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Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 Review

Review Overview

Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 Review
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Reviewed On: 16 Jan 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Adding even more to their All in One Package, the Stomp V3 includes everything you could need on your pushchair adventure.

Review Summary


The Stomp V3 is an improvement on its previous model, and offers a full pushchair travel system for a great price. Unique in its looks while still offering good functionality, it is bound to please lots of parents.

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What’s good
  • Includes everything you need from birth
  • Nice hood material
  • Good price point
  • Easy fold
  • Easy to use car seat
What’s not so good
  • Shallow carrycot with thin mattress
  • Lack of harness height positions
  • Hood catches on frame if back when you are reclining

Review Content

Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 Review

Growing in popularity and known for their all-inclusive pushchair packages, Ickle Bubba offer great value for money and will last your child from birth up to toddler. They now supply the Stomp V3 with their new Galaxy Group 0+ Car Seat and isofix base. Find out what we think in the Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 review.

With five colour options to choose from, you also need to decide if a Black or Silver frame is for you. The colours are Black Beauty, Bubba in Blue, Pretty in Pink, Ickle Bit of Red and Starlight Silver.


The Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 All In One comes all packed into one box, with the Galaxy Car Seat and base separate. You'd expect much larger packaging when you see what they manage to fit in. This does mean that there is some assembly to do before you're ready to hit the streets. The brake bar needs attaching to the rear of the chassis and all four wheels need fitting. Arriving set up in carrycot mode, you'll need to swap the fabrics over if you are wanting to use the seat first.

We are testing the Starlight Silver colourway on a black frame. The U-shape of the shiny, black gloss chassis stands out from the crowd, and with the silver bolts it has an almost industrial look. The main joint on the frame is patterned adding to the design feel.

An upgrade to the V3 model is the handlebar covering. Now sporting a leather look cover that zips over the foam, it is comfortable to hold and there are five settings to cover different heights. Because it zips over the top, the fit is not perfect, finishing a little baggy.


The tyre design has also been upgraded from foam to a hard wearing PU rubber. The rear wheels are big and chunky at 30cm, with the smaller front wheels at 17cm. With suspension now on all four wheels, they can really eat up any lumps or bumps that you come across.

As the brake is the full width of the pushchair, it's easily accessible and viewable from any angle. The thin bar pushes down to put the brake on and then needs flipping up to take it off.

The shopping basket on the Stomp V3 has had a design change to make more space. Able to take up to 5kg, it can be accessed well from the front and rear and is deep enough to take a few bags.


The material on the seat is strong and robust and fits nicely to the frame with a range of Velcro attachments. Seat size is also good with a seatback height of 48cms. It can sit on the chassis parent or world facing and is removed by pulling back the buttons at each side.

The Stomp V3 features a five-point harness that can be split down into five separate parts. Though it makes for a better fit, it will take longer to secure a wriggling tot as you fasten it up. There are two harness heights, though these are only created by threading the harness through the seat liner, rather than the seat itself. The vertical slits do allow some movement up and down but may not suit smaller babies - saying that, there are additional holes in the liner so that you can make the waist strap smaller.

The seat is nicely padded, and for even better rider comfort, comes with a thick, colour coded seat liner to match your hood. We did find that the liner slipped slightly, which may be due to the vertical slits rather than standard holes.

The bumper bar is now gate opening, by pressing one of the buttons on the outer edge. Covered in the same leather effect material as the handle bar, it can be a little tricky to push back in, as you still need to press the button as you do it.


With three recline positions, the bucket seat can be moved from upright to lay flat. Achieved by pressing the white button on the back of the seat, it can be a little bit difficult to do with one hand as it is also quite stiff. If you are reclining in world facing mode, we did find that the hood caught on the sides of the frame if you have it back, so you'll need to make sure it is fully extended.

The hood is a really nice feature on the Stomp. Stretchy and bouncy, it is a lovely lycra style material that pulls all the way down to the bumper bar. It offers great coverage as well as protection, now that Ickle Bubba have increased the UPF rating on it to 50+. Children are really protected as it completely zips up around the back of the seat. This keeps it in place well and a good shape.

The footrest can't be adjusted on the seat of the Stomp V3, so smaller children won't have too much support until their legs grow. But there is a footwell that older children can keep their feet in.

A rain cover is included for the seat unit and fits in place with a strong elasticated band. Though it easy to fit, there's not a lot of room for a toddlers feet. We like the fold up flap that reveals a mesh panel to allow better air circulation.


As we've said, Ickle Bubba really try to include all of the accessories so that no further purchase is needed. The foot warmer is made from the same thick material as the seat liner and poppers neatly over the bumper bar. As it slides over the back of the footrest and poppers to the side, it has a secure fit and will help to keep the child's legs toasty. There's also a handy black changing bag in the box, complete with a changing mat, which is a nice size for your essentials.

Ickle Bubba sell their colour packs separately, so if you fancy a change, or are using it for a different child, you can swap them over easily.


The carrycot that is included in the package, enables you to use the Stomp V3 from birth. Ickle Bubba prevent the need to store your carrycot after you baby is ready for their seat, by using the same frame for both the seat and carrycot. All you need to do is remove the fabrics and swap them over. It is ideally sent out to you in carrycot mode for you to use straightaway with your newborn. It's straightforward to swap the fabrics over, and something you'll only need to do the once. You can also use the same bumper bar on the carrycot as an aid to carry it.

Although spacious, the carrycot isn't the deepest. It measures 78cm long and 32cm wide, with the depth at 15cm. There are four feet on the bottom to allow you to stand it on the ground but prevent it from getting dirty. The mattress is on the thin side, so you might want to add additional cushioning to make your little one comfortable. Its cover can be removed if needed. There also isn't much padding to the sides of the carrycot.

Ickle Bubba provide an apron to cover the carrycot that is held into place with two poppers at the side. The bottom isn't elasticated so the fit isn't great, and if there's a wind while you are out walking, it could blow up.

It's easy to add and remove the carrycot from the chassis, and as it is the same frame as the seat, it's done in the same way. Just grab onto both sides and tilt the button back to release. You can then use the bumper bar to lift it away.

Galaxy car seat

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Galaxy Car Seat. When own brand car seats are included in a travel system, the car seat can sometime seem like an afterthought. The adaptors to attach it to the chassis come with the package and it's really easy to add them to the pushchair.

The Galaxy features thick double layered side impact protection, a plush newborn insert that helps to keep them in a flatter position and a 3-point harness. Once the baby grows, the inserts can then all be removed. The headrest has five positions, which also controls the harness height. This is done by squeezing the button at the back of the seat. It's really quick and easy to do. A million miles better than having to rethread. It's also very light to carry at only 3.4kg.

You can fit the infant carrier with the car's own seat belt or on the Isofix base that is included in the package. To fit with the seat belt, the lap belt fastens over the top, and there are blue arrows to show where the belt hooks are. The shoulder part of the belt then needs to be passed around the back of the car seat and slotted under the blue belt hook. The seat belt then just needs tightening to remove any slack. Different from other infant carriers, the handle of the seat should be pushed forward to touch the back seat of the car.


To use the Isofix base, the first job is to pull out the support leg and lay the base flat on the vehicle's seat. The leg can be adjusted to the correct height by pressing the button at the front of the leg, and there's an indicator to let you know it's correct. There are two buttons at either side of the support leg which extend the Isofix arms. Once these are fully extended, you can push them on to the Isofix anchors until you hear the click. To let you know they are connected, the indicators will turn green. You're ready to sit the car seat on the base, and there'll be another click. When you want to take the seat out of the car, you just need to press down the red release lever and pull up with the car seat handle.

Because they really do include everything, Ickle Bubba also provide the apron to fit over the car seat, a hood and two window sun visors (yes two)! The apron fits over the car seat in the same way as the carrycots version, so not elasticated. You'll only be able to use it with a newborn or smaller baby as it doesn't allow for the legs to go past the end of the seat.


The suspension on the Ickle Bubba gives quite a bouncy ride. With supple rubber tyres, it covers the ground well and because of the design of the chassis and handle bar, there's great walking room behind for parents.


The Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 can now be folded with the seat in place world facing and it's really easy. To complete the fold, there are pull back triggers at each side. While pressing the button on the back of the right trigger, push the handle bar down.

Folding down to quite a compact package, it can be made smaller with the seat removed and you can also take off the rear wheels if needed.

With the chassis coming in at only 6.5kg, it's light to transport and makes getting it in and out of the car easy.


The Stomp V3 is an improvement on its previous model, and offers a full pushchair travel system for a great price. Unique in its looks while still offering good functionality, it is bound to please lots of parents.

Some of the finishes could be improved on, such as the carrycot and its apron and the handlebar cover, but then it probably wouldn't be such a value product. But comfort for the child has really been thought about, with the thick padded seat and seat liner.

The Galaxy car seat and Isofix base are a great addition, providing a safe and comfortable infant carrier that can be used on the pushchair frame with the included adaptors. It's also easy to use in the car, whether you fit it with the car's own seat belt or on the base.

If you are a parent that values a product that includes all that you could need, as well as looking good, then the Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 is definitely worth a look.

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