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Mee-go Milano Review

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Mee-go Milano Review
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Reviewed On: 03 Jan 2017
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Mee-go launched in to the UK in 2012 with a mission to create inspirational and stylish pushchairs that still deliver practicality for parents. Now with an impressive fleet of pushchairs, Mee-go has launched the Milano, a rather stylish and sophisticated new addition. 

Review Summary


If you are a fan of classis prams but require the practicality of a modern travel system then you should definitely look at the Milano. The fine Italian fabrics and the 5* finishing offers luxury for both parent and child.

With the hood sitting a little low for older toddlers it might not be a pushchair for taller children, however the large carrycot will last baby above and beyond the recommended 6 months. All of the added extras included in the package are often items that would cost a lot of money with other pushchair brands. Here at PX HQ we think the Milano offers style, substance and practicality as well as value for money.                                                    

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What’s good
  • Great suspension
  • Hardy wheels
  • Large carrycot
  • Two chassis styles to choose from
What’s not so good
  • Seat back size may not accommodate taller toddlers
  • Some may find it's overall size too big
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Review Content

Mee-go Milano Review

There are two available chassis options on this Italian style pram. The Classic chassis which takes you straight into the coach built pram market, and the Sport chassis, which is a nimble handling 'will do anything' chassis. The Sport still retains the grace of the Classic model.


The Classic chassis is what a pram lovers dreams are made of. A super light yet strong frame, it has curves in all the right places! The all-round suspension gives it a smooth ride over any terrain and many will find it effortlessly soothes baby to sleep as you stroll - perfect!

The Classic chassis emulates the look of a traditional coach built pram but has all of the perks that modern parents expect and want. One of these features is the ability to adjust the handlebar, not a choice on all coach built prams. There are two round buttons either side of the handle, push these and the height can go up or down to suit a range of heights. We measured the handle height to reach an excellent 124cm, perfect for those taller parents out there.

The wheels on the Classic chassis are in a fixed position but do handle brilliantly under most circumstances. The bouncy suspension means turning corners when walking down the street or manoeuvring inside shops is a breeze, even with the weight of a toddler in the seat.


The four large air-filled tyres roll over gravel, pavements, paths, grass and even mud - if you are brave enough to try it! We found that there really was no stopping the wheels on the Classic chassis of the Milano.

The wheels hubs of the Milano have a modern edge to them. Moulded from plastic, they have an artistic flare to the spokes depending upon which colour chassis you choose. The Heritage Blue model which we tested had nicely matching blue chrome effect wheel hubs.


The brake on this modern twist of a classic pram is simple and easy to use. Bringing the classic pram into the 21st century, Mee-go have kitted the Classic out with a simple to use, braking system. Simply flick the large central pedal down with your foot and the pins will engage and lock the rear wheels so your pram will not move. To release, flick the same central lever back up. It really couldn't have been any easier.

It has a classic wire basket, in keeping with its overall design. Although it has a big diameter, the sides are very shallow meaning it is best suited for small bags and coats but not the weekly shop. For obvious reasons, objects can't be placed loosely in the basket as they fall through the wire holes. However, this isn't too much of an issue as the Mee-go Milano comes complete with a co-ordinating luxury changing bag that you can place onto the moulded hooks on the handlebar - so keep all of the small items in here and the pushchair can still look gorgeous and clutter-free!

The Sport chassis of the Mee-go Milano has a more updated look and feel. It is chunky and when you stand behind it you feel it is capable of almost anything. The chassis is pretty light at just 6.2kg.


The four air-filled wheels on the Sport chassis can roll over almost any terrain thanks the the presence of all-round suspension. The front swivel wheels are lockable, which pleasingly gives you more options and capabilities over trickier ground. We love the fact that the wheels are removable too - so if you do get caught in the rain or roll over a muddy park path then you simply press the quick release buttons and the wheels can be washed with ease.

The handlebar is covered in the same luxury leatherette as the Classic chassis. The zig-zag stitch detailing adds to that extra feel of luxury as you push. Like the Classic, the handlebar is adjustable.  


The brake on the Sport chassis works in much the same way as the Classic. The centrally located, large foot pedal is easy to flick on and off without any trouble.

If you love a good basket and some clever storage on your prams then the Milano Sport chassis will make you smile. Mee-go has cleverly recognised that it is not just parent and child who needs to be protected when the rain comes. They have made a covered shopping basket under the pram! A great addition to the Milano Sport chassis where valuables and smaller objects can be zipped away and shopping doesn't get wet and filthy.

Whichever chassis you choose, they both come with a cup holder that hangs on a moulded clip on the frame. 


The Milano comes complete with two seating options in the box - a pramette seat and a separate hard bodied carrycot. This saves money as opposed to buying everything separately.  The only downside of this is that you need to find somewhere to store the option that isn't being used.

If you are using this pram from birth, then the large, spacious and hard bodied carrycot would seem a sensible option. It's so easy to place on and off the chassis with the easy grip levers on either side of the carrycot. They simply clip into the plastic receivers on the pram frame.


The carrycot is on the larger size of what you can typically buy, which is always a bonus for parents who want to keep their baby lying flat for as long as possible. A breathable mattress is included inside the carrycot and the lining is soft and cosy. With this, there is no need to go out and buy extras such as separate sheets.

There is a snug fitting and beautifully embroidered pram apron and flanelette liner in the carrycot, as well as a zip on mosquito net- no detail has been overlooked!

The carrycot is approved for occasional overnight sleeping, so ideal if you are going away just for one night. One thing on the carrycot that had everyone at PX HQ giving it a big thumbs up was the ability to adjust the angle of the back rest within the carrycot. An amazing feature if you have a reflux prone baby or as they get older and nosier!


The hood on the carrycot is much the same as the hood on the seat unit. Covered with the same luxury modern fabrics as the seat unit, the hood extends to 90 degrees and has a central leatherette carry handle with more lovely detailing. The hood clicks into place when extended fully and to release you simply press the two buttons on the hinges.

When your baby no longer needs to be lying flat in the carrycot, you can make it slightly smaller to help with storage.

The carrycot on many prams is usually the simplest accessory, however on the Milano it's packed with features whilst still retaining the luxury feel that the whole pram system offers. 


The seat unit of the Milano is a pramette style seat unit covered in the same contemporary fabrics as the carrycot, with lovely detailing everywhere you look.

It attaches and detaches from the frame using the same style easy grip buttons as the carrycot.

Pressing these buttons in and flipping the seat from world to parent facing positions was very easy with minimal effort, great if you are on the move and need to flip the direction of your baby's travel. 


The seat unit reclines using a one-handed lever located towards the rear of the seat. As it is a pramette style seat, the recline is totally flat with the end result being a nice and comfortable space for children of all ages to have a good sleep.

Put to the test with a 19 month old toddler, they slept soundly when in the fully reclined position.

There is no doubt about it, the seat is wide and very deep and the adjustable calf and footrest can be moved to whatever position you want for your little one.

The hood is pretty to look at and has lots of those lovely details in the branding and stitching that really gives the Milano a special feel. It extends out to give lots of coverage. There is a handle in the centre of the hood (luxuriously covered in leatherette, of course) which is ideal for adjusting the hood and carrying the seat unit. The zip open ventilation panel is another excellent feature to allow air to flow through baby's space in hot and muggy days.



We can't believe we are saying this, but some may find the hood gives too much coverage (if there is such a thing!). We found our mini testers having to peek out from under the hood and in some cases the hood was brushing their heads when fully extended. Possibly not ideal for taller children..

The seat comes complete with a covered and padded bumper bar which clips on and off using a sliding clasp. To remove the bumper bar you press the clearly coded red indicators and slide it off the frame. The fabric leg divider poppers around the bumper bar to leave a safe and comfy space for older babies to dangle their growing legs!

The seat unit comes in a choice of colours, all of which have a gorgeous feel and look. Within the box was an exciting array of accessories to match the fabrics of the seat and carrycot.


A changing bag, hand warmers for the pushchair driver (big bonus!), foomuff/apron, flanelette liner, raincover and mosquito nets.

Not only do these accessories mean you don't need to go spending a fortune buying them elsewhere but it also means the end result is a super smart looking pram that is super practical too.

Car Seat

The Milano comes complete with a luxury Group 0+ Car Seat which was impressively clad in the same Italian inspired fabrics as the chosen colour of seat unit.


It comes complete with far more accessories than your average car seat, including a newborn pack in the shape of a comfortable towelling liner and cosy apron to shelter your baby from the elements. The hood on the car seat is a miniature version of the hood on the seat and carrycot, with everything in-keeping. The car seat is attached to the frame using the easy to use plastic clip on adaptors. 


The Milano, as expected,  drives differently from chassis to chassis.
The Classic chassis with its rigid wheels and bouncy suspension makes for an easy and regal push. The thick rubber wheels tackled anything that got in its way and the suspension masks every bump and lump for baby. It took a few outings to get to grips with the cornering technique but navigating aisles and pavements was effortless.

The Sport chassis is a touch more nimble than the Classic thanks to the swivel front wheels.

Both the Sport and Classic versions of the Milano feel light and easy to push so you can retain those elegant looks whilst strolling. The Sport chassis can be steered with one hand thanks to the comfortable handlebar. The Classic chassis can be pushed with one hand but cornering required two hands really due to the fixed position modern-classic style wheels. 


The practicality and functionality of the Milano has had the thumbs up from our Pushchair Experts so far. A fuss-free fold is a must for many parents, especially if you need to transport your pushchair from place to place.

To operate the Classic fold you use the two sliding levers on either side of the frame, just below the handle adjusters. By pressing the easily coded red button and pulling the levers simultaneously, the chassis folds down onto itself quickly. It's great how you can tuck the handlebar in using the button adjusters on either side too.


The Classic chassis is large by nature so as you might expect, the fold package is large as well. However, if you push the quick release buttons and remove the wheels, the chassis is far less bulky and actually folds down into a neater package: with the seat unit or carrycot too. We still needed the boot of a decent sized hatchback to take the Milano Classic comfortably.

The Sport chassis is a bit more nimble and the fold is ever so slightly different to the Classic. Using the same levers and red release buttons it folds down but instead of folding onto its own footprint, the hinge folds in half and the front wheels tuck underneath whilst the handlebar folds inwards. There wasn't much in it between the Classic and Sport in the car boot test, both versions of the Milano need a decent sized boot space to be transported. 


If you are a fan of classic prams but require the practicality of a modern travel system then you should definitely look at the Milano. The fine Italian fabrics and the 5* finishing offers luxury for both parent and child.

With the hood sitting a little low for older toddlers it might not be a pushchair for taller children, however the large carrycot will last baby above and beyond the recommended 6 months. All of the added extras included in the package are often items that would cost a lot of money with other pushchair brands. Here at PX HQ we think the Milano offers style, substance and practicality as well as value for money.  

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