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Ickle Bubba Eclipse Review

Review Overview

Ickle Bubba Eclipse Review
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Reviewed On: 30 Apr 2021
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Ickle Bubba have released several award winning strollers over the past few years and their latest release is just as impressive. Read our full review to find out more.

Review Summary


If you are looking for a neat and agile travel system that is a great ‘all-rounder' for strolling the urban streets then the Ickle Bubba Eclipse could be it.

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What’s good
  • Built in stand on toddler board
  • Versatile - can be used for baby and toddler
  • Travel system compatible
  • All-in-one fold
  • Extendable hood
What’s not so good
  • Two handed recline
  • Fiddly harness adjustment
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Review Content

Ickle Bubba Eclipse Review

It's always exciting receiving a brand new release and wondering what it will look like when we unpack the box. The Ickle Bubba Eclipse did not disappoint. A do-it-all travel system with an integrated stand on board for your toddler, assembly was quick and simple and we were ready and raring to go in just a few minutes. 

The clean lines and sleek appearance of the chrome chassis are really pleasing to the eye.  

With a great set of wheels, the Eclipse looked set to tackle most terrains. We put it to the test over our gravel driveway, grassy parks, limestone paths and suburban pavements - all of which it rolled smoothly over. Don't get us wrong, there were occasions where we hit a curb or pot hole but rough ground was made all the more easier to encounter with the ability to lock the front wheels into a fixed position. After muddy park walks we were pleased to see we had the option to remove the wheels with a quick release lever and give them a quick rinse under the tap. 


One of the most notable and exciting features of the Eclipse is the built in stand-on board at the back of the pushchair for your toddler to hitch a ride on. Even more exciting is that the board can take the weight of a child up to 20kg, to put this into perspective, our 6 year old was still able to hop on the board and ride safely when his legs got tired. Very useful! 

The brake pedal peeks out from underneath the stand on board and is short and square in appearance. It is simple to use but you do have to look down and search it out if you have a toddler on the board, nothing that you don't get used to over time however. 

The roomy basket has deep sides and is certainly big enough to hold all of the belongings that you need for days out and baby group runs. The Eclipse also features the luxury of an adjustable height handlebar which can be altered using the easy palm grip button. The leatherette covering on the handlebar always adds to the lovely appearance of this smart travel system. 

Seat and carrycot

When you unpack the Eclipse form the box, you will notice that it comes complete. There is no need to purchase an additional carrycot as it has one seat frame that can be used with interchangeable carrycot fabrics or seat fabrics. To use the pushchair from birth you will need to attach the carrycot fabrics to the seat frame. This is easy to do with a series of zips and velcro. The instruction manual makes each step easy to achieve with clear photographs. Once set up, the carrycot adds to the appearance of the sleek and stylish frame with its smart fabrics and clean lines. We are testing a rather fetching and classic shae of Navy blue which would suit any gender perfectly. The mattress included with the carrycot is comfortable for baby and is covered in a removable liner which can be removed for washing. 

A carrycot is so important to keep your newborn safe and comfortable. The eclipse carrycot fits this bill really well. The same hood that is used for the seat unit is clipped onto the frame and this can be drawn forwards to provide safe shelter from sun, wind or rain. The carrycot also comes with a zip on apron which makes sure your newborn is nestled in a secure space. We love the stitch detailing on the apron, it adds to the really smart look and feel of the pushchair. 

The carrycot is lifted off the frame using two buttons on either side. You need to make sure you press the smaller buttons and not the big round buttons as this will alter the angle of the carrycot on the frame! The bumper bar that is used on the seat unit is also used on the carrycot and this can be used as a carrying aid when lifting the carrycot on and off the frame. 

Remembering that the Eclipse is not just a single pushchair, it has a built-in toddler stand-on board too, there is the option to put the carrycot on the included lower position adapters to allow this board to be used with the carrycot in place. The sibling that is stood on the board gets the most wonderful view of the baby in the carrycot in this instance and some of the bond making, heart melting moments this can create is just wonderful!

As soon as baby reaches the age where they can sit unaided, you need to swap out the carrycot and pop the seat fabrics onto the frame. The seat unit is a cost bucket style seat and we loved the stitching on the lovely navy blue fabrics. 

You are able to place the seat onto the frame facing the parent or facing the big wide world. The recline buttons are large circle buttons on either side of the frame. You have to press them together to recline the seat into a more laid back position so this is not a one handed affair. The small buttons below the recline buttons are the buttons to press to remove the seat from the frame. 


There were several features of the hood that we really enjoyed using. Firstly, the zip open extendable panel which increases the coverage of the hood to give your little one extra shade. Secondly, the viewing window in the top of the hood which allows you to peek in on your passenger to see how they are during their nap. 

The harness is functional and easy to use and comfortably padded for baby. The only fiddle with the harness is you have to unzip the seat fabrics from the back of the pushchair seat to adjust the height of the harness...but of course, this only needs to be done on a few instances when baby reaches significant growth milestones. 

A toddler can really comfortably hop onto the stand on board when you pop the seat onto the lower position adapters that are included in the box adding to the versatility of this great a round pushchair. 

You can also use the pushchair frame in the regular seating position and using the lower adapters and stand on board, with a car seat. We used the frame with the Ickle Mubba Mercury car seat in both positions and found it comfortable for baby and really convenient for short trips. 


One of the real bonus points is that the Eclipse can be folded with the seat unit in place.  This is useful as it is one less thing to lift and carry and one less thing to sort when you have an impatient baby to load into the car/ get home. If you want to fold the pushchair and you are using the carrycot, you will need to remove this from the frame before you fold. 

To fold the pushchair, you will need to use the two buttons that are both conveniently placed on the handlebar. The thumb lever underneath the handlebar is pulled to the right and the larger palm button is squeezed in simultaneously. Push downwards on the handlebar and this will release the frame and you will feel the pushchair fold down naturally. When the frame is folded, the locking lever will automatically clip into place to keep the package secure. The final fold package is really quite compact for a full sized travel system at W: 57.5cm x H: 36cm x D: 79.5cm.

To pop the pushchair back up you need to release the small locking lever and pull the handlebar back up into place. 

Our verdict

If you are looking for a neat and agile travel system that is a great ‘all-rounder' for strolling the urban streets then the Ickle Bubba Eclipse could be it. More than just a single pushchair, it can also accommodate a sibling on its built in, no fuss, stand- on board. The carrycot and seat always give a comfortable ride for baby from newborn all the way up to when they have outgrown the seat unit and are riding on the stand-on board. The extendable sun canopy and extra large shopping basket are just a few of the great features but the two handed recline and harness alteration might be small points to bear in mind. Overall, the Ickle Bubba Eclipse functions well as part of everyday life with both small babies and older toddlers as well as looking great too.

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