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Cybex Priam 2022 Review

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Cybex Priam 2022 Review
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Last updated: 29 May 2022
Jo Studholme
Expert Reviewer
Jo's Verdict:

We have long been fans of CYBEX at Pushchair Expert and were excited to hear of the launch of the new and improved PRIAM 2022. We rated the PRIAM 2019 5 stars but times have moved on. Pushchair manufacturers have strived to upgrade and refine their offerings, so we were keen to see whether the new PRIAM would maintain its enviable status in the market.


Review Summary


If you are looking for a stylish, functional and stunning pram and pushchair, you really can’t go wrong with the latest PRIAM. It is relatively expensive but that certainly does not make it poor value for money. You are paying for a beautifully engineered set of wheels that is a pleasure to push, whether your cargo is a newborn or a larger toddler. The upgrades to the new 2022 version have been carefully thought out and well executed. Whilst the PRIAM may seriously stretch the budget, it will be a dream pushchair for many and we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Cybex Priam 2022 Matt Black Chassis
Our price:
£ 949 . 90
0% finance from £316.63 p/m
What’s good
  • Beautifully executed set of wheels
  • Large choice of fabrics and chassis options
  • Spacious carrycot with lots of additional features - suitable for overnight sleeping
  • Stunning looking pushchair finished to an exceptional standard
What’s not so good
  • Need to use adapters to attach the carrycot
  • Large fold with manual locking feature
  • Luxury end of the market with a price tag to match
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Review Content

Review // Cybex Priam 2022 Matt Black Chassis

The PRIAM 2022 is available with four different chassis options and we were sent the rose gold to test. It is also available in all black, plus two chrome versions, with the choice of a brown or black handle. The first things you notice about the PRIAM are the sleek lines of the chassis interspersed with (in our case) rose gold accents. It is a beautiful chassis and so different in looks to other pushchairs on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the finer details.

The PRIAM wheels are substantial and made from puncture-proof styrene-butadine rubber (SBR) - basically rubber which will give a cushioned and smooth ride. All four wheels are easily removable should you need to take them off to wash or produce a smaller fold. The 7” front wheels can be removed using the slider located under the front cross bar of the chassis and the 11.5” back wheels are similarly easily released using a button under the black plastic mouldings near the wheels. Teamed with four-wheel suspension, they mean the PRIAM gives a very smooth ride for your precious cargo whether it’s a small baby or a chunky toddler. The detailing on the chassis is phenomenal and rose gold suspension springs are testament to the thought that has gone into each and every element of this pushchair. 

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Chassis
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Wheels
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Rear Wheels

The adjustable handle has a leather finish to it with some of the most perfect stitching we have ever seen on a pushchair - it is this attention to detail that makes the CYBEX PRIAM stand out from the crowd. At its lowest position the handle reaches 98cm but once extended it will go up to 108cm, giving a good range to suit the more petite amongst us as well as taller parents. 

On both the left and right side of the stroller, you will find a circular adaptor mounted just below the leather handlebar - this is to attach a cupholder (sold as an additional accessory) and is positioned conveniently at ‘grab height’. The 2019 cup holder was mounted rather low down so this improvement is welcomed.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Handlebar
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Cupholder Adaptor

At the bottom of the chassis you will find a basket which follows the lines of the frame - the base is waterproof and the sides are mesh. The rear of the basket is held into position and you can pull it outwards to allow easy access when required. If you really do have copious shopping this panel can be left out to give you larger cargo space. The basket can hold 5kg, which is perfectly acceptable for most shopping needs.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Basket Closed
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Basket Open

The angled brake at the back of the chassis is both functional and easy to use. The easiest action we found was to place your foot on top of the brake and rock it forwards to engage the brake and backwards to release the brake. You can be safe in the knowledge that this way, you will not damage even the most delicate of shoes - or even bare toes on warm summer days!

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Brake

The CYBEX PRIAM seat pack comes in your choice of fabric colour in combination with any of the four frame options, but you can also purchase one separately - ideal if you keep your pushchair for a second child and want a different colourway, or of course you just fancy a change. You can customise your seat to suit you and your design style, whether you are a classic black or grey person or you prefer something a little more bright or stand-out and would consider one of the designer collections. The PRIAM 2022 is in fact launching with 21 options! The standard seat packs are the most popular and cost-effective choice, but ‘Plus’ fabrics are also available, offering a slightly harder wearing and textured finish. In addition, the 2022 PRIAM sees the introduction of three sustainable seat pack options as well as the continued inclusion of a whopping 10 designer options.

The latest PRIAM boasts a newly styled seat unit which encompases its established, well loved features along with some additions to enhance the comfort of your little one and your ease of use. The seat unit is suitable from birth until 22kg but if you prefer you can use the Lite Cot on the seat unit for your newborn, or remove the seat and attach the large LUX Carry Cot.

PRIAM detail

You can use the seat unit either parent facing or world facing from birth. It is very easy to fit to the chassis - simply line up the ‘horns’ on each side and it neatly slots on. Gravity pulls the seat down and you will hear a click once it is in place. To remove the seat, locate the circles on each side and push them in. These are memory buttons and do not have to be pressed simultaneously, making detaching the seat and switching its direction very quick and easy.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Seat Rear-Facing
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Seat Buttons

The seat recline is situated on the back of the unit, just below where the hood joins. It is a simple but effective lever design and offers the choice of three positions. As you recline the seat back, the base gently ‘relaxes’ to give your little one an ergonomic seating position at all times. This is super useful if your little one falls asleep whilst sitting up as the seat gently slides into position when reclining so as not to disturb their kip.

Once on the chassis of your PRIAM, the seat has a higher position than on many pushchairs at 60cm off the ground, offering your child a good vantage point and closer contact with you in parent-facing mode. 

We were delighted to discover that the seat fabrics are much easier to attach to the seat frame than previously. No more cursing! CYBEX has obviously listened to feedback on this and come up with a far more user-friendly solution.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Recline

The PRIAM 2022 seat is luxurious and spacious. It has a generous seat back height of 54cm, catering perfectly for taller children, and there is ample padding to ensure your little one is comfortable. The embroidered leatherette CYBEX logo detailing can be found on the seat pad and also the hood - a nice touch although we did prefer the more subtle logo on the 2019 version.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Hood Logo

One of the big upgrades on the PRIAM 2022 (also reflected on the MIOS 2022) is the harness. It is now super-simple to operate using just one hand, giving effortless adjustment with a single pull. If you have ever had a harnessed car seat it is likely that you will have used a very similar system, and the concept is one that we are now beginning to see on a few pushchairs too. To open the harness, you simply apply pressure to the middle of the buckle and the attachments pop out To fasten the harness you simply push in one side and then the other. It’s simple to operate even when restraining the wriggliest of toddlers as you don’t have to align both sides. In the middle, below the crotch padding is a strap that you pull to tighten the harness. You can equally easily adjust the height of the shoulder straps by sliding them up and down - it really is that simple! The PRIAM 2022 also has comfort pads for the shoulders and between the legs, which are fastened using a discreet popper. We love the new harness! Anything that makes parents’ lives easier has to be a big plus point.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Harness
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Harness 2

On the back of the seat unit is a useful pocket - ideal for storing your mobile and purse when the seat is in world-facing mode, or perhaps a spare nappy and some wipes for that ‘just in case’ moment.

The PRIAM comes with a bumper bar, which is leather-covered to match the colour of your handlebar. The stitching is precise and it carries the CYBEX logo neatly embossed on the right-hand side. To remove the bumper there is a little button to press near where it meets the chassis - this can be done on either side to create a swivel motion or you can do both sides in order to remove the bumper bar in its entirety. A popular additional accessory for the PRIAM is the snack tray, which clips neatly and securely onto the bumper bar - perfect for snacking on the go.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Bumper

The PRIAM hood opens easily and initially offers fair coverage for your little one to protect them from the elements. However, once you unzip the extra panel, it gives excellent coverage and with the addition of the pop-out visor this is even better. There is a small circular metal tag on the right with the CYBEX logo on it - a lovely extra touch. The visor on the 2022 PRIAM is less ‘floppy’ than on the 2019 model, another upgrade that we like. Once the hood is fully extended there is a peekaboo window, the cover held neatly in place with magnets. Once lifted, there is a mesh panel to allow you to see your little one and enable extra ventilation on those warmer days.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Seat Window
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Hood Extended
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Seat Logo

The seat comes with its own raincover which fits neatly and securely around the seat unit, keeping little one away from the elements. With its elasticated edging, the seat will easily recline without the raincover popping out of position.

LUX Carry Cot

The LUX Carry Cot is sold as an accessory for the PRIAM 2022 and, despite the seat unit being suitable from birth, is one that we - along with many parents - would prefer for a newborn if budget allows. The LUX Carry Cot is suitable from birth until 9kg (or around 6 months), is unquestionably large and luxurious, and negates the need for a harness in those early months, which would be a must if you used the seat unit or Lite Cot from birth. Available in the same fabrics as the seat unit, you of course have the option to match or have a different design to your main pushchair. 

The LUX Carry Cot for the PRIAM has always been lovely, but CYBEX has enhanced its features to align with the launch of the PRIAM 2022 - and quite frankly we love it! It is very easy to put together, though we did get frustrated with the poppers that are situated under the mattress as these kept unpopping! However, once we mastered it and the mattress was in situ, they seemed to stay done up. 

For many parents, the ability to use a carrycot for overnight sleeping is an absolute 'must-have' and we are pleased to see that the new Lux Carrycot 2022 now passes the necessary regulations to give parents peace of mind that this is a safe option for them.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot 2

The PRIAM 2022 LUX Carry Cot is simply a beautiful product. It oozes quality and style from the moment you see it and the finish is second to none. The addition of a pocket in the foot of the carrycot, although it’s not large, is useful for keeping your phone and maybe your house key close at hand. 

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Pocket

After unpoppering the weather shield, the thick, cotton-lined apron can be unzipped from either the left or right side - or both should you wish. The zips have a leather tag, making them easy to grip even in those winter months when wearing gloves. Once unzipped, the apron reveals an exceptionally spacious carrycot. The foam mattress is thick and both comfortable and supportive for your precious newborn. The mattress cover is super-soft, the top being 100% cotton. Although you can wash the mattress cover at 30-degrees, we would love to see pram sheets added as an accessory to the PRIAM range. At the head of the mattress is an extra removable cotton bumper, a feature we see in very few carrycots. It does mean that should baby roll, their head is gently cushioned against 100% cotton. It also adds a little protection from the breezes should you have the head of the carrycot unzipped to reveal the integrated mesh ventilation panel.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Inside

For winter walks, the LUX Carry Cot provides a cosy environment for your baby. However, if using it in place of a travel cot indoors, or when summer approaches, we all know that babies can get warm, and CYBEX have covered all eventualities. The canopy comes to 90-degrees with the addition of a small pop-out visor - adequate to protect the baby from the elements whether shower or shine (a raincover is included for wetter days). You can lift the back of the canopy to reveal a meshed panel. The underside of the panel has a silken finish, which again reflects the quality of this product. A (very) small gripe is that this can appear a little creased and floppy - ideally, we would have liked to see it hidden away to maintain the beautiful lines of the carrycot. If this does not provide enough ventilation, you also have the option to zip the back of the carrycot to reveal a secondary mesh panel around the baby's head. This time you can hide the excess material in a cleverly designed zipped pocket at the base of the carrycot - we LOVE this… no flappy fabrics! Not only does this give your baby the ventilation they need on hot days but it also gives them a panoramic view of the world.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Ventilation
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Ventilation 3
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Ventilation 2
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Ventilation 4

Historically, the LUX Carry Cot has slotted directly onto the chassis but with the 2022 version, you do need to use adaptors, included in your pushchair box - these are multi-functional as they will also take your compatible infant car seat. The benefit of this is that the carrycot is now in a higher position, bringing baby closer to you, and we love this element. Another reason the PRIAM 2022 should make the shortlist for taller-than-average parents! The previous carrycot, although not particularly low, did not sit as high as some of its counterparts on the market. The downside is obviously having to make sure you always have the adaptors at hand when you need them, and the overall appearance is not quite as seamlessly pretty. 

To attach, you simply pop the adaptors onto the struts on each side of the chassis and then drop the carrycot on. To remove, the memory buttons on each side just need pressing in one at a time, making it a one-handed operation if required. Simple!

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Carrycot Adaptor

The CYBEX LUX Carry Cot comes with a raincover, and we love that this is included. As you would expect with a high-end product, the raincover is better than most. It is incredibly easy to fit and looks more attractive than is typical. The hood area is nylon and the rest TPU (no horrible PVC smell apparent). The sides have ventilation holes and there is a roll-up panel at the front for added ventilation - particularly useful if you are popping in and out of shops but do not want to remove the full raincover. Our only gripe here - and we’re being picky - is the ugly Velcro that is used to roll the panel up - it works perfectly well, but as the Velcro sticks up when you are using it, the flowing lines of the carrycot are spoilt. There is also a Velcro flap at the top to give you easy access to the handle when removing the carrycot from the chassis.


The CYBEX PRIAM 2022 can be folded with the seat in situ either world or parent-facing, or you can remove the seat.

Pram mode

When using the PRIAM 2022 with the LUX Carry Cot you need to first remove this from the chassis. You can fold down the hood of the carrycot to help save space. You can fold the chassis with either hand; simply hold the handlebar in the middle and press down the button located underneath the CYBEX logo using your thumb. At the same time, squeeze in the rectangular black button using your fingers. Push the handle towards the front wheels, keeping the two buttons held. Once the handlebar reaches its lowest position, push further - you will see on each side of the inside of the chassis two rectangular buttons and as you push the handle further down these will move, allowing you to release the lock mechanism for the base of the chassis. We found it easiest to use the other hand to pull up the central bar to tuck the front wheels in. It sounds complicated when written down but it really isn’t once you have done it a few times. 

At first glance, as with the PRIAM 2019 model, you may think that there is no fold lock - well there is! Hidden under the front of the basket is an elastic ‘v-shape’ which you can tuck around the brake. It takes more effort than an auto lock, but it is there! You can easily carry the chassis over your shoulder, which we found more comfortable than we anticipated. Alternatively - and this bit we love - you can actually drag the chassis behind you (as long as the wheels are not locked, of course).

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Fold
Cybex Priam 2022 Review Strap Lock

Seat mode

If you choose to remove the seat unit before folding, this conveniently sandwiches over using the recline lever, meaning you can slot it into a relatively small space in your car - even behind your driver's seat if your boot is full. You can, however, fold the PRIAM with the seat in place - always handy when you’re in a hurry or trying to load the car in the rain! When world-facing, simply use the recline lever to manoeuvre the back of the seat forwards and then follow the fold instructions as above. This produces a neat, flat fold.

It is also possible to fold the PRIAM with the seat parent-facing but this fold is certainly not compact, so unless your boot space is limitless, we doubt you will want to! To fold, use the recline button and fold the seat towards you, and follow the fold instructions above - it’s not easy and results in a bulky fold, but you can do it should you wish.

So the fold on the PRIAM is not the smallest and, although not tricky, not the easiest either. The fold lock is rudimentary but we can live with that as long as the pushchair does not fling itself open as you lift it into the boot.

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Fold Freestand

It is well worth knowing that, unlike most pushchairs, the CYBEX PRIAM offers an additional halfway-house fold, giving you the ability to change the pushchair from four wheels to two wheels. You cannot use this mode with the carrycot, and the seat unit should be world-facing and you must use the additional, included wrist strap when using this mode. All you need to do is press the buttons on each side of the chassis with your thumbs whilst leaning over the handlebar. Using your foot, push the back wheels forwards, which will flip the front wheels under, giving you just the back wheels touching the floor. This is AMAZING if you have steps to climb or descend, or if you are on really rough terrain!

Cybex Priam 2022 Review Two Wheel Mode
Our Verdict

If you are looking for a stylish, functional and stunning pram and pushchair, you really can’t go wrong with the latest PRIAM. It is relatively expensive but that certainly does not make it poor value for money. You are paying for a beautifully engineered set of wheels that is a pleasure to push, whether your cargo is a newborn or a larger toddler. The upgrades to the new 2022 version have been carefully thought out and well executed. Whilst the PRIAM may be at the higher end of the budget, it will be a dream pushchair for many and we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Tech specs



height min:


height max:




depth min:


depth max:






Suitable for:

From birth, Up to 22kg




All-rounder, Urban

Seat config:



Quick-release-wheels, One-piece-fold, Car-seat-compatible, Lie-flat-seat





Pushchair expert price:
£ 949 . 90
Pushchair expert price:
Our price: £ 949 . 90

or 0% finance from £316.63 p/m

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