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Joolz Geo Review

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Joolz Geo Review
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Reviewed On: 20 Nov 2015
Kelly Walker
Expert Reviewer
Kelly's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Review Summary


We really like the Joolz Geo. It covers the tandem pushchair tick list and does so beautifully. Not only have Joolz thought about the styling of the Geo, but the day-to-day use for a parent. Child comfort has also been thoroughly considered.

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What’s good
  • Stylish
  • Beautiful fabrics
  • Can be folded with second seat in place
  • Huge XL shopping basket
What’s not so good
  • No basket in Duo or Twin
  • Expensive
  • Raincover not included in the price
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Review Content

Joolz Geo Review

Around since 2004, Joolz are a fresh new pushchair brand hailing from Amsterdam. Designing ergonomic, stylish pushchairs, while always keeping the environment in mind, they are now available in 22 different countries.

Uniquely, every one of their boxes can be recycled into toys or products that you can use at home - we love this idea and wish every box had this feature! They also plant a tree when each of their pushchairs new owners register their purchase.

In our review, we are primarily taking a look at the Geo in Duo mode.

Colour Options

The Joolz Geo can be purchased in the Earth or Studio collections, or you can design your own in the Tailor collection. We have been reviewing the chic Elephant Grey from their Earth collection.

The Earth collection is available in five different colours: Elephant Grey, Turtle Green, Lobster Red, Hippo Anthracite and Parrot Blue.


The Joolz Geo is undeniably beautiful. Aesthetically pleasing from the leatherette handlebar and bumper bar to the curved silver chassis and anthracite wheels. Not only does it look good, but it has features that make it functional in everyday life too. As the main seat sits nice and high on the frame, it can double up as a highchair on days out - if you trust your little one to eat in the seat of course!


Capable of carrying one baby, one toddler, a baby and a toddler, two toddlers or two newborns, it's a great option for an expanding family.

With the handlebar adjustable from 93-109cm, there's plenty of alteration for whoever is pushing. To move it up and down, there are triggers at either side to pull back. This also allows walking room when the lower seat or carrycot is in place. Covered with a padded and stitched leatherette material, it's soft on the hands and ties into the design with the stamped Joolz logo. The same material covers the bumper bar.

Each of the wheels on the Geo features suspension to take it smoothly over most terrains. Though the front foam tyres are smaller than the air filled rear tyres, they can be locked off quickly with the button on top to keep you going forward.

Hidden slightly when the second seat or carrycot are being used, the brake is to the right of the chassis near the rear wheel and a simple press on, flick up mechanism.

Perfect for shopping trips or picnics, the XL shopping basket can take an immense 10kg and measures 62cm long, 32cm wide and 25cm deep. With trigger style handles, it slots on and off the chassis with ease and even has its own handle straps to make for easier carrying. The back of the basket also folds down for easier access. The only problem is that it can only be fitted to the pushchair in Mono mode as it clips on to the same attachment as the lower carrycot or seat. When using the pushchair in Duo and Twin mode, there's no included storage, which could be a problem for a parent with two children in tow. Joolz do sell the Geo Sidepack which attaches to either side of the chassis and can take up to 5kg.


The seats on the Geo are soft and thickly padded for premium comfort. The material is textured, but without causing any roughness and adding to the designer feel. There's a 5-point harness that adjusts easily, but to adjust the height setting, you do need to access the back of the pushchair through a zip and re-thread the buckle. We were really impressed with the size of the seats - at 54.5cm on the main seat and 41.5cm on the lower seat, they should definitely last your child until walking age. The depth is also good to suit older children.

To recline the main seat on the Joolz Geo, there's a grey button at each side that need to be pushed simultaneously. Though a one-handed recline would be simpler, it's not a difficult task. The lower seat is different to other second seats out there as it just the back rest that sits up, with the legs stretched out in front of them. This seems to work well for the smaller child and will still allow for their naps with the recline.

Hoods are all important to keep baby protected and sheltered from the elements. The Geo doesn't disappoint with an additional small sun visor to flip out. The lower seats also have plenty of coverage.

When using the carrycot from birth, your baby will be kept comfortable with the padded mattress and soft interior. It's quite wide at 40cm, so they won't be left cramped and the apron keeps them nice and cosy.

The fold on the Geo is great for a tandem pushchair, and can even be done with the lower seat or basket in place. By pulling back the triggers at either side of the handle, the top part of the pushchair folds down, creating a pretty compact package. The best part is that this can be done with the XL shopping basket or second seat still attached!


We really like the Joolz Geo. It covers the tandem pushchair tick list and does so beautifully. Not only have Joolz thought about the styling of the Geo, but the day-to-day use for a parent. Child comfort has also been thoroughly considered.

For the price, it would be great to see at least the raincovers included rather than everything being an additional purchase. You also have to purchase the Sidepack if using the pushchair in Duo or Twin mode, as the shopping basket needs to be removed.

For parents with newborn twins or siblings close in age, the Joolz Geo is a stylish pushchair that still has the single pushchair footprint. It's really easy to attach or remove the seat units, carrycots or basket and a big plus is that you don't need any adapters to do it.

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