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iCandy Peach 2019 Review

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iCandy Peach 2019 Review
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Reviewed On: 11 Jun 2019
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

The iCandy Peach has been at poll position on the Google Top 10 chart for the most searched pushchair for the past two years running. We've put the brand new 2018 model of the Peach to the test to see what all the fuss is about.

Review Summary


The brand-new iCandy Peach did not disappoint. The luxe feel of the system combined with its go-anywhere attitude to parenting life left us with a smile on our face at the end of our testing time. The finish of this pram/pushchair is of the highest calibre, with the precision evident in every tiny stitch, joint and logo.

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What’s good
  • Large basket
  • Superb quality finish
  • Luxury appearance
  • Great all-rounder
  • Comes with carrycot and seat unit
What’s not so good
  • Fiddly and time-consuming initial set-up
  • Two-piece fold
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Review Content

iCandy Peach 2019 Review

When you open the box of the brand-new Peach you get everything you could need in a pushchair from birth right up to 25kg in weight. To put that into perspective, my 3-year-old weighs 19.5kg right now, so this pushchair will definitely stand the test of time.

The seat unit and carrycot fabrics are both tucked nicely inside the box. Whichever fabrics you want to use are zipped onto the seat frame after you have clipped the two parts together. We won't beat around the bush, the new Peach does take some building. Grab a coffee as you can expect to set aside a good 20 or 30 minutes to complete the set-up and fiddle with the functions available to you, but rest assured you will be helped out by the step-by-step photographs in the instruction manual. The beauty of this style of seat unit and carrycot is that once your baby has outgrown the carrycot, the fabrics can be easily folded and stored in case they are ever needed again, rather than having a huge boxed carrycot to find a space for.

Once we had completed the set-up, it's safe to say we were impressed with the quality of what was at our fingertips. The chunky leather-feel handlebar can be adjusted to several heights all the way up to 105cm depending on your preference and even the joints between the leather material and the plastic fittings of the handlebar have been edged in chrome trim. We were testing the rather fabulous Nectar colourway, which boasts an on-trend mustard shade of fabric with striking teal trims. It was all set on a high-shine chrome chassis, which honestly looks amazing.

Beneath the pram unit sits a shopping basket of the most generous size. We loved how we could access the basket easily from the front and back and it was deep, always containing our worldly parenting goods with ease. We're not fans of hanging changing bags from the handlebars and there was thankfully no need to with this pushchair as there was always plenty of room in the basket for a changing bag plus much, much more!


The brake is another feature which has been subject to a redesign since the previous model of the Peach. It has been moved from the centre of the rear axle to the right-hand side. We never encountered any troubles with the brake, it was always effortless to flick down to engage and flick back up again to release.

After regular use of the pushchair, we discovered that the wheels are far more clever than they first appear. We walked over almost all terrains imaginable: grass, gravel, pavements, roads, tracks. And we did so in a mixture of weathers too. The four stylishly spoked wheels never struggled. Perhaps this was down to the individual suspension on each wheel? Or the size of the rear wheels? Either way, we were pleasantly surprised!

Carrycot and seat

Newborn passengers get the luxury of being cocooned in the long, deep carrycot of the Peach.

The likelihood is that you will be setting the Peach up from birth and zipping the carrycot fabrics onto the frame at your first set up. The first thing we noticed was that length and depth. We were also really taken by the ease of use. Carrycots can be bulky and difficult to transport but because the carrycot is removed from the frame using memory buttons, we were able to lift it from the pushchair chassis with one hand and carry it easily with the bumper bar acting as a carry handle.


The included mattress is also of great quality and the fabrics have clever breathable mesh panels in the base of the carrycot to allow for extra airflow and a safe sleep environment for baby. This really put our minds at rest as parents. And of course we can't forget to mention how the included elevators made life so much easier! The elevators raise the carrycot upwards and towards the handlebar so you are closer to baby and they can hear, sense and see you a lot better. It also meant that we didn't have to bend over to see into the carrycot and lift baby in and out - genius!


When the time is right to graduate from the carrycot, your baby can gain their big girl/boy status by using the seat unit. Just unzip the carrycot and slide on the seat unit. I say this very fleetingly, but in fact it will take you a bit of time! You will need to split the seat frame back into two halves again and zip on the seat fabrics from scratch.

Once you're all set up you can position the seat in parent or world-facing positions. The elevators bring the seat closer to you in parent-facing mode, which was handy as we did far fewer stomach crunches over the handlebar to reach in to baby! When we turned the seat forward-facing, the elevators seemed to raise the seat and just gave baby a better view of the world. They also cleverly lift the seat to the height of a table so baby can join in with meals or you can keep an eye on them when out and about. The elevators really come into their own when using the Peach as a double buggy as it gives more space between seat units.


The lovely padded harness was really comfortable for baby and the chunky buckle was easy to access and by no means fiddly. The bumper bar has also been improved upon since the previous model and you can now unclip just one side and it swings out of the way to allow you to pop baby in and out of the seat easily.


The headroom on the seat is brilliant and the hood coverage even more so. The newly designed seat unit is much improved upon the previous Peach models and we have to applaud the designers for these changes. There is even a really useful zip pocket in the back of the seat to keep valuables in. We used this frequently and would in fact be lost without it now.


Baby was always comfortable in the seat, even when napping. The recline is yet another improvement made to this model of the Peach and the one-touch recline button at the top of the seat unit was so easy and smooth to use in both parent and world-facing position.


The new Peach is still a two-part fold. That said, it's a fairly simple one. Removing the seat unit is easy with the memory buttons and of course we had to test the operation whilst holding baby in one arm - and can confirm that it is possible! The chassis fold is the part that may need some practice for first timers but once you have the feel for it (like most things!) you will be fine - and again it is a one-handed operation. You simply push downwards on the handlebar whilst holding the handlebar adjustment button in and the handlebar folds to the floor. When you lift the carry strap that rests in the shopping basket, the whole pushchair folds and locks into place.


The auto-lock (yet another new feature) has to be pressed to pull the pushchair chassis back up into place and this was definitely not a one-handed process.

The fold is not the most compact option, even in two pieces, so if you have a small car then you may need to remove the wheels to package everything into your boot. We tried in the boot of a Nissan Micra and managed it just fine with the rear wheels.


The brand-new iCandy Peach did not disappoint. The luxe feel of the system combined with its go-anywhere attitude to parenting life left us with a smile on our face at the end of our testing time. The finish of this pram/pushchair is of the highest calibre, with the precision evident in every tiny stitch, joint and logo.

It doesn't matter if you are a ‘get stuck in and get mucky' parent or a ‘style savvy stroll elegantly' parent, or in fact anything in between - the iCandy Peach is a pushchair for everyone. It rolls over any terrain without much of a question and the seat unit and carrycot will keep babies of any age comfortable at all times. It will stand the test of time as everything you need to use the pushchair from birth up to when your child reaches 25kg comes in the box. The extra-large basket is a great asset to any parent but you may just have to watch out for the two-piece fold, which could catch you out if you have limited car boot space or use public transport a lot.

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