Review: Mamas & Papas Armadillo Twin Parent Review

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Mamas & Papas Armadillo Twin Parent Review

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Mamas & Papas Armadillo Twin Parent Review
Reviewed On: 21 Jan 2019
Keeley Pile
A parent

Lincolnshire mum Keeley Pile soon discovered that she needed a double pushchair after the arrival of her second daughter. With the help of 2-year-old Eliza and Edie, 4 months, she has been putting the Armadillo Twin, launched in 2018 by Mamas & Papas, to the test... 

Review Summary


So my summary of the Armadillo Twin is that it is a good all-round double pushchair - easy to fold, glides along well, comfortable, snug and spacious for my two daughters.

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Mamas & Papas Armadillo Twin Parent Review

The Armadillo Twin has become a life saver for me - previously I had a travel system with a buggy board but found myself carrying Eliza when she had fallen asleep. The Armadillo Twin is perfect for us! The only thing I would change is the sitting position to be more upright; I find I have to loosen the straps when my daughter wants to sit up and have a drink or a bite to eat.

First things first, putting the pushchair together was very easy with simple instructions and literally took 10-15 minutes with a toddler assisting too. The fold is amazing and can be done super-easily with one hand. There is no separate units to the chassis, it's just all one piece. Once the pushchair is collapsed it has a carry handle that is handy for lifting in and out of the car and public transport.

The pushchair is a good size and very spacious for my girls so when folded it isn't particularly small, but I find I still have more room in my car boot with the twin than I did with my travel system and a buggy board. So it's a win-win for us! The photo shows the Armadillo Twin folded in my car, which is a Vauxhall Insignia estate, for an idea of the size and room it needs.


It pushes so easily on paths and I don't find it to be very heavy going up and down kerbs. Although the pushchair isn't described as an all-terrain buggy, in my experience it performs well on uneven grounds.


We took the Armadillo Twin to a pumpkin patch and visited other places with rougher terrain, and it coped without any difficulties.


I was a little concerned about the pushchair being side by side and not able to fit into many places but on only one occasion I have had a problem. It doesn't fit through a standard size door so I do have to remove my children when we get home to then collapse it to take it indoors. I don't find this a negative, though, because it is so easy to fold.

The Armadillo Twin comes just in the Black Jack colour we were testing and I thought the fabric was perfect for a girl or boy. It is easy to keep clean, waterproof and seems to be stain-proof (my toddler put that to test!). It doesn't come with a footmuff, so I have purchased a Cuggl All Seasons footmuff for my 4-month-old and it fits perfectly.

The hoods extend, meaning the girls are shaded from the sun. I love the window at the top because I can peek in to make sure they are okay without disturbing them. The hoods are separate so when my 2-year-old wants to chat to me I can fold the hood without disturbing Edie sleeping.

Check out the generous amount of shopping the basket can hold! It is easy to access and has flexible mesh sides.


One negative, I have found that after using the pushchair for quite a long time in one go I do get back ache because the handles do not extend. I suspect if you are tall this could be a problem.

So my summary of the Armadillo Twin is that it is a good all-round double pushchair - easy to fold, glides along well, comfortable, snug and spacious for my two daughters. It's stylish and modern with a good-sized shopping basket but it could do with an extending handle for height and the seats to sit more upright. I would say it's good value for money for a twin, and overall my two girls and I are very happy with it!


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