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Britax B-Ready Review

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Britax B-Ready Review
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Reviewed On: 19 Sep 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

The King of Safety, Britax, will soon be renamed the King of Style and Substance if the B-READY is anything to go by. The range of seating options means it really is ready to grow with your family. The durable fabrics, quality materials and accompaniment of a two years warranty gives parents peace of mind that the B-READY will be ready to tackle whatever family life throws at it.

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What’s good
  • Numerous configurations - highly adaptable
  • Very sturdy
  • Good value
  • Great accessibility to shopping basket in all modes
What’s not so good
  • Difficult to corner when fully laden
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Britax B-Ready Review
Pushchair review

Britax are a world renowned brand when it comes to baby products and with this latest release they have popped the ‘wow' back into their pushchair range. The B-READY is a tandem pushchair that's designed to make you exactly that - ready! Britax have really upped the stakes with this new addition to their pushchair fleet and have taken their expert knowledge of safety, paired it with a sprinkling of style and oodles of substance and the result is quite impressive! We've been getting to grips with the clever B-READY pushchair, read on to see how it faired up.


The B-READY is available in Cosmos Black, Flame Red, Steel Grey and Mineral Purple.


The B-READY is designed to not just grow with one child and follow them through their little life, but to follow the life of your whole family. Its aim is to adapt and morph as your family needs it too - the optimus prime of the pushchair world!

The B-READY can be used in many different ways by simply selecting the seat units, carrycots and car seats according to what you need and how old your babies or children are. Trying out all of the different options makes us realise just how versatile the B-READY is.

There is: single carrycot, main seat parent facing, main seat world facing, main seat and infant carrier, infant carrier and carrycot, two infant carrier, main seat and tandem seat, main seat and carrycot, two carrycots….you get the jist! The configurations were impressive, but on occasions the top toddler in the main seat might love to parent face. This is only possible in single mode and in tandem when not using the extension adapters.


The Tandem Seat box also includes rear wheel covers to prevent the child in the lower seat from getting their fingers caught in the wheels, extension adapters to lift the top seat higher for more room, and an infant carrier cover to attach when having an infant carrier in the upper position. This covers any pinching points of the infant carrier so the child in the lower position can't put its fingers in the way of danger.

To use either a carrycot or infant carrier in the bottom position, you will need to purchase the adapter which clips on to the frame.


When unpacking the chassis from the box, you will find yourself coo-ing over the lovely quality that the B-READY oozes. The frame is robust but light, as it is made from lightweight aluminium. The chassis has an ever so subtle sparkle on the slate coloured frame, which is lovely.

The chassis has a broad rear wheel base which helps the frame to feel stable and proud. At 61cm wide, it easily fits through doorways so there is no battling with door frames and fence posts as you could find yourself doing with a side by side double.

Britax have always been associated with superior safety of their products but with the B-READY it's safe to say that style is an equal feature of this pushchair. The eye catching deep Flame Red colour that we tested was beautifully framed by the slate chassis.


The wheels of the B-READY have clearly been cleverly designed and engineered to make the B-READY super steady on its ‘feet'. The front wheels are smaller, but still quite a decent size at 18cm in diameter. The rear wheels have a broader wheel base and are larger at a healthy 28cm in diameter. The rear wheels give you the drive you need to push two weighty toddlers around town and help you to cover the ground, saving your arms and your stomach muscles as you push. The wheels are hard wearing solide PU and really give an excellent push and ride with the added peace of mind that you won't get a puncture.


The knowledge and wisdom of the Britax brand shines through clearly in the suspension system of the B-READY. The central suspension bar is neatly located to absorb all of the bumps and lumps so that your children get the smoothest of rides.

The brake on the B-READY is operated with a foot lever at the back of the right hand wheel. It is extremely easy to use and even when the lower seat, carrycot or car seat is in place, it is still visible and so is easy to find and pop on. Instead of the average flick down for on and up for off brake pedal, you operate it by pressing to turn the brake on (and the indicators will turn red) then to turn the brake off again you press down again (and the indicators will turn green.) The visual feature to show if the brake pedal is on or off is really useful for busy and forgetful parents who have lots to think about.

We loved the shape of the handlebar on the B-READY - it has an ergonomic and contemporary shape to it. The handlebar is adjusted via the two grey buttons either side of the handlebar. Press them in simultaneously and the handle has different height settings ranging from 89-115cm. At 5'6", our reviewer used the medium height range of the handle bar and found it extremely comfortable. The handle is comfortable to grip, which can make a big difference when pushing up hills or on long days out. The padded foam handlebar is just the right circumference to fit into the palm of your hand and if you want to push one handed, the clever rubber area in the centre of the handle bar gives you the perfect grip - It's small features like this which show Britax have really thought of parents and how to make their lives a little easier.


Two passengers can often mean not just twice the luggage but loads of luggage! Britax have totally catered for parents who need enough storage space to equip their small army. The basket has high sides and a weight capacity of 7kg, making it capable of holding more than enough belongings to keep you going on a day out. What we really loved is that even with a lower seat, carrycot or car seat in place, the basket still had super accessibility, thanks to the zip open window at the front of the pushchair. With a 10kg child in the lower seat, we were easily able to fit a changing bag and a cardigan in the front area without them getting all muddied up and encroaching on the lower child's leg space.


The main seat of the B-READY has a back rest height of 52cm which accommodated our taller toddler well. The depth of the seat is great and it can be then increased even further with the adjustable footrest which is 22cm in length itself. 

The quality and hardy nature of the fabric of the seats is welcomed with open arms by parents who expect the odd ice cream or juice spillage. They are easily cleaned with a baby wipe and feel and look as though they can really withstand the test of time, whilst still looking svelte. The Flame Red colour of the B-READY is bright and fun but still classy.

In single mode, the seat on the B-READY is able to carry a brilliant 25kg, or in tandem with 17kg in each seat. It's great to know that the B-READY can carry two larger children and has been fully safety tested to do so, even though it makes it quite heavy to push up hills and on uneven ground when fully laden.

When used in any of the tandem configurations, the main seat is raised using the provided adapters which gives the bottom child more than enough wriggle room. There was more room to get the child in the lower seat in and out of the pushchair than we have experienced on other tandem pushchair models. This is thanks to the B-READY's slightly longer wheelbase.


The recline on both seat units is a one handed operation and is as simple as can be. The lever is on the rear of each seat and in true Britax style, is strong and robust. There are several recline positions on each seat so both children can rest and play whilst on the move.

The harness on the main seat is height adjustable and covered in padded harness pads of the same lovely fabrics as the seat unit. The harness is a 5 point harness with a round central buckle clasp. Simple to adjust, there is plenty enough reach on it grow with your child.


The bumper bar on the main seat is covered in the same quality and classy fabric as the seats so your little one can't bite any chunks out of it! It is sturdy and great quality. It is completely removable if needed although it does also rotate and pivot a full 360 degrees so that you can get baby in and out with no fuss at all.

Sun safety has been high on Britax's list when it came to designing the B-READY. The hood gives plenty enough coverage from the sun, almost touching the bumper bar when fully extended and has UPF 50+ sun protection. There is also a handy window for you to have a secret peep in on your tot whilst you are out and about.

The raincover for the B-READY is a one size fits all masterpiece. Although the size of a small duvet cover, it fits the pushchair no matter what seating combination you are using which saves a small fortune on buying separate raincovers for every seating eventuality. When used in single mode, it cleverly folds and pinches together to fit the chassis neatly, so there are no drafts getting into your baby.


The Britax hard carrycot was met with the same admiration when taking it out of the box as the rest of the pushchair. The carrycot is available in the same lovely colours as the B-READY, we tested the Flame Red B-READY and the matchy matchy seats and carrycots looked superbly smart.


The carrycot is 84cm long, which is roomy enough to allow your baby to stay in the lay flat position for the recommended 6 months. The hood on the carrycot extends to 90 degrees and is adjusted by pressing the two buttons in on either side of the hood hinges. This movement is pretty much silent and won't disturb a baby's (or parent's) well deserved rest. The carrycot is transported using a carry handle in the centre of the hood rather than a bumper bar handle. I expected the carrycot to tip when carried in this position but in fact it carried easily and sits very comfortably in the hand.


One or two carrycots can be used on the B-READY chassis at any one time. When used in the lower position, the carrycot will need to be attached to the pushchair using the lower adapter, this is the same adapter required if you need to use a car set in the lower position.


As with any tandem pushchair, getting the baby in and out of the lower positioned carrycot was slightly trickier, however we found this much easier to do if we removed the lower carrycot from the frame. Both lower and upper carrycots are exactly the same so there is no need to ponder over which part goes where. The carrycot pops on and off the chassis with ease using the same grip clips on either side of the carrycot.


With roomy seats and chunky wheels, we didn't expect the B-READY to fold down too well. How wrong we were!!

The fold on the B-READY is the stuff parent's dreams are made of! Although not a one handed fold, it is easy as pie to operate and won't have you cursing whilst getting drenched attempting to collapse it into the boot of your car.

Just pop on the brake, stand behind the handlebar and pull the easy grip levers on either side of the chassis upwards. The chassis will fold down and the front wheels tuck underneath nicely.

The fold package is neat and even neater if you remove the rear wheels, which can be done in a second. At just 31x61x97cm, the B-READY takes up no more room than your average single pushchair.  


As if the B-READY didn't have enough party tricks under its belt, it will make mums and dads around the country jump for joy when they realise that, when used in forward facing mode, it can be folded with both main and lower seats still attached to the frame!

Just recline the lower seat to its lay flat position and operate the fold as usual, et voila!, the package is only 1 or 2 cm thicker than that of the fold when in single mode. This is a great time saving feature which is sure to be attractive to busy families popping the B-READY in and out of a car regularly.

If you are using the B-READY in parent facing mode or with carrycots then they will need to be removed before you operate the fold. The carrycots themselves can be compressed and folded flat for transport and storage meaning the package is no more bulky than when using the seat units.

The chassis locks together with an auto locking clip, which is carefully positioned on the inside of the pushchair frame so it doesn't protrude and catch on objects as you stroll.


To unfold the pushchair, pull back the auto locking clip with your thumb and pull the handlebar upwards until the frame clicks into place.


The King of Safety, Britax, will soon be renamed the King of Style and Substance if the B-READY is anything to go by. The range of seating options means it really is ready to grow with your family. The durable fabrics, quality materials and accompaniment of a two years warranty gives parents peace of mind that the B-READY will be ready to tackle whatever family life throws at it.

With the B-READY, parents can easily transport two children on the footprint of a single pushchair, while still able to fit through doorways and down small shop aisles.

The B-READY oozes quality and is definitely built to stand the test of time whilst still looking pretty.

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