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Cybex Mios 2022 Review

4.8 / 5

Always pushing forward with the engineering of baby travel accessories, Cybex have just released a new version of a much loved city ready travel system. As the Mios has been a firm favourite for suburban parents, with its lightweight and compact design, we were excited to see the new features and improvements Cybex have made on the new Mios. 

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Published 24th June 2022
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With engineering to keep it functional, smooth and sleek, the Mios 2022 is easy to use and navigates most spaces well. Although not designed for the rural adventurer, but instead for those wishing to blend perfectly into a busy urban lifestyle, it will also take on those trips down a cobbled market street or around the park without any trouble.

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What’s good
  • Lightweight and compact fold
  • Fashionable finish
  • Clever engineering
What’s not so good
  • Small basket

Focused on safety, design and functionality, Cybex are known for their high quality and stylish baby products. From infant carriers and pushchairs to high back boosters and strollers, with silver, gold and platinum ranges, there is something for everyone. Here we take a closer look at the latest updates to the popular Mios from the Platinum range; a light, compact, urban ready travel system from the platinum range.

Cybex Mios 2022 Review - Chassis
Cybex Mios Review Chassis Colours
Cybex Mios Review Width

The first thing we notice about the Mios is how it has retained its statement, high fashion finish. With intricate detailing from top to bottom and available in four different chassis colours, this is a stroller you can style to suit you. We were sent the Rose Gold chassis and Deep Black seat pack, a classic pairing. The chassis itself is also available in Matt Black, Chrome with black leatherette and Chrome with brown leatherette, giving parents all the options they need.

When pushing the Mios around the shopping centre, it is clear to see why this pushchair is so popular for city dwellers. With a slim footprint of only 50cm at its widest point, it is a great companion in those busier environments. The narrow rear axle gives a very tight turning circle making navigating any tight spaces a breeze. Combine this with the light one handed push, it makes for a pushchair that is easy to use even in the most crowded of surroundings. 

Cybex Mios Review Front Wheels
Cybex Mios Review Handlebar

With all wheel spring suspension, we were not confined to just the smooth urban streets. The solid rubber wheels ran smoothly over the rougher pathways, making trips around the park an enjoyable experience. The push is smooth and effortless which translates to a comfortable ride for your little passenger. The front wheels can easily be locked with the switches located behind them for pushing over bumpier surfaces or taking longer strolls. All four wheels can also be quickly removed with the push of a button, perfect if they get a little dirty on a walk or if you would like to fold the system even smaller.

Parents' height can sometimes be a concern for compact travel systems as their handlebars can be limited in length to accommodate their smaller folds. However with a pivoting handlebar fold and three height adjustments ranging from 94 to 108cm, Cybex seem to have navigated this issue well. Even our taller 6ft 2” tester found a comfortable height to push. Simply use the button in the middle of the handle bar to pivot it to the desired height.

Cybex Mios Review Bag Hook
Cybex Mios Review Brake

Basket space is limited, especially with the narrow rear axle, but there are hooks on the outside of the handle bar to attach a compatible changing bag if more storage space is needed. The break is flip flop friendly and located in the middle of the rear axle.

The stroller itself only weighs 10.2kg, making it very travel friendly and easy to push with one hand. To remove the seat, simply press the memory buttons on either side. This and the single button fold mechanism will make juggling your stroller and busy parent life super easy, as the whole system can be operated with just one hand if needed.

Cybex Mios 2022 Review - Seating
Cybex Mios Review Boxes

The Mios arrives in two boxes. There is the chassis box which includes the pushchair frame, wheels, car seat adapters, buckle, seat frame and rain over. The second box is your seat fabric pack. One of the changes Cybex have made with the new model of the Mios is to make fitting your seat pack easier. It did still take us a few minutes as it is a very snug fit, though with the instructions included in the box it is quite straightforward. 

Cybex Mios Review Harness

Once fitted, the seat itself also has some changes. The most obvious being the new ‘one pull harness’. Designed for effortless harness adjustment it is similar to that of their car seats. At first glance it seemed like one of those additions that may not be particularly necessary. However, as the seat itself is safe to use from birth, it did make strapping in our infant tester a lot easier. You would be forgiven for wondering how often the harness actually needs to be adjusted, though with the varying weather of the UK changing what we wear on a daily basis, the new system means that whether in a simple jumper or a full snow suit, the harness fits perfectly every time. 

The other changes to the harness include an improved shoulder pad fixation. No longer having to remove them to adjust the harness length, they stay fitted in place and always sit correctly on your little ones shoulders, as long as they are set to the correct height; this is easy to do by simply sliding them up and down on the non-rethread system.

Cybex Mios Review Recline
Cybex Mios Review Hood

Suitable from birth to 22 kg the seat is a good size and depth giving little ones plenty of growing room. It has four recline positions which can be adjusted with one hand using the lever on the back of the seat. There is also a gate opening bumper bar and adjusting calf rest with three positions to keep toddlers comfortable.

The canopy extends and provides UPF50+ protection for a shaded seat. There is also a large mesh window for both ventilation and for parents to keep an eye on their passenger. 

Cybex Mios Review Mesh Seat 2
Cybex Mios Review Mesh Seat

The seat back is made from mesh and can be used with or without the comfort inlay on top. This helps reduce heat building up for your passenger, especially in those warmer months. The comfort inlay includes head padding to give even the youngest passenger a comfortable ride. The fabric choices have also had some additions to the standard, plus and fashion fabrics. There are now three colourways in Cybex’s new sustainable fabrics; Onyx Black, Pearl Grey and Dark Navy, perfect for those parents who are environmentally conscious. With the added perk of being machine washable, your seat will always look stylish and ready to go.

Easy to remove with the memory buttons on either side, the seat can be world or parent facing. For those wishing to use the seat from birth they may also be interested in the Lite Cot option. A 2-in-1 product, it creates a newborn cot for the first 6 months and later becomes an effective wind stopper for the lifetime of the stroller. Made from a robust fabric it provides your infant with protection from all the elements, with a breathable memory foam mattress that threads through the harness. It can be folded with the seat, giving those parents with limited space a great from-birth option. 

Cybex Mios Review Carrycot
Cybex Mios Review Carrycot 2
Cybex Mios Review Carrycot Ventilation

We were also sent the new Mios Lux Carrycot. Simply remove the seat and pop the Lux carrycot in its place for another cosy, from-birth option that parents will love. Fitted with a firm mattress to keep little ones comfortable and safe and a breathable base, the Mios Lux Carrycot has a new shape making it a very good size for a compact travel system. With plenty of space for growing infants, the carrycot is a great addition to the Mios for the first 6 months or until baby is 9kg. 

With an easy zip-on apron, a machine washable mattress cover and a small external pocket for essentials, it is clear Cybex have considered parents as well as babies. 

There is a good sized hood with a pop out sun visor and ventilation panel at the back, giving protection for all weathers. For additional ventilation there is a panoramic window at the head of the carrycot, which can also be used as a window to the great outdoors as growing infants get a little more curious. Opened with a zip, the fabric flap can then be stored away with the new storage compartment in the base of the carrycot. We would recommend being conscious of how you store the fabric, as if stored for a while, it can crease. 

Cybex Mios Review Infant Carrier 2
Cybex Mios Review Infant Carrier

The final of four seating options is to use the included car seat adapters to make the stroller compatible with Cybex infant carrier car seats. Perfect for quick trips in and out of the car, we would just recommend that you limit the time for young infants in an upright car seat position, particularly in the first 6 - 8 weeks, to a maximum of 20-30 minutes. If you are using the Cybex Cloud Z infant carrier, this does have a reclining feature, which will mean that you can use it for longer on the chassis of your pushchair with your newborn.

To style your Mios to perfectly suit you and your child, there are lots of accessories to stylise. Footmuffs, snack trays, cup holders, matching changing bags and parasols. No matter your lifestyle, there’s something for you!

Cybex Mios 2022 Review - Fold
Cybex Mios 2 Review Fold

Folding the Mios could not be easier and only takes one hand! Simply press in the button on the center of the handlebar, pivot the handle over and the chassis collapses down into a neat free standing package. As the handle bar is folded over, it never touches the floor, protecting the leatherette from any damage. 

Cybex Mios 2 Review Fold and carry

Once folded, the light-weight frame can easily be carried by the center axle making it easy to manoeuvre in and out of the boot, on and off public transport or even up and down stairs. The compact size makes it easy to store at home or in your car boot. With an auto engaging lock you can also do this with peace of mind that the chassis will not open up whilst being transported.

Cybex Mios 2 Review Fold Seat
Cybex Mios 2 Review Fold Seat in Boot

To unlock the fold, press the same button on the handle bar, pull up the handle and the wheels will pop back out, ready for any of the four seating options to be added. This can be done from the free-standing position which means that no part other than the wheels need ever touch the floor. Perfect for style conscious parents who want to keep their pushchair looking like new and to keep everything clean.

Once you are using the seat unit, the stroller can be folded together in one piece, again with only one hand! Using the recline lever, push the seat all the way forward then fold as before. There is a handle on the bottom of the seat to be used once folded, making it easy to lift the compact unit when needed. The added convenience of a one piece fold is yet another reason that this stroller will be so popular with busy and space conscious parents.

Overall rating

4.8 / 5

Rating breakdown

Cybex Mios 2022 Review - Our Verdict:

As the accessory every parent needs, designed to be used for up to around four years, Cybex have carefully considered this pushchair for those who wish to remain trendy whilst navigating parenthood. Styled to the max, but with functionality to match, the latest version of the Mios is a great option for urban dwelling parents. With over 15 fabric choices, four frame options and multiple additional accessories, it gives parent practicality without being boring.

With engineering to keep it functional, smooth and sleek, the Mios is easy to use and navigates most spaces well. Although not designed for the rural adventurer, but instead for those wishing to blend perfectly into a busy urban lifestyle, it will also take on those trips down a cobbled market street or around the park without any trouble. 

The changes made to the seat and carrycot only add to what was already a very well loved travel system. Simple to use with so many ways to personalise, we believe the new Mios will continue to be a real parent pleaser.

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