which can all be parcelled up in the provided travel bag to protect it on your journey.

The fold is easy to achieve - simply press the buttons on the inside of the handlebar hinges in and as you fold the handlebar down, the rest of the pushchair follows suit and neatly folds into pla

Unfolding is just as simple. Just unclip to frame lock and pull the handlebar up and the rest of the pushchair will do its job for you!

The selling point for many families heading off on their travels is that the nano 2016 is not only freestanding when folded, but is also small enough to fit into the overhead compartment of an aeroplane locker and therefore your little person can stroll right up until you sit in your aeroplane seat! A huge peace of mind for parents.

The shoulder carry strap and the bar carry handle means the nano 2016 is the ultimate transportable stroller for your baby.ce. The frame is clipped into place with an automatic frame lock and the hood is secured using a velcro strap.


Many families love to travel, whether it's near or far, showing our children the world is one of the many enjoyments of parenting. The nano 2016 is the perfect travel companion for parents with small children. It's tiny fold, impressively large lie flat seat, and adaptability means that it can be used from birth all the way up until you no longer need to push your child in a pushchair.

The quality of the materials and the clever engineering of the nano 2016 mean it is a robust and strong stroller disguised in a dainty package.

The many improvements of the nano from its previous model are welcome additions meaning that not only does it tick all of the boxes as a travel stroller but as an everyday stroller too.

We did find ourselves rummaging in the box for a rain cover - even on holiday it can still rain! But accessories such as these are available at an extra cost and you can tailor your accessories to your own needs.

If you are thinking of travelling and need a mode of transport for your child, then the nano 2016 could be the companion you are looking for.

Product specification




2 yrs




Urban, Travel

Seat config:



Free standing when folded, One piece fold, Car seat compatible, Lie flat seat





Suitable for:

Up to 4 yrs, Up to 20kg


W54 x H100 x D84cm

Collapsed dimensions:

W30 x H51 x D54cm

Seat height:


Handlebar height:


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