Review: iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain Pushchair Review

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iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain Pushchair Review

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iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain Pushchair Review
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Reviewed On: 19 Dec 2018
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
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4.5 / 5

Land Rover is renowned as the epitome of style and performance in the off-road vehicle world and has now collaborated with iconic British brand iCandy to create what should surely be the ultimate off-roading pushchair for outdoors-loving families. So is it?

Review Summary


Overall, the iCandy for Land Rover is a jaw-droppingly impressive statement of design from two of the most iconic leading brands that the UK has to offer. Its price tag is substantial to match, but it is the SUV of the pushchair world and certainly a special set of wheels for any baby.

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What’s good
  • Eye-catching and unique design
  • Footmuff and cargo bag included
  • Parent and world faces
  • Puncture-proof wheels
  • Adjustable handle height
What’s not so good
  • Shallow seat depth
  • Length of harness straps
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Review Content

iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain Pushchair Review

Of course, there were high hopes for this set of wheels as soon as it landed on our doorstep. The glossy silver box gave us a glimpse of the quality inside, but we couldn't wait to get it out and built. Neatly packed into the box is everything a parent could need to take their new bundle out into the big wide world. This isn't a pushchair that can be assembled in a hurry as the seat frame comes in two parts and the carrycot or seat fabrics need threading and zipping onto the frame, plus there's the hood to be attached. All this preparation only adds to the excitement and anticipation of your new arrival though!

If you are familiar with the Land Rover brand, you will recognise the signature Scotia Grey and Firenze Red colours on the pushchair chassis. This pushchair definitely says ‘Look at me!'. If pushchairs could be powerful and muscular, then this certainly is, as it stands proudly in our hallway ready for its first family adventure.


It's clear that the aesthetics have been designed to create an impact. The curves on the chassis meeting the straight lines that are embroidered into the seat fabrics all adds to the dynamic image. The chassis sits on four wheels, all of which are puncture-resistant - very handy for the rugged terrain of the Peak District, which we tested them over. The front wheels are wide set and are one of the features that sets the look of this pushchair aside from anything else. We took the iCandy for Land Rover over rocky paths, forest trails with exposed tree roots and uneven ground, through muddy puddles and across fields. Overall, the push was smooth and the performance was good. The all-important passenger seemed not to notice the lumps and bumps too much, although there were occasions, even with the front wheels locked in line, that the pushchair struggled over angular stones. We had to either move the offending object or tip the pushchair onto its rear wheels to manoeuvre over it.

On the smooth ground of pavements and shopping centres the pushchair felt sublime. We happily pushed it one-handed in these situations, all whilst carrying a toddler on the opposite hip.

The brake is simple and has been engineered to perform without being fussy. The foot pedal operates smoothly and held the rear wheels rock-steady when clicked on.

iCandy and Land Rover have certainly paid attention to detail where storage is concerned and the shopping basket is large and can hold up to 10kg! The icing on the cake in the storage department has to be the included, totally coordinated Cargo bag. This is a carefully designed, large backpack that sits in the basket like a hand in a glove. The Cargo bag openings mean you can slip things into the bag whilst it is laid in the shopping basket and use it as an open storage space. As soon as it's time to pack up and go, just zip the bag up and lift it out of the basket straight onto your back, leaving two hands free to sort out children and the pushchair. It really is a great feature, which also saves the fuss of hunting for a changing bag to match your pram! If you are a serious off-roader, then filling the basket to its maximum 10kg capacity might reduce your ground clearance over long grass, but this is a minor issue just to bear in mind. There is also a handy zip-open pocket on the back of the seat, which is great for the odd packet of wipes and your keys.


The handlebar is covered in suede and can be adjusted in height using the central button. As you increase the height you reveal more of the signature Land Rover pop of colour. Of the three or four people who pushed the pushchair during its time with us, one of them found the handlebar too chunky for their dainty palm, but for the most part everyone found it comfortable to hold.


First, let's talk about the carrycot. If you are using the pushchair from birth then this will be the first configuration you will use the pushchair in. It comes in the box so there is no need to purchase it as an additional extra, which is great news! The carrycot fabrics are zipped onto the frame and the hood clipped in. We were really impressed with the length and depth of the carrycot, and its fleece lining means it is a really cosy and safe environment for newborns. A great point to note is that the carrycot is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, so can be used as a travel cot when visiting family and friends. We welcomed the idea of one less thing to pack into our already bursting-at-the-seams family car! The included elevator height adapters can be clipped into the seat brackets to bring the height of the carrycot closer to the handlebar, saving your back and allowing you to be closer to baby during those all-important newborn months.


Once baby is rolling and sitting by themselves, you will move them out of the carrycot and into the seat unit. To do this you need to unzip the carrycot fabrics from the frame and zip on the seat fabrics and clip on the hood. You can then store the carrycot fabrics away ready for your next child! The elevators can also be used with the seat to raise it, as well as an infant carrier should you be using the pushchair as a travel system.

The teams from iCandy and Land Rover have quite obviously gone above and beyond when it comes to the design details in the stitching on the seat. The embroidered straight lines and logos really do add the special finish that you would expect from such a luxury pushchair.


The seat can parent or world face and can also be reclined into four positions using a one-handed lever. Our inquisitive explorer loved the upright position for taking in the views whilst out on our adventures. Where the headroom, height and width of the seat were very generous, we did find that our 15-month-old tester was at the limit of the seat's depth. From the back of the seat to the crotch strap gives a limited space and, even at 15 months, the harness was extended to its full length on every strap. That said, the harness buckle was still easy to use. iCandy has confirmed that its design team is working on adjustments to the seat unit to ensure the depth won't be an issue in future.

Ever the sticklers for detail, we were really taken by the included footmuff, which complements the Land Rover design features beautifully. It was a welcome addition to the pushchair during the crisp autumn air of the test conditions. For the brighter days, we had peace of mind that baby was sheltered thanks to the useful SPF50 canopy.


The fold of the pushchair is marketed as compact, freestanding and one-handed. We 100% agree that it is freestanding, as well as one-handed, but the size of the fold leaves a little to be desired. It is an all terrain pushchair though. To fold the pushchair you need to remove the seat unit, which is simple enough to do. Then just squeeze the button on the handlebar, push downwards and the pushchair folds in as you pick it up by the carry strap. This always rests in the bottom of the storage basket ready to grab.

Due to the size of the wheels and the angle of the front wheel attachment, it takes up quite a bit of space. We found that lying the seat unit on top of the chassis was a huge help in terms of space saving, but if we had been on a muddy walk we wouldn't do this - in case we transferred mud from the wheels on to the fabrics of our new precious pride and joy! You can press in the buttons on each side of the front wheel attachment and fold the chassis inwards a bit more if you have the time. And if space is really at a premium it is possible to remove the whole front wheel section to give you a more compact package.


We often compare prams to cars and there is more than a similarity when you look at the iCandy for Land Rover All-Terrain - it really is the Discovery of the pram world. The iCandy All-Terrain that we knew previously has been re-imagined into this impressive and intuitively designed pushchair.

Where the robust beauty of this pushchair is the finest in its class, we have noticed a few details with our practical parent heads screwed on that detract a little from the dream. The first is the depth of the seat unit. Our little tester was just 15 months old and already the chunkiness of her nappy filled the depth of the seat, to the point that the harness needed to be fully extended. We wonder if it would last until she weighed the full 25kg that the seat can carry? The second is the fold size. It is advertised as compact but we felt it was on the large side, but then most all terrain pushchairs are! We would recommend trying it out in your car before you buy if you foresee this being an issue.

Finally, it's worth remembering this is a multi-terrain pram for the ultra-stylish parent. It pushes impeccably on general everyday surfaces and it is certainly a rugged performer on your average country walk, but we did find occasions where the paths became too rough and the pushchair began to trip and stumble on sharp stones and tree roots.

Overall, the iCandy for Land Rover is a jaw-droppingly impressive statement of design from two of the most iconic leading brands that the UK has to offer. Its price tag is substantial to match, but it is the SUV of the pushchair world and certainly a special set of wheels for any baby.

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