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iCandy Peach 7 Review

5.0 / 5

Designed as a one stop solution for parents with its longevity, functionality and durability, the iCandy Peach has been a favourite amongst many since its first release in 2009. Here we take a look at the new 2022 version to see what alterations iCandy have made to an already very popular pushchair. 

Read time 9 minutes
Published 10th June 2022
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With typical iCandy style, the Peach 7 has some great improvements on its predecessors. What is clear with this latest version is iCandy’s continued ethos to “create products that are both beautiful on the outside but engineered to perfection on the inside”.

Provided with an amazing 5 year warranty this is a pushchair built to last and with so much versatility the Peach can tackle most parenting needs. With bundles and matching accessories available, parents can purchase this pushchair in the way that best suits them; from a future proof single to a trendy twin. 

The changes made such as the new seat size, style and fabric and the integrated ride on board, we believe, will only further cement the Peach’s frequent place in most top 10 lists.

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Carrycot
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What’s good
  • High quality finish
  • Ready to use from birth without additional purchases
  • Large basket
What’s not so good
  • Two piece fold
  • Some self assembly required

iCandy Peach 7 Review Side View

With a basis as a fashion design and manufacturing company, iCandy has four core principles; quality, innovation, heritage and style. With this in mind their range of pushchairs have all long been popular with fashion conscious parents.

The Peach is their all-rounder which suits many parent setups. Great for strutting around town, robust enough for more adventurous trips and available in either single, double or twin mode there is very little this pushchair cannot do.

iCandy Peach 7 Review Handlebar
iCandy Peach 7 Review Handlebar on the floor
iCandy Peach 7 Review Handlebar Height
iCandy Peach 7 Review Bag on handlebar

Unboxing and assembling the chassis was very straightforward, just putting the rear wheels on had the frame ready to go. Having had a very recognisable rounded handlebar for the previous models, the very first thing we noticed was the new ergonomic “teardrop” handle shape. A sleek new rubber iCandy label replaces the raised rubber parts of its predecessor, giving the handle a much more stylish finish and increased usable handle space. We would say that when folding or standing the frame on harder surfaces, we did chip the emblem, but as it is there to protect your handle bar from the ground this is to be expected and our leatherette handle never encountered any damage. 

The chassis comes in the very popular Phantom finish, though there will also be the Black Edition available for those who prefer an even darker frame. 

The handle has four different height options ranging from 95cm to 105 cm. The adjustment is telescopic and altered with the trigger button located in the middle of the handle bar. On the inside of the handle there are also hooks to hang your changing bag. The iCandy bag is available either as an additional purchase or part of a bundle and has been updated to a backpack style, which is very popular with modern parents. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Front Wheel Suspension
iCandy Peach 7 Review Rear Wheel
iCandy Peach 7 Review Wheels
iCandy Peach 7 Review Wheel Shape

The great all round suspension has been carried over from previous models, so the Peach can be used over many surfaces. Not limited to urban use, we felt at ease pushing around our more rural environment. The front wheels can be locked into the forward facing position when encountering bumpier surfaces such as gravel, grass or cobbles. Just align the wheels and click the buttons on each wheel into place.

The wheels, tyres and fork assembly have also been changed on the new model. With a sleeker and lighter appearance, this also modernises what could have previously been seen as a “chunky” pushchair. The large rear wheels gave a great ride over mixed terrains and are also quick release for compact storage if needed. All four wheels now have a raised ridge in the middle, making what is a very sturdy multi-use pushchair, very nimble around the more urban environment. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Ride On Board
iCandy Peach 7 Review Ride On Board 2

Another great addition to this model is the new integrated ride on board with 20kg capacity. This gives parents a great extra use to the pushchair out of the box and makes it more compact, even when set up for use with an older child. Our three year old tester loved hopping on to rest his legs on those longer walks. With the board and elevators, the pushchair has seven modes to use it in, without having to purchase anything else. The only thing worth noting is that using the seat on the elevators does reduce the weight capacity to 15kg, though we still feel this is ample for most situations.

iCandy Peach 7 Review Infant Carrier

As the car seat adapters are also included, you only need a compatible car seat to create an additional three modes for your travel system. We found using a car seat combined with the buggy board was perfect for the preschool drop off. We would always recommend limiting time spent in a car seat to around 20-30 minutes, particularly in the first 6-8 weeks, but for quick trips this is a great solution to minimise disruption to your sleeping infant. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Double Configuration
iCandy Peach 7 Review Twin Configuration
iCandy Peach 7 Review Two Seats

Another reason the Peach has been so popular is its versatility. With the addition of the converter brackets, which can either be purchased separately or included in a double or twin purchase, you gain an additional seven seat modes and four car seat modes. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Basket

The basket retains its very large size. With a capacity of 10kg, we were able to use it for all of our essentials as well as some shopping on our travels. We would note that when using the carrycot without elevators, your access to the basket is slightly limited, though as the elevators are included as standard, this was not much of an issue. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Brake

There is a brake pedal located to the right of the rear axle. Simply click down to engage and kick up to release. Although not hard to release, we were a little surprised iCandy hadn't opted for the more “flip-flop friendly” trend so many other pushchair brands are using. However with a focus on manufacturing quality, perhaps they feel this is a simpler and more reliable option. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Colours

In the box you receive one seat frame and two sets of fabrics. Though fixing the seat fabrics can be time consuming, it isn’t too difficult to do. For this reason we would recommend pre-planning your switch from carrycot to seat unit, to give you time to swap over, once baby reaches around six months old.

The fabrics available on the Phantom chassis are Light Grey, Truffle, Moss Green or the Dark Grey that we have been reviewing. There is also a Black edition with black fabrics on a black chassis for fans of a monochrome finish. The fabrics themselves are beautiful; highlighting iCandy’s nearly 90 years experience as a fashion design and manufacturing company. A new knitted jersey fabric has been used, which is super soft and thick for both comfort and protection of the passenger in either set-up. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Carrycot
iCandy Peach 7 Review Carrycot 2
iCandy Peach 7 Review Carrycot Baby

Starting with the carrycot for the first six months, first impressions were of the very generous size. With a 9kg weight limit, deep sides and ample length, we doubt any babies will outgrow the space early. Fleece lined and well ventilated, the carrycot provides a very comfy and safe space for infants to travel in. 

Approved for permanent overnight sleep, the carrycot can also provide parents with a safe additional sleep space, potentially minimizing additional purchases for the house or travel. The mattress cover and carrycot lining are machine washable for added convenience. The apron is zipped on for a secure fit, though we did find the zip a little hidden and fiddly to operate. There were odd occasions when we found ourselves laying the apron back down only half zipped to allow quick access to a fussy infant. However with the new heavier knitted fabrics, it still felt secure and gave ample wind protection, particularly when partnered with a pram suit or blanket. 

The bumper bar can be used as a handle for lifting the carrycot off the frame. Press in the two circular buttons on either side and the unit lifts off. This is a two handed job, though we did find it easy to do one side then the other by keeping the carrycot lifted with the bumper bar to prevent having to lean over and do both simultaneously. There are also four feet on the bottom, keeping the base off the floor. We found this protected the beautiful fabric finish even when placed on the floor while the pushchair was being folded for the boot. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Hood Ventilation
iCandy Peach 7 Review Hood Extended

Utilised for both carrycot and seat set-ups, the canopy operates with a simple pull up and push down, great for quick access to your little one without fiddling with additional buttons. There is a pop out sun visor and a zipped away extension providing generous coverage with SPF50+ protection. The ventilation window, which is covered with a thick fabric flap, is larger than the previous models increasing airflow for those warmer days and giving parents a larger viewing window of their passenger. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Harness
iCandy Peach 7 Review Buckle

The seat unit has seen the most changes from the previous model. At first glance the new cut and sew are very prominent. The new fabric combined with additional foam wadding and new stitch pattern create a very plush seat for little ones comfort. There is also an additional head cushion and improved harness padding for toddlers shoulders, chest and crotch. We particularly liked the deep padded seat sides and 20mm longer seat back, which even made our nearly four year old tester look comfortable!

iCandy Peach 7 Review Recline
iCandy Peach 7 Review Footrest
iCandy Peach 7 Review Headrest and Harness

Adjusted single handedly with the button at the back of the seat, there are four recline positions - perfect for a nap on the go. The calf rest can also be adjusted to three different positions using the two buttons on the sides. 

Not satisfied with improving the seat just for the passenger, iCandy have also made a few alterations with parents in mind. The first improvement we love is the new non-thread harness adjustment. No longer requiring parents to undo fabric, simply pull on the new head support cushion to adjust to one of the three harness height options. The bumper bar gate opens as before, but the improved shoulder padding holds the five point harness open to help parents load in their wiggly toddlers.

iCandy Peach 7 Review Pip Zip Bag

Finally there is the new Pip-zip bag on the back of the seat. Dual purpose, it can be used simply as additional storage pockets on the seat or removed and used to carry your essentials around away from the pushchair. The carry handle is stored away when zipped onto the seat, making this a secret little carry bag for added convenience and security. We found this especially handy when wanting to leave the house without a changing bag. Off for a walk we could pack valuables like a phone and keys away securely, but also had room for things such as an emergency nappy or dummy, which may not feel safe or clean in the basket. 

iCandy Peach 7 Review Fold

The fold style remains the same as previous models, though the trigger has been improved. Easy to do with one hand; engage the break, squeeze the handlebar height trigger and shunt the handle down. The handle will fold down toward the rear wheels, then grab the carry strap in the middle of the basket and pull up to fold. We would recommend ensuring your wheels are not in the fixed position as this will prevent the frame from locking into the folded position. 

The lock is a grey button located on the inside of the right center hinge. Once locked the frame will free stand using the handlebar and the front wheels for support, though as said before we did mark the handlebar protection when standing it on outside surfaces. To release, press the grey button in, let the front wheels roll out then lift the handle bar up. Although not the lightest of frames, the fold and unfold mechanism on this pushchair means very little lifting is needed. We only had to lift in and out of the car, for which the carry strap was very helpful. 

As a two piece fold, all accessories need removing from the frame before folding. This includes car seat adapters or elevators, though your converter brackets for double and twin modes can be left in place. A two piece fold may not be the quickest way to load the pushchair, though it did help limit the weight needed to be lifted. As the seat and carrycot use the same frame, the function to remove them from the frame remains the same and therefore is quick and easy to do.

Overall rating

5.0 / 5

Rating breakdown

Our Verdict
iCandy Peach 7 Review Bundle

With typical iCandy style, the Peach 7 has some great improvements on its predecessors. What is clear with this latest version is iCandy’s continued ethos to “create products that are both beautiful on the outside but engineered to perfection on the inside”.

Provided with an amazing 5 year warranty this is a pushchair built to last and with so much versatility the Peach can tackle most parenting needs. With bundles and matching accessories available, parents can purchase this pushchair in the way that best suits them; from a future proof single to a trendy twin. 

The changes made such as the new seat size, style and fabric and the integrated ride on board, we believe, will only further cement the Peach’s frequent place in most top 10 lists.

Product specification




5 yrs




All-rounder, Urban

Seat config:



One handed fold, Free standing when folded, Quick release wheels, Car seat compatible, Converts to double



Front wheel diameter:


Rear wheel diameter:


Suitable for:

Up to 4mths, Up to 25kg


W65 x H105 x D84cm

Collapsed dimensions:

W61 x H28 x D70cm

Seat height:


Handlebar height:


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