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Cosatto Giggle 2014 Review

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Cosatto Giggle 2014 Review
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Reviewed On: 20 Oct 2014
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Review Summary


I really like the Cosatto Giggle. How can you not? It's full of vibrancy and has real fun factor. The quality is great and the package means that it comes with everything you need to keep your little one comfortable, warm and secure. Suitable from birth until they are ready to walk independently and with a four-year guarantee it represents value for money and peace of mind.

So, if you are looking for something that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons, this could be the one for you. Go and take a look at the new Cosatto Giggle, then decide on which colour suits your personality. Personally, I love them all!

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What’s good
  • Quirky and Fun
  • Suitable from birth
  • Four year guarantee
What’s not so good
  • No viewing panel in the hood
  • Noisy raincover.

Review Content

Cosatto Giggle 2014 Review

Based in Bolton in the North-West of England, Cosatto are recognised for their strong bold designs and colours. The Giggle is no exception. Suitable from birth thanks to an included carrycot the Giggle will last until your tot is ready to face the world on foot. Come and see how it got on in our 2014 Cosatto Giggle Review…

Colour Options

Available in a range of funky colours.

Fable (Mothercare exclusive), Moonwood (John Lewis exclusive), Oh la la, New Wave, Oaker, Pixelate


The Cosatto Giggle is neatly packaged into one box, which is much lighter than expected due to the lightweight aluminium frame.  

Try and contain your excitement a little longer as there is a bit of assembly to do before you can venture outside. First of all you need to unfold the chassis. This is made easier if you adjust the handle location first. You can do this by pushing in the two buttons located on the outside of the handle, and then just move the handle upwards. Next you need to undo the auto-lock on the left of the frame and pull the handle up.

Now you need to attach the wheels. The rear wheels push into the holes on the side of the frame. The front wheel pushes upwards into the bottom of the frame and locks into place when it's in position.

Starting at the top, the handle bar is made of a hardwearing foam and can be adjusted to six different positions. It's nice and easy to adjust; just push the two buttons on the outside of the frame in, and slide it to your preferred position.

The frame is striking and put simply, is gorgeous. It feels sturdy and strong and is finished in  lovely matt paint. The top of the frame is a different colour to the seat unit and bottom of the frame which all adds to the style. The carrycot has the same colour splash detailing too. It all fits beautifully together.


All of the buttons are colour coded to match your colour option. We were lucky enough to test the Oaker colour and I just love it. It's bright, funky and really stands out from the mass of neutral coloured pushchairs.

It's easy to push thanks to two rear 9" wheels and a twin 6½" wheel on the front. The front swivel wheel can be locked for rougher terrain using the clip which is just above the wheel. All the wheels are a hard rubber so you don't need to worry about punctures.  Regardless of whether you are spending a day in a busy shopping mall, or walking around a nice country trail, the all round suspension will offer you both a smooth ride.


You won't be disappointed with the basket it is a good size at 26cm x 26cm x 30cm at its widest point. You can easily fit a couple of shopping bags in and it has a high back so you don't need to worry about things falling out. Access is good from the front, sides and back.

You also get a colour coded changing bag as part of the package that fits perfectly over the handle giving you a bit more storage.

When you need to stop you'll be pleased to hear that braking is simple and flip-flop friendly. To apply the brakes simply push down on the pedal attached to the rear axle. To take it off again you simply push the front of the pedal down.


With the Giggle you get a main seat unit and a carrycot as part of the package.

Let's start with the parent or world facing main seat unit first. It can be used from 6 months and is a great size at L82cm x W34cm. The height of the seatback is 46cm from a seated position so a toddler will fit in it easily. My three year old fitted well in the seat and he is quite tall.


The seat comes complete out of the box. To attach it to the chassis you simply line the arm connectors into the black connector holes on the sides of the chassis and push them down until they click into position. Removing the seat is simple too, as it's just a case of pushing the two colour-coded buttons (just above the connector arms) in and then lifting the seat from the frame. It also nice and lightweight, at just 2.5kg, so can be lifted easily.

There are three different recline positions in both the world and parent facing modes. This is done by using the same buttons you use to remove the seat from the frame. You just need to push in the two buttons and move the seat to the desired location. The seat will click into position once moved. The lowest position is perfect for a napping child as it lays nice and flat.

Don't worry about where to hide those everyday knickknacks as they can be put in the mesh pockets on the back of the seat..

You get a bumper bar with the seat, which simply pushes into the adapter holes on the frame. A bonus is that it's gate opening, so getting a wiggly toddler in and out shouldn't be a problem. It has a nice washable cover too - very handy, as we all know how sticky and messy toddler fingers can get.

When it comes to the hood, it's fab and funky and matches the rest of the pushchair perfectly. It's a good size too so would provide great protection from the elements and is fairly quiet to open so shouldn't disturb a sleeping baby. It's made of a nice thick fabric, which is UPF 50+ so you have that added protection for your little treasure. There are also handy hooks in the hood for toys. This will help keep your tot amused without the fear of losing their favourite toy.

Fabric wise it all feels very comfy. The seat is well padded and comes with colour coded shoulder pads that feel lovely and fleecy on the inside. There is a reversible cosy toes included which is also really fluffy and snug.


Strapping your little one in is easy and you can be confident they are safe thanks to the 5-point harness. The shoulder and waist straps can be adjusted quickly with the shoulder straps having three different height positions. It's nice and quick to re-thread too as you don't have to mess around pulling all the straps through as you only have to adjust a tiny part behind the seat which is hidden by a zip.


Now onto the carrycot which is suitable for overnight sleeping it's functional and comfy and weighs 4.9kg. Suitable for a baby of a maximum weight of 9kg, it will last until your baby is ready for the big seat at around 6 months old.


You need to do a little assembly with the carrycot as it comes flat-packed so to speak. Remove the liner and the mattress from inside the carrycot by undoing the Velcro fastenings on the top of the liner. Now pull open the lining in the base of the carrycot and slide the bars sideways until they line up with the cutouts in the bottom of the base. Now put the liner and mattress back in and it's ready to go.

There is what looks like another bumper bar so don't think you are going crazy. The one without the removable cover is actually the carrycot handle. It connects easily by simply pushing into the holes on the carrycot frame. To remove it again simply push the black clips on the inside of the handle in and lift. This handle is gate opening too so you don't have to struggle opening it with one hand.

When you are ready to attach the carrycot to the chassis, line up the connector arms with the mountings on the chassis, then push them down. You will hear a loud click when the carrycot is in position.


All the fabrics feel lovely and padded and I'm sure any newborn would feel safe and snuggled inside. The mattress is nice and thick and the liner feels soft and can be machine-washed at 30°C. It's a nice size too. 35cm wide, 75cm long and 20cm deep so it should last those first few months.

It comes with its own hood so you don't have to swap and change. The hood connects to the carrycot using a clip that just pushes onto the frame. If you need to remove it just pull it off of the frame. It's a good size hood with UPF 50+ which will help provide that extra protection.

An apron comes with the carrycot, which is simply zipped onto the carrycot frame.

You can use the carrycot for overnight sleeping too so you don't have to worry about taking a cot or moses basket with you if you are staying overnight somewhere.

There is a raincover included in the package, which fits the pushchair in carrycot and main seat mode. Even the raincover is funky. In our Oaker model it is yellow and fits in with the design of the pushchair perfectly. I wish it wasn't the annoying noisy PVC type though as there are some nice quiet material ones around now.


When you need to fold it you need both your hands, but it's not difficult to do and leaves a nice flat result, that is just perfect for a smaller car. You can even adjust the handle so that it's freestanding, which is perfect for storing in a hallway. 

Ensure that the seat unit is in its most upright position and that it is world facing. There is an added safety button so the fold is done in two stages. Firstly, push in the black release button on the inside right of the frame. Now using both hands slide the two black levers up the frame. You will feel the pushchair release. Now push the handle down to the floor until it all looks flat. Give one final push and that will engage the safety lock.

As I said earlier, the pushchair can stand freely. To do this, simply adjust the handle until it is flush with the bottom of the pushchair. It will now stand happily on its handle.

When it's needed again release the auto-lock on the left of the chassis and lift the handle upwards. If you put your foot on the rear axle as you do this it makes it all a little easier. Now it's ready for your next adventure.

Adapters come as part of the package which allow you to use Cosatto's Hold car seat, creating a travel system.


There are only a couple of little niggles for me. I would have liked a viewing window in the hood of the main seat as when its world facing it would be nice to be able to check on your tot easily. I'm unsure how smooth the ride would be on rougher terrain due to the solid wheels, but it does have all round suspension to combat this.

I think it's a great pushchair. It provides a great solution from birth to toddler, and as you can buy a car seat to match everything you can make it a complete travel system.

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