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egg Stroller Review

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egg Stroller Review
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Reviewed On: 30 Jun 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

The egg® brand has been created by the team at BabyStyle with the aim of entering the luxury pushchair market. Read our egg® stroller review to find out if it delivers. 

Review Summary


If you have a love for beautifully made luxurious products and are at that stage when you are choosing your dream pushchair, take a look at the egg® stroller - you won't regret it, it is a superb product.

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What’s good
  • Beautiful fabrics and looks
  • Smooth ride
  • Great attention to detail
  • Easily adjustable
What’s not so good
  • Handle touches wheels during fold
  • Tricky to lock once folded
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Review Content

egg Stroller Review
Pushchair review

Created by the team behind the excellent BabyStyle range of pushchairs, the egg brand hit the shelves earlier in 2015. The egg® stroller is the first in a line of new products we will see from this new luxury brand. The elements to convert the egg® stroller into a tandem will be released in September 2015 and rumour has it, we should see an actual stroller in 2016. The question is, is egg's first pushchair any good? Find out here in our egg® stroller review.


Detail is something that separates luxury products from the ordinary. Be it an intricate clasp on a designer handbag or the material used in a high end watch bracelet, it is the detail you notice, sometimes without consciously looking for it.

The egg® stroller is packed with lovely details. From the embossing on the handle to the sprung collar in the front wheel assembly that removes wheel flutter, it is clear that the egg® team love fussing over the details, and so they should. A price of £699 puts the egg® stroller right into the luxury end of the market competing with iCandy, Stokke, Bugaboo, UPPAbaby, Silver Cross and more. It is a testimony to the egg® team then that you can tell the egg pushchair is clearly a luxury item just from looking at it.

The egg is a great looking pushchair. It has a short and stocky appearance with gently curved chassis members. Modelled on an actual hen's egg, the curved back of the seat belies the comfortable shaped interior which is made even more stunning with the introduction of one of the fabulous coloured liners. We have a Forest Green on Gunmetal version on test. What a colour combination. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but everyone who has seen this colour combination loves it.

With all this focus on luxury, egg® have not forgotten about functionality. In fact, it is clear that this is where egg® have actually spent considerable time.

Take the brake, love flip flops? Press the centrally located brake down to put the brake on, press it down again to take the brake off. No more injured toes!


The wheels themselves have not escaped the attention to detail magic wand. The rear tyres are puncture proof exhibiting something egg® call ‘Tru-Ride' technology. This essentially means the ride from the rather low profile solid tyres exhibits the same compliance as an air filled tyre without the problem of punctures. Personally I am not convinced a solid tyre can even exhibit the same ride comfort as an air filled tyre, however, never having a puncture is a big bonus.

Up at the front, the front wheel assemblies are both lockable and removable. Delve deeper and you will find a clever sprung ring hiding on top of the wheel assembly. This is designed to eliminate wheel wobble and rattle. It works. The egg feels very together and solid when you are pushing it, giving a tremendous feeling of quality.

The egg pushchair's Basket measures 44cm x 34cm x 12cm. It is by no means the biggest on the market; however it is big enough for a couple of bags of shopping.

Every time you use your egg® stroller, you will do one thing - hold the handle. egg® have gone to town here with a beautiful stitched leather affair with an embossed egg® logo on the side. The handle is a large diameter and feels slightly padded in your hands. It makes a change from foam. I like it. The handle height varies across 5 positions from 92cm to 104cm. There is a comfortable position for everyone.

Raising and lowering the handle is as simple as twisting the middle section of the handle itself forward and moving the handle to your favourite position. Even here you can feel the quality of the product as the handle slides in and out beautifully.


A hen's egg, yes that is right, the curve of the back of the seat on the egg stroller was directly taken from the curve of a hens egg. This may be the most striking feature of the egg® stroller, however, delve deeper and you will find a well designed and beautifully finished seat.

Seat depth is 28cm, with a usable back height of 50cm. Width is 30cm, which is fairly standard. The egg® Stroller Seat can be positioned both world and parent facing.

I love the design of the 5 point harness. The central button has been designed in the shape of an egg and it is really easy for an adult to press to release the belts. There are soft shoulder and crotch pads and 3 positions for the shoulder straps.

egg® have clearly worked to ensure that everything feels luxurious when operated and the hood mechanism has not missed this attention. Moving the hood is a silent smooth affair. While is does not provide total blackout levels of coverage, it comes up to 90 degrees from the seat frame. When combined with the curved seat apron however, the egg® seat cocoons your child beautifully - perfect for UK winters.


Fabrics used on the egg® have an almost cotton soft feel, yet appear on initial inspection hard-wearing. This is a big part of what makes the egg® stroller so special, everything you use, touch and feel is gorgeous. Take the seat liner we have here as an example. It has a funky padded look, but it is colour that really sets it apart - a beautiful copper, almost auburn, the liner also has the egg logo embossed midway up the back.

Head down to the footwell and you will find an adjustable footrest that hides both the raincover and also the mosquito net/sunshade. If you don't have the raincover with you, then the pocket can be used for keys, your phone or anything else of that nature. The footrest can be adjusted across 3 positions by pressing the grey buttons on either side.

Seat functionality has once again been carefully thought out. The recline is one handed. Lift the lever at the back to move the seat across its 3 positions. It moves smoothly and more interestingly with your child in the seat, is perfectly balanced reclining with an almost spooky minimal amount of effort. The leather covered bumper bar is gate opening from either side moving completely out of the way. Finally, to remove the seat, you push the button on either side down and lift the seat off. It is here you will find that once again, the designers have considered exactly where your hands are at this point making seat removal a fluid affair.


The egg comes with a raincover that can be stashed in the pocket at the front of the seat. It is simple to fit, if a little wrinkled when you pull it out. Not perfect, but you will find it quick and simple to fit.


Suitable for occasional overnight sleeping, the egg® stroller carrycot once again, carries the shape of an egg with each end being curved. The interior measures 74cm long x 32cm wide and 12cm deep. It is not the biggest in its class, but it looks the perfect size when fitted to the chassis.

The gorgeous fabrics are carried over from the main seat. It is then a little disappointing that the internal material around the sides and on the mattress does not feel quite as plush as the rest. Mind you, it is practical, being wipe clean. The apron maintains a curve once zipped up, once again carrying the curved theme through.

Picking up the egg® stroller carry cot is made a pleasure as egg have again included a lightly padded leather section on the carry handle. This handle also doubles as the hood and can be dropped by pressing the two grey buttons on either side of the hinge at the base and rotating the hood back.


Smooth stable and solid, these are the 3 words that describe how it feels to push the egg®. The ‘True-Ride' tyres really help this pushchair glide across hard concrete. You barely notice the cobbles on our test route as the suspension soaks the little ridges up with ease. The most striking thing you will find is just how solid and rattle free the egg® stroller feels. Finally popping up a kerb is made easy by the positioning of the weight and location of the handle. Very impressive.


In order to fold the egg®, you must first remove the seat. Once this has been done, you need to lower the handle to its lowest position and then twist the centre of the handle towards you and drop the handle to the floor. It is a shame that the outside of the handle touches the wheels as you fold it. There is a chance muddy wheels will make for a muddy handle at this point. Next, pick up the chassis with the central strap and it will fold in on itself. You can now engage the manual lock once you have turned the front wheels inwards.

To unfold, with the chassis in one hand held by the strap, release the manual lock and allow the chassis to open. Lift the handle and you are ready to drop the seat on.

The fold is nice and simple, however it could be made better if the lock was improved and the handle did not touch the inside of the wheels.


You may have already guessed that we love the egg® stroller. There is barely anything to fault. It looks fantastic, it has brilliant functionality and is incredibly well built.

Any niggles are tiny such as the tricky chassis lock and the fact the handle touches the wheels during folding.

The pocket in the footrest and mosquito net storage are details that mark this pushchair above average. Couple this with beautiful fabrics and a fastidious attention to detail and you have a product that genuinely deserves to be labelled as ‘luxury'.

If you have a love for beautifully made luxurious products and are at that stage when you are choosing your dream pushchair, take a look at the egg® stroller - you won't regret it, it is a superb product.

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