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Cybex Priam Review

Review Overview

Cybex Priam Review
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Reviewed On: 07 Aug 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

We take a look at the gorgeous Priam from Cybex. 

Review Summary


The Cybex Priam is gorgeous. The detail and design make this hugely desirable for some. In general the functionality is clever, but there are a few elements that let it down. The fold is fussy and will no doubt annoy at times and the basket may not be big enough for some.

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What’s good
  • Gorgeous looks
  • Great accessories
  • Clever functionality
What’s not so good
  • Fussy fold
  • smallish basket
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Review Content

Cybex Priam Review

Not everyone will have heard of Cybex. They have been around for some time, however they are better known for their luxury carseats than their pushchairs. This is quickly changing with the recent introduction of their luxury pushchair, the Priam. We give you our view in our Cybex Priam Review.


Let's get this out there now, the Cybex Priam looks gorgeous. The slender black frame is set off by the chrome lower legs that have been designed around the influence of the American Designer Charles Eames. We just love the wheels - enough said. Intricate details such as leather like handles and bumper bar with the embossed Cybex logo enhance the already premium look. It all adds up to create a pushchair any parent would love to be seen pushing.

Daily use has not been overlooked in the pursuit of beauty. Cybex has paid close attention to the Priam's functionality.

Handle position is adjusted with a central button, squeeze it in and move the handle from 98cm high up to 108cm across 4 positions. The middle position is perfect for someone who is 5ft 10", this give you an idea of the range. The handle is covered with a leather like material, it is not genuine leather, but you would be hard pressed to tell otherwise.

The brake is operated by a pedal on the rear axle. You rock it back and forth to apply and release it making it perfect for strappy sandal lovers! It is light and easy to use. The wheel set we have on our Priam is the light version, however, you have additional options of trekking wheels and an all-terrain set. Possibly the coolest option is the ski's - yes that's right you can have a ski for the front wheels! Looking closer at the light wheel set, you will see Cybex have designed a gorgeous, simple, set of wheels and even given them whitewall tyres. The rubber tyres are foam filled so your Cybex Priam won't be getting punctures which is a good thing. The front wheels can be locked by pushing the chrome tab down at the front.

Cybex Priam owners are likely to love a trip to the shops. The Priam has a reasonable basket measuring 40cm x 34cm x 24cm. This can be extended by pulling back the flap at the rear. This flap is held shut with magnets - once again, nice detail. Some may find the basket undersized, however, it is a key part of the aesthetic, the shape and size is part of the look of the chassis. If you are in love with the Priam, you will forgive this.


We have the Lux seat on test in this Cybex Priam Review. This version of the seat hinges in the middle when you use the one handed recline. Cybex have been clever here as the crotch strap lengthens as you drop the back and shortens as you raise it meaning you don't have to adjust the shoulder straps as you move the seat back. The 5 point harness has a clever, but simple strap adjustment for the shoulder straps meaning you will always find the perfect position. We love the buckle. It is easy to connect the straps into and has a nice big button to release the straps. All in all one of the best harnesses we have seen in a while.

Cybex Priam owners have the option of seven different colours. The fabric is a denim style and looks great in the flesh. On the inside of the seat you have a contrasting liner which is actually part of the seat, only needing to be removed for cleaning. One element that is really smart is the ability to remove the foot rest liner separately. Perfect if you have had a rainy day out but just need to clean the part where muddy boots have been.

Cybex has designed the seat to be at table height. This works well when in world facing mode, however the handle is in the way if you have the seat parent facing.

Finally the hood is almost silent in use and includes an extra panel that can be unzipped meaning you can extend it right down to the bumper-bar with the seat in its upright position.

You can fold the Priam one handed and can be done with the seat on. With the seat in world facing mode, you need to move the seat back all the way forward and then drop the handle to its lowest point using the button and sliding button on the handle. Once down lift and the pushchair folds. The fold on the Cybex Priam is a compromise -  It is neither compact or autolocking resulting in an awkward package when it comes to putting it in the boot.


The Cybex Priam is gorgeous. The detail and design make this hugely desirable for some. In general the functionality is clever, but there are a few elements that let it down. The fold is fussy and will no doubt annoy at times and the basket may not be big enough for some.

Put those elements aside though and you have one gorgeous luxury pushchair with some really interesting accessories. At £799 it is not cheap, especially when paired with a Cybex Car Seat, but that is pretty par for the course at the top of the Luxury market.

The Cybex Priam is a design lovers dream.

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