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egg® Tandem Review

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egg® Tandem Review
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Reviewed On: 21 Sep 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

As well as being a premium pushchair with great looks, the egg® is capable of taking two children on board with the addition of simple adaptors.

Review Summary


The detailing on the egg® stroller really sets it apart. It oozes luxury and quality with the premium fabrics and has some nice little features to make life with two children easier. If you have the stroller and carrycot already, the initial outlay is only £39 for the adaptors to turn it into a tandem for a newborn and toddler! 

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What’s good
  • Luxury feel fabrics
  • Both carrycots full sized
What’s not so good
  • No parent facing option if using two seats
  • Brake is difficult to reach in tandem mode

Review Content

egg® Tandem Review

Hatching only last year, the egg® stroller does well carrying either one or two children. Designed as a tandem pushchair with a single footprint, it can be used with two car seats, two carrycots, a seat and a carrycot or two seats. The minds behind the creation over at BabyStyle, have created something that screams style and quality. 

egg® Tandem Review: Configurations

Though starting out as a single pushchair, the chassis is capable of taking on a second seat or carrycot - making it a compact tandem for use with siblings of different ages or twins. 

There are several ways that either the main seat, tandem seat, car seats or carrycots can be carried on the chassis. All you need is the tandem adaptors, which click into the main seat housing, giving an additional housing to fit the second seat or carrycot. Built as an ‘S' shape, the lower part of the adaptor rests on the chassis to support the second seat. It is easy to remove again by depressing the grey buttons at the top of the adaptor.

1. Two carrycots - top carrycot parent facing, lower carrycot world facing

With this configuration, the carrycots face in on each other, with the top one parent facing and the lower one world facing. They do sit over each other, so the bottom carrycot is quite shielded and visibility isn't great unless you keep the hood down. The brake is difficult to reach with your foot with the carrycot in the lower position.

2. Two car seats - both parent facing

Using the egg® with two car seats allows you great visibility of both your babies as they both parent face. As well as the tandem adaptor, you will also need the car seat adaptors to attach the infant carriers. If you are looking to use two car seats, then it is compatible with either Kiddy Evo Lunafix, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Pebble Plus, Cybex Aton Q, Besafe iZi Go. 

3. One car seat, one carrycot - car seat on the top parent facing, lower carrycot world facing

If you have newborn twins, you can carry one in their car seat and one in a carrycot. The car seat sits on the top parent facing and the carrycot sits lower down world facing. 

4. One seat, one carrycot - seat on the top world facing, lower carrycot world facing

This configuration is great if you have a newborn as well as an older child. The seat on the front allows your toddler to have a good view of the world, while you keep an eye on baby. If you put the hood down on the carrycot, you can still recline the front seat for naps. Again, it is difficult to see or reach the brake with the carrycot in this lower position. 

5. One car seat, one seat - car seat on the top parent facing, lower seat world facing

With the car seat on the top parent facing, you can easily see your newborn. The older sibling sits in the tandem seat in the lower position, world facing. Though it's not recommended to keep your baby in their car seat for too long, this is quite a good configuration for children of different ages, as you have good visibility of them both. Using one car seat it is compatible with either Kiddy Evo Lunafix, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Pebble Plus, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Cloud Q, Besafe iZi Go and Recaro Privia. 

6. Two seats - both world facing with three recline positions on the top and two on the lower

If you have two toddlers, they can travel in the main seat and tandem seat on the chassis. Though they can both recline - the top seat with three positions and the lower with two positions, there's no option to have one of the seats parent facing. This is a shame, especially if you are using it with a younger child. The lower seat's hood can't be fully extended, but as there's not too much room between the seats, especially when both are reclined, the seat is still protected from the environment. This is a compromise you usually need to make when using a tandem. 

egg® Tandem Review: Chassis

Unlike any other pushchair on the market, both the seat units and carrycots have unique styling that resembles the naturally curved shape of an egg®. Even the chassis of the egg® has a curved feel about it. Though designed to have a flair of elegance the chassis is still solid and robust, and feels built to last. We love the Gun Metal chassis that we have here in the office, which again adds to the styling and compliments the colour of the seat and carrycot fabrics. 

The hand stitched leatherette on the handlebar gives a real look of sophistication to the pushchair, with the tan colouring contrasting nicely with the seat fabrics and chassis. Setting it apart from other pushchairs, the handle has a central rotating barrel, rather than buttons. To telescopically adjust up and down, providing a good height range for mum or dad, the bar rotates forward. There are five positions from 94-105cm. Rotating back the barrel is the start of the chassis fold. 

Tru-Ride Technology® tyres have been added to the egg®. This means that, though they are rubber tyres and don't pose a risk of puncture, they do have a bit of bounce to them which gives a better ride for the child. Suspension all-round further enhances this. The large back wheels are 26cm and the front wheels are smaller at 18cm and can be locked off with a grey button just above. As the centre of the wheels are silver, they don't quite match with the rest of the chassis. It would be nice to see them coordinate with the rest of the chassis, like the Black and Mirror frames do. After receiving feedback, egg® have confirmed that this will be implemented as a rolling change on future models. 

The brake is press on, press off and really easy to do. With the tandem seat or carrycot in place though, we did find it difficult to see or even reach the pedal and found that it was easier to do from a side angle rather than straight on. 

When using the egg® as a single, the shopping basket isn't a bad size. Unfortunately, with a second seat or carrycot in place, you're not really left with much space, apart from a small area at the front of the basket. 

egg® Tandem Review: Seat

The material used on the egg® really is beautiful and makes the pushchair stand out. The Petrol Blue that we have tested has a lovely sheen to it, giving a luxury satin feel. As it has a protective coating, it should be more able to stand up to marks. egg® do provide a seat liner in a colour of your choice, which will help further protect the seat. The seat liner itself is designed with lots of memory foam shapes and contouring, much like a car seat liner to help keep the driver comfortable. The pushchair logo appears at the top, with the egg shaping towards the the bottom. We have been sent the Sahara Tan liner which perfectly matches the piping on the seat hood and back. 

At 50cm, the egg® seat is a good size to cater for your growing child. The 5-point harness features thickly padded shoulder pads which are Velcroed into place for easy adjustment. There are three height adjustments and two for the crotch pad. To change the height, it's a case of unbuckling the top of the harness and rethreading it through the seat. To adjust the length, the shoulder straps each have a slider to move up and down. The buckle is a one touch button, again in the shape of an egg. 

egg® provide the main stroller seat with its own apron. The apron is made from the same material as the seat and quite thick. The rounded shape is carried through in the styling, with matching piping running down its length. As it curves outwards, there's plenty of room underneath to still add your own blanket to keep your little one cosy. To keep it securely in place, it tucks round the bottom of the seat and poppers over the bumper bar. 

Matching the handlebar, the bumper bar is covered with a hand stitched leatherette. As it's made from a good quality material, it shouldn't mark too easily. The gate opening mechanism makes it quick and easy to place or remove your child from the seat, and there's a small button at each side to release. The entire seat removal is done by pressing the buttons at the side of the seat, and positioned so that you can pull up with the bumper in a quick and fluid movement.

The recline is very smooth and achieved by lifting the lever at the top of the seat. As discussed in the configurations, if you use two seat units together, there are three recline positions for the top seat and two for the bottom. 

There are three positions to the egg® hood, and it's relatively quiet to operate. It offers a good level of coverage with a UPF 50+ rating, and teamed with the curved apron, makes sure that your child is kept sheltered.

Usually an unassuming part of a pushchair, the footrest has a little secret. Adjustable via the buttons to each side, it also has small pocket that is under the footwell, secured  with a strong magnet. Large enough to store your raincover, or even your valuables, we think it's a great idea. 

With each seat unit or carrycot, a raincover is provided. Rather than cover the whole pushchair, they are designed to keep each component nice and dry. 

Available as an extra purchase to compliment your pushchair is the egg® babynest. A footmuff with a difference, the zip is placed down the centre for easy access to your child. The luxurious and opulent, fluffy lining will keep any baby comfortable and warm, with egg® recommending it to last up to 18 months. The two sides are toggled into place and can be folded down in warmer weather. Carrying on the theme, the egg® logo is printed on the front, with the egg shaped zip making it easy to undo.

The differences between the main seat and the tandem seat, is that there is no bumper bar or apron on the tandem seat. This makes it easier to distinguish when placing the seats. 

egg® Tandem Review: Carrycot

With the egg shape continued through to every detail, the egg® carrycot is oval, slimming down to a point at the foot end. Even the apron stands up in a curve. The apron is great to keep the elements out, but does restrict visibility slightly. 

The whole carrycot is covered in the same silky material as the seat, with piping to match. The inside is lined with a soft material that can be zipped out to make cleaning easy, while the provided mattress is plenty thick enough to keep your little one comfy. 

The interior of the carrycot measures 79cm long x 32cm wide, so it's not the widest that we've seen, but it should still last baby. Weighing 3.4kg, it's nicely balanced to carry and features a padded, leatherette covered handle in the centre of the hood. 

As well as the integral handle, the hood has three positions and there are buttons at either side to achieve this. The halfway position is good to use when you have the carrycot in the lower position - still offering some coverage but opening up the view of your baby.

The carrycot can be removed quickly from the chassis by pressing the grey buttons to the sides. There's a nice ridge on the plastics here, which make removing it easier. 


Not only does the egg® stroller look good, but it handles pretty well too. With two babies on board, the chassis still performs, with a smooth ride thanks to the ‘Tru-Ride' tyres and suspension. The kerb pop is a little more difficult with a second seat or carrycot in place, but not so much that you will struggle. 

The frame is solidly built, and though compact, you'll feel confident that it can still take the weight of two children in its stride. 


To fold the egg®, all seat units, carrycots and adaptors need to be removed from the chassis. The handle also needs to be in it's lowest position. Once you've done this, you can then rotate the centre of the handle backwards and drop the handle bar down. The beautiful leatherette of the handle will touch the floor, so be careful if you are outside! Then just grab the strap from the basket and pick up for the whole thing to fold. Though there's a lock, it's not automatic so you'll need to remember to swing it round to the catch to keep it all together. If you line up the front wheels, the chassis will freestand. 

The chassis fold is quick and compact, though if you're using it as a tandem pushchair, you'll also need to store the seats and/or carrycots. 


The detailing on the egg® stroller really sets it apart. It oozes luxury and quality with the premium fabrics and has some nice little features to make life with two children easier. If you have the stroller and carrycot already, the initial outlay is only £39 for the adaptors to turn it into a tandem for a newborn and toddler! 

As with any compact tandem pushchair, there is a compromise with the space and positioning provided to both children. But the egg® gives you six positions to choose from, from twins in matching carrycots, up to a baby and toddler siblings, so there will be something to suit everyone. Taking out your children, whether it be to a shopping centre or park will be made easier with the egg® tandem's compact chassis and single pushchair footprint. 

The only slight criticism we have is the difficulty to reach the brake when a second seat or carrycot is in place. It's not impossible to do, but maybe a handbrake or alternative position would make things easier when you're on the move. If you approach it from a side angle, rather than straight on, it is slightly easier to achieve. 

Take one for a spin if you have two or more children, or another one on the way. We're sure it won't disappoint. 

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