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iCandy Peach 2012 Parent Review

Review Overview

iCandy Peach 2012 Parent Review
Reviewed On: 04 May 2012
Leanne Eyre
A parent

I live in a small village in North Wales, with my husband Sean, my 16 year-old stepson Jake and our daughter Maiya, who was born on the 14th January this year.  We had a bit of a shock when Maiya arrived six weeks early, weighing a petite 5lb 1oz.  I am on maternity leave at the moment from my job as a secondary school English teacher.  I have quite a few friends that have young babies too, so I plan to spend my maternity leave meeting up with them and taking lots of walks around the countryside (and the shops of course) with my iCandy Peach.

Review Summary


Overall the iCandy Peach has fulfilled my needs for a stylish, not overly large and extremely easy to manoeuvre pushchair. I have been able to adapt it for Maiya during her first year and she has always been extremely comfortable in her Peach, judging by how easily she manages to sleep in it!

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What’s good
  • Effortless manoeuverability
  • Desirable brand
  • Excellent Footmuff, worth the money
  • Fabrics excellent quality and very durable
What’s not so good
  • Wheels pick up stones/bits of gravel
  • Chassis scratches easily
  • Cant move the parasol

Review Content

iCandy Peach 2012 Parent Review
First Impressions

Having pushed my daughter around in a loaned cumbersome and unattractive pushchair (it shall remain anonymous) for the last six weeks, I cannot emphasize how excited I was to receive my iCandy Peach courtesy of Pushchair Expert.

I have been given the Peach in Tomato, and my first impression was that the base colour was more red than it looks on the website, but with the bright orange accents, it is certainly eye catching.  The chrome chassis adds a touch of glamour but I am already wondering how long it will take before I scratch it?

Having had a demo at an iCandy store, I found it very easy to collapse the chassis and reopen it.  My daughter Maiya is only eight weeks old, so we will be using the carrycot option on the Peach.  It looks comfortable but quite small to last a large child until they are six months old. 

A quick push around the kitchen floor makes me realise how smooth and easy to manoeuvre it is.  Time to get out and test it for real I think…

March the 21st 2012

My husband Sean, Maiya and I decided to test out the Peach around Delamere Forest on Mother's Day.  I was interested to know how it would handle on very bumpy terrain.  The foam wheels seemed to work quite well and after a bit of trial and error we decided on trying the front wheels in lock position – I would recommend this if you are out walking but don’t need to turn around tight corners. 

The wheels of my Peach were filthy after my walk around the forest.  The back wheels are super easy to clean: you press the silver disk in the centre to remove them, and then give them a wash in the sink.  The front wheels were not so easy though as they cannot be removed like this.  It would be so much easier if they could be though.

March the 28th 2012

This is how much space the Peach takes up in the boot of my VW Golf. I have discovered that you have to put the chassis in with the handle facing up otherwise the carrycot makes the parcel shelf stick up.

April the 3rd 2012

Is not that pleased about having to rest the handlebar of the Peach on the floor to open the chassis - it is dirty!

Sent from my iPhone

Is averaging two comments a day on my Peach when I take it out... People usually comment on how 'posh' it is or how they have never seen a pushchair like it. I thought the Tomato colour was a bit too bright at first, but now I love it.

A wedding this week has meant an emergency outfit shop was needed... I really cannot fault the manoeuvrability of the Peach when out around shops. It turns so easily even with one hand, and feels so light to push.

April the 18th 2012

Spotted the first scratches on my Peach despite being super careful. The chrome looks good but is virtually impossible to not scratch.

I am finding the carry handle on the carrycot very annoying as you have to take it off completely to get your baby in. It would be better if it could swing to the side as I'm convinced I'm going to lose it.

I've had many opportunities to test out the carrycot raincover. It offers good protection but is not easy to put on in a rush - as I discovered when caught in a sudden shower when out walking!

A new activity: sheep chasing! And I have invested in some toys to occupy Maiya now she is finally sometimes staying awake when in the carrycot.

May the 8th 2012

Maiya is more alert now and likes looking at the toys clipped onto the hood of the Peach. They attach easily and don't damage the pushchair.

May the 21st 2012

I have lots of stones and dents in the wheels of my Peach now.  It is as smooth as ever to push but the pebble dashed effect isn't very attractive.

May the 21st 2012

Maiya slept in the carrycot when we went to the in law's house on Saturday. She slept well but it seems narrow. This is how she looks in it now at 11lbs. As a petite baby, she should last until 6 months (as recommended) in this but I'm not sure if larger babies would?

May the 23rd 2012

I went to school today with Maiya and got many admiring comments on my 'posh pram'. But you can always rely to teenagers (who aren't so au fait with pushchair brands as us mums) bring you back down to Earth with a bump. One looked at my pushchair and commented, 'iCandy miss? Does that mean you think fancy yourself?'.

Very excited that I finally have my car seat adaptors. Off to the shops tomorrow - all in the interests of research of course!

June the 12th 2012

It seems like a distant memory now but during the heatwave we took a trip to the beach - all in the aid of research for Pushchair Expert of course.  Even the look of the Peach will probably tell you that it is not designed for the beach.. and my first impressions were right.  Like walking through the woods, it was much easier to push when the wheels were locked in place but it was still incredibly hard work - and pushing duties were delegated to the husband (happy to pose for a picture to show off his tan).

Being able to put my car seat onto the chassis of my Peach... I love it!  The car seat adaptors cost £30 to buy but I would say they are well worth the money - you need to buy the Maxi Cosi Carbrio or Pebble car seats.  The big advantage of this is that if your baby is asleep, there is no need to disturb them to put them in the carrycot.  Another advantage is that the adaptors lift the car seat to a higher position than the carrycot, which makes interacting with your baby easier (well if you are short like me it does anyway!).  The pushchair with the car seat also takes up much less space than with the carrycot, so it is probably a better option if you plan on visiting a busy cafe/pub etc.  The negatives? It is irritating that you have to remove the adaptors to collapse the chassis, but the main disadvantage for me is that if you enjoy creating a bit of pram envy when you are out, you really need the carrycot/stroller ;) 

June the 25th 2012

I saw a Peach 2 in black this morning - it looks great and I got a rare taste of 'pram envy'. I also feel a bit sad about the fact that my Peach has lost it's 'brand new' look: there are scratches on the chassis and wheels, including on the iCandy lettering on the chassis. I think this has come from the clip from the parasol/cup holder. Considering my husband jokes that I take better care of the pushchair than I do of the car, (he is probably right but don't tell him) I  am feeling disappointed with how hard wearing - or not - the Peach is.

Correct fitting the iCandy Parasol Clip and Cupholder

After my experience detailed above, Pushchair Expert asked me to explain how to fit the iCandy cupholder. It was the incorrectly fitted iCandy cupholder that scratched the iCandy lettering.

I bought this clip from an iCandy stockist and as I was planning on using the cup holder straight away, they fitted it for me there. I have since bought the parasol for my Peach too, and I am pleased that the clip is the same, saving me another £5. Of course this means you can’t use both together (unless you bought a second clip).  Because it was fitted by the iCandy stockist and I am not sure if the clip comes with any fitting instructions, I thought it would be useful to show how to fit the clip to ensure it reduces the chances of scratching the lettering on the side of the Peach chassis.


This is how the cup holder should look on the Peach: the black lettering should be visible and the cup holder should be on the inside of the chassis.  This would minimise any scratching to the lettering, clearly visible on mine.

In addition, I thought I would detail the correct fitting of the iCandy Maxi-Cosi carseat adaptors.

The adaptors are clearly labelled left and right but be aware that if you have a sleep deprived ‘moment’ and get your left and right mixed up, they will still clip onto the chassis, but the car seat will not fit onto the adaptors.



It takes a little bit of practice lining up the car seat to place onto the adaptors, but this is something that you soon get used to.  The seat is easy to remove by pressing in the grey buttons on the car seat and lifting off.  In my view, these are an essential piece of equipment if you are planning on buying the Peach for a newborn baby.  As you can see, there is plenty of space under the car seat for your shopping to go in the basket too, whereas the carrycot sits much lower on the chassis meaning that it is virtually impossible to fit large bags underneath.


Maiya absolutely loves being pushed around the shops in her Peach and car seat!

July the 25th 2012

I've been loving going out on long walks with Maiya in this (probably short lived) sun. Maiya is sixth months now but as a petite preemie, she is only around 13lbs and still sleeps well in the carrycot. However, she is becoming increasingly nosey so I'm going to get the stroller out of its box tomorrow and try her in it. I'm very excited!

August the 1st 2012

We have finally made the big move from carrycot to stroller!  Maiya absolutely loves it and I wish I had tried her in the stroller earlier now. Here we are trying it out on a trip to Eirdigg.

August the 6th 2012

Thanks to the great British weather I got to try out the rain cover on the stroller part of the Peach yesterday - in quite extreme conditions!

We were enjoying the family day at Chester Races until a huge thunderstorm over the course meant the whole meeting was cancelled. After a long walk across the flooded course (in now-ruined summer wedges, not that it's relevant), I can confirm that the rain cover is extremely easy to put on and remove, even more so than the raincover on the carrycot. Oh and the Peach is still easy to push across a waterlogged field whilst holding an umbrella.

August the 13th 2012

Had a great long walk in the countryside today. Maiya loves looking around at everything in the the Peach stroller (although she kept frowning when I took her picture!)

August the 29th 2012

This delightful summer weather forces me to try out the footmuff for my Peach yesterday... Although in all honesty, since buying it months ago, I've been desperate to use it. For those not up with pram lingo (I kind of remember those days) a footmuff is like a sleeping bag for your pushchair; the main advantages being that it keeps your child super warm, without them being able to kick it off like a blanket.  

The footmuff for the Peach is available in the colours to coordinate with your Peach for £85. This is quite expensive, but it certainly enhances the look of the pushchair on cold days...although unfortunately it wasn't quite cold enough yesterday and poor Maiya, although comfortable, got quite hot in it.  So much to my disappointment, it's probably something to use in a couple of months time. My verdict for now: ab essential for winter babies!

Having been caught in a torrential downpour, including golf ball sized hailstones, I can confirm that I love the Peach raincover: it is super quick to put on the stroller, covers everything and fits smoothly over the pushchair. If only iCandy made something similar for me!

September the 2nd 2012

As well as being useful to clip toys onto, Maiya informs me that the bar on the stroller tastes quite nice too.

September the 11th 2012

Back to full time work... I am missing my Peach, which has been hibernating in my car boot since Sunday.  On the plus side, a French lady stopped me on Sunday (around the shops, obviously) and said she loved my pushchair and asked where she could buy one. 

October the 9th 2012

Super cosy in the footmuff!

October the 12th 2012

As Maiya is getting older, we have switched to forward facing.  She seems to love it; I'm not so sure, she is growing up too quickly for me!  Clipping the stroller to the chassis is easy, although I find adjusting the position of the seat more difficult.  I am not sure if this is because I have small arms or am generally weak but I find it difficult to press both inner buttons in at the same time.  Maiya likes lying flat to sleep, although she is very reluctant to sleep at all while facing forward - there is too much to see! 

October the 19th 2012

What better place to try forward facing than the bright lights of Blackpool!  We invested in a new accessory in the form of a flashing butterfly.  The footmuff is proving to be a good investment, keeping Maiya super warm even along the windy seafront.  An accident with a chocolate donut (for me not Maiya!) meant I have nearly had to try washing it.  On the iCandy website it says it can be washed at 30 degrees but I am reluctant to try it.  I have found babywipes seem to remove the marks I have noticed so far. 

October the 25th 2012

Our half term week of day trips continue with a visit to the zoo. Maiya was only impressed with the dinosaurs.  

The black bar on the front of the pushchair continues to annoy me.  It is useful to attach toys onto but often obscures the view for Maiya; perhaps this is worse for her because she is petite.  

We were stopped on the way in to the zoo for a family picture, but I had to take the bar off because it was blocking her face. 

November the 3rd 2012

I have been pushchair shopping with my best friend today - she is due to have her baby in January.  

iCandy have brought out new colours for the Peach.  I'm a bit sad that mine is 'last season'.  I saw the Peach 2 in Berry Bon Bon and it is gorgeous!

November the 8th 2012

I have noticed that the wheels on the Peach, despite being smooth, seem to pick up a lot of leaves/mud/dirt.  As I have mentioned before, the wheels are easy to clean.  But I think I have been a bit over zealous with the washing because one of them has started squeaking.

November the 15th 2012

I have discovered that some WD40 stops the squeaking.  I feel my Peach is beginning to show some signs of wear and tear now, especially the wheels.  I have noticed a lot of other Peaches that I see out and about seem to have much smoother wheels than mine.  I am wondering if this is because I spend quite a lot of time walking down county lanes.  I understand you can buy new wheels from iCandy but I wouldn't expect to have to do this yet.  In fairness, the functionality is not affected, they just do not look very attractive. 

November the 22nd 2012

Let the Christmas shopping trips commence! (Are you spotting a theme to my blogs yet?). A pair of shoes (oops.. a present for me!) and the raincover almost fill the shopping basket though. I can't help thinking it would be better if there was some sort of pocket for the raincover to be stored in.

January the 3rd 2013

A walk along the canal at Ellesmere - super muddy and definitely not what the Peach is designed for. It was very difficult to push through this - the husbands muscles were needed! In fairness, I do not believe that this is what the pushchair was designed for, and it was as easy to clean as ever.

Janaury the 4th 2013

I cannot believe my little girl will be one in a week! I think this is the sort of age where many of my friends have swapped their travel system for a smaller lighter buggy. One of my main concerns when I first saw the Peach was if Maiya would outgrow it quickly. Well there has been no chance of that! She is super petite but that aside, I feel this is the pushchair I would want to use for the next few years. It's manoeuvrability is excellent and I love how easy it is to clean. Oh and of course - it is attention grabbing when you are strolling around the shops!

January the 21st 2013

You know you have brainwashed your husband when he excitedly points out an iCandy Peach in black and declares he has pram envy... (I am hoping he won't read this because he will kill me for writing this!)

January the 22nd 2013

While for most people a large amount of snow means building snowmen and sledging, for me it means a new opportnity to test out the Peach! Unsurprisingly, in several inches of snow it was very difficult to push, but not impossible - plus as an added bonus my arms got a great work out! 

With a bit of trial and error I discovered that locking the front wheels in place made moving easier; I have found that on challenging terrain this always helps. Locking the wheels in place is very easy, although it is a little annoying that they have to be unlocked for the chassis to collapse and clip together properly. I did wonder if the Peach Jogger, with a larger front wheel, would be more suitable for snow?

February the 24th 2013

So that's another half term over... It's been nice using the Peach every day this week, rather than just at weekends. The pushchair is nearly a year old now but doesn't really seem to be showing any more wear and tear than it did a few months ago which is pleasing. There are some scratches on the chassis that annoy me though so my job at some point this week is to try to buff them out - will keep you posted on how successful this is.

February the 28th 2013

Well I purchased a chrome/silver polish to try to make the scratches on the chassis of my Peach less obvious. It has made a bit of a difference and at least looks super shiny! I was careful to avoid the logo on the side of the chassis as this seems to come off easily. I think mine has been worn partly because of the clip for the cup holder/parasol. The logo fading/rubbing off seems to be a common problem as I have seen many Peaches on my travels which seem to look similar to mine.

March the 1st 2013

Today I saw a Peach Blossom - if you are unaware, the Peach is able to convert into a double pushchair. It looked great and both the small baby and the older child looked really comfy. Their mum was using the car seat and the stroller seat. To me, the big advantage of the Peach as a double would be the fact that, as well as looking stylish, it isn't anywhere near as cumbersome as the pushchairs where the seats are next to each other. I have somtimes misjudged the width of my Peach so god knows how the ladies with these super wide pushchairs manage. I can't comment on the functionality of the Peach Blossom as I haven't tried it, but my first impressions were very positive. However, based on the fact that the husband turned a shade of pale grey when I pointed out the double pushchair and therefore the thought of a second child, I'm not sure I'll be needing one any time soon! 

March the 9th 2013

We've been on a day trip to watch my stepson play football in Birmingham and then to meet some friends. I spent the Friday night cleaning the Peach: big mistake because the it got absolutely filthy after a couple of hours on a football pitch! The wheels are as easy as ever to clean although I now have to check for squeaks once they are pushed back on. 

March the 13th 2013

Maiya has been for her immunisations. The Health Visitor helped by pushing my Pushchair into the room and commented on how smooth it felt and how 'posh' it looked. And in her line of work, she sees a lot of pushchairs!  

March the 17th 2013

If there is one thing that is showing real wear on the Peach, it is the wheels. Mine seem worse than others I have seen out and about. I'm not sure why this is - perhaps because where I live is rural and I have spent a lots of time walking through country lanes? It is not designed as an 'off road' pushchair but actually has been excellent. I know the back wheels can be purchased but I'm not sure about the front wheels. The push is still smooth though so I think this is more about aesthetics. I would consider replacing the wheels if I were to keep it. 

Looking pretty good one year on! 


Some damage to the logo one year on. The letter 'y' has been rubbed off by the clip for the cup holder/parasol I think.

Final Summary 2013

I cannot believe a year has passed since I excitedly sat at home waiting for the arrival of my second most important delivery of 2012: my brand new iCandy Peach. Temporarily forgetting the exhaustion that comes with looking after a newborn, I quickly assembled my Peach and so the adventures began!

A year on, I can safely say I would recommend the Peach to those who are looking for a pushchair for their own bundle of joy. The overall experience has been – if you excuse the pun – just Peachy, with the exception of a few minor niggles:


1.       The wheels on the Peach are very soft and whilst this provides a smooth ride, it means that they pick up lots of stones/bits of gravel and look quite unsightly. I have elaborated on this further in some of my other posts.

2.       Whilst there is no denying that the chrome chassis is eye-catching, it does scratch very easily. And trust me, with the exception of my daughter, there is nothing else in my possession  that I have handled more carefully (and as I have said before, that includes my car!) The logo on the side of the chassis has rubbed off a little too. Mine is not as bad as some that I have seen out and about, but you want people to know you have an iCandy surely!

3.       My happy memories of long strolls in the summer sun (ok, three days of summer sun) are marred by thoughts of my trying to move the parasol into a position that protected Maiya for more than two minutes or trying to stop it from blowing away.  I did try the iCandy Palm sunshade but it did not fit well on the carrycot (the sales assistant in the shop where I tried this was of the same opinion as me). Having just looked on the website,  iCandy say that it is suitable for the carrycot so I am unsure if any alterations have been made to this since I tried it last year.

However, these small complaints are outweighed with the plus points of owning a Peach:


1.       In my view, the manoeuvrability is, without doubt, the biggest selling point: it moves smoothly and without effort, and all friends and family who have pushed my Peach agree. It is incredibly easy to push with one hand around the shops whilst sipping a large Starbucks/Costa/any other caffeinated drink – trust me, I have spent months researching this! 

2.       The second biggest advantage of the Peach, for me, is its ability to induce an instant and severe bout of ‘pram envy’. Whilst this may not be a factor for some, it cannot be denied that iCandy is a desirable brand, and the shiny chrome and bright colourway demands attention. I have received many compliments on the look of the Peach over the last twelve months, and I can guarantee at least one envious look at the pushchair during a day out.

3.       The fabrics are excellent quality and very durable. The hood of my Peach still looks brand new.  I invested in the iCandy Peach footmuff as soon as it began to get cold, and it has been an excellent purchase. The fleece lining has really helped to keep Maiya warm and also shows no sign of wear/bobbling. Whilst it was quite expensive, when I compare it to the footmuff that my mum has for her stroller, which doesn’t even stay on properly, it is well worth the money.  

Like the hood, the outer fabric still looks like new. I have found that baby wipes have easily removed any marks (I am not sure that iCandy would recommend this but it has worked for me). 

Having compared it with other products, the raincover is high quality, looks expensive and is easy to put on and remove. However, I would appreciate somewhere on the stroller seat for the raincover to be stored.

Overall the iCandy Peach has fulfilled my needs for a stylish, not overly large and extremely easy to manoeuvre pushchair. I have been able to adapt it for Maiya during her first year and she has always been extremely comfortable in her Peach, judging by how easily she manages to sleep in it! I enjoy the flexibility it provides in in terms of parent and forward facing, as well as three recline options. It fits easily into the boot of my VW Golf and is quick to put up and back down. There is no denying that the chassis is heavy, although if it is manageable for a 5 foot 1 inch weakling like me, it should be manageable for anyone – plus the pay off is that the that the ride is extremely smooth.

Maiya is not far off walking now so I will soon inevitably be needing a pushchair less often.  Many people have suggested that this would be the time for a lighter, umbrella fold style stroller. For me however, anything other than the Peach would feel like a down grade. I am looking forward to another year of adventures with Maiya and hope for the Peach to be along for (or providing!) the ride.

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