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egg2 Stroller Review

Review Overview

egg2 Stroller Review
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Reviewed On: 04 Jan 2021
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

The egg stroller has been a firm favourite in the luxury pushchair market for a few years now but it has recently undergone a redesign in the form of the egg 2. Let's see how the new design features fared in our full review...

Review Summary

egg 2 Stroller
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£ 879 . 00
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What’s good
  • Great size seat
  • Luxurious carrycot with one hand removal
  • Luxurious finish
  • Great wheels
  • Good sized basket
  • Easy adjust new harness
What’s not so good
  • Two auto-lock clips to release when unfolding chassis
  • No memory buttons to remove seat

Review Content

Review // egg 2 Stroller
Our verdict

If you want to indulge in the most luxury of pushchairs for your new bundle of joy, then the egg 2 stroller should most certainly be on your shortlist. 

The build quality is outstanding. Every join, label and function has been designed and produced to provide you with a pretty perfect end product. The small niggles that we came across are insignificant and dependent upon personal preference. Some parents found the handlebar too bulky in their hand whilst others found it luxurious and ultra comfortable and it also would have been nice to have memory buttons on the seat unit so that it could be removed with one hand, just like the carrycot.

The design alterations from the previous model have made huge improvements. The larger seat, superb easy adjust harness that is accessible from the magnetic flap at the back of the seat unit, new wheels and new fold stand are all wonderful additions to what was an already fantastic pushchair.

If you appreciate the finer things in life and want no less than perfect for your new bundle of joy, then the egg 2 stroller could definitely be the one for you.


If you have never seen the egg stroller before then you will instantly recognise why it has such a name. The sultry curves of the chassis and seat unit combined are designed to cocoon baby in the most exquisite environment - and they do exactly that.

Starting with the chassis, the new egg 2 has a taller chassis than the previous model - it looks great. The elongated chassis allows the whole pram to stand taller (3.6cm taller to be precise) and when the carrycot, seat unit or car seat are in place they sit closer to the parent to allow greater interaction between them. We think it's great how these finer details have been thought about, making the egg more than just a pushchair. The handlebar now sits at a comfortable height of 99cm at its lowest setting and can be adjusted through 5 different intervals to a height of 111cm. This range is perfect for parents of all heights and gives the most comfortable of strolling experiences on those precious days out making memories with your baby. 

Wheels and storage

No detail has been left unturned in the creation of egg 2. The newly designed wheels still exhibit egg's Tru-Ride® technology but both front and rear wheels are larger than the previous model. The slimmer profile of the wheels gives an altogether more sleek and stylish look to the stroller whilst providing the smoothest of pushes. We pushed the egg over park paths and pavements with complete ease. When encountering cobbles on our local high street we simply locked the front wheels into place and the ride for baby remained as smooth as ever. When you stand behind the handlebar of the egg 2, you can feel the luxury in the palms of your hand as you push.

The brake is an important feature of any pushchair and the egg 2 brake makes stopping and starting smooth and seamless. The brake pedal is pressed down once to engage the brake and pressed down again to release. No need to strain your toes and scuff your favourite boots by pulling the brake up with your toes. 

Even the shopping basket has been improved on the egg 2. The changes in chassis size have meant that the wheelbase of the egg 2 has increased by 6cm making the shopping basket far bigger than on the previous model. You will never need to worry about being able to fit all of your belongings into the basket on a day trip, there is enough space for everything.

Seating options

On the face of things, the egg 2 seat looks the same; it maintains the stunning egg shaped profile, but has received some significant design upgrades.

There are nine new colours to choose from! The six Collection colours are Paprika, Olive, Feather, Monument Grey, Quartz and Cobalt. Matching backpacks for Collection colours can be purchased separately, or come as part of egg 2's 8-piece packages. 

There are also three special editions - Just Black, Jurassic Grey and Diamond Black. The special edition versions are slightly more expensive, but do come with the matching toploader design backpacks. 


The newly designed seat unit is a whole 7cm taller which allows for the pushchair seat to be used by toddlers up to around 3 years old. 

The luxurious attention to detail that was evident in the chassis is right here in the seat unit also. The fabrics are a soft tailored marl, which is softer and has a high fashion subtle sheen to them. Each egg comes with its own reversible fleece liner in either cream, grey, blush pink or black. Easily cleaned whilst soft and sumptuous for baby to nestle in to. We defy any parent not to want to nestle into the opulent optional extra of a footmuff.

At the back of the newly designed seat unit there is a discreet and sleekly designed flap in the shell of the egg 2. Lift the flap that is secured by magnets and it reveals a harness adjust system much like you might see in the back of a high-end infant car seat. Squeezing the adjuster clasp allows you to move the harness and new headrest up and down the seat seamlessly. This is impressive and a huge positive for us as pushchair users. The recline of the seat can be tilted to three different positions and by pressing the buttons on each side of the frame the seat can be switched from world to parent facing.


The hood again emulates the smooth curve of an egg shape. Even though we tested the egg 2 during the winter months, we know that in summer the new ventilation window will provide much needed airflow for babies on warmer days. It's also very handy to peep in on baby when they are forward facing. The fabrics now feature UPF50+ protection too.

If you plan to use the egg 2 with a carrycot to provide a cocooned and safe environment for your newborn then you will not be disappointed by the quality of the egg 2 carrycot. It is placed on and off the chassis with such ease thanks to the new one-handed lever at the base of the hood.

Again, the new egg 2 carrycot has UPF50+ protection in the canopy and an integrated ventilation panel for plenty of airflow.

Covered in the same opulent fabrics as the seat unit, the padding of the liner and the mattress secures the egg 2 stroller's spot in the luxury pram market. We also loved the fact that the newly designed chassis and carrycot means that the carrycot sits higher up on the frame which makes it easier to tend to baby in those first few months. You can also peep in on baby and capture those first precious smiles whilst you are out and about. 


Since our previous review of the egg, the egg Shell car seat has been released. The luxurious egg Shell car seat conforms to the new i-Size regulations and is suitable for babies from 40cm (newborn) to 80cm and a maximum 13kg (usually around 15 months in age). Just as with the stroller, the details and design of the egg 2 Shell are lovely. The Shell contains side-impact protection and the memory foam headrest provides a cosy, secure but all importantly safe cushioned space for baby. It will also perfectly match the rest of your pushchair.


Another fabulous fact about the egg 2 stroller is that it can be used as a tandem. There are six approved configurations where either the main seat, car seats or carrycots and even an additional tandem seat can be carried on the chassis. All you need is the tandem adaptors, which click into the main seat housing, giving an additional housing to fit the second seat or carrycot. Built as an ‘S' shape, the lower part of the adaptor rests on the chassis to support the second seat. It is easy to remove again by depressing the grey buttons at the top of the adaptor. It's also only £50 to turn your single pushchair into a tandem with your existing units.

As the chassis length has been increased by 6cm, it has provided more space between the units in all configurations, which does make a big difference when the pushchair is set up as two seat units.


Folding the egg 2 is a simple affair, there's no need to break out in a sweat or get in a fluster.

It's important to note that your seat or carrycot must be removed from the chassis before you start. Using the twist barrel in the centre of the handlebar, rotate it forwards to retract the handle to its lowest position. Then rotate it backwards and the handle will drop down to meet the rear wheels. The newly designed chassis and fold now means that the stunning leather handlebar will no longer scuff and touch the floor. egg 2 also free stands when folded. 

The final step is to lift the pushchair using the easy to grab handle in the base of the shopping basket and the chassis will fold and lock into place automatically. You just need to remember to release both of the two chassis locks when unfolding the pushchair and popping everything back in place. 


Tech specs







depth min:


depth max:





2 yrs





Seat config:



One-handed-fold, Free-standing-when-folded, Quick-release-wheels, Car-seat-compatible, Converts-to-double





height min:


height max:




weight max:




Suitable for:

6-quantity_4.format., Up to 25kg

Our price:
£ 879 . 00
Our price: £ 879 . 00

0% finance from £293.00 p/m

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