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iCandy Core Review - Seat World Facing

iCandy Core Review

4.8 / 5

iCandy offers something for everyone with their pushchairs, from all-terrain to compact - one that can do a bit of everything to a full-blown tandem. Their latest edition to the brand is certainly different, while holding iCandy’s beliefs and values of Quality, Heritage, Innovation and Style to the core! We were very excited to get our hands on the new iCandy Core to let you know what it can do.

Read time 14 minutes
Last updated 30th November 2022
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It can sometimes be difficult for new parents-to-be to appreciate the differences between pushchairs at a first look, but we think that the iCandy Core really stands out from the crowd.

Not only does it have some amazing features, and acts like the transformer of the pushchair world, but it is also on point style-wise. From the unique fan basket shape, curved chassis and geometric shapes that cover it from hood to wheel.

Once parents go deeper than just looks, they'll also find a pushchair that is practical and can handle day-to-day life with a newborn, right through to a preschooler. iCandy has been around long enough now to know things need to look amazing, whilst being simple for baby brains to operate, and we think they've got this equation just right with the Core.

iCandy Core Pushchair & Carrycot
Our price:
£ 1080 . 00
0% finance from £360.00 p/m
What’s good
  • Beautiful styling
  • Simple to use
  • One piece fold
  • Clever transformation from urban to rural
  • 5 year warranty
What’s not so good
  • Would be nice to see a magnetic harness and full memory buttons for one hand removal of seat and carrycot

The transformer
iCandy Core Review - Bundle

Unlike many of their pushchairs, the iCandy Core is a single, so can’t convert to take a second child. Instead, it has a clever chassis that can transform from an urban to an all-terrain pushchair that takes seconds to do!

Everything is included in the box too, so no hidden extras. It also has a built-in Ride-on Board that can carry up to 20kg for your older child.

It has lots of features that they’ve learnt that parents love, like the carrycot being suitable for overnight sleep and having the largest of all iCandy seat units to make sure it lasts and can perform as the only pushchair you’ll need!

You can purchase the iCandy Core in a combo with the carrycot, in a bundle with all of the accessories, or as a full travel system with an infant carrier of your choice.

We love that you receive the iCandy 5 year warranty, which should see you through one or even two children!

iCandy Core Colours

The Core is available in five beautiful colours:

• Atlantis Blue
• Black Edition
• Dark Grey
• Light Grey
• Light Moss.

This gives a shade for everyone, and we are testing out the Black Edition - such a classy option with the matching Jet black chassis. The other colours come on a Phantom chassis, which you might recognise from the Peach 7, and is a dark, metallic grey.

Multi-mode wheels
iCandy Core Review - Urban and Rural
iCandy Core Review - Urban Mode
iCandy Core Review - Chassis buttons
iCandy Core Review - Mode on Chassis

Like we’ve mentioned, the Core has a feature that sets itself apart from other pushchairs, and that is the Multi-Mode wheelbase! This means that the pushchair comes with both an Urban and Rural set in the box so that you can switch the wheels to best suit your lifestyle, or even on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as you need it.

Lots of parents will downgrade to a smaller stroller once baby gets a bit older, so having this feature means that the Core could be the only pushchair that you need.

The Urban set-up has smaller wheels, and the chassis is moved to a shorter wheelbase. This takes up less space, weighs less and is ideal for nipping around the shopping centres and using on smooth pavements. It’s easy to adjust - simply press the centre of the rear wheels and the back of the front wheels to remove, press the buttons on the inside of the middle of the frame, and push the front of the chassis in. You can then realign the velcro on the inside of the basket to shorten the material.

This does also decrease the size of the shopping basket slightly, but only by 2 litres, so it’s not much. There is an arrow on the chassis that will line up with the mode you are in, to see at a glance. Then just pop the smaller wheels in place of those larger wheels!

Pushing and stopping
iCandy Core Review - Suspension
iCandy Core Review - Urban and Rural Wheels
iCandy Core Review - Urban and Rural Rear Wheels

Reverting back to Rural mode is just as easy - unfasten the basket, press the buttons while moving the chassis out and move the velcro to the larger setting. Then switch your wheels to the bigger size. If you need your pushchair to be chunkier and capable of most terrains, then this is the option for you. Some parents may choose to stick to only one mode, but we can see lots varying the use for different days out.

Having a pushchair that is so versatile means that it caters for lots of families needs and can be used on all your trips out, without needing to also purchase a lighter, more compact stroller. It also means that little one is kept in a familiar, comfortable space on each ride out too, whether they are in the carrycot or seat unit.

We found that the push is just as good in Urban mode as it is in Rural. You can feel the bounce of the suspension on each of the wheels as you cover the ground. It has a very light push that is easily manoeuvred and capable of turning tight corners.

As well as smoother floors, we’ve also taken it on cobbles, grass and tracks without any issue - with the larger wheels designed to handle it all. While going across rougher terrain, it's easy to lock the front wheels, by twisting the dials, to keep you in a straight line.

To stop and start the pushchair, there's a press on and off brake, just behind the right rear wheel. Easy to access, it's definitely flip-flop friendly and has a green and red indicator to alert you.

Eight wheels!
iCandy Core Review - Wheel Bag
iCandy Core Review - Wheel Design

Receiving EIGHT wheels with your pushchair is unheard of, and we love that iCandy provides a little bag to keep your other set safe and clean.

Not only does this allow you to use the set best suited for your trip out, but it also means that you have backup wheels should you have a particularly muddy park walk, and then need to take your pushchair food shopping the next day! Just switch your wheels and think about cleaning the mess later.

All of the wheels have the same hexagon shapes in them as their tread. iCandy have designed each part of the pushchair beautifully.

Let's ride
iCandy Core Review - Ride-on Board
iCandy Core Review - Ride-on Board with carrycot

If you are using the Core with an older child, they can hitch a ride on the integrated Ride-on Board that is built into the back of the chassis.

Capable of carrying 20kg, it means you don't need to buy anything to stick out at the back, in your way of walking.

Your child can stand comfortably between the handlebar of the pushchair, while they chat with your toddler, or gaze in the carrycot at their new baby brother or sister.

The included elevators move the seat or carrycot further forwards to give them plenty of room. It's a great way of future-proofing this pushchair through two or more children, if you have the right age gap.

Let there be light
icandy core light
iCandy Core Review - Hub Light
iCandy Core Review - Hub Light removed

We’ve seen pushchairs before with lights, but the LED Visibility Hub Light is on each side of the pushchair to offer the best illumination and visibility of your pushchair if you’re walking in dark or low light conditions.

iCandy provides a small key that you use to remove the Hub Light from your pushchair so that you can plug it in to charge, as well as the charging cable too. It’s easy to take out using the tool, just push into the hole until it pops out. It takes a couple of hours to charge and then lasts up to 72 hours!

To turn on the light, just press the centre of the Hub Light and it spins around and stays on until you press it again. It will remind you when to charge by glowing red, and green when it’s fully charged.

We’ve tested the Core’s lights out in the darker nights, and it really does make the pushchair stand out.

iCandy Core Review - Handlebar low
iCandy Core Review - Handlebar high
iCandy Core Review - Handlebar

The handlebar of the Core can be adjusted with one hand from 91.5 - 103cm, which will cover the majority of parents, whether short or tall.

Covered in a textured leatherette, it does take a bit of getting used to, as the majority of pushchairs have a much smoother finish to hold.

It’s not uncomfortable though, and adds to the style of the pushchair, with those geometric shapes making an appearance again.

Stylish design
iCandy Core Review - Basket 2
iCandy Core Review - Hexagonal Shape 3
iCandy Core Review - Hexagonal Shape 2
iCandy Core Review - Hexagonal Shape

One of the things that sets the aesthetics of the Core apart is the styling of the basket on the pushchair.

With a fan shape spreading from the front of the chassis to the rear, it has a great capacity of 46-48 litres, depending on which mode you are set up in. As both sides are completely covered, all of your items are kept nice and secure, with the back being quite high too. There’s also a drainage hole at the bottom to let out any rain, liquid or sand that might otherwise collect there.

Another big design feature of this pushchair, which you may read a lot about in our review, is the hexagonal, geometric shapes that cover the pushchair.

They are everywhere, from the carrycot apron, seat fabrics, plastics of the ride-on board, footplate, handlebar, wheels and even the adaptors! It all ties in beautifully and gives another texture and dimension to the Core.

The carrycot
iCandy Core Review - Carrycot
iCandy Core Review - Carrycot Apron
iCandy Core Review - Carrycot frame
iCandy Core Review - Carrycot removal

As your carrycot is one of the first places for baby to travel, it must be comfortable, cosy and safe for them. With the iCandy Core, you receive a matching carrycot that can be used from birth up to around six months or 9kg.

The apron that zips into place also features the same 3D design, with raised sections stitched in. It prevents any breeze from getting into little one.

The inside is lined with a soft fleece material that has those honeycomb shapes embossed into the fabric. This can be taken completely out if you need to clean it.

You might notice that the carrycot on the Core has a much softer look than other iCandy carrycots. The frame on the outside has completely gone for a seamless, smooth look.

Don’t worry though, it’s just as strong and suitable for overnight sleep, which means no scratchy travel cot mattresses are needed for your tiny newborn in those first six months!

To remove the carrycot from the chassis, you can lift one lever and then the other, and then pull up with the bumper bar. When using on the elevators though, it is a two-handed operation, needing you to lift the levers at each side simultaneously.

We'd love to see full memory buttons to make this job a bit easier to do.

iCandy Core Review - Carrycot hood
iCandy Core Review - Carrycot and seat hood
iCandy Core Review - Hood window

The hood on the carrycot is a good size and pulls right over baby to protect from sun or wind. You do receive a different hood for your carrycot and seat unit, so make sure you get the right one on for the best fit.

The seat unit one has an extendable, zipped panel, so that you can have two different sizes, whereas the carrycot hood is always at the bigger size.

The hood is made from a thick, luxury jersey material that is almost squidgy and super soft to the touch. The back panel can be lifted to give extra ventilation and airflow through the carrycot. 

Add elevators
iCandy Core Review - Elevators 1

Included in your pushchair box are the elevators. These two adaptors clip into the pushchair and can be used to increase the height of your carrycot or seat unit on the frame.

Use facing you to bring baby closer and higher, use the other way to move baby higher and further away to create more space for a child using the built-in Ride-on Board!

The main seat
iCandy Core Review - Seat size
iCandy Core Review - Seat reclined
iCandy Core Review - Seat World Facing

Something that parents are looking for when purchasing their pushchair is a decent-sized seat unit that will last their child until they no longer want to use it. iCandy have listened to their fan base and given us their largest seat unit to date, on the Core. 

When reclined, it measures 110cm from the top to the bottom of the foot rest!

The lie-flat seat on the iCandy Core can be used from birth right up to 25kg, which is more than most children of around four years old will be. Having the 60cm height of the seat, as well as this weight limit will make sure you get the most out of your pushchair and give you great longevity.

It’s also handy that you can use the seat with a newborn, for those days when space is at a premium and you can’t fit the carrycot in. The sides are slightly built up to protect baby, but you can add a footmuff, which will probably be beneficial for small babies.

You can use the seat unit parent and world-facing, and it's simple to switch it around. Pull the two catches at each side of the seat and lift. Again, you can do one at a time if you aren’t using the elevators, but if you are, then you need to lift at the same time with both hands.

Although easy enough, it would be better if there were proper memory buttons in place. 

iCandy Core Review - Seat Elevators 2
iCandy Core Review - Seat Elevators 3
iCandy Core Review - Seat Elevators 1

Additional modes are created with the seat on the elevators, though this does decrease the weight limit from 25kg to 15kg.

When used forward facing, it moves the seat up and forward, which is the perfect position for table height if you're eating out.

When parent facing you can have it either closer and higher to you, or again, further away to give room on the Ride-on Board.

Reclining the seat
iCandy Core Review - Recline Lever
iCandy Core Review - Footrest up

To recline the backrest of the seat, just lift the lever on the back and choose from four different positions. We love the lie-flat option, as well as the fully upright position that you can achieve for older toddlers too.

When fully reclined, the leg rest of the Core can be popped up to give a great, flat position for small legs. It also lengthens the seat to ensure that they can stretch out.

Again, this is adjustable, with different positions to move through, using the buttons on the sides.

Inside the seat is stitching, giving you more hexagon shapes and quite a structured feeling to the separate sections - backrest and base. Saying that, it's still extremely thick and padded on the base and backrest to give great comfort to any child.

5 point harness
iCandy Core Review - Harness 3

To keep little one secure, is a five-point harness. We love that the padded covers help to keep the straps open to place your child in the seat. The shoulder parts clip onto the waist section and can be fastened separately or just two sections into the buckle at a time.

It would have been nice to see a magnetic harness added here, as so many brands are now using it on their pushchairs. This harness is very similar to what we’ve seen before from iCandy. It’s very easy to use though, with the large iCandy button in the centre of the buckle used to release it.

The headrest cushion in the seat has a dual purpose. It gives a bit more cushioning for your child’s head, but also can be pulled up and down to adjust the height of the harness. Very clever.

Being able to move the harness up in one swift movement makes it super easy to adjust it when your child is growing, or just wearing different clothes to suit the weather.

A bumper bar with matching leatherette sits over the front of the child.

Gate opening from either side, you can also completely remove if you wish. It sits nicely away from the seat to allow space to slide a smaller child in behind it, without removing it.

Seat hood
iCandy Core Review - Seat hood
iCandy Core Review - Seat hood window

The second hood that you need for your seat unit zips neatly in place and has a nice height away from the seat to give plenty of headroom for older children. It's also a great size, as it has a concealed zip that allows you to extend it further down.

You can lift the back to reveal a large viewing window with mesh ventilation.

Great for airflow and peeking in on the little one in the seat. Made from the same material as the carrycot, it's thick and luxurious, with a real quality feel to it. Both hoods have an SPF 50+ rating.

iCandy Core Review - Travel system

As well as your elevators, the iCandy Core comes with car seat adaptors.

Taking a range of compatible car seats from brands like Maxi-Cosi and Cybex, these adaptors perfectly transform your pushchair into a full travel system without any additional expense.

Great value accessory bundle
iCandy Core Review - Accessories
iCandy Core Review - Footmuff
iCandy Core Review - Liner

Although you can buy the Core as just the pushchair and carrycot, you can also purchase it as a bundle with accessories.

For an extra £170, you will also receive a matching footmuff and liner, changing bag, screen, parasol and cup holder.

The footmuff is lined with an opulent and soft fleece, in your matching colour to keep little one warm. Covered with stitching to give you the same honeycomb shapes as the seat, you can double it up as a seat liner too in warmer weather. It’s fully reversible to make the most of the plain or fleece sides.

This is a fab way to protect your seat unit at all times of the year, whether they’re munching on ice cream or sausage rolls.

Brilliant backpack
iCandy Core Review - Backpack
iCandy Core Review - Inside backpack
iCandy Core Review - Backpack on hooks

Going with the fashion trends of modern-day parents, the changing bag is a backpack style.

Much easier and comfortable to carry out of the way on your back, with both hands-free. It does have a satchel feel still though, with two leather straps and buckles over the front. They aren’t real buckles to unfasten though, using magnets instead to keep the front secure.

Inside there are multiple pockets to keep everything organised, and a changing mat that is easy to clean.

We love how the whole front of the bag drops down so that you can fully see inside. No more rustling around inside like Mary Poppins! It also creates another surface to change baby on.

There’s also no need to take up important basket space with your bag either, it has integrated bag hooks which allows it to hang nearly from the knobs on the inside of your handlebar!

Folding the Core
iCandy Core Review - Fold button
iCandy Core Review - Folded

The Core fold is very similar to that of the Peach 7. While sliding one grey button and squeezing the other, you push the handlebar into the frame. Then lift up the bar that runs through the basket and lift up.

The automatic lock will keep it all together while you transport it and it is freestanding for easier storage.

iCandy Core Review - Unfold button

To get it back upright, slide the grey button on the central bar of the frame left, and it will release the front wheels. Then just lift your handle to be on your way.

Folding with the seat on
iCandy Core Review - Folded with seat parent facing
iCandy Core Review - Folded with seat
iCandy Core Review - Folded in boot

One big difference for this iCandy pushchair is that you can also fold the pushchair with the seat unit attached! Hurrah!

This is fab for those cold and wet, wintry days where you just need to get the pushchair in your car boot quickly, without having to leave anything on the floor whilst you get sorted.

To fold with your seat unit in place, first use the recline lever on the back of the seat to fold it forwards, then you can lift up with the handle on the back of the seat.

You can also do it with the seat parent facing - push the seat forwards slightly to the handlebar until you can lift the footrest, and then push both sections the other way towards the front wheels. Then continue as before.

It is quite light to lift, from 5kg on the frame alone without wheels and up to 12.6kg with the seat unit and everything in place. It’s a good size to fit in most family car boots too.

Even if you’re folding without the seat unit, in two pieces, the seat unit clam-shell folds in half to take up less space and keep it clean.

Overall rating

4.8 / 5

Rating breakdown

Our verdict

It can sometimes be difficult for new parents-to-be to appreciate the differences between pushchairs at a first look, but we think that the iCandy Core really stands out from the crowd.

Not only does it have some amazing features, and acts like the transformer of the pushchair world, but it is also on point style-wise. From the unique fan basket shape, curved chassis and geometric shapes that cover it from hood to wheel.

Once parents go deeper than just looks, they'll also find a pushchair that is practical and can handle day-to-day life with a newborn, right through to a preschooler.

iCandy has been around long enough now to know things need to look amazing, whilst being simple for baby brains to operate, and we think they've got this equation just right with the Core.

Product specification




5 yrs

Suitable for:

From birth, Up to 25kg




All-rounder, All-terrain, Urban

Seat config:



Free standing when folded, Quick release wheels, One piece fold, Car seat compatible, Lie flat seat, Sliding harness



Collapsed dimensions:

W61.5 x H39 x D75.5cm

Handlebar height:


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