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Egg Stroller Parent Review

Review Overview

Egg Stroller Parent Review
Reviewed On: 15 Mar 2016
Zoe Lester
A parent

Hi, I'm Zoe I'm 24 years old and live in Wolverhampton. I have two children a boy who is 4 and a girl who is 8 months. I'm currently on maternity leave but soon to be returning to work part time within a Pharmacy. We enjoy going on lots of walks to the park and with our dog as well as trips to the local village. We are really looking forward to trying out the Egg Stroller and putting it through its paces and sharing this with you.

Review Summary


It's perfect for general use although struggles with off-roading and uneven surfaces such as stones. We travel more in the car than on public transport, and when it's within the boot there is still plenty of room for shopping too due to the fold and how it sits, even without the need for removing the wheels. I've previously found with larger seat units like this that sometimes they take over the boot but this fits well.

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What’s good
  • Easy to open & fold
  • Great style
  • Smooth ride
  • Adjustable handle
What’s not so good
  • Seat unit & footrest quite small
  • Not ideal on uneven terrain
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Review Content

Egg Stroller Parent Review
First impressions

I eagerly awaited the delivery of the Egg Stroller, unfortunately the courier couldn't find us due to living in a new build. However I was so excited to receive it I went to the depot and collected it that evening. By the time I got back home it was too late to put it together however I had an exciting task the following morning. Once I had taken my eldest to school opening the egg stroller and putting it together was first on my agenda for that day.


The entire stroller was packed within the decent sized box, very neat and compact I must say. The seat unit was pre-assembled, as was the frame just needing the wheels placed on. I'll confess one thing I usually hate is putting the wheels on, finding which go to the correct side can be a hard task, however the egg is marked with a L and R and each wheel the same meaning it's easy to place the correct wheel on the correct side. I thought you would simply just place the wheels on - wrong! I took myself to the instructions and figured there's a button on the back of the frame which you press and it allows you to put the wheel on easily and lock in place; this was only for the front wheels. The rest of the stroller was easy to put together, simply clicking in place. It came with a seat cover a little like a footmuff, which was the only other thing to add on, again very simple to do just clipping into place over the bumper bar. I've had the Egg Stroller in the gun metal chassis with storm grey fabrics and it really is beautiful. I'm looking forward to taking it out for a spin. 

March 12th 2016

Today I used the stroller for the first time properly, I've used it a couple of times during the week for a quick school run but honestly its super quick there. However today we went on a mega walk/bike ride with my eldest. We were out for around 4 hours, most of that spent walking, or for Isla strolling along taking in the sights.


The stroller was very easy to manouver, even when using just one hand it didn't change how well it handled. Most of the time we went up and down dropped kerbs however sometimes this wasn't possible and the stroller was easy enough to get up and down kerbs when needing too. I was hoping during the walk Isla may have a nap however, she didn't so I never got to experience the recline.

March 15th 2016

A quick supermarket dash was in order today for a top-up on some essentials. I was easily able to carry the basket whilst pushing the stroller and then when we finished the shopping it all fitted nicely inside the basket underneath still leaving plenty of room. The basket is just like a netted front and is quite open so you wouldn't fit in too many smaller items probably.

March 20th 2016

Due to the weather being so nice, we decided to do some work in the garden, we don't really have anything which Isla can play in and with the garden being left how new builds are, she has nothing to play in. We decided to bring the stroller outside for her to sit in. She was happy forward facing being able to see what we were doing. We gave her some toys too which, when she dropped, only landed inside the footmuff so keeping everything together.

March 26th 2016

Today we had an Easter parade at the school in the afternoon so we decided to have a stroll beforehand as the weather was so nice and then finished off at the school. It was nice for us to be hands free during the parade but Isla was still able to see around.

March 25th 2016

Another day of work in the garden, we were out for the whole day but the Egg came in really useful for when it was nap time. We were unable to put Isla in the house as we were all outside so when she was due a nap we placed her in the Egg and fully reclined. The hood was a good protection from the sun and she was very comfortable ... until a loud noise!

March 28th 2016

My eldest child has always loved to push his sister around, maybe it's a novelty for them, so having the adjustable handle height is perfect. Ok he can't see over the top of the pushchair very well but he can easily hold on and push her around with guidance when needed. Today, he loved the chance to push his little sister whilst we also had the chance to try the egg manoeuvering brilliantly through tight spots and different terrain - we were very impressed.

April 7th 2016

Today the weather was a bit mixed but we had the eldests friend around so when the weather decided to dry up we popped Isla into the pushchair, put wellies on the boys and went for a wander to the park. It was incredibly sunny which made the perfect change, and everyone got to enjoy some time on the park. Taking the pushchair makes it easier for me to be able to push the swings when the eldest is playing rather than worry about holding Isla too. On the walk back there was a bit of a wind blowing however the shape of the hood and how Isla was sitting meant she was protected and remained nice and warm. In the upright position the hood covers a fair amount of the stroller keeping the sun away, but also a fair size when reclined too.

April 10th 2016

For me having a stroller which fits into the car boot without taking up all the room is important, and having one which folds small enough for storage at home is a bonus. The Egg folds differently to others which I've owned in the past, and collapses in half for super simple storage. The seat unit comes off and folds separately, which may be awkward for some but fine for us, apart from when storing in the house. The idea of the fold seems pretty simple, folding the handle back towards yourself. I had a few problems with this initially however now I know I just wasn't pulling it far enough (for fear of breaking it). Heres how it fits within a Peugeot 307, with plenty of room still available:

April 12th 2016

We had a lovely afternoon at Wonderland, which has lots of different surfaces. The Egg stroller was easy enough to push around and we didn't have any problems. Everyone was able to enjoy the different displays including Isla in the stroller. We also walked into the shopping centre afterwards and it was easy enough to be stored whilst we had some food.

April 20th 2016

Such a glorious day weather wise today, we decided to go on a little walk in which we had the pushchair parent facing and went straight to collect the eldest from nursery with his bike. Whilst we waited for him to finish we quickly and easily transformed the pushchair over to world facing so Isla could watch her big brother and be nosey at the world around her.

April 30th 2016

Today we went on a little weekend away for the bank holiday and headed up to Manchester. Our Egg got it's first go on public transport by taking a trip on the trams. The egg was easy to get on and off the tram and also with the foot brake on stayed securely in place for the journey (and we did a lot of those).

May 1st 2016

Finishing off our weekend we headed to the East Lancs Railway for the Day Out With Thomas. This was the first time we had got to use the rain cover on the stroller. It was easy enough to place on, simply fitting over and it kept the inside very dry and nice and warm as there was no space for wind to blow through. When the rain eventually stopped Isla was still warm and dry more than could be said for the others. We walked along many different surfaces today including a cobbled surface which the stroller didn't handle too well but was better than some others in my experience.

May 4th 2016

After the rain at the weekend, its hard to believe the warm weather that we had today. We took a walk to the park to burn off some energy on the swings and slides and had a play on the grass. The stroller handled the off-roading on the grass well when the main pathway was closed.

May 10th 2016

Nanny took the Egg out today, she sometimes finds it difficult to fold the strollers - however she had ease with the Egg and finds it easy to handle. They took a trip to the city for some shopping and found it simple with the Egg.

May 14th 2016

We had a trip to see the fish at the Sea Life Centre, one thing I loved about taking the Egg was Isla was easily able to see the different tanks and the sea animals within them. The Egg was easy to push around. 

May 17th 2016

I've discovered a little pocket at the front of the seat unit – it's possibly the best feature ever! I've actually been putting my phone and keys in there when we have gone for a stroll without taking a bag of any kind and when I've not had pockets. However, other things could fit in there such as the rain cover (yes I tried it). Although quite a snug fit, its somewhere to keep where you always have it to hand. A perfect feature if you ask me.

May 27th 2016

Today I thought I would do a little update on the basket, one key feature for people when looking for a stroller is the shopping basket. Whilst the Egg has a lovely large basket, the design I find a little weird. I've not actually put lots of things in there yet for fear of losing items. When I have Isla parent facing I place the change bag in there and that's it simply as there is nowhere else for it. However, other times I've placed our coats or a little bit of shopping in there. Both the front and back are quite open with the back being a little more secure.

June 3rd 2016

We went on a walk today as I'm currently without a car and we needed some items from the shops. However on the way home it decided to rain, luckily we had the rain cover which I covered the stroller with quickly, but by the time I was back everything within the basket was quite wet and after removing it there was a little puddle gathered inside of the basket.

Final Summary

It's hard to believe we are at the end of our time reviewing the Egg stroller, we have really enjoyed using it over the past few months and it's been a perfect stroller with all of us. Sometimes I love a stroller but my partner or my mum don't and they look after the children too so need to use one. However, the Egg was one stroller in which we all loved, possibly them more than me.
It's perfect for general use although struggles with off-roading and uneven surfaces such as stones. We travel more in the car than on public transport, and when it's within the boot there is still plenty of room for shopping too due to the fold and how it sits, even without the need for removing the wheels. I've previously found with larger seat units like this that sometimes they take over the boot but this fits well.

For me the only downside I really found was the seat unit; firstly it's not as wide as I would have liked although still fitting Isla in well, when she is older she wouldn't have as much space. Also the footrest isn't overly large so again when she has longer legs these will end up flopping over and maybe not provide much comfort.  At first I did find the fold difficult however over the use it has become easier and now not a problem. I also found during a rain storm that everything which was in the basket underneath was very wet, however Isla remained dry which is the main thing.

I loved the overall style of this pushchair, the way the seat is unusually shaped, the ease of using the extendable handle bar and how compact it folds. The overall ride felt smooth apart from obviously bumpy surfaces although Isla didn't seem overly concerned by this so not uncomfortable.
For me one key thing to look at in a stroller is the opening and folding along with how it fits in the car and all of this was really good; folding and rebuilding very easily and the carry strap making it all easy. I've mentioned how well it fits in the car above.

Overall I really like this stroller, the price tag is slightly high and I feel some additional features would make it really good value for money, however I would be happy to pay this price for what you get.

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