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iCandy Peach All-Terrain Review

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iCandy Peach All-Terrain Review
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Reviewed On: 13 Nov 2015
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

We give you our verdict on the iCandy Peach All-Terrain. 

Review Summary


If you buy a Peach All-Terrain, what you will be getting is a very comprehensive urban/off-road pushchair which can switch roles in its stride. We love the quality of the product and the style of the chassis and fabrics. While the Peach may be a few years old now, the Peach All-Terrain keeps the fire burning with an excellent update. If you love the beach as much as the coffee shop, then the iCandy Peach All-Terrain could be for you!

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What’s good
  • Large seat and carrycot
  • Compact design
  • Faultless raincovers
  • Basket accessibility
What’s not so good
  • Bumper bar not gate opening
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Review Content

iCandy Peach All-Terrain Review

When iCandy upgraded the Peach 3 with new colours, the Peach All-Terrain also received a refresh. Perhaps the biggest change made was to the name, changing it from Peach Jogger to Peach All-Terrain. The Peach All-Terrain, is not a jogger, but it does give you the scope to enjoy some all-terrain walks across bumpy rutted tracks without upsetting your little one with jolts and vibrations. What do we think of it? Find out in our iCandy Peach All-Terrain Review.

iCandy are one of the few companies to use a glossy branded box for their products. Their gloss black and white carton sets the mood for the Peach All-Terrain - restrained and cool. This version of the soft roader Peach has an ice cool satin finish to the chassis and sports painted iCandy logos prominently on the chassis. The look is set off with understated colourways. The Sneaker version we are testing has contrasting piping on the hood and a coloured hood liner, plus a bright coral harness – you don't see many of them around!  

The overall effect is stylish, a good looking pushchair that is more subtle than expected. It would be good to see the All-Terrain with a black or space grey frame, we think that would look stunning! That said, the chunky look and feel of this model is lovely, it has a certain understated look that belies its ultimate functionality.


Let's start with the iCandy Peach All-Terrain's handle. It has one of the smoothest actions of any handle we have tested. Squeeze the central button to move the handle between its 4 positions from 94cm to 105.5cm, it seems to glide in and out with zero effort! The foam handle is nice and comfortable and iCandy have really thought about wear and tear by fitting two rubber bumpers either side of the adjustment button.

Basket size is always high on parents list and iCandy have not skimped here. The 3 wheeled all terrain chassis does not allow for the maximum basket size, but you would still be able to fit in two large shopping bags into the basket. It measures 60cm x 26cm x 20cm at its largest points, however, what that does not tell you is that the access and height above it are also really good giving great extra space.

Braking is done with a centrally mounted pedal. Although light to use and flip flop friendly, the pedal is obscured by the back of the basket, making locating it a little tricky, especially if you are wearing trainers or have big feet. It is not a big problem, just one that might be a bit of a niggle from time to time.

The iCandy Peach All Terrain has pneumatic 25cm and 28cm wheels and tyres. While some people dislike having pneumatic tyres, this is what gives any pushchair a good ride when heading off road, so it is a key feature on all-terrain models. We love the Peach All-Terrain wheels. They are a simple three spoke design with a really interesting straight side wall and sharks fin tread pattern! The rear wheels have suspension built in and although it does not have a high level of travel, it should pride reasonable comfort of smaller bumps and ridges, especially when combined with the air filled tyres. You can lock the front wheel if you are heading off the beaten track by twisting the cone that sits above its axle.

The Seat

The first think we need to say is the Peach All-Terrain's seat is surprisingly large, but it does not look it, it measures 32cm wide and has a usable seat back height of 48cm. Some say it does not look that big, however compare it to the seat from say an UPPAbaby vista and you will see that it is much bigger than it looks. The seat fabrics are lovely having a very high quality look and feel and the calf rest is adjustable.

Coverage from the hood is good, but perhaps not best in class as it does not sport the ‘on-trend' flip-out sun visor. When you move the hood, you will get a feel for the quality that runs through this pushchair. The hood action is not totally silent, but the action feels gorgeous, slick, smooth and chunky describes it well. What's more, the hood on the seat unit unzips and raises to make it even bigger as your child grows.

It is great that the Peach All-Terrain comes with a raincover and what an excellent one it is! Easy to fit, nice and made from a really flexible plastic that does not have any wrinkles. Other brands take note, this is how raincovers should be done.

The Peach All-Terrain's harness is colour coordinated to match the piping and the inside of the hood. On our sneaker model, its bright coral! There are three locations for the shoulder harness with adjustment taking place by putting your hand up the back of the seat and re-threading the harness ends. Buckling up is made easy by the shoulder and waist straps being connected. iCandy have forsaken a styled buckle in favour of a simple push in clip type similar to something found on a rucksack. It is easy to buckle up, but requires a very strong grip to release. Finally, there are some lovely shoulder and crotch pads included.


Seat functionality is surprisingly not perfect in our eyes. Firstly there is the bumperbar. Unfortunately, this is not gate opening, something that is common across the iCandy range. Although there is a good gap behind the bar, we would still love to see this gate opening. In addition to this, the recline is a two handed affair. Reach down to either side of the middle of the seat and press in the two central buttons to recline the seat across 3 positions. Despite this, reclining the seat is not difficult.

The iCandy Peach All-Terrain seat is parent or world facing and can be switched between the two by pressing each ‘donut' button which allows the seat to pop off. You then can lift off the seat, and drop it back in to its mountings the other way around. The seat needs to be pushed into place as springs help pop it off when you want to remove it.


Measuring 75cm long and 30cm wide on the inside, the iCandy Peach All-Terrain carrycot has the strange effect as the same as the seat, it looks small, but is actually surprisingly large. Internally, the fabrics have a hardwearing wipe clean feel and the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping. Six plastic feet protrude from the base, keeping your fabrics off the floor.

Cover is provided by the hood which comes up to 90 degrees from the side. In front of the hood is the handlebar, which as you may have guessed, helps you lift the carrycot. Again, we would love to see this being gate opening as it really gets in the way when you put your child in the carrycot. It is not even that easy to remove as you have to press two small buttons that are actually quite stiff.

This is a small price to pay for what is an excellent, spacious carrycot which once again comes with a superb windowed raincover.


Folding the iCandy Peach All-Terrain is very easy. You do have to remove the seat first though.

With the seat removed, push the handle down while squeezing the central button. As you hit the bottom of the handle stop, you will feel the handle is now ready to drop. Drop the handle to the floor. Next look in the basket for the strap. Lift up the chassis with this and it will fold in two. If you tuck the front wheel away in the right fashion, you will be surprised at how small the All-Terrain chassis is once folded - it will even free stand. You can also take the wheels off for an even more compact fold.

To unfold, undo the manual autolock and simply open out the chassis and then lift the handle. 

We like the peach fold, it is quick, simple and compact.


The iCandy Peach All-Terrain feels really good to push. The tyres iron the worst of the small bumps and vibrations and suspension copes well with the rest. The 3 wheeled design is perhaps not the most stable over certain bumps, but this is offset by the Peach All-Terrain's ability to find its way through rough, broken paths with ease. Make sure you keep the tyres pumped up to make pushing the easiest. Our only criticism comes from the design of the front inner tube adaptor, it is too long making pumping up the front tyre really tricky as the wheel hub gets in the way.


So what do we think of the iCandy Peach All-Terrain? Well, we certainly are not disappointed with the quality of the product. The Peach All-Terrain is very well made and beautifully finished, feeling like the luxury item it clearly is. There are some really clever elements. We love the way the All-Terrain folds and the simplicity of everything. The big surprise is the actual size of the carrycot and main seat - they are much bigger than they first appear. Oh and the raincovers are very good!

Some things are not perfect, the bumper-bar not being gate opening is a bit of a faff and the two handed recline is not perfect.

If you buy a Peach All-Terrain, what you will be getting is a very comprehensive urban/off-road pushchair which can switch roles in its stride. We love the quality of the product and the style of the chassis and fabrics. While the Peach may be a few years old now, the Peach All-Terrain keeps the fire burning with an excellent update. If you love the beach as much as the coffee shop, then the iCandy Peach All-Terrain could be for you!

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