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Cybex Priam 2019 Review

Review Overview

Cybex Priam 2019 Review
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Reviewed On: 24 Jun 2019
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Longstanding fashion leader of the pushchair world Cybex has released a brand-new and updated version of its Priam 4-in-1 travel system. Is this the pram for you? Find out in our full review...  

Review Summary


The Cybex Priam has always been a luxury pushchair but the updates made to this latest model really do place it a cut above the rest.

If you're looking for high-end style and performance, the 2019 Cybex Priam could well be the right pushchair for your family.

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What’s good
  • Exceptional detailing
  • High quality
  • Great fabrics
  • Easy-to-use harness
  • All-in-one fold
  • Smooth push
  • Large basket
  • Large and ergonomic from-birth seat unit
  • Huge hood
What’s not so good
  • No auto-lock on fold
  • Fiddly to attach seat fabrics to frame
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Review Content

Cybex Priam 2019 Review
Our verdict

The Cybex Priam has always been a luxury pushchair but the updates made to this latest model really do place it a cut above the rest.

It delivers form as well as function in abundance, all finished off with the most elegant design detailing.

As well as being tall and wide, the ergonomic hinged seat unit that slides at the base when being reclined made our little tester's ride comfortable at all times - and it's good to know that it's suitable from birth. The extra-large extendable hood was really handy not only when the sun shone but also when the wind and rain came out to play.

The newly designed harness buckle is one of many details that give the 2019 Cybex Priam a certain va va voom.

For newborns the Priam offers the most luxurious levels of comfort in the form of the Lux Carry Cot. The ventilation panels are very useful to ensure air circulation around baby and encourage a safer sleep environment - plus they give a view of the world younger passengers don't typically get. But if a bulky carrycot isn't for you, the Lite Cot offers a great alternative option.

Our critical eyes might have been disappointed that there was no locking system when folded, but this was overshadowed by the performance of other additions to the chassis, such as the newly designed wheels with all-round suspension, which rode beautifully through shopping centres and parks, over footpaths and even on the odd dog walk.

If you're looking for high-end style and performance, the 2019 Cybex Priam could well be the right pushchair for your family.


The Cybex Priam arrives in two boxes, the first containing the chassis, wheels and seat frame, and the second the seat fabrics. If you order the additional Lux Carry Cot or Lite Cot, that will also arrive in a separate box.

When first opening the box the gleaming rose gold chassis on the model we were testing caught our eyes immediately. You can mix and match the chassis finishes and fabric colours with the 2019 Priam to get the look that works for you, with the frame available in the rose gold shown here, matt black or chrome (with a choice of black or brown handle and bumper bar).

Lifting the chassis out of the box and attaching the wheels is an easy, one-click all round process. The metal seat frame needs to have the seat fabric pack zipped and poppered onto it - this was a bit more tricky! You may need to prepare for a few chipped nails as the zips are very tight and were quite a fiddle. When the fabrics are on, however, you can stand back and marvel at the beauty of this meticulously designed and built pushchair.


Starting from the bottom up, the chassis is undoubtedly one of the most stylish out there. Where there used to be a few wheel options for the Priam, Cybex has now kept things simple by introducing a new, equally stylish, all-terrain wheel - one type that does any job you require it to. We were really taken by the smoothness of the ride that these wheels gave. Steering on all manner of surfaces proved to be effortless and there was always the option to lock the front wheels into a fixed position if we ever did want to travel over bumpier paths.

Whenever we were behind the handle of the pushchair, we found ourselves smiling as we glanced down at the tiny details - even the suspension springs are rose gold to match the chassis! It's these little touches that demonstrate again and again how meticulously well designed this pushchair is.

The basket is something of a tardis. From the outside it looks neat and positively minimalist with its magnetic opening at the rear that can be opened and closed in a jiffy. But from the inside it's more like a storage cupboard - there wasn't one outing where we struggled to fit whatever we needed in the basket... picnics, changing bags, coats, wellies, shopping bags; you name it, it went in there! There is even the addition of a little storage pouch on the back of the seat fabric with this model too, which did come in very handy for keys, phones and dummies!


The rose gold chassis moves from an elegant and fine tubular frame into a slightly broader matt black frame as you get up towards the handlebar, but still those tiny rose gold detailings remain wherever there's a seam where components are joined. We just couldn't get enough of this detailing! The handlebar is adjusted in height using a central button and we found the variations in height fantastic.

The foot pedal brake, located in the centre of the rear axle, is simple to use and, in true Cybex style, looks elegant too.

Seat & carrycot options

Using the Priam from birth, there are a few options to choose from. The Lux Carry Cot would be our personal choice for a newborn as it offers a really luxurious and cosy space for baby to lie. It is long, wide and deep and we were able to lay an 8-month-old baby in there with ease. We love the zip-open ventilation panel at the head of the carrycot. Safe sleeping is so important and this really did make sure baby was getting the necessary air flow. The soft memory foam mattress felt beautiful to touch and baby was always happy lying in this sumptuous space.

A great new feature of the latest Priam is the ability to remove the carrycot smoothly and with one hand, so as not to wake your precious sleeping bundle! The memory buttons on each side of the chassis can be pressed one at a time and the carrycot lifted off using the handle in the centre of the hood. It was great to use a carrycot that we could get true longevity out of - with this amount of space, you don't need to move up to the seat unit until baby really wants to sit up and get a new perspective on the world!


The Lite Cot is the other from-birth option for the Priam. With this you use the regular pushchair seat (which does lie flat when fully reclined) and purchase the Lite Cot as an additional accessory. We really liked the Lite cot as an alternative for when storage is an issue as it is very flexible. It shelters newborns just enough, giving them the protection and cocooned feel you want in those early days, and with the seat in the parent-facing position you get a really great view of baby. The real wow-factor of the Lite Cot for us was the fact you can fold the pushchair with it in situ - a small revelation for parents who are used to removing carrycots from the pushchair frame and finding additional space in the car or home. Another great thing about the Lite Cot is that it doesn't go to waste once it's outgrown as a carrycot - it actually acts as a foot cosy for older babies using the pushchair as well.

The seat unit of the Priam contains many of the tiny details that had us cooing over the chassis. One of the most noticeable changes to the new Priam package is that the pushchair chassis comes complete with a seat frame to which you add your choice of fabric pack. You can choose from Premium Black, Manhattan Grey, True Red, Indigo Blue, Fancy Pink, Stardust Black Plus, Manhattan Grey Plus and Midnight Blue Plus - as well as the Fashion Collections and designer/brand collaborations Cybex is famous for.

We are testing out the Premium Black fabrics and we love how Cybex are taking fashion in the pushchair world to a new level. For years the woven, almost tweed style of ‘melange' fabrics has led the way in pushchair trends, but while the Plus colours offer something along these lines on the Priam, the core five shades are completely different - smooth and sleek with a subtle sheen to them. They feel lustrous to the touch and after our passenger enjoyed a few ice creams in the seat unit, we can confirm they clean up brilliantly with just a dab from a baby wipe! The only downside to the new fabrics is attaching them to the seat frame; they are tight and difficult to get into place but luckily once on they do not need to be removed again unless for washing.

The recline has been altered on this latest model of the Priam. The same lever on the back of the seat unit operates the recline, but the seat moves from the base, making it more comfortable for your baby's back and also meaning the seat is ever so slightly deeper for your passenger; a wonderful design feature without a doubt.

The sun canopy is made from the same smooth fabrics that feature on the seat. There is a peek-a-boo window on the top of the hood so you can sneak a quick look at your sleeping baby and also a built-in visor at the front that gives a little bit of extra shade when the sun is really shining. To put it mildly, the sun canopy is huge! It covers baby and shelters them from all manner of weather (an essential in this country, let's face it).


Even the bumper bar on the Priam is elegant and full of luxury detail. Opening from either side, and pivoting out of the way, it is covered in the same leather-style material and exquisite stitching as the handlebar.  

Even the harness has been redesigned down to the tiniest detail. The crotch strap is made of beautifully stitched and super-soft leather and the buckle resembles something you are more likely to find in a luxury supercar than on a pushchair. Looks aside, altering the harness was very simple. No threading through tiny holes was required (always music to our ears) - you simply slide the buckles up and down to the required shoulder height.


The fold of the Priam has also been changed. Once you know where the fold mechanism is it takes just seconds to operate, and the beauty is that it can be done with the seat unit still in place. Underneath the luxurious leather handlebar, you will notice a small button. Flip the seat unit forwards using the recline lever, then press the palm button to reduce the handlebar height and at the same time press the smaller button underneath with your thumb. Push all the way down and lift the pushchair for everything to fold together. It may not sound the quickest on paper, but we can assure you that it was swift and simple and we were able to operate the fold with one hand and baby on our hip.

The handlebar is designed so you can sling it over your shoulder to carry the folded pushchair. We were dubious about this at first, but it was in fact very comfortable to carry the pushchair this way! When the pushchair is stood on the floor, the legs open ever so slightly so that it free stands, which was also clever and handy for storage. We do a lot of driving to and fro and found ourselves needing to lift the Priam into the boot of the car regularly. The weight of the pushchair did not prove a problem when doing this but we did get frustrated with the rose gold bars of the frame opening and worried about trapping our fingers. There is an elasticated strap to pull over the brake to help, but a simple frame locking clip to stop this happening would have been a real bonus.

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