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Mothercare Orb Review

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Mothercare Orb Review
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Reviewed On: 03 May 2017
Sophie Bell
Pro Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

We've been road testing the Mothercare Orb. Read on to see why it is a favourite amongst parents across the country.

Review Summary

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What’s good
  • Unique swivel action
  • Chunky wheels
  • All-in-one seat and carrycot
What’s not so good
  • Large fold package
  • Small basket
  • Seat unit on the small side

Review Content

Mothercare Orb Review
Our review

Mothercare have been creating prams and pushchairs for decades. Gone are the days when our prams were just a practical set of wheels for our little ones to be transported in, they now seem to also need to meet the demands of style and modern lives. The Orb is Mothercare's answer to the all-in-one hero that will serve parent and child from birth right up until they no longer need a pushchair.

The Mothercare Orb has had a few make overs since its first introduction to the market. The latest edition is modern and stylish whilst retaining all of the features parent and child need in a pram from birth, as well as in a pushchair too.

Assembling the Orb was quite a task, but once you're up and running it's pretty straightforward to use. You need to pop the wheels onto the chassis, assemble the carrycot by zipping in the lovely soft liners and clip the pram hood onto the frame. Once this is done then you are ready to use the pram from birth. If you need to use the seat unit of the pushchair, then quite a bit more assembling is required with the threading of the harness and alterations to turn the carrycot into a seat unit.

Mothercare have strived to give parents a stylish and functional all-in-one solution with the Orb.


Convenience seems to be at the core of the Orb as everything we did with it from start to finish (bar setting it up in the first place!) was simple and never caused a fuss.

The frame has a robust appearance and feel whilst at the same time, looking sleek and making a total fashion statement with its rose gold chrome effect. We tested the liquorice colourway and the deep coloured fabrics looked striking against this rose gold frame, perfectly unisex for girls and boys! It definitely looks the part.

The handle on the Orb is covered in a light coloured leatherette to give a luxury feel. For such a bargain price tag, we loved how the Orb has these little added touches to make your babies first wheels feel special. The handle is height adjustable using two levers on either side of the chassis. There is plenty of height adjustment for parents of all heights.

The wheels on the Orb are noticeably chunky. The large rear wheels and double front swivel wheels are all easily removable with the flick of a little switch which makes cleaning them after muddy walks in the park really easy. The wheels also feature a great suspension system which seems to absorb lumps and bumps as you stroll - great for gently soothing baby to sleep and there's no need to worry about waking them when going over uneven surfaces.


The shopping basket is adequate and could fit a few essentials in, however we couldn't quite squeeze our changing bag in there, so had to hang that from the handlebar.

The brake system is great, requiring you to push the button down to engage the brake and down again to release it. This is colour coded too, so there is no mistaking if your brake is on or off! It is a clever brake, especially if you are wearing sandals as there is no toe scuffing involved!


The seat on the Mothercare Orb is convertible, it's not just a seat, it's a carrycot too. From birth, you will need to make sure the clips on the underside of the seat unit are undone so the carrycot sides hang at full depth. You then zip in the very soft and cosy liner which is nicely padded to protect baby. There are two liners, one of which goes around the walls of the carrycot and the other which zips into the base to give a soft cotton lined base. There is no denying that this is a very comfortable place for baby to sleep and although it isn't the widest of spaces when the liners have been zipped in, it's still long and there's plenty of room for baby.


When it's time for baby to sit up, there's no need for a separate seat unit - the carrycot cleverly converts into a seat unit with a few adjustments. Firstly, the clips on the underside of the carrycot need to be pulled taught and clipped together. You might need a bit of extra strength to sort this part of the transition out but it feels very secure and creates a strong and shapely seat unit for baby to sit in.

The harness arrives separately in the box and needs to be threaded through the slots in the seat holes individually. This was much easier than expected. We did however have a bit of a job when it came to using the harness and popping baby in and out of the pushchair seat. The chunky harness buckle is quite unique and needs two motions to be completed in order to open it. The small central button needs to be slid downwards whilst at the same time you have to push the larger, main button in. This took a bit of getting used too and getting baby out of the pushchair was at times a bit of a tricky job because of this!

The seat of the Orb reclines using a lever at the back of the seat unit. Just pull the lever and tilt the seat to your required position. We love how the seat has a full recline option so baby is able to sleep comfortably.


The hood is made from lovely thick twill fabrics and is framed with a rose gold rim to match the rose gold chassis. Although it is not extendable, it covers the baby's space adequately and there is a very handy and large window flap which you can lift up to check on baby without disturbing them.

The party trick of the mothercare Orb is it's unique rotating feature. This means you can change baby from parent to world facing with the flick of a wrist - and no need to lift a heavy seat unit either! We loved this feature here at PX HQ and it meant that if we saw interesting things on days out, we were able to spin baby around to look at them and also if baby was upset, we could easily spin them back to face us and soothe them.

To spin the seat, twist the central roller that is right in the middle of the handlebar. Push the handle bar upwards until it is centrally above the seat unit, spin the seat around and click the handlebar back towards you - it really is that simple!


The fold of the Orb is simple to operate but does make a fairly large package. This means the Orb is probably suited to people with larger cars or perhaps those who do a lot of walking and don't need to transport the Orb around in vehicles much.

Just remove the seat unit from the chassis using the levers on either side of the seat and then use the central rotating bar to drop the handlebar to the floor. Then, fold the remaining part of the chassis using the central plastic handlebar. The chassis locks into place with an automatic locking clip and there is also a separate Velcro strap which secures the handlebar to the package and stops it from flapping around.

At 11kg, the chassis is pretty heavy so it can be quite a task to lift!


Overall the Mothercare Orb is a great all-in-one option for first time parents. It does everything that you could require a pram to do all the way up until your child no longer needs a pushchair. It is affordable and the feature of the carrycot changing into the toddler seat saves the need to find storage space for the carrycot. It comes complete with liners and fur lined winter footmuff, rain cover, removable bumper bar, harness pads, liner - more than many other pushchairs come with.

Although it does give a bigger fold package and is quite chunky to lift and transport, it delivers in many other areas such as the spin feature, quality fabrics, easy to use brake and chunky wheels.

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