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Cosatto Wish Review

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Cosatto Wish Review
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Reviewed On: 22 Aug 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Cosatto have delivered a possible all time first to the pushchair market - a consumer designed pushchair. A product built by you, for you! Your wish list on wheels, the Cosatto Wish.

Review Summary


Cosatto Wish is your command for sure in this extra light framed pushchair. The Wish contains plenty of fabulous features and is packed out with useful and good looking accessories for you and your little one to enjoy. The super sized shopping basket, quality rain cover, all in one pram and pushchair seat unit and the super soft liner and carrycot bumper/head hugger make the Wish super desirable to parents looking for a fuss free set of wheels for their little one to ride in. There's so much packed into the Wish that parents will play with it for hours discovering all of its best party tricks (even if some of them are a touch fiddly).

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What’s good
  • All in one carrycot/seat unit - saves space
  • Large basket
  • High seat positioning with Close Up technology
  • Lots of included accessories
What’s not so good
  • Small wheels
  • Careful driving skills needed due to wide wheel base!
  • Fold can be a bit uncomfortable as presses on stomach

Review Content

Cosatto Wish Review

Cosatto have always been brave in their quest to make baby products fun and exciting. Their latest travel system, Wish, is possibly their bravest move yet. The design team at Cosatto have asked the parents, what we want in a pushchair and have delivered to us their lightest travel system to date. With several nifty features requested by popular demand, the Wish adds another comprehensive, British designed, quality number to Cosatto's already glowing tribe of pushchairs. Read on and see how the Wish faired up when we took a closer look at it.


The fun starts with the box when it comes to Cosatto. Like a kid at Christmas, we were ‘oo-ing' and ‘ahh-ing' at every item that was pulled out of the streamlined box of the Cosatto Wish! There is lots packed into the box for sure, which makes the Wish seem like value for money right from the off.

Popping the Wish together was as easy as pie with just opening the chassis, clicking on the wheels, zipping the hood on to the seat and then clicking the seat unit onto the chassis to worry about. (This sounds a lengthy process but rest assured it isn't!)


But the Wish holds lots of hidden secrets in its seat unit so it took a good 20 minutes of playing and consulting the trusty manual to get to grips with all the fun features as well as deciding which accessories were needed to use and what position we wanted them to be in.

We tested the Starbright colour of the Wish and were totally star struck by it! Admittedly a boyish colour way, the bold blues are set of beautifully by the tiny tangs of red and white - a very patriotic mix of colours!


Although the fabrics are buzzing and the frame hosts bright coordinating colours to complement the seat unit, the Starbright pattern is relatively tame as Cosatto patterns go and will most likely be appealing to plain and patterned pram fans alike.

The handlebar on the Wish is a single, rounded and foam covered bar with Cosatto branding resting in the centre right between your hands. The two colourful buttons on the outside hinges of the handlebar can be squeezed simultaneously to adjust the handlebar to three different positions from 72 cm to 113 cm.  At 5' 6", our tester used the middle position and found that handlebar sat at just the right height.

Now even though every feature on the Wish was wished for by you, the wheels left us wanting a tiny touch more. The solid city wheels, although accompanied by all-round suspension, feel slightly small for the pram. The lockable swivel front wheels fly brilliantly over smoother grounds but can have a tendency to shake the bones of your tiny passenger when going over cobbles or off the beaten track. Air or foam filled wheels would really be our wish come true to really make the Wish king of the pushchair castle. Knocks and bumps could be on the agenda when steering the Wish in and out of shop aisles and narrower doorways, as the rear wheel base on the Wish feels slightly wider than that of an average pushchair. At least this gives the feather light frame a sturdy base to stick to the pavements.

The brake system is a simple foot operated pedal which has a clever green and red on and off indicator so that baby brain won't allow us to let our pushchair roll away.

Plenty of parents were pleading with Cosatto to provide a big basket on their wish list pushchair and boy have Cosatto delivered. The basket on the Wish is big enough to house a small animal not to mention pack in all your goodies for a family day out. The sides are high so your goodies won't wobble out as you push and the zipped compartment at the rear of the basket is also a pretty impressive size and easily big enough to stand bottles up so they don't spill and drip as you roll.


The wonderful Wish chassis aims to please and doubles up as a set of skates for your infant carrier too. By clipping the provided car seat adapters into the frame, the Port car seat will carry your sleeping babe for short journeys

Seat and carrycot

Packing every feature that was requested by Joe Public into one seat unit was sure to be impossible, but hey presto, Cosatto have delivered it all in the seat of the Wish. Not just any seat, this pramette style seat unit converts from a carry cot to a seat unit in just 2 simple clips. We explored the carrycot mode first of all. The tough (and rather snazzy) outer fabric of the Wish feels a great quality and will easily protect baby from any splashes or gusts of wind whilst the inside is lined with a suede-soft liner and bumper. The liner doubles up as the pushchair seat liner and footmuff by zipping and unzipping the appropriate attachments.

The carrycot and seat frame is streamlined but is plenty long enough to accommodate the tallest of babies until they need to move on to using the seat in the pushchair mode. As the bumper bar pivots and rotates with ease, it makes getting baby in and out without a fuss and also acts as a carry handle for the carrycot. With the starry bright patterns on the lining and inner of the carrycot hood, baby will really be stimulated and chatting away. The apron of the carrycot is lined with a soft fleece and attached by magnets. This makes whipping the apron off super quick when needed, but it was quite a fumble at first to pop the apron back, though we mastered it quite quickly after a few uses. The whole carrycot/seat unit can be removed with memory buttons so there's no need to do your best Stretch Armstrong impression reaching for buttons on either side of the seat frame. Just press each button in one at a time and then lift the carrycot/seat off the chassis - easy peasy!

The nifty carrycot of the Wish has recognised that babies need to be close to their parents, especially in those early days and Cosatto have included their new ‘Up-Close' technology which slides the carrycot up and down the frame so baby can be as close as possible when needed. We found this great as we didn't have to do stomach crunches over the handlebar every time baby cried or we wanted to have a little chat with them.


When your little cherub has mastered the art of sitting unaided and wants to peer out on the big wide world, the Wish has its finest ‘Abracadabra' moment right here. Pinch the button clasp on the back of the seat unit together and draw upwards which brings the seat back into position. Then reach underneath the seat unit and draw the cord and clip the buckle together. Within seconds the carrycot is a distant memory and in its place sits a perfectly formed, brightly flavoured seat unit at your service.

The seat is duo directional which means it can face either way by pressing the same memory buttons as were used to remove the carrycot from the frame. The seat also has three recline positions by using the colour coded and easily located large round buttons on either side of the seat.

The harness gives a great range of sizes and is height adjustable via threading the harness loops into the three different slots in the seat back. As with anything that Cosatto have given their magic touch to, the harness is beautifully padded, with those fab matching colours to blend in with the rest of the pushchair.

In parent facing mode, that up-close technology works wonders again adjusting the height of baby to keep them as close to you as possible.

The footrest can be popped up or down depending upon the length of your child's legs and the canvas fabric at the base of the frame makes way for longer legs dangling down.


If an ab-fab raincover was on your wish list to Cosatto then you will be jumping for joy. The raincover of the Wish has been expertly tailored. Like the perfect LBD, the raincover fits the Wish in all the right places without being frustrating tight. The material is supple and feels more like rubber than brittle plastic. It slips on with ease and Velcro's around the bumper bar. There is a great big zipped access window that sits just on the tip of the hood frame - great for handing a snack through on a rainy day. As if the fabulous fit and quality wasn't already enough, the detail on the raincover is fab too, as the piping is made from the same starry bright material as the pushchair fabrics. Who knew a raincover could make a parent smile so much!


Cosatto advertise their lightest ever travel system at those urbanites out there. The nippy little wheels certainly roll with ease with your little babe on board and the front swivel wheels could certainly take up the swerviest of slalom courses. The rear wheelbase did feel wide though, and our skirting boards and the local cafe door frame took a few knocks. As with any new pram though, once you've shook off your L-plates, we're pretty sure this won't be an issue. As your babe grows, the Wish does tend to roll a little heavier on its wheels, so it's best to eat lots of spinach and pump those muscles if you plan to push your toddler uphill regularly.


There's a few ways to fold the wish, it all depends what size you want it to fold down to and how much of a rush you are in! If you're in those blissful early months and have been using the Wish as a carrycot, then just pop the carrycot off using the memory buttons and fold the chassis separately. The chassis fold is achieved by pulling upwards on the two black levers which are on the tubes of the pushchair frame. The right hand lever has a red button on the inside which needs to be pressed to allow the fold to happen. Practice makes perfect and by the time our pushchair playtime was over, we had mastered folding the Wish in just a few seconds.

Folding in pushchair mode is even simpler. There's no need to remove the seat unit, just pull the hood back so it isn't obstructing the fold and pull the levers and press the red button. The Wish folds down like a genie into a bottle making a neat little package. Of course, if you have a super trendy micro car and need to fit the Wish into your tiny car boot, you can make this package even neater by removing the wheels and seat frame from the chassis. The Wish can fold down to a lovely package of L87cm x W60cm x H27cm.

One thing that is worth noting with the fold (and of course different people will stand in different positions when operating the fold) is that when pulling on the levers and pressing the red button, the pressure of the manoeuvre means that the handle bar tends to push into your stomach - not a major point, but just a little niggle.


Cosatto Wish is your command for sure in this extra light framed pushchair. The Wish contains plenty of fabulous features and is packed out with useful and good looking accessories for you and your little one to enjoy. The super sized shopping basket, quality rain cover, all in one pram and pushchair seat unit and the super soft liner and carrycot bumper/head hugger make the Wish super desirable to parents looking for a fuss free set of wheels for their little one to ride in. There's so much packed into the Wish that parents will play with it for hours discovering all of its best party tricks (even if some of them are a touch fiddly).

The frame of the Wish is light and does have all round suspension but the wheels could be on the small side for some parents and are the type to look worn quite quickly.

The fabulous fold of the wish is really fuss free and saves valuable minutes of setting up and putting down the pram or pushchair every time you want to use it.

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