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Cybex Melio Carbon Review

Review Overview

Cybex Melio Carbon Review
Expert Reviewer
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Reviewed On: 07 Aug 2020
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

One of the lightest and most convenient pushchairs we have tested. This is our review of the  Cybex Melio Carbon pushchair. 

Review Summary


A convenient fold can be make or break for many families living a fast paced lifestyle. We loved that the Melio folded as an all-in-one package and there was no need to remove the seat from the frame before folding. 

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What’s good
  • Lighter than light
  • Big basket
  • Folds with seat attached facing in both directions
  • Adjustable handle
  • Quality finish
  • Roomy seat
  • Easy adjust harness
  • Great hood extension
  • Robust wheels.
What’s not so good
  • Currently only available in one colour when you choose the carbon frame option

Review Content

Cybex Melio Carbon Review
Our verdict

Wow! The Cybex Melio Carbon is a superb piece of engineering. It's feather weight carbon fibre chassis weighing just 5.9kg is as convenient as they come.  It can be slung over your shoulder, into the car, onto any public transport in the blink of an eye. The roomy seat and large basket make trips out a breeze - baby is comfortable and you can carry all of the shopping/ baggage that you may need. 

The excellently engineered wheels are robust and chunky but still light and maneuverable. Slaloming around shops and through tube stations has never been easier. The designer looks of the Cybex Melio are masterfully balanced with practicality. The ability to operate the fold in the blink of an eye no matter what direction your seat unit is facing in is really a treat for busy parents who have to juggle more than one child in a supermarket car park!

To put it simply, during our time with the Cybex Melio, it took the pressure off our parenting lifestyle ever so slightly. Knowing that it could be lifted anywhere without a strain, that it folded to fit in tight spaces with ease and that it was robust as well as stylish just made life that little bit easier.  If we were to pick one aspect that we would change it would be that it is (currently) only available in one colour, deep black, but who doesn't love a simple classic colour?!

The Cybex Melio proves that you can have a full size travel system with quality, style and function at the same weight as some travel strollers and can be achieved perfectly all without breaking the bank. We really suggest giving this one a test drive.


Cybex has a superb reputation in the world of baby gear. The Chassis of the Melio is made of carbon fibre (which is of course known for its lightness and strength) and wow, this really does make a difference. At just under 6kg, the Melio Carbon is the lightest fully featured pushchair we have pushed by a long shot. We must admit, it took some getting used to, as we are not used to being able to push a 10kg toddler with 2 fingers on the handlebar. We had to curb our strength sometimes to avoid oversteer around corners but after a few days we got used to the feel and started to enjoy the zero-effort street walks. 

The wheels give a soft ride for baby. The rear wheels have great suspension and the front wheels have clever little rubber shock absorbers on them which take away the sharp shudders from uneven pavements.

The brake is simple and easy to use, perfect for the stop-starting lifestyle of parenting. It's a simple flick on - flick off pedal next to the right rear wheel of the pushchair. 

As a general rule, lighter weight pushchairs often scrimp on basket size but the Melio provides a great sized basket space with high mesh sides. We loved the tiny details on the basket such as the lip at the front of the basket so belongings can't shuffle out as you walk. The high mesh sides mean you can pile your parenting life into the basket without having to carry lots of bags too.

The handlebar is covered in a quality leather like material, is comfortable in the palm and can be altered to a few different positions.

Overall the chassis is ultra-functional and ultra-light. 


The seat on the Melio has a few hidden gems which make parenting in certain situations that little bit easier. 

Let's start with the basics - The Melio has a reversible seat unit that can parent and world face which also has the ability to lie completely flat using the one hand recline lever. A newborn baby can comfortably use the seat of the Melio in its parent facing position, especially with the addition of the Snug cocoon S or even the Melio Cot S if a carrycot is more to your preference. 

When and if baby is ready, the seat can be turned around on the chassis and still retains the same ability to recline in the same convenient and simple manner.

The upright position of the seat is particularly handy for those toddlers who love to be nosey and take in the world around them and the swivel opening bumper bar gives them something to hold.

The seat fabrics look great but they perform well too, are easily cleaned with a quick wipe, and feel and look as though they can really withstand the test of time. One of the hidden gems we talked about earlier lies within the seat fabrics. The lovely padded seat liner can be removed to reveal a mesh lined seat which is fabulous for parents living in hotter climates or on those hot sunny British summertime days. The mesh seat allows cool air to flow through to the baby's seating space so that they are nice and cool and comfortable.


Shielding baby from the elements, whether it be sun, wind or rain is very important and the hood on the Cybex Melio offers great protection. The UPF 50+ fabric protects from sun and the extra large hood extended so far down that it covered babies legs. We loved how this was also handy for creating a private and calm space for babies when we were encouraging them to nap! 

The lengths and depth of the seat is great. We used the pushchair with an 8 month old and a 2 ½ year old and both had bundles of room whilst still remaining snug and cosy. The height adjustable harness is fuss free and easy to alter by just sliding the adjusters up and down the harness webbing. This made swapping different children in and out of the pushchair far easier than we have previously found it with other pushchairs.


A convenient fold can be make or break for many families living a fast paced lifestyle. We loved that the Melio folded as an all-in-one package and there was no need to remove the seat from the frame before folding. 

You fold the seat unit in half using the recline lever and then fold the chassis down using the handlebar simple as that. 

The whole fold package measures at 69x49x29 (cm) and free stands without the need to lean on anything. It's great for tucking behind a door in the hallway or even popping behind the seat of a bus or on public transport. 

What is simply amazing about the fold of the Melio is that it can be literally sling over your shoulder like a (very light) bag. We regularly carried the Melio on our shoulder using the really lovely and carry handle whilst carrying a 2 year old on our hip - we honestly did not feel the weight of the Melio, it really is that light and convenient.

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