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Maxi-Cosi Nova Review

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Maxi-Cosi Nova Review
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Reviewed On: 22 Sep 2017
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Well known for their safe and practical products, Maxi-Cosi have released the all new Nova and it aims to be their best yet.  

Review Summary


If you are looking for a go anywhere, can handle anything pushchair that is suitable from birth and still looks the business, then Pushchair Expert thinks that the Maxi-Cosi Nova and Oria carrycot could well be the one for you.

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What’s good
  • Large seat
  • Stay open harness
  • Great height clearance
  • Goes over rough terrain with ease
What’s not so good
  • Very large fold
  • Small and shallow shopping tray
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Review Content

Maxi-Cosi Nova Review

Out of the box, the Nova comes in several parts and needs popping together. You will have to make sure you allow 10 or 15 minutes to do this. The chassis, seat unit, wheels, hood, seat liner, head cushion, shopping basket and harness pads all come separately and need constructing.

The front wheels come as one whole unit rather than two separate wheels and this unit simply clicks into the chassis.


Once we'd built the Nova, we stood back and admired its unique design. It can be very easy for pushchairs to all seem much of the same these days but the Nova is certainly unique in its shape and design (it's very pretty too!).

The pictures of the Nova don't quite portray just how proud it is. It looks sleek but is in actual fact quite large as pushchairs go. You can see that it has great ground clearance, so we were excited to see how it performed over rougher terrains.

The chassis itself is chunky and robust and definitely built for going anywhere. We fell in love with the wheels on the Nova right from the very first push. They are made of great quality materials and give the same soft ride as an air filled tyre, even though they are solid wheels, so there is no danger of getting a flat tyre at the furthest point away from home on your walk.


The brake is simple to use and is operated by a foot pedal system. Just press the pedal by the right hand rear wheel to pop the brake on and then to release, you press the brake pedal next to the left rear wheel. The brake was solid and reliable and we never encountered any issues with it throughout our time testing out the Nova.

The handlebar of the Nova is adjustable to two different positions. The lower position will suit shorter pushchair drivers and the higher position was perfect for out 5'6 tester. The handlebar is a great shape and size and fits in the palm of your hand really comfortably. It also looks really smart in its leatherette cover which nicely coordinates with the bumper bar on the seat unit.

The shopping basket on the Nova is more of a storage tray. It is quite shallow but to compensate for this it has some handy elasticated straps that you can secure things down with to make sure that they don't wobble out.

Seat and Carrycot

The reversible seat unit is splendidly soft thanks to the comfortable liner which is made from a memory foam material.

The first thing we noticed about the seat unit was the fabulous size. It is roomy enough to accommodate a toddler but at the same time is cosy for smaller babies too. The adjustable leg rest adds a great length to the seat when baby is napping or it can easily be popped down for your toddler when they are sat up and taking in their surroundings.


The pushchair seat unit is only suitable from 6 months+, however with the addition of the Oria Carrycot, the Baby Cocoon or Maxi-Cosi infant car seat, the pushchair can safely be used from birth and the carrycot is super snug for your newborn.

There's a really stylish feel to the fabrics on the seat unit too and the natural inspired colours are beautiful. We tested the Nomad Sand colourway which is a lovely beige shade that is perfectly unisex.

The harness on the seat is clever too. Not only is it padded with soft pads, but the crotch strap of the harness is similar to Maxi-Cosi's car seats and stays open to make it really easy to get your baby in and out. This is especially useful if baby is sleeping or if they are being slightly defiant about getting into their pushchair seat!

Easily adjusted, the harness can be threaded through different heights in the seat unit. The headrest can also be adjusted to suit the height of your baby by just un-popping the poppers and fixing at the height you prefer.

The hood is made from tough but stylish material which matches the colour of the softly cushioned seat perfectly. There's a subtle texture to the fabric which adds a real depth and style to the whole look of the pushchair. The hood has a zipped panel which offers a great extension and there's a small visor too which gives you an extra inch or so of shade.


The bumper bar pivots and is removable using two tiny grey buttons on either side of the bar. You only need one hand to un-do the bumper bar which is great if you are having to juggle baby or toddler in the other arm. The bumper bar is covered in the same leather look material as the handlebar which adds a real touch of class to the overall look of the pushchair. It is also hard wearing so will easily withstand the wear and tear thrown at it by babies and toddlers.

The seat unit can world or parent face so you can chat to your little one whilst you stroll or turn them around so that they can watch the world go by. To turn the seat around there are two grey buttons either side of the chassis which you simply pop in and lift the seat off the chassis. These grey buttons are unusually placed to the rear of the seat and we soon found out that this is a great design feature. It means that you aren't trying to squeeze your hands in between the seat unit and chassis and there is a lot more room for parents to remove the seat and press the buttons comfortably without trapping their hands in any tight spaces - it's the little things!

Reclining the Nova seat unit gives 4 different positions, making it perfect for children of all ages and for napping too. The recline is easily operated using a black sturdy lever at the top of the seat unit with just one hand and the movement is seamless and smooth to make sure that you don't disturb your sleeping baby! The Nova isn't just a sleek and practical go-anywhere pushchair, suitable from 6 months, we were impressed by the fact you can use it from birth with a Baby Cocoon, Maxi-Cosi car seat or with the Oria carrycot.


Here at Pushchair Expert HQ we really loved the Oria carrycot. It comes in the same tasteful fabric colours as the pushchair and has the same co-ordinating leatherette detailing on the handle too.


As carrycots go, it's lovely and spacious but at the same time cosy for your baby. All too often, carrycots are small and our babies outgrow them before they are ready to be sat up in the pushchair seat, but this is certainly not the case with the Oria. It's a great size at 32cm wide and 79cm in length, so it really will last you until your baby is ready to be sat in the comfortable seat unit.


The Oria has lots of tiny clever features to make parent's lives easier. One of these is the memory function buttons that help you to release the carrycot from the chassis to lift it into the house or pop it in the car. They are the same grey buttons that you press to remove the seat unit. Just press one at a time and they release individually so that you don't need to strain yourself and reach over the whole pushchair to press the buttons simultaneously.

The popper style buttons and zips that secure the apron to the carrycot were really easy to use and felt great quality. The central carry handle on the rim of the carrycot hood made lifting and carrying the Oria really easy too. And just as the seat unit hood does, the Oria hood has a ventilated mesh panel and a sun visor too.


The fold on the Nova has to be this pushchairs party trick. Many parents wouldn't believe you if you said you can fold your pushchair without using any hands - but with the Nova you sure can!


It's super easy to operate and is all automatic. Just flip up the safety catch and press down on the foot lever which is situated centrally between the two rear wheels. The pushchair gracefully floats down onto its wheelbase and the handlebar automatically tucks in too. There is also the option to tuck the rear wheels in a touch more using the tab lever marked with a padlock sign. This reduces the width of the fold slightly. We won't sugar coat it, the finished fold package is large if you leave the wheels on. To achieve a reasonable sized fold that fits into your average sized car boot then you would need to remove the large rear wheels. They click off quickly and easily so this isn't a bother at all.


The Nova is definitely Maxi-Cosi's most stylish pushchair yet. It looks pretty and has several touches of luxury in its sumptuous seat fabrics and leather look handlebar, but it still performs brilliantly off-road - a mix that we don't often see in the pushchair word!

The hard wearing tyres give a soft and comfortable ride over the most challenging of terrains - whilst the hands free fold, although it leaves you with a large package, is a party trick that parents who are having to juggle babies and travel will really appreciate.

If you are looking for a go anywhere, can handle anything pushchair that is suitable from birth and still looks the business, then Pushchair Expert thinks that the Maxi-Cosi Nova and Oria carrycot could well be the one for you.

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