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Bugaboo Buffalo Review

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Bugaboo Buffalo Review
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Reviewed On: 01 Jul 2014
Sophie Bell
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We cast our verdict on the Bugaboo Buffalo and debut our new scoring format and drivability section!

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If you are looking for a pushchair that will work from birth, in town and out on the forest path, the Bugaboo Buffalo is the one. It may be expensive, but you get what you pay for! We love it! Go buy it!

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Bugaboo Buffalo Review

Big rugged pushchairs are a thing these days. Designed to appeal to the type of person who works in a city during the week and hit the trail at the weekend, even Bugaboo have taken up the design challenge. We find out if their efforts are a hit or a miss in our Bugaboo Buffalo Review. 

The Bugaboo Buffalo tailored fabric set is available in Soft Pink, Off White, Petrol Blue, Black, Dark Khaki, Royal Blue and Red. The chassis is available in either Aluminium (£879) or Black (£929).


The Bugaboo Buffalo comes in a couple of boxes with the colour pack coming on its own. Assembly is simple with an excellent clear instruction book being provided if you need something for reference. In the main pack you get the main seat and also the carrycot. Both are attached to the chassis frame using velcro; a tried and tested method used by the Bugaboo Cameleon for many years.

Once complete, the size of the Buffalo can really be appreciated. It has a huge main seat and really accessible main basket. You certainly feel it will tackle the rough stuff like a pro. It is also at this point that you clearly see the level of attention to detail and the quality of the chassis and the fabrics. This is what you are paying for.


Starting with the handle, you can immediately see that the Buffalo has been designed for all heights, there is a huge range of handle adjustment from 90 cm to 109 cm. It is clear that the handle will be suitable for people well over 6 foot tall. Adjustment is made by undoing the white clips either side of the chassis. Drop them down and move the handle back and forth. There are 11 separate adjustment points which you can ‘feel' as you move the handle in and out. Once you have the position you like, snap the clips shut to fix the handle in place.

If you are a shopaholic, the Buffalo will assist with your addiction in the best way possible - it has a huge basket measuring 55 cm x 37 cm x 25 cm at its biggest point. It is in addition, that the basket is really accessible with the seat both parent and world facing. With the carrycot in place you are best accessing the basket from the handle end.


The Buffalo's wheels are a cool two tone design. The internal ‘star' is fitted after the wheel is moulded and can therefore be a different colour. It is a nice touch, but the nooks and crannies might be hard to fully clean without dunking the whole wheel in a bowl or attacking it with a pressure washer. Rear wheels measure 29 cm and lockable front wheels measure 25 cm giving genuine off-road ability. Bumpy tracks will pose no problem and you won't get any punctures either as Bugaboo fills the rubber tyres with foam rather than air.

The Bugaboo Buffalo does not have suspension so to speak, however there is a degree of built in chassis ‘flex' that combined with the large tyres naturally makes the ride smoother. As an off roader, it would be nice to see a more comprehensive suspension, however this generally becomes something that goes wrong. The Buffalo is designed as a crossover rather than a pure off-roader so the setup suits the purpose well.

Removing both front and rear wheels is simply a matter of pressing a white button and pull/dropping the wheel out. It is quick and simple - great if you have muddy tyres and don't want to get your car messy. The brake is situated on the left hand side, on the inside of the rear wheel. Push down for on and pull up for off. It is positive and light to use. It is a toe lift brake, but the force required is low enough that flip-flop lovers will find it easy.

The overall look of the Bugaboo Buffalo works. It is chunky, but appears unfussy to the eye. The quality of the chassis is as expected superb. It will last you a very long time...


The Bugaboo Buffalo seat is huge! The seat back measures 47 cm and the width at the narrowest part is 30 cm. Even the tallest of children will remain comfortable for many years.

Both parent and word facing, it takes a second to remove and turn the seat around. Press in the white buttons on the seat and the seat conveniently pops up, you can now lift the seat off with one hand and turn it around. It is elements like this that show the thought that has gone into the design.

In both parent and world facing modes, the seat has 3 reclining positions. Upright, 45 degrees and a lie flat position. The recline is operated by the white handle at the top of the seat in the middle. It is smooth and light to operate and perfectly sized for even the smallest of hands.

The Buffalo's seat fabrics are clearly very hard wearing and are wipe clean. They are also very easily removed for washing at 30 degrees if required.

The hood comes in the colour pack and this is the part that gives your Buffalo its personality. The hood is quiet to operate and has 2 positions. The first position covers the pushchair seat well, this is until you discover the zip. Unzip the back of the hood and you will uncover an extra panel. This immediately turns the Buffalo seat into a cocoon! It is brilliant. I guess the only thing I would like to see are some vents to let some hot air out in the summer.


The seat harness is 5 point and can be done up one side at a time. The non fussy design continues to the seat adjustment as the shoulder straps can be adjusted as and when required, by sliding them up and down a piece of fabric attached to the back of the seat. Finally there is a foam covered bumper bar which is gate opening. Providing unhindered access to the seat when you are placing your child in or removing them.

The raincover fits tightly and is quick and easy to deploy. There is an access window in the front which is great for passing in snacks or a reassuring hand when in parent facing mode.

In summary, the seat is very well designed, will last you until your child no longer needs a pushchair and it has an excellent hood!


Bugaboo take the simple approach to their carrycot. You are supplied with a fabric bassinet base that has a hard floor and small feet. This attached to the seat frame and takes a just a couple of minutes. You then need to attach the hood and carrycot top to complete assembly. The hood from the seat fits onto the sides of the carrycot in the same place as the main seat. Once again, the huge extra panel really makes sense with the carrycot, you can almost totally enclose your child in darkness with the hood fully extended.

Internally the carrycot is large, measuring 78 cm long x 32 cm wide and is 18 cm deep.

The mattress sits above a hard wooden base and is covered in fleece. The mattress itself is made of an Aerocore type material. Aerocore is very clever, trapping warmth, but allowing air to pass through. It also supports your child a bit like Tempur foam.
Often removing carrycots can be a bit of a two handed faff, not so with the Buffalo. Press in the white buttons on the seat sides and the carrycot pops up. You can then lift it off with one hand.

It is not quite as simple with a baby inside as the carrycot does not pop up, but it is still simple to operate. If I have one niggle, it is that the carrycot can sometimes tip towards the head end when you are installing it one handed. This is remedied by lifting the back of the seat as if adjusting the recline, or installing it using two hands.

Lastly the carrycot can be placed on the floor as it has 4 feet, plus the seat stay in the middle.


The Bugaboo has the accolade of being one the first pushchair I think we have seen where you can fold it both with the seat parent or world facing, or, with the carrycot installed! Yes you heard that right, with the carrycot installed. This is not actually such a daft option. If you are eating out or at a friend's house and want to keep carrycot and Pushchair together, this makes good sense.

To fold with the carrycot in place, follow these steps.

1. Put on the brake.
2. Drop the hood.
3. Move the front wheels to the forward facing position and lock in place.
4. Drop handle to its lowest point.
5. Pullback the triggers up on the handles.
6. Drop the handle to the floor.
7. Pick up the centre of the Pushchair to fold.

Once folded, with carrycot in place, the Buffalo can be left freestanding. To fold with the seat in place is almost the same whether you are forward or rear facing. You just need to rotate the seat past horizontal when folding the pushchair with the seat parent facing.


To fold with the seat parent facing:

1. Put on the brake.
2. Rotate the front wheels so they are forward facing and lock.
3. Drop the handle to the lowest position.
4. Recline the seat past horizontal.
5. Operate and pull the triggers up on the handle.
6. Drop the handle to the floor.
7. Pick up the Buffalo with the centre beam.

In both cases to unfold the Buffalo, you do the following.

1. Drop from wheels out from under the centre of the chassis.
2. Lift the handle.
3. Adjust the seat recline position.
4. Unlock the front wheels.

If you are looking for the most compact of folds, you can of course remove the seat or Carrycot and fold the Bugaboo Buffalo chassis separately.


Although large, the Buffalo feels light to push. The position of the handle really helps here. When extended to a comfortable height, the handles proximity to the rear wheels helps with turning giving the light control you desire.

Popping up kerbs is also made simple by the handles location, so zipping up and down kerbs in town about town and working your way down a path punctuated with tree roots is easy. The lack of true suspension is missed a little when off road, however the chassis's built in ‘flex' and the high sidewall on the tyres more than make up for this.

Overall its size is not an issue when out and about, this seems to become insignificant as the pushchair is so easy to push.


As you may have guessed, I really like the Bugaboo Buffalo. If I am honest there is not much to fault. It is rugged, good looking and pushes really well.

If anything some might find it a little heavy and the fold could be considered a little large, but that is to be expected with this style of pushchair. There could be a more comprehensive suspension, but this is perhaps just more fiddly to clean and something else to go wrong.

If you are looking for a pushchair that will work from birth, in town and out on the forest path, the Bugaboo Buffalo is the one. It may be expensive, but you get what you pay for! We love it! Go buy it!

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