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iCandy Orange Review

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iCandy Orange Review
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Reviewed On: 15 May 2017
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

iCandy have finally unveiled their juicy new, single to tandem Orange pushchair. We've been getting to grips with this ultra clever, future-proof pushchair - read on to see how it faired up.

Review Summary


The Orange oozes quality and was so perfectly practical and versatile in every way, we'd almost say it's the best tandem pushchair we've tested out...

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What’s good
  • Over 30 configurations
  • Highly adaptable
  • Great presence and size
  • Integrated ride on board
  • Huge basket
  • Seat unit and carrycot included
What’s not so good
  • Chassis auto lock is small and difficult to reach if folding with seat unit

Review Content

iCandy Orange Review
Chassis and configurations

The iCandy DNA is almost instantly recognisable when you feast your eyes upon the new iCandy Orange. This well renowned brand have a history of producing products of desirable design such as the iconic iCandy Peach, as well as the mini MiPeach and the MiChair highchair system. The brand new iCandy Orange pushchair has been designed and engineered to offer unparalleled functionality whilst making sure it doesn't compromise on style one bit. It's also a product that is going to appeal to the whole family, whether it's a newborn, toddler or older child, as well as mum and dad!

The Orange is constantly referred to as ‘futureproof' and looking through the instruction manual at all of the configurations, we can 100% see why. It has been specifically designed to not just grow with one child and follow them through their little life, but to follow the life of your whole family. Even when little legs no longer want to sit in a seat, but still can't keep up with the pace of walking - they can use the integrated ride on board! The Orange fits into family life perfectly, whatever your situation - what more could we want?


Just select the seat units, carrycots and car seats according to what you need and how old your babies or children are and away you go. Not only will mums and dads coo over the Orange, but childminders will too. It will be very useful for them to have a pushchair which they can adapt to suit the needs of the different children that they look after on different days of the week!

We challenged ourselves to try out all of the 30 known different configurations and we were super impressed. Even in twin modes with carrycots and seat units, there is basket space to spare and plenty of room to get children and babies in and out of the pushchair.


When unpacking the chassis from the box, we were met with the gorgeous Nimbus Grey shade of paint work - workmanlike but stylish every step of the way. The frame felt light for such a large pushchair.

The broad rear wheelbase felt great to stand behind. The chassis has such a presence that you can't help but stop and ‘wow' over it. At 60cm wide, it easily fits through foot gates and shop doorways, so we didn't find ourselves scuffing the pushchair on doorframes - the advantages of a tandem double over a side by side!

The wheels of the Orange stand just as proud as the chassis itself. The front wheels are smaller, but still hardy and the rear wheels have a broader wheel base and are larger. There's an element of chunkiness to the wheels but somehow they remain graceful too. The rear wheels give you the drive you need to push two weighty toddlers around town and help you to cover the ground. The wheels are hard wearing and gave a smooth push over many different terrains we came across including grass, gravel, tarmac and cobbles.


The chassis has a unique shape that we have not yet seen before on a pushchair. The angular frame next to the large hinges at either side of the chassis looks fab, but it's quite obviously a clever design feature too, helping to distribute the weight of two seats over the base of the pushchair.

The brake on the Orange is operated with a foot lever at the back of pushchair, close to the right hand wheel. It is extremely easy to use and even when the lower seat, carrycot or car seat is in place, it is still visible and so is easy to find and pop on. Just flick it down to engage the brakes and up to take them off again - simple is totally effective in this case.

The handlebar is covered in luxurious leatherette with the most perfect stitch detail and finishing. To adjust the height of the handle, just press the central button and move the handlebar up and down to the position which you prefer. The handlebar height can range from 97 - 115cm. At 5'6", our reviewer used the medium height range of the handlebar and found it extremely comfortable.


When we had a passenger on the ride on board, the extra space created by the height adjustment was fab and the rider could comfortably fit between seat or carrycot and the handlebar, without having to lean and hold on for dear life!

It's often the case with tandem pushchairs, that when you add a second seat or carrycot to the chassis, you lose your basket space. The basket on the Orange is so large that even with a second seat unit in place, we were able to put coats, book bags and a changing bag in there - we could even access it easily too. This is probably helped by the fact that there is no bar hindering the space - it is completely open. It was one of our favourite features of the Orange when travelling with more than one child, you always seem to require 5 times the storage space for their belongings!


The Orange comes as a whole package. In the box you get everything you need to set up your pushchair as a double, for a baby and a toddler. If you are wanting to use the pushchair for twins then you will need to purchase the additional seat unit and carrycot fabrics.

The main seat of the Orange has a back rest height of 49cm which accommodated our two year old toddler tester well. The depth of the seat is great (22cm) and the width at 30cm was more than broad enough to allow room for footmuffs and liners whilst still leaving enough space for baby. The seat unit is so spacious, that the liner that comes included with the pushchair is great for filling it out during the early months of use.


One aspect of the seat fabrics which we loved is that they are not only quality and stylish but clearly hardy too. We didn't worry at all about marks on the fabric as they seemed so resilient. A baby wipe will remove mud off the footrest and leave everything looking as good as new again!

iCandy have designed the seats very cleverly. The base of the seat and carrycot are a woven graphite colour and the hoods, liner, carrycot apron and accessories can be in your colour of choice from their lovely range. We thought this was a fab idea as not only does graphite show less mud and signs of daily wear and tear, but you can also mix and match the colours of your pushchair hoods to create a colour combination unique to you. You can also freshen up your pushchair with a new colour hood without the need to buy a whole new seat unit! Perfect!

In tandem mode, each seat on the Orange is able to carry 15kg - this is an average 3 year old. It's great to know that the Orange can carry two larger children and has been fully safety tested to do so, even though it makes it quite heavy to push up hills and on uneven ground when fully laden. If you are using the pushchair in single mode then it can handle up to (a massive!) 25kg. If you are pushing a child on the ride on board, it has been tested to carry a fab 20kg, making it perfect for younger kids when they are tired on days out or walking home from school after a busy day!


When used in any of the tandem configurations, the main seat is raised using the provided elevators which gives the bottom child more than enough wriggle room. Thanks to the slightly longer wheelbase of the Orange, there was definitely more room to get the child in the second seat or carrycot than we have previously experienced on other tandem models.

Thanks to the clever design of ‘cinema' style seating, there is no child in the ‘lower' position, both children have a clear view of what is going on in the world without having to crane their necks to the side. Just use the riser adapters to give that extra bit of height so your little ones can see over the top of the pushchair seat in front of them.


The recline on both seat units is a one handed operation situated at the base of the hood and is as simple as can be to alter. There are several recline positions on each seat so both children can rest and play whilst on the move no matter what position their seat is popped in.


The harness on the seats is height adjustable and covered in padded harness pads of the same lovely fabric as the seat unit. The harness is a 5 point harness with a large round central one touch buckle. There was definitely no fiddling with the harness when popping baby and toddler in and out. It was fuss free - just the way parents like it!

Both the seat units and carrycots come complete with bumper bars. They act as a great carry handle when you are moving the pushchair from place to place. The bumper bars are covered in the same quality leatherette as the handlebar and are sleek and slim in design. But most importantly, they are pivoting bumper bars so there is no need to remove the whole bar when popping baby in and out of the pushchair! In fact, the bumper bar was so easy to use that we were able to do it one handed whilst holding a 2 year old toddler on our hip.


If we had to pick one standout feature of the Orange, it would probably be the hood. Not only does it ooze that stylish iCandy DNA but it is probably the largest extendable hood we have come across to date! The same hoods fit the seat unit and carrycots so you can mix and match as you please and they are easy enough to clip on and off when needed. The zip open extendable canopy gives more than enough coverage from the elements and reaches past the bumper bar when fully extended. There is also a handy zip open mesh window for you to either have a secret peep in on your tot whilst you are out and about or keep open on a hot day to allow a nice breeze to flow through baby's space.

The raincover for the Orange fits both the seat unit and carrycot. You get two as part of your Orange package, so you are fully set up for a rainy day outing in tandem mode. We think it's great that rain covers are included as often you are forced to buy essentials such as this separately. In true iCandy style, even the rain cover is stylish and of the utmost quality. Every stitch is placed to perfection and the materials are supple and easy to pop on and off.


The Orange carrycots are just as stylish and practical as the seat units, and are built from the same frame, using different fabrics. This is great as removes the need to store a full sized carrycot after the first 6 months. Available in all the same lovely hood colours, you get a matching apron too. The base fabrics are tough and hard wearing but still sleek and classy.

The carrycot is roomy enough to allow your baby to stay in the lay flat position for the recommended 6 months and the hood is the same extendable hood used on the seat units. The carrycot is transported using the bumper bar as a carry handle and is simple and easy to move from place to place, even with a sleeping baby inside.

The lining of the carrycot is super soft and easily removed if you need to wash it.

One or two carrycots can be used on the Orange chassis at any one time using the appropriate adapters. Both carrycots are full sized and we expected it to be a bit of a squeeze getting baby in and out of the second carrycot, however we were proved totally wrong! There was plenty of room to get baby in and out of either carrycot. The carrycot pops on and off the chassis with ease using the same circular buttons on either side of the carrycot, the same as on the seat unit.


With such a proud chassis and large rear wheels, you might expect the Orange to make quite a large folded chassis, but we were surprised.

You can easily fold the Orange with one seat unit in place, world facing, or with all seats removed. To fold, just pull the levers up on either side of the chassis and it will fold in half by tucking underneath itself and clicking together with an automatic chassis lock.


The fold package is neat and even neater if you remove the rear wheels (we removed one rear wheel and managed to fit the Orange and two seat units into the boot of a Nissan Micra). The fold size is very similar to many single pushchair models on the market and doesn't take any extra boot space up.


If you are using the Orange with carrycots then they will need to be removed before you operate the fold. The carrycots themselves can be compressed and folded flat for transport and storage, meaning the package is no more bulky than when using the seat units.

The chassis locks together with an auto-locking clip, which is carefully positioned on the inside of the pushchair frame, so that it doesn't protrude and catch on objects as you stroll. If you are folding with the seat unit in place, we did struggle on occasion to release the auto-lock, so perhaps the grey thumb release could have been a centimetre or two longer to make this a little easier. With the fold completed with the seat unit removed though, this isn't an issue.

To unfold the pushchair, pull back the auto-locking clip with your thumb and pull the handlebar upwards until the frame clicks into place.


iCandy are renowned for producing super stylish pushchairs and the Orange not only ticks this box, but it is super practical too. After using the Orange for two weeks, there was no terrain we encountered that it could not handle and no situation we came across where it struggled. We think that it would definitely slip into family life with ease.

Its excellent adaptability and smashing good looks make the Orange the cream of the crop when it comes to futureproof pushchairs that grow with your family. The ride on board is extremely useful for families with children that are too old to hitch a ride in a seat unit. What's more, the fact you get everything you need for baby and toddler in one box makes it excellent value.

With the Orange, parents can easily transport one or two children whilst still looking effortlessly stylish. Even though it could sometimes feel heavy to push up hills when laden with two chunky two year olds in, we don't really know a double pushchair that wouldn't be.

The Orange oozes quality and was so perfectly practical and versatile in every way, we'd almost say it's the best tandem pushchair we've tested out...

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