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iCandy Peach Jogger Review

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iCandy Peach Jogger Review
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Reviewed On: 20 Jul 2011
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Pushchairs that leave you no excuses when it comes to exercising are on the rise and the Peach Jogger from iCandy is their urban/all-terrain crossover that will inspire you to get off the sofa and venture outdoors. We take a closer look....

Review Summary


I don't want to sound like I'm writing a personal profile on a dating website but: The iCandy Peach Jogger has great integrity as well as good looks  - it's practical, versatile, reliable and multifunctional – I would defy anyone not to fall in love with it!

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What’s good
  • Fantastic fold
  • Fantastic quality
  • Brilliant functionality
What’s not so good
  • Does not fold with the seat in place
  • Basic bumper bar
  • Two handed recline

Review Content

iCandy Peach Jogger Review

iCandy are a British, 80 year old family run company  that started producing the iconic iCandy brand in 2005. Additions to the range this year include the Strawberry, the Peach Special Edition and the Peach Jogger.

Having first seen the Peach Jogger on the iCandy stand in Harrogate this spring, we are now lucky enough to have exclusive access to the prototype for further scrutiny.

There is no mistaking an iCandy pushchair, many other brands have tried to emulate their style but none have mastered their step-ahead in design.  The Peach Jogger is being released, recognising that Mums nowadays want the option of pounding the pavements to get back into shape, not to complete the Great North Run! Unlike a dedicated jogging pushchair, this is an everyday pushchair with a six pack.

Getting back into your jeans after a baby is difficult, while ignoring your Wii Fit or your unwrapped Davina DVD is easy, your pushchair is a tool you are going to be using every day, so why not make every trip count!


There are so many good things about the frame of the Peach Jogger to rave about, it's hard to know where to start; my favourite has to be the fold, so let's start there.

Given the nature of the fold, it cannot be collapsed with the seat unit in place, but the frame can be folded with one hand, in seconds...a big boast, but true! Apply the brake in the centre of the back axle, take a firm hold of the handle and the central button and push it towards the frame. The handle disengages at the hub and swings down to sit between the back wheels. Gather up the shoulder strap that sits in the basket and pull up. The front wheel swings to meet the back axle, then tuck the front wheel to the side to reach the maximum frame compression. It can be locked together by the closure latch on the left of the frame. 


The instructions claim that the frame can stand independently when folded, however this is a fine balancing act that is not overly dependable. The closure bracket keeps each half of the frame slightly distanced so that it can balance on the handle and the front wheel. Turning the front wheel 90 degrees or locking off the front wheel will give it a more stable base to stand. 

To decrease the size of the overall fold, the swivel wheel can be removed by pressing the square button at the front and sliding the wheel unit out of its socket. Further reductions can be made by also removing the back wheels, again ultimate simplicity; press the buttons in the centre of the wheel hubs and the wheels come away from the axle in one motion.

Opening the frame – undo the locking latch, then simply lift the handle until the frame locks engage with a firm, reassuring ‘click', the engineering takes care of the rest. The action of lifting the handle makes the front wheel swing out automatically and you are ready to go.

The 10 inch (25.5cm) front wheel and the 11 inch (28cms) back wheels have pneumatic air tyres that give the pushchair an extremely robust look because they are also at least 2+ inches (6+cms) wide.  Stopping the Peach jogger is controlled via the brake on the back axle that is so smooth it's bare-foot friendly. All the workings for the brakes are seamlessly enclosed in a casing, as are all the ‘mechanical' parts on this pushchair, giving it a very, very finished look.


Rotating the ribbed button on top of the front wheel will determine your choice of wheel action; Anti-clockwise to fix it straight and clockwise to release it to swivel.

The basket spans the length of the chassis with shallow slopes either end to make access easy, regardless of whether the seat is front or rear facing.

The central button on the handle can be used to adjust the frame height from 95 to 106cms, accommodating midgets, giants and everything in-between.


Like the frame, the chair makes some lovely noises; when clicking the seat into the frame, when extending the hood, when reclining... it clicks with such authority that you are reassured you have achieved your goal.

Dropping the seat unit into the sockets in either direction, forward or rear facing, will require a little push on the bumper bar to hear the correctly located ‘click'. Pressing the bottom of outer ring on the hubs will release the seat unit, this can be achieved one handed as both sides are spring loaded. 

After seeing the grab and lift mechanism on the Britax B-Smart seat, I didn't think there would be anything as functional to compare, however the seat release on the iCandy Peach Jogger really works well, you don't have to do two things at once – you naturally press the buttons as you lift the seat – brilliant!


The central button of the hub serves to recline the seat; 3 positions in either front or rear facing mode: upright, semi-reclined or horizontally reclined. The recline buttons are easy to press and the location of the bumper bar aids your choice of angle, however I hate straddling a pushchair in an operation that requires both hands for a task which, on other pushchairs, can be so easily achieved from the back of the chair, one-handed.

Another petit-grumble has to be voiced about the bumper bar. It has a very rudimentary attachment which doesn't reflect the refinement found in the rest of this pushchair. Plus it doesn't have a knuckle/gate opening – so it's either off or on, nothing in-between.

The ratcheted noise that the canopy makes as it is opened or closed is delightful, with the sturdy aluminium arch ending up at right angles to the aluminium frame of the seat.

The footrest can be angled in three positons, from horizontal to the 45 degree angle of the seat frame. Located left and right of the frame, the buttons are easy to press but only needed if you are altering the angle downwards, to move it up, just click it to the desired position. 

The five-point harness can be secured in three shoulder height positions to suit your child. The buckle is difficult enough to tax a child but not an adult. Super-soft chest and crotch pads protect your passenger from the harder nylon of the harness.


Moving onto the more touchy feely aesthetics of the iCandy Peach Jogger, the fabrics are beautiful, almost moleskin. We have the ‘Glacier' colour in for review which is a seal grey with mushroom coloured accents on the canopy and stitching – it's very elegant. The padded seat liner, zips into the seat frame and can be easily removed for washing – protecting the main body of your seat from sticky fingers, it also reduces the size of the chair slightly to cushion and protect your infant. The footwell can also be reversed to extend the horizontal reach of the chair giving a younger child full leg support.

The rain cover fits the Peach Jogger perfectly, following the contours of the canopy perfectly. It also allows plenty of room for breathability, so claustrophobia will not be a problem.


Every function on the iCandy Peach Jogger is smooth, easy to achieve and comes with a healthy, quality, ‘click' that reassures you that your aim has been achieved. It's almost musical with the noises it makes. Another plus; each of its functions works well; nothing sticks or doesn't quite fit – it is superbly engineered.

The Peach Jogger is more ‘chunky' than regular Peach stroller making it the perfect Daddy friendly pushchair.  While it's stylish enough for Mum, it's masculine enough for Dad.

There are only one or two minor points that stop this pushchair from attaining the coveted five star rating that we so rarely award. Firstly, the bumper bar attachment and functionality don't reflect the quality that oozes from every other part of this pushchair. Secondly, the recline takes two hands to achieve whilst straddling the frame. This is not ideal but I have to say that this is a minor grumble when the buttons work so well, never stick and can be reached from the pushing position if the handle is reduced to its shortest length (obviously, this depends on your height).

Some parents may have a problem with the fact that the Peach Jogger doesn't fold with the seat in place but this shouldn't deter anyone from buying this logical, thoroughly executed pushchair. The seat release and that stunning fold are both so straightforward that the disassembly of the two pieces takes no longer than most one-piece pushchairs!

I don't want to sound like I'm writing a personal profile on a dating website but: The iCandy Peach Jogger has great integrity as well as good looks  - it's practical, versatile, reliable and multifunctional – I would defy anyone not to fall in love with it!

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