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iCandy Peach 3 Review

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iCandy Peach 3 Review
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Reviewed On: 17 Jul 2015
Sophie Bell
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Sophie's Verdict:

Now in its third reincarnation, the iCandy Peach 3 is loved by many parents and has the ability to upgrade to a tandem pushchair, without having to increase its footprint. We take a look at the newest version to see how it compares.

Review Summary


If you are after a pushchair that will last you from birth to when your child only needs to pop in for the odd ride, while looking fab all the way through, the iCandy Peach 3 is definitely worth a look.

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What’s good
  • Compact
  • Looks great
  • Can be made into a tandem with adaptors
What’s not so good
  • On the higher end of the price range
  • Slight movement to the handlebar

Review Content

iCandy Peach 3 Review

With family firmly in iCandy's heritage, they sure know how to create a pushchair that you will love. Brothers Bradley and Warren Appel have been designing high quality pushchairs in the UK since 2005, after being inspired by their grandfather, who set up a fashion company in 1933. They have improved on their original Peach to create the Peach 3 which will last you through from one to two babies, without having to compromise on space and size.

The iCandy Peach 3 comes in eight different flavours; Black Magic, Jet, Cobalt, Truffle, Fuchsia, Azure, Marshmallow, and Sherbet.

The chassis is either a Matt Black or shiny Chrome Finish, depending on the colour seat unit that you choose.


As you would expect with iCandy even the simple black box that the Peach 3 arrived in looked  sophisticated. The chassis comes fitted together in the box, so all you have to do is unfold, add the back wheels and fit the seat unit. With the wheels, you do need to fit the axle pin into the centre of the wheels and push that into the chassis, but this takes seconds.

Once built, the Peach 3 stands proud. The chassis on the Peach 3 is chunky and feels well built, ready to take on the world. For testing, we have had the Matt Black chassis with Cobalt seat unit. As the plastics are ‘colour coded' black, they match the frame perfectly and with the iCandy logo now lasered on to the frame, there's no worry that it will be rubbed off.

To cover the height of anyone doing the pushing, the Peach 3's handlebar can be adjusted to four different settings, from 95-105cm. This is achieved by squeezing the button in the centre of the handlebar so that it slides smoothly up and down. We did find that there was a little bit of movement in the handle when it was in a locked position, but this is unavoidable with sliding handlebars, and is not a huge problem. Apart from the centre button, the handlebar is covered in thick foam. One of our niggles with a pushchair fold is that it is sometimes necessary for the handlebar to be on the ground for it to free-stand. This is the case with the Peach 3, but iCandy have gone to extra efforts in this edition of the Peach, by adding ‘handle protectors'. These are thick rubber rings located either side of the button on the handle, when placed on the floor, these protectors raise the handle a good half a centimetre off the ground protecting it from stones, lumps, and bumps. If they wear down over time, these protective rings are very easily replaceable.

One of the most important features of a pushchair is the wheels - they make all the difference to how smooth a ride your little one will get and how easy it is for you to push. With two smaller front wheels and the large rear wheels, the Peach 3 does offer a really effortless push. The tyres themselves are made from a hardwearing Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate or EVA, that has no risk of puncture. They are lightweight and perfect for covering even surfaces, though there is less cushioning for the rougher terrain than with air tyres. If you do need to travel over the rough stuff, the front swivelling wheels can be locked to make it easier.

To keep the pushchair secure, the brake is placed to the centre of the chassis. It's a simple 'press on','flip up' type that can be done easily, no matter what you have on your feet. I did find myself looking for the brake each time though, as it is hidden from view by the lip of the basket.


The Peach 3 is one of the most popular urban, ‘shopping' pushchairs out there, so the shopping basket is always going to be important. Depending on your shopping habits, the basket is large and should easily fit in your changing bag and a couple of shopping bags. Made from a strong lined material and mesh sides, it can take up to 5kg and is easily accessible from the front, back and sides. Because of the way that the pushchair folds, you need to remove anything from it before you do the fold, as the basket concertinas with the chassis.

To make life easier, the Peach 3 is compatible with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus and BeSafe iZiGo infant carriers and adaptors are available separately for £30. The adaptors just click onto the chassis, so that the car seat can be added quickly.

As we are only looking at the Peach 3 as a single pushchair, we will just briefly talk about the option to upgrade to the Peach 3 Blossom tandem pushchair. Even though a compact chassis, the Peach 3 can adapt to take on board a second child and there are a number of configurations available. For a newborn and toddler you can purchase a carrycot to use with the seat unit, if you have two older children, you can get an additional seat unit, or if you have twins you can use two carrycots. You can also use the car seat adaptors to add one or two infant carriers. To do any of this, you first need the converter adaptors which you purchase separately for £50, which clip on to the chassis.


The fold on the Peach 3 is really unique and can be done with one hand, but you do need to remove the seat unit first. As a two part fold, this could mean that you need to put the seat unit on the floor while you put the chassis in the boot - not ideal in rain or on a muddy floor.

To start the fold, just slide the handlebar down to its lowest position, quite swiftly so that it disengages the folding hub locks - this then releases the handle to drop down to the floor. Pick up the strap from inside the basket and the front wheels will move inwards. It doesn't have an auto lock, so you need to manually put the clip on. The strap can then be used as a carry strap to transport the chassis easily, and because the frame only weighs 9.9kg, it's comfortable to carry and not too heavy for getting in and out of the car.

It's quite a compact fold too, measuring L70 x W60 x H25.5 and can free stand for better storage. If you want to make it that bit smaller for a tighter boot, the rear wheels can be removed by pressing the buttons at their centre.

Unfolding the Peach 3 is just as easy, just release the catch, push the front wheels out, and lift the handle.


New with the Peach 3 is the elevators that come included in the box. The elevators increase the height of the seat unit so that your little one is closer to you. It's great in parent facing mode as you can have a chat with your child as you go, no matter how busy or noisy it might be! They can also be used when the seat is world facing to allow the pushchair to be pushed up to a table in a restaurant in place of a high chair, for example. Either way, they offer the child a great position to view their surroundings, while sitting higher and closer. Used in the same way as car seat adaptors, they clip into the chassis, which the seat unit slots onto.

The Peach 3 main seat is suitable for use from when baby has outgrown their carrycot - recommended from six months. With the new testing that iCandy have completed, the seat unit can take up to a whopping 25kg! Way more than the usual 15kg. This means that it can be used for longer and with older children. The seat back measures a generous 50cm, and the five point harness has three height settings so they won't be running out of room there either. The Cobalt blue colourway that we have in for testing is a lovely deep shade, and, in our opinion, equally suitable for a boy or girl. Though made from a high quality material, the seat unit on the Peach 3 isn't overly padded and is quite firm, you could add a liner or footmuff to offer a bit more comfort.

A bumper bar is included within the pushchair package which attaches simply to the chassis. The bumper bar is inserted into the sockets with an assuring click so that you know it's safely in place. As it's not a gate opening bar, you may need to completely remove it to get your child in and out - there are two tabs, one at each side to remove it from the frame. Saying that, the space between the bumper bar and child is quite generous, so you could probably just lift them over it. It's covered in a strong tight foam, which should only be in danger from severe biters.


With three reclines in both parent and world facing positions, the iCandy Peach 3 will keep a napping child comfortable. Recognisable styling from previous versions of the Peach is the round buttons at each side of the seat unit. To achieve a recline position, you need to press both of the inner parts of the circle simultaneously and tilt to the required angle. To remove the seat unit from the chassis, you need to press the outer parts of the circle and lift up. Because you need to do this at the same time on each side, it means that you have to lean across the seat. We found it easiest to do this from the side, though other people may find it best done from the front. We usually prefer a button recline at the back of the seat, just as it's easier to get to and possible to do one-handed.

From the furthest back position, the hood comes out in five further stages to offer plenty of protection in the seat. Though not a silent hood, it's relatively quiet to pull out and just offers a few soft clicks through the positions. The lovely soft material zips into place around the back of the seat, so you can rest assure that there's no drafts or breezes getting to your little one. To allow for the larger weight limit, the hood does slide up and down the frame for taller children.

The footrest on the Peach 3 is adjustable so can span from straight down to horizontal. Measuring 20cm from top to bottom, there's plenty of room for even a tall toddler's legs. Another thing that is generous in sizing is the included raincover. With a black part to cover the hood, it's instantly obvious which way round it fits. My children have often got wet while I fight with a raincover, trying it on in various positions, so I love this! It offers a great fit for the seat unit, with just enough room for a little one to kick their legs, without allowing it to be blown up. It secures around the chassis too.


When you unpack the Peach 3 carrycot, it's flat packed for better storage. Under the mattress, there are supports that you need to pull out into their brackets. We did find this a little tricky and caught my fingers, but, it's not a job that you'll be doing often. Maybe just once when you build and then again after six months to pack it away.

If we thought there was any padding missing on the Peach 3 seat unit, they've definitely made up for it in the carrycot. The inside is covered with a thick, soft liner that can be removed for washing - great for use with small babies. It's luxuriously cosy inside with a thick mattress and an apron zipped into place to keep a little one protected. The hood also does a great job of keeping out either the sun, wind or just cold air as it's a good size made from the same fabric as the seat unit.

The first thing we noticed about the carrycot was its immense size - 74 x 40cm on the inside. As well as being deep, it's long and wide too. Definitely capable of keeping a baby comfy up to 6 months or 9kg. I tried my 5 month old in it and she had plenty of room still. iCandy offer it in the same colours as the seat unit, so that you coordinate, or mix it up.

An integral bumper bar is included to make transporting the carrycot around easy. It clicks into the side of the carrycot in the same way as the seat unit. Because it is approved for overnight sleeping, you can take baby off the chassis using the bumper, and into the house for a nap without disturbing them. You won't be tempted to pick the carrycot up with the hood this way! There's even small feet on the underside to enable better circulation and keep it from touching the floor.

You also receive a rain cover to use with the carrycot, which has another great fit. The carrycot fits on to the chassis the same way as the seat unit - it even has the same circular buttons to remove it. This time though, the outside buttons can be pressed one after the other, as they are spring loaded, making it a one handed job.


A great looking pushchair, the iCandy Peach 3 is robust enough to follow you on every adventure. Features from previous models have been followed through, and the fantastic new weight limit will make a lot of parents happy, allowing them to use it for longer and with larger children.

As mentioned, we did feel slightly disappointed with the handlebar, but other than that it's a sturdy pushchair with a great push and comfy ride for the child, especially if you decide to use the carrycot from birth! The styling is iconic to iCandy and can be recognised anywhere - it really does look lovely. It's practical too with the large shopping basket and generous seat size.

If you are after a pushchair that will last you from birth to when your child only needs to pop in for the odd ride, while looking fab all the way through, the iCandy Peach 3 is definitely worth a look.

Coming from a high quality brand, the price of the iCandy Peach 3 reflects it, so it is at the higher end of the market. But, you do receive a reliable and good looking pushchair that you know will last you through the ages. With the ability to upgrade to a tandem pushchair for a comparably low price, parents don't have to worry about purchasing new for subsequent children. The resale value is always good so your investment should be safe.  

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